She Expects Your Servitude

The conceptions of dealing with finding a mate differs entirely between men and women. Where men seek to prove themselves and their capabilities, depending on female validation to recognize the value they’ve created in themselves, women have already decided at an early age that they deserve that value that the man can bring, and then evolve in to demanding it. Where men who are brainwashed in to the blue pill illusion of searching for soul mates and compatible characteristics on a spiritual level, women have already determined that they will pursue a life of leisure and manipulation, and whoever ends up being the unlucky victim of this scheme is irrelevant. The man is the only interchangeable variable in her equation. Where he may structure his life around the supposed precious woman he’s discovered, a diamond in the rough, she expects the man to conform to her preconceived desires.

A cunning woman would have her man believe his fantasies are being fulfilled, all the while she reaps the luxuries of his success. She would allow him to play the part of the patriarch, knowing full well that both the matters of her convenience and any major decisions that would result in her inconvenience were completely in her realm of control. This sly woman would be the real ruler of the roost. One could attempt to argue that this is the most merciful of the options, for at least the man can believe in his fantasy, at least he can live peacefully in the fantasy of male authority, compared to the more crude and blunt women who simply exert their influence through baser feminine tactics of manipulation, primarily shaming.

This would make for a poor argument, because none of the options allow for mercy. Living a lie is torment of a different kind because all of that potential is squandered, without even the slightest realization of what that entrapped man could have become. Instead, that man happily walks in to servitude for his weaker master, to which he owes all happiness, all purpose, all guidance, all desires. He bestows upon her his very essence as a human, and in return she casually inspects the gift she’s been given and quickly learns to sort through all the parts she can’t use, unwrapping the gift of the man’s soul to get to the root of her needs, the parts that she can actually use. Anything that doesn’t directly benefit her is tossed away, simply considered glorified wrapping paper for what she actually sought after.

As the welfare state, divorce courts, and propagation of feminist messaging has shown us, this expectation can be met by many different sources, none of them permanent and none of them beneficial in the long term for her, but one learns not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and women have learned to ride that horse long ago. No matter what decisions she makes, she will expect that servitude, and she will have her way, be it at the expense of a weak, desperate man who does not understand his own value as a man, or at the expense of the self-actualized man, held hostage by a government that seeks to appease the demands of the entitled and corrupted women.

Now there is something that we have to contend with. If the servile man was made aware of the extent of his servitude that is expected, how many would still willingly walk in to that trap? Your answer to this question will lead you to countless other questions as to why things are the way they are, and just as many answers as to why it can never change. Some men, believing that they can overcome the odds, will engage and find themselves locked in to a lifelong servitude once they realize their mistakes. Some men, desperate for a glimpse at what a life with a purpose could be, gladly put their souls on the line for women to bestow upon them the lowly purpose of a work horse, something greater than he ever dreamed, for he never dreamed at all. Some men simply will not listen, instead turning to their damaging instincts of hedonism and pursue the easy road, forgoing the long and winding path of introspection and contemplation.

It is an interesting thing, then, when such a master meets a man who has freed himself of the desires to be her slave. She may find him alluring, a specific aura about himself that is not easily found. She may even try to tame him, to render this proud man to a lowly servant, a living testimony to her power, a monument to her vanity. Just as she deduced the equation of a decadent women, where the outcome was guaranteed, all that was needed was a nameless man to fill the role of the producer, she now can only face one outcome: defiance. Defiance at the prospect of siphoning off time, resources, and his very life, defiance at the thought of losing all that he has gained for himself, and defiance at the very idea of ever betraying himself for anyone or anything again.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (MGTOW)

Since society is built on the backs of men, every measure has been taken to ensure that you remain a part of it. While your happiness and well-being are nowhere near the list of essential items to keep you engaged, fear of isolation, shame, and the pressure of conformity are among the top of that list. Society’s defense mechanism when confronted with the prospect of male abandonment is to instill a sense of dread at the mere idea of leaving. Both genders are recruited into this generation-spanning campaign to drill in to your head that if you ever seriously entertain the idea of making something of yourself independently and forgo the typical life patterns of everyone else around you, you will face the agonizing torment of social isolation. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not all who wander are lost, and many who roam find comfort in the company of themselves. Whatever circumstance led them to their journey loses its importance out there in the wild where they wander. Out there, a world awaits those curious enough to explore it. Possibilities that were once taboo now open doors that were always unlocked, society just fooled men in to believing they did not already have the key, that they always did and always will. The journey of a man in this wilderness is not measured in how many people witness it, but rather how the journey itself molds to the man’s desires.

