Feminism is like a three-legged dog


When I was a child in elementary school, a three legged dog followed my sister and I in the morning one day on our walk to school. We felt pity for the dog, but we did not dare to touch it. We could have turned around and led it back home, putting the dog in our backyard to keep it safe until we were out of school and our parents returned from work. Instead, we let the dog follow us on to the school campus, knowing full well that the teacher who claimed it could call animal control and then the dog would likely be shuffled through a series of cages before being put down. Our parents would likely have not wanted a crippled stray dog on top of the two dogs we already had, and the possibility of it running away again in the future tarnished the idea of taking it in. Our dogs have always been loved and loyal, but the three-legged dog was damaged goods, there would be no guarantee that it could be rehabilitated.

Feminism is a crippled animal compared to traditional patriarchy. It is under the guise that it stands on its own, when in reality it relies on the very foundations that patriarchy built. When a feminist society is put to the test, it will predictably hobble along, pathetically trying to keep the pace set by the enlightened world builders of our past. When dealing with feminism, we may hope for the best, just as I hoped for that crippled dog to find its way back to its home, but any problems that arise from it will be kicked down the road to become someone else’s problem. The hemorrhaging of society caused by feminism cannot be undone. It may be propped up, just as the dog could be fitted with an artificial limb, but it will never function as it once did before it was maimed. Men may prop it up with taxes, or the government may prop it up with a bachelor tax, or the media may prop it up with censorship, but it can only delay, not repair.

Just as the crippled dog exudes weakness and vulnerability to the pack, a feminist society signals to the world that it is defenseless and defeated. A moral man may care for that crippled dog despite its weaknesses, but morality is truly tested when contrasted against practicality. Should that man become the guardian to the dog in harsh times, suffer for his morality and then express his woe, he is a weak man. If a man today wants to support and defend his society without addressing the gynocentric cancer rotting away at its core, I wish him the best of luck. If he should fail in his goal and shift the blame to anyone but himself, he is a fool and a fraud. A smart man would let the cripple hobble on and prepare his nest for a more wholesome and well-equipped alternative.

Removing morality entirely is dangerous and I do not recommend it, but comparing the morality of what you would want to happen versus what needs to happen for the best results is a practice that will provide the opportunities for you to exercise that morality. We can’t help all the crippled dogs, but we can help more when we are in a position of strength and abundance. If I were an older man with my own house, I could have taken in that dog without needing to ask permission and on the sole basis of entertaining my morality. I crossed paths with that dog at the wrong time, and there were less options available as a young child versus a developed man. Helping a feminist society is too costly for a man, and if he truly has an altruistic desire to help, he would be most useful after the collapse of the society, not being taken down with it.


The Winter of Your Soul


Three forces govern a man: his mind, his body, his soul. His body can be molded by iron, his mind can be sharpened by words from men long past, but his soul is dependent solely on his own willpower. His soul rules his character, it is the basis of his morality that he exercises in his life. The dependence of the soul on the man makes it the most vulnerable, requiring a vigilant and watchful eye against anything and anyone that would seek it harm. Once a soul has been corrupted, it takes the strength of a god to cleanse it and restore harmony.

For men who have just begun to find their own way, two obstacles lie in their path: anger and sadness. The anger comes from the lie you have been fed, from the realization of the amount of time you have spent on everything else expect your own goals. This anger, in its early stages, is formless and wild. It cannot be tamed and is as paralyzing and destructive as the chains that bound him. Once a man has tamed the beast that is his anger, he can harness its raw energy and direct it and shape it into something that can help create his visions and destroy his obstacles. This anger must be tempered within his soul because its natural state is that formless, wild beast that took the great effort to tame. Every man must find his own way of taming it, be it iron, creation, travel, or otherwise. A man must know to tame it, because the world depends on you not doing so. The wheels of civilization roll on the bones and blood of men who let their anger and frustrations lead them where they did not mean to go. Do not be lead by anger and hate, rather lead it where it can be useful. Unrestrained, it will poison a soul.

The far greater adversary to the soul is the sadness that comes after the anger. This despair at the state of the world and those you cannot save from suffering creates guilt and remorse. If anger poisons the soul, sadness kills it. You must tread carefully when confronting this deformed, ugly beast that distorts the beauty of the world into the most grotesque things it produces. Confronting this foe is the first step to conquering it, and so begins the winter of a man’s soul. As the daylight of youth and ignorance fades, he is left with the truths that have been laid bare before him, the path that led him to face sadness. The reality of these truths are cold and tearing down the false constructions he had will leave him defenseless against the onslaught of the frigid storm.

To survive the storm, do as nature instructed to animals: hibernate. He should surround himself with wholesome friends, if they are to be found, and entertainment. He can bury himself in pleasantries as the storm rages outside, and once it has calmed he can emerge and seek it out on a fair battlefield. Whatever form his beast takes, he must look at it objectively. He should remove his ego as best he can and face it squarely and bravely.

A man going his own way has many forms of sadness to conquer. Overcoming oneitis is a common form, as is accepting the vital truth of AWALT. After he has overcome his personal woes, he may begin to look to society at large and feel regret at the loss of opportunities or the disgrace brought to his ancestors, who fought and died only for women to tear it down in a few generations. He must separate his ego from himself and realize that there are more opportunities than ever for an independent man to achieve greatness and that his ancestors fought and died to grant him the right to appreciate their sacrifice in peace and solitude and to uphold their memory by being the best man he can be.

MGTOW Lives On In You


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As the MGTOW community continues to grow at an accelerated rate, it is important to create contingency plans for the inevitable backlash from the forces in power within our gynocentric society. It is equally vital to plan for the eventual pollution of the community as its popularity increases. For those who care about the continuity of the knowledge we have shared with each other, we must be vigilant of those who would subvert our quest for peace of mind. I have obtained enough knowledge from the community to sustain me for whatever the future may hold, but the young men of tomorrow will need all the help they can get as the propaganda is taken to a new level as the gynocentrism slowly collapses under its own weight. Every man we save is another opportunity to change the course of human history, be it in a major or minor way, because it only takes one man to build the future of his own dreams.

