A King of One (MGTOW)

Today’s society does not want you to build and rule over your kingdom. It does not want you to pursue your natural urges and puts every obstacle in your path and encourages women to dog-pile on to the existing dangers. Initially, I saw this as a missed opportunity when I discovered this sad fact, but once I learned to re-direct that desire to build and rule into my own pursuits, I realized that just because society has embraced behaviors that are suicidal to the greater whole of civilization, I don’t have to go down with it as a miserable and unaccomplished and unfulfilled man. Find happiness, thrive, and expand in spite of society, not because of it. Don’t let the flock of sheep steer where you want to go, and instead choose carve out your own path.

Rule over yourself like a king would rule over his kingdom. Kings and rulers have a unique position in history by containing some of the most respected and accomplished men and some of the most disregarded and foolish men in the same category. Learning the essential lessons of how to have control over your domains and how to avoid having it taken from you is an invaluable tool to have no matter the situation.

The first thing to do is to define the metaphorical boundaries of your kingdom. Understanding the limitations of yourself allows you to be able to utilize every percentage of productivity to become as efficient as possible. If your kingdom has no borders, you have no means of expanding your territory. Every man should have a basic foundation that he stands upon, a bedrock of confidence and purpose that can weather the storm of conflicts and challenges that will be thrust upon him as he seeks to expand and preserve his kingdom. This foundation, the border of what you stand for and what you’re aiming to build, should be comprised of core ethics and ideas that are unshakable eternal truths that will act as a guide. In your moments of doubt, you will be able to fall back on to these foundations to act as a test to measure your troubles against.

What does an enduring foundation look like? The core of what and who I’ve built for myself so far relies on a few underlying principles and ideas: Complete autonomy over myself, in spite of worldly pleasures like women, money, fame, or other hedonistic pursuits. That doesn’t mean I don’t partake in these, quite the contrary, but it means that I do so from a position of power and independence. Becoming dependent on any one of these things spells doom for even the strongest of men, the most fortified of kingdoms, and most people pursue multiple of these at the expense of everything else. Another pillar for me is my belief in the honest and objective truth of nature. I am not an atheist, but my beliefs about higher and guiding powers is spiritual, I don’t follow any organized religion and I am open to the idea that there is no higher power, but what I do believe in is the inability to conceal, change or corrupt the pure nature of things. Evil for evil’s sake will always be, the selfish nature of most people will endure, hubris is the downfall of most men, and people are ruled by their baser instincts. There are several other founding beliefs and ideas that make up my foundations, but you must determine your own. As you build yourself, you will be forced to consider new ideas, philosophies, and perspectives. It is essential that you are able to understand these with an open mind without unconsciously absorbing all of it because you had no foundations to begin with.

Now that you’ve established the initial boundaries of the kingdom, it’s time to get to work. To continue with this metaphor, the serfs of your kingdom represent your work ethic, the knights your offensive and defensive capabilities, your castle acting as your defense mechanisms, the different houses being outside influence, and the court being your interaction with the outside world.

None of this works without a work ethic. Unlike the serfs of actual kingdoms, you are going to work smarter, not harder. Your kingdom should be able to be easily made into a self-sufficient entity with low maintenance. As a man, you don’t need much materially to survive, but what you do need to be functional and healthy is often intangible. These things that you need to properly function, to uphold the existence of your state, relies on character-building qualities like a strong work ethic, and more metaphysical qualities like a purpose and drive. Without these, you will float adrift, and your barriers will be weakened and open to invasion from those who have a differing agenda for you and seek to pillage what you’ve built. I would not be so bold as to suggest a purpose, that is for you to figure out on your own, but I would be bold enough to tell you that you can’t find it from anyone except yourself.

You must learn to equip your metaphorical knights’ armor and harness its offensive and defensive capabilities. Learn every inch of that armor and be mindful of its weak points. Each of us have weak points, and some of those weaknesses will always be present. It is best to acknowledge which weak points can be repaired, and which must be worked around. Going in to battle without full knowledge of these only makes you unnecessarily vulnerable, and you will do battle to protect your kingdom. People will see what you are building for yourself and what you aspire to be and wrongly assume that it is as weak as their domain and seek to confront you. Your defenses will always be strong enough in every situation for the sole reason you have built your kingdom to begin with: it is self-sufficient and independent, it is inherently invulnerable to complete destruction as long as you are alive to continue building and re-building. All of us will have setbacks throughout our lives, but they don’t take away from the core essence of our internal strength and validation. If someone attacks your character, it bounces off your armor because you know you are on the path of individuality and self-actualization, and that their lives will be destined to be bound by the superfluous things they waste their time chasing. If someone attacks you in a way that affects you materially, you are a king of one and you can easily recuperate the damages over time. While you may receive some damage, your defensive armor prevents you from receiving fatal damage. This in turn grants you greater strength in offensive operations. No matter what arena you find yourself in, you will eventually have to fight. Even doing this simple channel, I’ve had to face some opponents publicly and behind the scenes that have tested me in ways I did not expect, but none of them could withstand the power and weight of the armor that protects me.

Your inner keep is reserved for those you trust, but you must re-assess your understanding of trust before you start opening the gate and letting everyone through. Everyone is self-serving, it is only the measure of servitude that separates them. You should only let outsiders that close to you in your own domain once you have calculated the damages of their betrayal. If you get blindsided, the fault lies with you and your miscalculation. If you find yourself constantly needing to share your kingdom with others, you haven’t manifested the true nature of an isolated, self-sufficient rulership. To further expand your boundaries, you will have to cooperate with outside influences, but you should do so in a way that minimizes risk. Don’t play all of your cards in the first round, try to be vague when you can afford to be to give yourself as much of a buffer as possible.

The court is where different kingdoms gather to discuss, trade, and make plans for future expansion. The hermit state loses out on the potential of expansion, but gains security in its isolationism. Know when to extend and withdraw, something that takes much practice and many losses.

I used this metaphor because everything I’ve learned and implemented and built can be taken with me anywhere I go, because the kingdom is me. I am not tied to any location, any exterior agenda or agent, I can set myself down anywhere and continue building. Those of you who are older and had your actual tangible kingdoms, your family, and had it fall apart due to the gynocentric targeting of the families, you now have to continue building alone, something that may not seem appealing at first, but its benefits will be made apparent in time. For those younger and without that tangible investment, you cannot lose focus and hope and purpose, you have to continue building or you will drift into the void of nihilism, decadence, and hedonism. You cannot knowingly put your head in that noose of settling down, but you can reap the benefits of building nonetheless, but for yourself in spite of what society says.

One thought on “A King of One (MGTOW)

  1. Its a good piece of work. you know, what I find is that many actually have a defined kingdom and boundaries but are not aware of it. It many not be a good kingdom, but a kingdom just the same. They need to reinvent their kingdom but taking inventory and adjusting to something more productive. ________________________________


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