MGTOW is about finding oneself. Not in the sense of the feminine excuse of acting in a whorish manner in college, or in the drug-induced ramblings of hippie types, but in the real trials and tribulations a man must put himself through to survive the wilderness of individuality and all the anxiety and achievements that brings. Discovering that men are not valued in society is heartbreaking, but learning about how truly expendable you are considered in the eyes of those around you nullifies the potential for any future affairs with the temperamental and vindictive bitch that is society, constantly nagging and inserting itself where it is never wanted, demanding more than it ever gives and expecting you to bear its weight on your shoulders with a smile on your face.

And so the man begins to wander. Out and about, he begins to see the world in a new, rejuvenating light. Where once he kept his eyes fixed on the ground, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other to match the pace of the mindless drones around him, he now can stop and smell the flowers. Filled with a new sense of wonder, he can explore again, and yet it is portrayed to those around him that he is lost, hopelessly rambling throughout the lands as a poor, defeated man without purpose or prospects.

He could pause and explain that he is now free of burdens that weighed him down and prevented him from reaching his full stride, he could try to show them how much distance he can cover in his wilderness now with his full stride, or he could simply continue wandering, because he knows there’s only so much time to do what he needs to do and those who can’t look at his path and appreciate it are stuck on their own short and winding paths, bound to loop around just as they begin to contemplate anything else.

He knows true value now. Value beyond the material, beyond the superficial, beyond what he once thought important. He knows that what he can make of himself, for himself, and by himself yields the greatest returns. He no longer looks for the glitter in the dark, because he knows that all that glitters is not gold. That gold has been stained with the memory that drove him in to the wilderness to begin with.

Women have tainted themselves forever. Their legacy will be preserved in digital form for as long as access to the digital space exists. The stories of women breaking up families, of destroying their husbands in court, of separating their children, will be passed down through generations and continue to drive the wedge between the genders, and men will quickly discover that there is much more opportunity to be found outside of that basic dynamic, whereas women will truly become lost in that wilderness, never to be seen again.

Leaving a lost battle has historical precedent. Look to any moment of persecution for a group historically and you can find elements of that population fleeing to find better opportunities. Today, men as a whole are the persecuted, and men of all ages, races and nationalities are leaving to enter that wilderness, to wander and find out what they are truly made of.

Women Don’t Care About Freedom (MGTOW)

Freedom is under siege in all of its forms wherever freedom may be found. The most notable reaction of these instances is the apathy that women have when confronted with the loss of freedom, and even the support of their loss of freedoms in exchange for security. This does not excuse the apathetic and lazy men who think just as their women do, but the women of America, Europe and parts of Asia are not pushing back against the creeping tyranny that is soon to envelope the world.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Let’s look at some contemporary issues to highlight the metaphysical realities of women and their apathetic relation with freedom. Take the protests in Hong Kong, for example. The percentage of women protesting against the issue of the encroaching Chinese government is drastically smaller than the male protesters. This brings to light two examples, both physical in nature. Women have a biological imperative to submit, it is built in to their anatomy and in to their complete vulnerability during the later stages of pregnancy. Simply put, they can’t fight for freedom in the same ways that a man can, which leads in to the second reason, being that they don’t have to. Women have an innate understanding that no matter what form of community they find themselves in, a decently attractive women will always have some form of value to that community, whereas a man will not.

The freedom of communication is nearing its end, as many of you already know. Why is it then that women have nothing to say on the matter, beyond a passing complaint and inconvenience? Perhaps its because they had nothing to say to begin with. Look to history to see the lack of female philosophers and intellectuals and you will find the answer. They can’t engage in the metaphysical because they are only concerned with the physical. Speaking against the majority and challenging established norms is against their herd mentality, and they can only engage in petty acts of rebellion if they have a large enough group to engage in degenerate acts to display their rejection of cultural norms while simultaneously falling in to predictable and simple-minded patterns, shunning all forms of individuality and simply embracing a different form of collectivism.