The Red Pill has seen a sharp drop in quality because its philosophy cannot be simply deduced to a basic premise. I believe MGTOW can endure because its ideas and teachings can be traced to a simple idea: do not get married. By using this thought as an origin on the path to ultimate individualism, a man can come to many of the conclusions so many men in the MGTOW community have shared. If all of the MGTOW videos on YouTube were to be taken down and every forum post purged from the internet, the philosophy would still live on with that single idea of freedom. The MGTOW philosophy creates an endless pool of knowledge to dive in to from one idea that can be easily shared and displayed in the world to teach others.

Should the community be targeted or its name tarnished, MGTOW will endure because each and every one of you can uphold its teachings in your own lives. As men of all ages see you enjoying the many fruits of life as a bachelor, they may begin to question their own choices and experience bouts of introspection. Throughout history, libraries have been burned and centuries of knowledge lost at the hands of the ignorant, but the most important teachings lived on in the people who survived. You are that example, the knowledge you have gathered lives on in how you navigate the world and the situations you find yourself in. Our libraries are everlasting, relevant in any time period, in any society, gynocentric or otherwise.

MGTOW requires no conversion, no missionaries to spread our teachings, and yet it has reached men from every country in the world. It has no manifesto, does not explicitly push for any organized form of change, and yet accomplishes the greatest feat that systems of belief have been striving to foster for millenia: peace. As I look into the future, I see visions of chaos and fear, but I also see a new generation of monks, united from all cultures and countries by their desire for independence. I see men who have overcome their biological instincts, one of the greatest feats of strength a man can achieve. With their newfound freedom, these enlightened men of all races, colors and creeds can create a new Golden Age, a true renaissance.

Through this peace that MGTOW inherently creates, chaos must preface. By putting himself first, a free man won’t work to kill another man in a war that has no meaning to him. Because of this abandonment of traditional and corrupted masculine values, chaos will erupt amongst those who still abide by them. As the world goes into uncharted territory once again, it is best for the enlightened man to remain steadfast in his beliefs and endure. Your life is the incarnation of MGTOW. MGTOW doesn’t require an internet connection, a library, or a seminar, MGTOW requires a man living free.




Behind Enemy Lines


Photos and evidence obtained from ASU and NAU. 

One man can change the world and that same man is helpless against the mob. To be surrounded by an opposing force is to challenge a man’s character, for he must exercise restraint, vigilance and foresight to ensure his survival. An opposing force can take many forms, and each incarnation presents its own unique trials that can be navigated using the same core principles that ought to govern a man: patience, persistence and progress. The enemy we face today is both weaker and stronger than traditional enemies of the past. Weaker in that they are simple and childish, stronger in that they are numerous and have declared a discreet war, hidden from view of the layman, only to be revealed until it is already upon him.


The desire to inflict suffering without first experiencing suffering results in the most widespread and worst kind of suffering: meaningless suffering. The ironies that you and I have to endure as we watch these buffoons attempt to function despite their failings is a suffering of its own kind, but we must take their war seriously, as they know no other train of thought. If they cannot understand such basic hypocrisies, then we are truly dealing with another form of life entirely. If some among us have lost all forms of reason and logic, how then must we negotiate peace? Those who have truly suffered, on any plane of existence, know the price that suffering can have and would not wish it upon anyone unless it was the only option, otherwise they have fallen in to the abyss, never to return.

I seek peace and I seek prosperity, but I will not pose to be naive and think peace is possible for all and that any person is able to prosper. Those who do not seek peace and instead seek conflict to fill the void in themselves will never prevail because they can never know peace and must remain in conflict to find a purpose. Those who cannot prosper, or who choose not to, can not obtain any form of wealth because they would not know how best to spend it. Instead they seek to ensure others will not be able to spend their wealth. These are not people conducive to a successful society, and must be taken seriously lest they overtake all that allowed them to fester to begin with.


To live a life without criticism is to live without teachings. Without learning, there is no hope of change. This robs a person of their potential, but it also separates the wheat from the chaff. If someone lacked even the most basic curiosity to go outside of whatever boundaries that governed their life, they would never understand what it is to truly live and learn from mistakes and to experience the freedom and liberation from making independent decisions and self-governance. If this is true, then it can be said that these sheltered people have no hope or reason to change, and are markedly against freedom. Of course, anyone who has spent time around such people or watched from a safe distance can gather this.

This lack of a meaningful education, not in academics but in life, leads to real consequences. These “natural slaves” as Aristotle called them have no self control, self worth, ambition, or creativity. If they are not controlled, they will destroy, and if they destroy, they can never rebuild. It is then reasonable to suggest, and even merciful, that they should be governed by those with values that can lead to a functional society. This of course goes against the individualism that you and I cherish above all else and is one of the many ironies that are prevalent in our existence.


For all of the advancements that modern civilization has to offer, it seems we have lost the most basic principles of governance that so many of our ancestors understood. Putting aside the childish nature of women, our advancements have allowed us to verify the differences in female and male brains. With these differences considered, it is irresponsible to treat those differences as superficial, having no impact on how each gender interprets politics and society. Women’s suffrage did not account for the differences in genders, to the tragedy of men, women and children of today and tomorrow. Just like their anatomy, this war of women cannot stand the test of time, but the damage that will be inflicted before their defeat will cripple all in its path.

Women have chosen the worst kind of enemy. A man with nothing to lose can be the greatest force on Earth, yielding only when his body gives out. It is a basic principle of war that an attacker leaves an opportunity for the defender to flee, so that the defender is not forced to fight to the death. Women are obviously not experienced in the art of war, nor do they have access to the basic combative instincts that men share. This makes them the weakest enemy and the punchline in the greatest joke of western civilization.


