A Tale of Two Hermits

There are many different types of solitude and every Hermit is different, especially in modern times when the antiquated definition of a Hermit is pretty difficult to pull off. My buddy who I’ve known since early elementary school is a hermit, he even knows about my channel. But he is a hermit on the opposite end of the spectrum, and yet has come to many of the same conclusions I have due to one thing that separates the lone wolves and the hermits and the monks and whatever you want to call a man seeking to preserve himself from those who claim to be only out of necessity: acceptance.

This friend of mine is one of the best people I will ever meet, but without being too much of an asshole, he’s not the best looking guy on the block. And he knows it. And through that acceptance, he has found peace, and through peace, happiness. And that’s the most important thing, life is too short to spend it miserable. Now my idea of a hermit differs from my buddy in some pretty significant ways, but they don’t change the end result, and that’s the most important part. If you watch my videos, and especially some of the call videos, you know that when guys are aimless I usually direct them to picking up a hobby and being productive because that is what gave me that path to acceptance, peace, and happiness. My friend doesn’t follow that, and yet he’s perfectly fine. We play some video games maybe once or twice a week, or meet up to play some board or card games, or watch some movies, and then go about or business.

He’s perfectly content to continue doing that for as long as he can, and if it makes him happy, more power to him. I enjoy tinkering and toiling away at projects, and I enjoy leaving my hermit cave to bust a nut, but those things are stepping stones on my path, not the path itself. The path is what leads to accepting the state of things. And I don’t mean to say that you should misconstrue a false sense of acceptance to mean the abandonment of principles wholesale or the justification for laziness.

There’s a third buddy, we all grew up together, and he’s a good looking dude, perfectly normal on the exterior, but his social skills and motivation aren’t matching up to what he desires. This conflict creates a sense of regret, anxiety, and fear. He wants what he can’t have, and he doesn’t know how to get it.

I don’t care what a man does, as long as he’s happy doing it. If you look at the massive demographics of modern hermits in Japan, the herbivore men, and then look at the incredibly high suicide rate, that lifestyle is not what a lot of men there want, but are rather forced into it through circumstance.

We live in a beautiful world with so much to learn and discover if a man has curiosity, and yet we also live in an incredibly ugly world. A clown world where fools speak when they should listen, where generations of children are sacrificed for female empowerment, where families are destroyed simply for the sin of inconvenience. The disenfranchisement of young men stretches far beyond what anyone of the older generations can understand, and it will continue to be criticized without an understanding of where it comes from.

Being a hermit doesn’t mean you have to be involuntarily celibate, or lack social skills, or lack ambition. Being a hermit also doesn’t mean you can’t be involuntarily celibate, or lack social skills, or lack ambition. If you want to create a change in whatever capacity you can, and do so with modern tools, or if you want to use those modern tools to enjoy life as best you can before its over, you can do both in the comfort of your own hermit cave, and choose to take as much as you desire from the outside world before returning to your sanctuary. But do so on your own free will. Don’t allow circumstance to dictate your thoughts and your actions, learn to work with circumstance, instead of fighting against it.

To summarize, if you want to pursue hedonism and to live a simple life with simple goals and to find happiness, if it offers fulfillment and satisfaction, who am I to judge that path? If you find yourself looking for more, however, if you feel like you’re missing out on things, then you need to pursue them, its that simple. If those things strip you of your freedom, if those things are a wife and children and a life on the plantation, then you were never really made to be a hermit, or a monk, or a lone wolf, or a bachelor, or whatever term you want to use that means a man in pursuit of his own interests at the expense of none of his freedom.

One thought on “A Tale of Two Hermits

  1. I wish you had a service that did not require logging in all the time. It should be once logged, always logged. WordPress is a CIA Front, anyway. I paste here what I tried to post to big brother WP.

    As I would see acceptance, pursuing development, learning, growing and the like, these are independent of socializing and friendship. It really galls me that pundits and psychologists say that internet friends are not real friends or real socializing. Or that it does not satisfy. First, I would say to analysts and “doctors” do you walk the road that I do? How do they know what I experience when they can not or do not walk the road that I do. Who are they to judge? The net offers things we have never had before and they are wonderful things.

    why do most socialize? What do they get out of it? Are there things they would like to avoid while doing it? Net friendships are wonderful filters to protect privacy while opening up a lot, as much or as little as you want. I find most people to be a waste to time if they do not want to dig deep into life. The net allows that kind of connection for as little or much as you want. you can get right down to business. no formalities or social foreplay. Get right to the topic. And when you are engaged in research or writing, you are still communicating. They won’t admit it, but its true. The minute you finish something, you get that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Few people come to my site, at least directly, but I can see the results. I had Hungary and the Ukraine visit my site a day or 2 ago. Why they came, I do not know. but I know what they were seeking out. Could it really be that no airliner was shot down by Iran and that no one died and that much of the photos proved a fake event? One read for 18 minutes. and word can get around. I called the new virus a fake, But lots of smart people have been saying that, so that is no big deal.

    But what I say is that the net gets rid of the impurities of socializing and gives you the refined socialization that you crave. I would not be without it. But my critics fear what people like me do and most MGTOW channels do. We sound the alarm. So they call us names and say we are damaged. No. We are fine, they just hate what we do so that they adopt the feminist tactic of smears and lies. F them all! I’ll do what I like and want. And I’ll have a damn good time doing it, including busting a nut. It beats the hell out of the real thing. Life is good. its damned good, Especially when refined. ________________________________


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