Women simply don’t care. She is content with being entertained and provided for, and as long as the distractions continue uninterrupted and she can flounder in her small pond as a big fish, any ideas of becoming something more and having true sovereignty elude her grasp. Women don’t require freedom to prosper, they take their prosperity with them in their physical attractiveness. Nations, borders, customs, and cultural are interchangeable to her. She goes where she can thrive, and when she can’t, she adapts to her circumstances. Fighting, suffering and dying for ideals are a strictly masculine trait, and don’t serve her in her realm of operation. Women don’t build society, so they have no vested interest in protecting it. She understands that men will make magic happen to earn her presence, and she allows them to build the world she inhabits so that she can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This is not a new phenomenon, this is female nature. It has always been like this, and it always will be like this. Unbridled rage at nature is not only useless, it is wasteful. That energy is better directed at the ideas of egalitarianism that has exposed the West to this destructive side of female nature. This all-consuming force can be controlled, as it has been for thousands of years, but in man’s hubris to build he forgot to establish the foundations of his empire. By resting the burden of upholding society on those who only see it as a means to an end, the cracks that begin to appear will be left unchecked until the damage is irreparable.

Maintaining positivity in spite of what is coming down the road is absolutely essential to leading a meaningful and healthy life, but that does not mean ignorance is bliss. Let’s take a glimpse at what our dystopic future will likely look like. The Chinese have introduced a camera that can detect a person out of a crowd of thousands, an overkill on their already oppressive surveillance state. Combine this with their social credit scoring system, which elements of are spreading to the West, and you have a recipe for a total technocratic takeover. If you make an offensive video, or leave an offensive comment, or even just watch the wrong content online, your bank account could be frozen, your access to public transportation could cease, you could even be banned from traveling internationally. This can be enforced by neighboring countries as facial scanning is being introduced to airports worldwide. Internet censorship is already here. My MGTOW Archive channel has been deleted, and videos from my older catalogue are being removed, indicating that the final purge is here for myself and many other MGTOW content creators. While there are other forms of media for communication, none are secure. Roosh V recently had his books removed from Amazon and other marketplaces, despite only being simple pick up artist books. With no way to communicate, men seeking to regain their freedoms will organize in a local grassroots way, holding meetings and meeting like-minded individuals. These meetings will be monitored with the technology that is used to organize them, and keywords will be used to detect and terminate such meetings. Look to how many conservative demonstrations have been shut down by idiotic leftist zombies and consider the combination of rogue intelligence using the hordes to exercise their will and shut down gatherings.

So how does one man fight against such an awesome wave of apathy and tyranny? You approach it just as any man would have throughout history. We may have more technology today than our ancestors, but we’re still facing the same problems and that technology is increasingly becoming a hindrance and being taken from us. Becoming dependent on that technology leaves you weaker and underdeveloped. Establish your fundamental values, learn to trust your gut instinct, and create a moral compass that can guide you through the unyielding propaganda and domination that is sure to come. Soon you won’t have access to the outlets of clarity that you have become accustomed to, and it’s best to appreciate it for what it was, take as much as you can from it and learn to survive without it. The men who did not find these great resources before they were scrubbed from existence will undoubtedly suffer, but a man’s spirit will always find a way. He may not find all of the answers as quickly on his own, but he will always ask the right questions.

Why Men Are Betraying MGTOW

My original draft for this video discussed guys on Youtube chasing the ambiguous algorithm and then trying to disassociate themselves from MGTOW after the demonetiziation efforts from YouTube, but I scrapped that and decided to distill it down to its roots, to the most simple and easily digestible reason that applies to all betrayers, content creators or not: pussy blinders.

A large portion of men can spout off acronyms and explain female nature, but as soon as they encounter a woman who has learned to hide the destructive parts of her nature or says what he wants to hear, he falls apart and questions everything he’s said and absorbed and tosses aside wisdom and reason in favor of following his biological instincts to his own detriment.