The most dangerous enemy is the one who exploits the weak and the dumb to do their bidding. They don’t seek to help, they seek to exploit. They are creating lambs to be led to the slaughter for a cause they can’t fully comprehend. As many have come to realize, none of this would be possible without the men being complicit in the destruction of their society. The only way for these men to realize their mistakes is through suffering, and by the time the suffering spreads and reaches enough men, it may be too late.

If one were truly principled, you would not need to declare yourself to be, your actions will speak on your behalf. Seeking mentorship from a principled man is a noble endeavor, but as no one can put words over action, a potential student must be wary of those who wish to impart what to think, not how to think. These men realize that thuggery and decadence are not beneficial to society, yet tragically fail to examine how these problems arose to being with. Instead, they seek to set themselves apart from the herd of mediocrity in any they can, as long as that way can be achieved with a mediocre effort. The inability to face a problem and find a solution and follow it to its completion is their greatest weakness.

To turn men into gentlemen they must first know strength. To know only gentleness is to live to appease others. To lay claim to your desires is to exert strength of mind, body and soul. Only once you have done this may you know the limits of your strength in its current capacity and understand the value of gentleness when it is tempered with strength. How can a weak man, a gentle man, teach another to be of equal or greater principle, especially when it is proclaimed and not procured from life experience? The answer is that he cannot impart lasting lessons on to the other because he has not learned from them himself. The scholar is but a man lost in a dark cave, latching on to landmarks in the abyss as he longs for the light.


Assuming the worst intentions in others is not only a blatant form of projection, it is also a desire to find those worst intentions. There is a difference between preparing for the worst and hoping for the worst. Those who seek to impose their own worst features on to others are incapable of admitting the existence of said features. If basic differences between cultures and people cannot be acknowledged, there is no possibility for a debate of any kind. If the choice is to be called a racist, or whatever slur of the day, or to accept homogeneity, then the debate has ended and the lines have been drawn.


The sheer power of emotion over logic can destroy any institution. You and I may have learned to balance our feelings with our objectivity, but that concept has never even been introduced to them. The disrespect of culture, not of others but of their own, is on display for all to see. The slow decay of borders is leading to a shifting of the pieces that make up our known world. As an individual man we may be able to flee, but what happens when there is no where to go?


The destruction of tradition merely for the sake of it will be one of the most important lessons that future civilizations will take away from our downfall. It is not wrong to want to push boundaries and expand public discourse, but to lack the most basic respect for the fundamental traditions that hold a society together is not just foolish, it is traitorous. People today presume our age to be the most dignified, the most knowledgeable, the most advanced. I would argue the opposite, despite our technological advancements. The tools are available for a person to exceed all previous incarnations of humans, physically, mentally and spiritually. The amount of people who utilize those tools, however, are incredibly low. The peasants of history at least had a craft that they honed and perfected over the course of their lives, our peasants today offer nothing at all, only taking from those who produce.

used to be racist20170925_21590620170925_215950

When the bar has fallen as low as it can get, the free market should account for the decrease in quality. Unfortunately, the bar has fallen in all aspects of the free market, both the consumer and the product. If the teachers are no more intelligent and curious to truly learn than the students, then children begin to teach children. A teacher should know a craft beyond spouting curriculum, but our advancements in civilization have allowed for people to survive without obtaining any useful knowledge. Our strengths have now become our weaknesses, and only a return to form will correct these mistakes.

Feminism Has Liberated Men


Feminism is the single most harmful force against women in our recorded history, yet you would not know it from the women themselves. While the short term benefits of feminism have sedated the masses of women, the long term effects will render them entirely useless, damaged and unstable as a demographic. The women may exert their influence in democratic countries to mitigate some of the damage, but the damage is permanent. The result is a portion of men who have been freed from their traditional gender roles and cannot be ruled by any woman, government or institution.


Women entering the work force was the greatest thing to happen to the individual, free thinking man and the worst thing to happen to any society that allowed it to happen. As an individual man, he became free from having to work to sustain an entire family. Now the woman could contribute as well, and should she desire to stay at home, the flooding of wage slaves would make it nearly impossible for a middle to lower class woman to stay home. This dependency on her spouse for income despite having her own income would often leave her confused because of the conflicting propaganda she would absorb from her television about liberation and choice, when in reality she was lessening the load on the man. The man could still be working grueling hours, but it was not as bad as in other economically strained times in history where the man was the sole breadwinner.

The men who reap the most from this economic liberation are the bachelors. An enlightened man can have the women of today entertain him and pay for themselves, something unheard of in older societies. He who knows the system can take advantage of it, and these men prosper in their own ways today. Even if a bachelor should abstain from the distractions of women, he is still fortunate to be a part of this economic liberation. In older societies, a man would have to be wedded and a family man to advance in certain careers and corporations, as bachelors were often treated with suspicion and caution. With the sexual liberation of today, a man can provide exactly as much as he desires for himself with no commitments that he does not want to make.


The process of removing social stigmas and shaming tactics for women’s sexual behavior enabled the crafty men to take advantage of the newly “liberated” women. You can do things to the women around you that men used to go to war for the opportunity to do. The men who have been gated out of the sexual revolution would not have been able to thrive in any system that did not explicitly stack the deck in their favor. These are the men who would have benefited from the time when all you needed was a steady job to obtain a wife and start a family. Under this system, these men would have no reason to improve or challenge themselves, only needing to work for another man and bring home a wage for the wife. The sexual revolution is a return to form for the species, one of primal lust and animalistic urges. By removing the restraints on women, the men who push themselves to new heights can reap women and the men who see its futility can walk their own path, both types being liberated from the dreary routine of nuclear families and white picket fences.

A man can always adapt to his surroundings. Once he learns the rules that are obstructed by his society, he can turn any situation in to his favor. Many men desire to have the dreary routine of nuclear families and to maintain their white picket fences on weekends, but now that the possibility of a typical prescribed lifestyle has been removed, these men are now forced to forge their own path. No one can dictate these men because they are unable to fulfill their biological programming of providing shelter and security. Instead, these men typically fall into three categories: adapting and improving their bodies, careers and charisma to bed women indefinitely and enjoying their hedonistic lifestyle, leaving the traditional path and finding a higher sense of meaning beyond the physical realm, or wallowing in their self pity and accepting that they are not fit for this primal way of life.


Men are empowered by the degeneracy that women have unleashed upon society. Regardless of which category they fall into, men awakened to the reality around them are unable to return to the fantasy that controlled their lives before. A weight has been lifted from their shoulders and they are now free to decide their fate. The men who suffer under this way of life are those playing by the old rules. It is unfortunate that these men must suffer, but pain is the most effective teacher, and should they survive their torment, they should be able take lessons from their experiences and move closer to awakening from their artificial slumber. The men who lament the state of society and its reckless women have yet to find a cause that supersedes the women they yearn for. Should society revert to respecting reason and responsibility tomorrow, these men would be the first to engage in the old traditions of courting and marriage, proof that these men do not want to change themselves, but would rather everyone around them change to conform to their expectations.

An empowered man reliant on himself is the most powerful force on this planet, stronger than any force of nature. When his shackles are shattered and his hands freed to craft his own destiny, he can choose exactly what future he wants to mold. Feminism has revealed the true nature of women that has been lost from ancient wisdom, and the degeneracy has become so widespread that the fall of women will never be forgotten, as it cannot be contained. No amount of censorship will erase the pain from men’s hearts or the loneliness of the women who sold their souls for pleasure and prosperity.


Any sane and rational man can see this way of life is unsustainable, but that same man also has to come to terms with the severity of the problem. Solutions exist, but those solutions are impractical and cannot be enacted. No woman would vote against her own interests, and should the idea of restricting women’s rights enter mainstream discussion, a rational man should know that the end of his society is upon him. This is what happens when people who take more than they contribute are given the right to vote. Many great men of history warned of this, but ancient wisdom is rarely applied because each generation believes it is more enlightened than the last.

When the system crumbles and society is in ruins, it will be the men who rebuild it. The deciding factor of the sustainability of that new society built upon the ruins of the old is if the enlightened men choose to contribute or not. An enlightened man knows that even if he exerted his mastery over his domain, it would eventually succumb to weakness and decadence once he passed, and this sense of futility is a crippling adversary to productivity. With knowledge comes pain, and in this age of information men are in more spiritual, emotional and mental pain than ever. Convincing them to rebuild will be the greatest challenge of those who helped destroy society and liberate the men to begin with.

Observations of a straight white male in college


Browsing the MGTOW subreddit this morning, I came across a post depicting a feminist professor at ASU West in a classroom espousing propaganda, as displayed below. As fate would have it, I just finished my first semester at ASU West and took some pictures throughout the year to document the madness. I will now try my best to explain what I observed, knowing full well of the possibility that my identity could be revealed and my college career ending as a result, but I think the fear I feel in sharing this information is exactly why it must be shared.


On False Rape Allegations

The first piece of future historical evidence I would like to share is a brochure I picked up during the semester, titled “Sexual Assault and Misconduct Resource Guide”. Pardon the terrible color design choices for the cover.


Now it should be known without needing to be said but I will be as clear as possible regardless, I am completely against rape of any person, any gender, in any situation. That being said, false rape allegations are a real thing that men face. I’ve developed a system to help minimize that risk during my intimate interactions with women, and if anyone is interested I can make a separate post about that. The fear of a false rape allegation will only increase the more you read this brochure, and any man who doesn’t register a problem with this system, consciously or not, is not awake, but I’ll elaborate further in a bit. Now, on to the good stuff.


The second line would make any of the cynical MGTOW men laugh: “Sun Devils take care of ourselves, each other and our community.” Reading between the lines, it means the school takes care of women and minorities, with the general majority, or the larger community, the last of its priorities. The following paragraph mindlessly lists statistics that have been debunked countless times on the internet. I’m not going to summarize or link them because you should be able to find them, but you can always debunk these anti-scientific, militant and radical people by using simple logic: if one in five undergraduate women were assaulted, the United States would be the equivalent of a third-world war-zone.

The second paragraph on the yellow panel is the most important piece of text in the brochure. The first sentence is the typical PR language, but the second sentence should make any man in college pause. “All ASU employees are mandatory reporters and must report allegations of sexual assault/harassment.” An ASU employee must reveal your identity and involve you on the basis of an allegation, regardless of evidence or circumstance. Not only that, but they have included the laughably vague charge of harassment. As we all know, the charges of harassment continue to loosen by the year along with the aging women who push for that agenda.

The final paragraph also describes a setting I would like to illustrate for you, “If an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual violence occurs, options to report the incident, receive confidential support and immediate assistance are available through on-campus and off-campus resources.” Throughout the campus, there are stations where you can press a button and report an emergency. This is a completely subjective argument, but I wonder how many times, if ever, that these were used and if they can be proven to increase security at all. The colleges that have experienced emergencies probably had systems similar to the ones at ASU West, and probably had no effect on containing or preventing the emergency. All it serves to do is make me feel guilty until proven innocent, like those emergency stations are the only thing preventing the men on campus from becoming monsters.

The green panel lists all of the services and organizations that exist to support women. Without going into too many personal details, I will say that I have faced an emergency at one point and the first responder handed me a folder containing all of the services and hotlines that related to my predicament, none of which I was eligible for because I was a male.


On the red panel, we can see that a woman can have a “no contact order” issued at her behest. I have no idea if the “room assignment changes” apply to her or the person she has accused of sexual assault or harassment, but MGTOW men know exactly who it is likely to apply to.