I truly believe the test to determine your understanding and acceptance of female nature is to try and disprove the concept of AWALT, or all women are like that. If you haven’t already, check out my video “There is no right girl, Unicorns Don’t exist”. Set aside some time to meditate on the idea of AWALT and see where you stand. If you can find a way to weasel out of the absolute nature of women, to argue that all women couldn’t possibly be guided by their biological instincts and that some women are capable of overcoming these instincts, to what ends I don’t know, then you are vulnerable to falling back into slavery to pussy.

These guys who challenge AWALT try to paint the concept with a brush of misogyny, claiming that those who believe it believe all women are viscous sluts who spread their legs for any alpha bro who applies game. I’ve never said that, and my experiences don’t reflect that. My girlfriend now was a virgin, and a girl I dated before her was a virgin too. There are still some good girls out there who came from stable households with an upbringing with traditional values, but that has nothing to do with discrediting AWALT, their nature is universal. Those good girls are still guided by their biological instincts, just as much as the sluts that have become the average woman.

These men have failed to internalize female nature. They can echo the sentiments of men who have understood female nature, but as soon as they are placed in the real world where they must apply what they have learned, they fail and fall back into the same patterns that led them to the community in the first place. I am conflicted in my ideas as to why they fail to understand and apply the concepts they claim association with.

Part of me wonders if they were not ready, if they had more to learn, but another part of me wonders if they ever would have been ready. Man was made to be a slave, a slave to his biological desires, to his morals and principles, and to his urge for progeny. Freedom from these things is only meant for a select few, and those few usually keep it to themselves.

MGTOW exists in the capacity that it does today because of the state of society. If society were not the way it is, I believe at least 80% of the men in the community would disassociate themselves as well. It has become a refuge for the lost man. If those lost men were to find a vessel that offered a glimpse at the old purpose of man, a woman who appeared to be decent, then of course those men would pursue in earnest.

Honestly, I don’t blame them. Facing these harsh realities is similar to understanding nihlism, something I will discuss later, and it often leaves one feeling powerless, hopeless, and without meaning. To find the true power in these ideas, a man must tear down everything that existed before, but cannot settle with that else he will fall into the abyss, he must rebuild and refocus himself. The effort required to rebuild and refocus is so great that a great majority of these lost men believe it is easier to beat their heads against that same wall until it is so bloodied that they believe to have changed it with the color of their blood, and call that a victory.

A betrayal of the community of men is a bad enough offense because the true brotherhood of man is not something to take lightly, but betraying one’s own nature is something each of these betrayers will have to live with until their last days. In these trying times, I only hope that weaker men look to these betrayers and reflect upon their own standing, truly examine their weakness and take it as an opportunity to strengthen their resolve, not give in to their fears and fall back into the old behavior patterns.

And make no mistake, it is something to fear. Accepting AWALT changes you. I can never look at women the same way again. At first it affected my libido, and I could not separate myself from the hatred that consumed my thoughts as I realized women’s mode of operation. But I chose to consciously separate that hatred from my thoughts, and once isolated, it slowly died. What remained was acceptance, acceptance that female nature is the same as it always has been. We may live in times that promote and encourage the worst parts of that nature to manifest themselves, but at least they are visible now, as opposed to being hidden from view until it is too late. It is not something to be hated, it is something to be examined, understood, and accepted, as it is as natural as the rising sun and the shifting tides.

The Farmer and the Sailor

There are two types of men: the farmer and the sailor. Society requires both types, and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The farmer relies on long-term investments. He seeks to establish his base and remain there. The sailor is best suited for limited engagements, constantly on the move and seeking new experiences. While the farmer may miss out on these potential experiences, he has his reliable routine that the sailor does not, who has no real familiarity in his life.

Throughout history, there have been times when one type was valued above the other. The farmer is valued during times of peace and prosperity, and the sailor is valued during times of strife and expansion. The family unit has been destroyed, leaving the farmer little reason to till the land. He has been thrust into a time of automation, into the digital age, where the old rules don’t translate as they once did.

The sailor can thrive in this landscape. If a man learns to adapt to the mobility offered with technology, he can move to where the work is, travel the world, and enjoy the fruits of the end of the golden age.

I’m not sure if it’s possible for a man to change his type. There was once a time when I entertained the idea of the farmer, of building a family and being the provider, but I quickly snapped out of that daydream because the freedom of the sailor, of the bachelor, is too powerful for me to ignore. Some of you may see that freedom the sailor has as a curse, always looking for something else, never having a farm of his own.