Poor female behavior is in part due to incentives from society. Notice the second point listed for the support services, “assistance with absence letters, attendance and enrollment options.” I can already imagine a scenario where she needs an excuse to skip the assigned day for finals, or needs an extension on a project or missed the drop date for a class and needs a quick solution.

“If expulsion or suspension is decided, both parties have the right to appeal.” From what I have read, the successful cases where men justly defended themselves against false allegations were Pyrrhic victories, destroying their reputation and college career in the process.

The yellow panel is another negative incentive for false allegations. Being able to accuse others anonymously or to have others do so on their behalf is an incredibly dangerous idea. I understand the reasons for it, but as we have seen time and again, reasonable and moral systems are abused by using men’s natural instinct to protect women against them.


These panels illustrate the massive financial costs of implementing a system like this, and this only applies to one college campus. Lines like, “sexual misconduct is a complex and painful experience that often requires a combination of legal, medical, pyschological and academic support,” just reek of bureaucratic siphoning of funds. Just consider this, MGTOW men: capitalism always prevails because of the greed of humans. These costly organizations would not still exist unless they are being used to some capacity that justifies their existence.


This final panel of the brochure is not something that would be unfamiliar to most redpilled men. We have all at one point been subjected to the PC rules on sexual interaction with the opposite sex. You can draw your own conclusions from this panel, as most of it is self-evident. Instead, I would like to offer a short personal account in relation to this. Without doxxing myself, I’m a young guy, probably one of the younger MGTOWs. Before I attended ASU West this year, I was attending a local community college nearby. Every semester at that community college, I slept with a new girl from one of my classes or fumbled and made mistakes with others as I learned from what the red pill community has to offer. I have been cold approaching girls since I was a freshman in high school, at 15 years old. Before reading TRP and eventually gravitating to MGTOW, I had little fear of women. Arriving at ASU West, I made no attempt to court any of the girls in my classes as I was scared of the outcomes from having interactions with these type of people. I have never been subjected to more liberal nonsense than during my semester at ASU West, and I would not touch those girls with a ten foot pole. Looking over the yellow panel of “Relevant ASU Policies”, you can objectively see how the feminists and the PC police have taken all of the fun out of interactions with the opposite sex, reducing it to a cold and calculated transaction.

On the campus culture

Below is a picture I took of a sign outside of a massage therapy on campus, and don’t bother asking why one even exists on campus because I’ve tried to answer that myself to no avail. Take note of the prices and laugh your way to sweet vindication of your desire to protect your bank account.


The demographics of this school were incredibly interesting to me. The majority of the people I saw walking on the lifeless campus were Asian, and as I people watched throughout the year I learned that they mostly spoke Mandarin. I even had one Asian guy in a group during the semester. These are the foreign exchange students, and I’m pleased to see that the negative handicaps they have to overcome during the Affirmative Action process didn’t effect them, as I believe in a meritocracy above all else. I took the picture below because the liberal poster-child of the woman in a hijab was too comical to pass up, but in this case it was accurate. I would estimate for every 5 girls I saw on campus, 1 of them was wearing a hijab.


And finally I came across this jewel while listening to a borderline overweight girl as she simultaneously stuffed her face with sushi. I had heard mentions of this phrase before, but I never understood it until I saw it in writing. Education is dead, the peasants were never meant to be literate. Be your own teacher and seek out men in other stations of life to learn from.


The Great Choice of Men


Every man is faced with a choice of pursuing happiness or freedom. This choice will govern his life for as long as he chooses to walk his chosen path, and if he made significant commitments along the way it may affect him after he decides to change paths. To avoid the consequences of ignorance, it is best for each man to set aside some time and to seriously ponder where he wants to go and how he wants to get there.

On Natural Slavery

Aristotle believed that some people were born to be slaves. His theory is reinforced by Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ultimately, freedom does not equate to happiness. Most people cannot handle freedom, and having too much freedom can make people unhappy and yearn for more structure in their lives. This is because the burden of choice weighs too heavily on them and the accountability of making the wrong choice is a terrifying prospect. If freedom is what you desire, you must acknowledge that potential future unhappiness is entirely due to the freedoms of your own choices.

You cannot give others freedom, they must desire it and seek it for themselves. If they have expressed the desire to you, you can help them towards liberation, but it cannot be given freely. The truths you see are not evident to others who had not even contemplated the possibility of their existence before. The tragedy of the man who unknowingly becomes a natural slave is not yours to amend, he must first see his chains before you teach him how to break it. If you choose the path of freedom, you must understand that you will be entirely alone on this path for as long as you walk it. Freedom is not a natural thing to humans. We have evolved to be dependent on the tribe for survival, and to go astray from the prescribed path is to invite suspicion, jealously, and eventually being cast out from the tribe.

On False Happiness

If you can find what you truly want, you can find happiness, or at least contentment. Since happiness is such a fleeting emotion, you must be vigilant at all times of your own mind, as well as the influence of those around you. Be wary of trying to fool yourself into being happy, or trying to rationalize why you should be happy in the conditions you find yourself in. It is imperative that you define your ideal form of happiness, as letting others decide what it is will lead you down someone else’s path. Having material ideals for happiness is not an unreasonable goal, as it can lead you down productive and lucrative paths. Seeking wealth, fame, or a family are all noble aspirations in their own right, as are having abstract ideals for happiness, like peace of mind.

If your ideal form of happiness is dependent on other people, you must also come to terms with the truth that you will never find that ideal of happiness. Someone else’s path may intersect with yours or join to form a crossroads, but they will never merge as one. Nor should they, as that is the ultimate sacrifice of freedom, be it becoming a slave or taking one to achieve happiness. To continue down this path without considering this is to invite ruin. This truth does not negate the pursuit of happiness, but rather invites a man to contemplate what he truly desires.

On Finding the Balance

Happiness and freedom often conflict with each other, and it is each man’s challenge to deal with this eternal battle as best he can. To some, seeking and finding their ideals of happiness is a freedom from a life of meaningless. To others, being free to find your own path brings the greatest sense of happiness. The most important thing to remember is to avoid using one to achieve the other. Sacrificing your freedoms to pursue happiness will render those ideals useless, as you will have no agency over which to enjoy them. Likewise, sacrificing your physical or mental well-being over the pursuit of physical or intellectual freedom will only weaken yourself as you walk your path. You are at your strongest when you are as happy and as free as you are able to be each day. The balance will constantly shift as you strive towards your goals, and it is up to you to tip the scales back in your favor and restore the balance.

Escape Your Prison


Every man, woman and child alive today or who have ever lived have at some point in their lives, oftentimes their entire lives, been subjected to an imprisonment of the mind, body or soul. Those who have escaped these prisons have found internal and external success in the form of fulfillment, fame, or fortune. Some who escaped did so with instinct alone, while others studied and learned from those who came before. By learning to harness both instinct and knowledge, any individual can attain any height of power they desire.

On Defining Prisons

The first step to escaping your prisons is defining them. There are three categories of prisons: self-imposed, cultural and societal. The most damaging and difficult to escape are self-imposed prisons. Examples of self-imposed prisons include bad habits, low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubts, self-hatred, obsessions, addictions, fears, and ignorance. A self-imposed prison may include influence from the other types of prisons, cultural and societal, but it also includes your unique interpretations and the most powerful tool you have available: imagination. While a cultural or societal prison can show the negative affects for people trying to escape their prisons, your self-imposed prisons relies entirely on the imagined punishments you have conceived for yourself.

The second and most prevalent imprisonment are societal prisons. For better or worse, we all rely on the government to protect smaller communities within the larger community of the country you reside in. This protection brings laws and regulations, some we may not agree with but are forced to abide with the threat of violence and literal imprisonment. This natural imprisonment can be traced back to our species’ founding, with primitives being constricted to tribes for the sake of survival. This form of prison may be essential to survival, but it must be acknowledged as a confinement nonetheless. Defining all boundaries is essential when trying to overcome them.

The third type of prison are cultural prisons. These do not rely on physical imprisonment as societal prisons do, but rather social ostracization and ridicule to force conformity. Examples of cultural prisons include religion, marriage, careers, and political parties. All of these examples rely on criticism of those who are not part of that particular prison or who are critical of them. People who don’t follow a particular religion need to be saved, those who are not married will die alone, someone without a prestigious or lucrative career is unsuccessful, a person who is not of a particular political alignment is wrong, etc.

In summary, a self-imposed prison is one you place on yourself that utilizes your imagination against you to confine you, a societal prison relies on forceful physical imprisonment or violence to encourage you to conform, and a cultural prison relies on attacking a person’s image or reputation to shape you to its expectations.

On Planning Your Escape

Just as real escape artists can attest, the most important factor in escaping confinement is preparation. You must prepare for resistance and conflict when attempting to escape your prison. Plan for all scenarios and reflect on how much you are willing to sacrifice to escape. Without sacrifice, there can be no freedom because it is the catalyst for it. Use your time wisely as you plan and prepare your escape, because once you are aware of your prison it will eat at your consciousness and consume your thoughts.

On Fellow Inmates

Every person has their own form of imprisonment, but not every person wants to escape. For most people, their prisons have become a part of their personalities and identities. Without the restrictions, they would be unable to navigate the world that exists outside of it. To free them of their prisons would be to strip them of their persona, a cruel and unconstructive thing to do. Instead, provide advice and guidance for those actively aware of their cages and seeking to rid themselves of them. If a person cannot consciously recognize one of the prisons outlined here, they are not ready to escape it. Everyone must escape their own prisons, and doing it for them would take away from their journey as a person and dampen the freedom bestowed upon them.

Caution must be used when interacting with those protecting the prison you find yourself trying to escape. These people either benefit from the prison or are so deeply ingrained that they must defend it to survive. These traitorous inmates will slow you down on your path to freedom and try to deter you from your quest. They cannot be avoided and must be dealt with in a way that does not provoke them to a radical response, for there are far more inmates than free men and you will find yourself constantly outnumbered.

On Dreaming of Freedom

Once you have visualized your prisons, you can begin to visualize the freedom from those prisons. Envision this freedom everyday, dream of it, desire it with all your being. Imagine the benefits you will reap from the changes you can invoke in your life and realize the harm you will endure should you continue to be confined. Look to the people who escaped their prisons and study their success. Specifics can not be given by anyone but yourself, because only you know what prisons you currently reside in.

Do not pity yourself for being imprisoned for so long, knowingly or unknowingly. Do not pity others for being imprisoned or look down upon them for being content in their cells, because they are on a different path than you with its own challenges and tribulations. Taking action and making sacrifices is how you can repay the debt to your former self who resided in that prison.

On Failed Attempts

The punishment for a failed escape attempt pales in comparison to the regret and guilt of not trying. Relapses will occur in any self-imposed prison, be it the struggle against an addiction or the struggle of becoming more social or extroverted. By acknowledging that these things will likely happen, you can prepare yourself for the coming fight. Make no mistake, it is a fight and you will need to fight these self-imposed prisons with every fiber of your being.

A cultural prison, on the other hand, is a battle of defense. You must stay true to the path you have set for yourself, and defend that ideal from any and all who may attack it. Prepare to be attacked from all sides: friends, family, acquaintances, inspirations, successful, unsuccessful. No castle can withstand an eternal siege, and there will be times when your values and beliefs are shaken by the bombardment of conflicting ideologies. If you willingly open the gates to these invaders, make sure it is on your own accord and for the right reasons, not as a compromise.

A societal prison cannot be successfully escaped because it is inherent to human nature. A revolution may overturn a societal prison, but it is always replaced by the revolutionaries. Acknowledging that it is a prison, one of the body, is essential when seeking to expose and understand the more subtle prisons present in each of our lives.

On Enjoying Freedom

Once you have attained the freedom you desire, make a vow to never go back to the prison whence you came. You must always be aware of the chains that bound you and the burdens you lifted from yourself. Always keep an image of what your prison was like so that you can compare it to what your life is like with your newfound freedom. Take time to reflect on how you were imprisoned in the first place so that you are aware of future prisons that will try to restrict you.

Finally, take time to celebrate and rejoice in your success. If you have escaped a prison, no matter how small or insignificant you may deem it, you have done something most people are not capable of and have put yourself on the pedestal of great men and women of yore.

Understanding the Radical Left


Every generation is defined by its struggles. Whether the generation endures through war, economic depression, or fighting for human rights, hardship and the prevailing over it is what tests a people and their values. By examining the struggle of the millennial generation, or the lack of real threats, we can understand their position and seek to find common grounds with them, no matter how unlikely that may seem.

On Their Hostility

The parents of the radical left millennials protested the Vietnam War and lived through the Cold War, two serious and world-altering events. While I would never protest the military and treat the returning veterans in the manner they did, the protests against government intervention and the draft were valid and reasonable. It was a time of shifting values and of real change. Love, sex and drugs were freely given and shared and narcissism was the prescribed response to the overwhelming sense of shame and guilt that hampered this generation when they compared themselves to their parents, the greatest generation.

After the Vietnam war, their parents lived under the shadow of global nuclear war during the Cold War. Fearing each day may be their last, they lost faith and abandoned religion and adopted a nihilistic approach that was dictated by the failings of mankind, government and their neighbors. Most people today don’t realize how close the world was to being plunged into a nuclear winter, and this ignorance will lead to the next Cold War.

The grandparents of the radical left millennials endured World War II and the Korean War. This generation was comprised of masculine men and feminine women with established gender roles to better serve their society and contribute to the war effort. The sense of honor with the men was prevalent among the Americans, British, French, Germans, Italians, and Japanese, and drove the men who could not fight to suicide. The sense of duty with the women spurred them to take up the blue collar jobs that the men abandoned when they left to fight. This generation suffered through the Great Depression before this world war, starving and without hope. They left the frying pan and flung themselves into the fire because they had the strength to do so from the hardships they endured.

The current radical left has no such enemy to fight, no such cause to protest. The world is almost as close to nuclear war as it was at the height of the Cold War, but that is not what they protest. The lack of an enemy to fight causes them to create an enemy to fight. Their predecessors fought real racial segregation, they fought for women’s rights that they did not have at the time, they fought to close a gender wage gap that did exist at the time. Now, all of these problems have been solved, leaving an entire generation with no hardship to overcome and no meaning to identify with. They have no war to fight between nations, so instead they wage a war of ideology.

This sense of inferiority when compared to past generations will stain the new generation. Their hostility arises out of the need to have an enemy to fight and their radicalism stems from the lack of a self-identified enemy. We have seen first hand the insanity that can possess a person who has lived without struggle and yearns for a greater purpose.

On Their Weak Arguments

Past generations had strong leaders no matter what side of a conflict or protest they found themselves on. American men fought real fascism and communism to protect democracy and capitalism. They had clear evidence of why they needed to fight, and strapped their boots on and got to work.

Now, the arguments for the weakest generation is given to them by people with ulterior motives through the education system and the media. They cannot think for themselves and form their own arguments because there is no clear enemy, no right and wrong that everyone around them can easily see. The single greatest failing of the new generation is the complete ignorance of history. If they don’t know the basic history of communism, fascism and feminism, how can they form a coherent argument against it or for it?

The form of corporatism that dominates the United States has spread its veiled tentacles to every sector of public and private life. The monopolies control the textbook content and dispersal, the lobbyists prevent education reform, and the teachers that have no concept of history or geopolitics spread their ignorance to their students, stunting their growth.

It should be absolutely alarming with the fact that this is the most literate generation, yet the most uninformed. Corporatism, or the globalists, or the elites, have realized that controlling information is how they can retain power over the population. They have realized that they cannot defeat the powers of democracy and our representative republic through direct conflict, and have instead opted to destroy us from within through an unimaginable national debt, a divided people with no values and a propensity for obesity, and the destruction of the ideas that the United States was founded upon.

I do not believe that all of these radical leftists are truly aware of what they are doing. The term ‘useful idiots’ has never been more appropriate than in our current political climate.

On Finding Common Ground

While you should avoid identifying as a victim with every fiber of your being, let us take a moment to be sympathetic to the new generation and realize their struggles that they do not often realize. They have been born into broken families, and those that don’t come from divorced parents and broken households saw both parents working full-time jobs. They have been steered away from any form of religion and ridiculed by their peers and the media if they are a part of an organized religion. Their innate masculine and feminine values have been reversed, inverted and mutilated beyond recognition. They spend their entire formative years and early adult life in an education system that does not educate, but indoctrinates, leaving them with useless knowledge, thoughts that are not their own and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and their best years wasted. They have abandoned marriage and the family in fear of the divorce that their parents and peers experienced.

For any man or woman of worth, these are hardships to be overcome. Unfortunately, these hardships are not recognized by the common culture we share, leaving this weaker generation to fend for themselves as individuals rather than for a collective good. Any attack on free speech, as seen too often in their protests, must be met with quick and effective retaliation. On other issues, however, we must show compassion and sympathy for our fellow countrymen. We should strive to see them prosper and succeed, for a rising tide lifts all boats.

If we cannot find common ground with the radical left, we must try and create it. Shift the focus away from topics that have been debunked time and time again, like the gender wage gap or gay rights, for these battles have already been won. Shift the focus to rebuilding the family, restoring the birth rate, reducing national and individual debt, preparing for the coming war with China, disarming nuclear weapons, unleashing alternative energy, regulating artificial intelligence, and combating global governance. All of these are topics that are of such significance and affect everyone that they can make the weakest generation into the most important and pivotal generation that has the potential to decide the course of mankind. We live in a time of nearly unlimited potential for both good and evil, and I hope to adequately address all of these topics and more in due time.


You have time


To any person of credibility, be it an amateur philosopher, a rising businessman, or one with a craft that they are honing, time is the obstacle that will bar their progress throughout their journey. Most people have a fear of losing the time that they have left in their lives, while few respect the nature of time. By coming to terms with time and how we can better spend it, we can approach the world from a more established position of focus and with the intent to use our time to the best of our abilities.

On the Nature of Time

Time is the only resource that is involuntarily spent and cannot be replenished (as far as we know). Life itself can be restored in our time through the miracles of modern medicine, where a man can be declared dead one moment and revived the next, but time remains out of reach from the meddling of man. With this in mind, instead of fighting the passing of time and fearing its eventual end, perhaps we should come to understand how we can best spend the time that is given to us.

Time is as majestic as it is unknowable. No one can tell you when your time will come to an end with absolute certainty, so each and every one of us is faced with our own mystery to contend with. It is our own responsibility to manage our time, yet we often find ourselves delegating that management to others, people often less qualified to manage anything remotely as significant as our time.

To fear the passing of time is to live outside reality. By acknowledging your complete lack of control over the driving force in your life while simultaneously realizing you can have more control that you think, you can begin to repair the relationship with the cosmic forces at work beyond your comprehension.

On Wasting Time

To begin managing your time efficiently, you must set your priorities. Your craft should be your top priority, or at least among the top priorities in your life. Consider for a moment all of the ways a person can waste time, and then reflect on how many people you know who actively throw away the gift of life they have been given. Think of all the people at this very moment who are:

  • playing video games, from MMOs to modern consoles to outdated gaming machines
  • watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Youtube, television
  • browsing Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, 4chan
  • smoking, drinking, doing drugs
  • sleeping
  • texting
  • sitting in a classroom they don’t want to be in, doing homework
  • working at a menial, unsatisfying job
  • driving
  • eating
  • in prison
  • etc.

If we were to conduct a survey of all of the people worldwide partaking in those activities right now, it would be in the hundreds of millions. This is who you will be competing against. With a basic understanding and respect for the nature of time, you will quickly put yourself ahead of hundreds of millions in regards to being productive. That’s not to say that these activities can’t provide some merit, only that they should be taken in extreme moderation.

On Being Idle

Moderation is the key principle to consider when managing your time. Each of the activities listed above have positive and negative traits. Doing homework can instill a rigorous work ethic, but you were not placed on this earth to follow instructions and complete work that does not apply to everyday living. Playing video games while listening to an informative podcast can provide an outlet for relaxation while still remaining engaged, but it absorbs you to the point of doing nothing else.

I would argue that it is healthy to have one activity that constituents as a time waster, in that it provides no clear tangible product from your time investment. Every person in our history has had such an activity, from the ancient hermits of China like Tao Yuanming
who idly strolled through the countryside to Albert Einstein’s hiking trips.

On the Afterlife

Some may believe in a second life, some may believe in an eternal void, I would hope that all can reconcile the fact that this life is limited by time. If there is a heaven or some form of reincarnation, it still does not change that I only have so much time to do what I desire in this life, in this form. I have found two extremes in both parties, neither of which are comforting.

Some that believe in life beyond death are nonchalant in their time expenditures, often with a carefree expression and a reliance on their belief of unlimited time beyond the grave. This is as dangerous as it is sad, as no promise of salvation can erase the overwhelming sense of guilt of a life wasted.

The other extreme that some express is the futility of concerning oneself over time. Some that don’t believe in an afterlife take a cynical approach, that nothing matters because after death, there is nothing. This nihilistic thinking leads to self-destructive tendencies that can often be more harmful that the previously described naivety.

I do not follow an organized religion, and I don’t see myself ever following one, but I do consider myself to be very spiritual. Whether there is an afterlife or not, a form of afterlife is present in our world. The works of men and women long dead, from literature to architecture to songs, exist on this plane of existence after the creators have long since perished. A legacy can be created beyond flesh and blood that persists through the ages, withstanding the onslaught of time.

On Time Long Lost

Reflecting on all the time that has been wasted in one’s life is a powerful, anger-invoking experience. Try to be understanding with yourself and realize that those wasteful activities led you to where you are now. Perhaps you learned something from that video game or movie, or your creativity was unleashed from that museum you visited. No activity is ever a true waste of time because it provides another moment of sentience, but some activities are more useful than others. By realizing this, you can still partake in the lesser activities in moderation so that you may find true value in those that provide you with fulfillment. Soon you may see no need for the lesser activities, and will have reached a milestone in your life as you climb towards your apex.

On Productivity

With your goals in mind, you must embark on your journey of self-improvement. There is no room for half-measures here, as they are more dangerous than simply having no full-measures. Think of the obese woman who rides a bicycle to where she needs to be: she will use that small amount of exercise to justify her poor diet throughout the day, negating any benefits she may have reaped from her brief bout of activeness. This is a half-measure, and she would have been better off not riding the bicycle so that her poor diet negatively impacts her on a greater scale, either prompting her to take a full-measured response or to wallow in her self-pity, sparing us all the sight of her on a bicycle.

Once you see the fruits of your labor, you will become addicted to the pursuit of productivity. The most important part is to prepare for the plateau that every striving person reaches and to be able to push through this lapse in growth. This is arguably the toughest stage, and can be best overcome through moderation in productivity. Yes, easing off the pedal and reflecting and regrouping yourself to prepare for the next push. This sense of moderation should apply to everything in life to create a harmonious balance. It is a delicate balance indeed, as you can easily slip back into the time-wasting habits of yesterday, but you do not want to burn yourself out over the pursuit of your dreams.