I have great sympathy for the farmers in the mgtow community, the men who wanted the traditional lifestyle but modern society simply won’t allow for it. We may return to a system that allows for that type of man to prosper, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it. Instead, you can learn to adapt to the times and prosper with what is available to us now.

The women who pretend to be traditional are chameleons, blending in to whichever environment they find themselves in in pursuit of the men desperate for traditionalism. Don’t be the desparate farmer, you may be able to have the illusion of your homestead for a short time, but eventually reality will come knocking on your door, and in the blink of an eye you will end up as another statistic used to educate mgtow on what not to do in today’s society.

The farmer derives purpose from his farm, from establishing it, maintaining it, and protecting it. If that is removed, he is without purpose. The sailor travels from port to port, rambling around the world, taking his purpose with him wherever he travels.

For those men holding on to the past, it is a noble and honest goal to build a farm. It is healthy and natural to desire that, but our societies are not healthy and natural. You are swimming against the current and will only exhaust yourself as you try to bring old ambitions into these new times.

If you are a man on marriage strike, you’re going to spend your days waiting for women to get their act together, and you will wait until your last days. It may not be possible for you to let go of that dream, maybe its entrenched in a place that is out of reach, but you can at least try to let go of it. Come sail on the wastes of civilization, use technology to your advantage to become the best man you can be, to enjoy what other men in history would have killed to have been able to enjoy, and live life as a free and independent man.

If the world was full of only farmers, we would not have the great pioneers and explorers that pushed the physical and intellectual boundaries. If the world only consisted of sailors, there would be no stability, but there will always be more farmers than sailors, more men who want to live in a small, confined prism of reality compared to the risk takers, explorers, and free men. Society no longer values the farmer, it no longer cares about stability, so let them deal with the consequences of their actions and enjoy the ride while you can.

The Enemy of Man

After seeing the despicable new Gillette ad and my comment getting upvoted pretty fast, I changed the title and structure of this script. Combined with the news earlier this week that the American Psychological Association has officially labeled traditional masculinity as harmful, it’s clear that the push to drive men to complete feminization, suicide, or to going MGTOW is accelerating, and we’re barely halfway through January of the new year.

The enemy of the individual man is the collective society he so desperately wants to be a part of. In older times, this eternal battle between man and society would deal equal blows to each combatant. The man would lose freedom and choice, but would gain posterity. No matter the time in history, however, society has never cared about you. Make no mistake, you may have been able to take from society to make it a fair trade in your eyes, but society has never and will never value the individual man. When the time comes, you are meant to serve and die for institutions that considered you expendable, a utility in the purest form.

Now, society is saying they don’t even want your servitude. Stop trying to enslave yourself to masters who don’t even want you. There’s nothing left for you there. Enjoy life as a free man.

Since society is comprised of so many interlocking features, the main enemy of the individual man can be traced back to his fellow man. Women may be driving the spearhead into the heart of masculinity, but they do so not with their own strength, for they cannot wield the spear alone. They do it with the aid of traitorous men and the passivity of weak men.

Traitorous men are the easiest to identify and deal with once they have revealed their true intentions. These poor excuses for men, these white knights that seek to gain the advantage over their fellow man for pitiful rewards that will never undo the shame they bring to themselves are far too numerous. These cowards are kept in check by strong men when they know they will suffer consequences for their treachery, but as soon as any weakness or vulnerability is show, they jump at the chance to accelerate their own agenda. This is a natural habit of man, found throughout history and even in the animal kingdom. These men were never capable of making anything of themselves to begin with, their selfishness is their great limitation, their inability to see beyond themselves for a greater purpose. The most nefarious kind of traitor is one that understands the plight of man, that understands the obstacles in the way of preserving masculinity and saving men from torment, and still decides to sign up with the enemies of man regardless.

The most numerous type of enemy to man is the passive man, one who will allow ills to befall his fellow man and his society until he is absolutely forced to take action, at which point the loss of life, primarily men’s lives, will become inevitable and abundant.

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” – Alfred Henry Lewis

The facilitators for change are men. To see that we have been subverted and suppressed by a gender that is physically, mentally, and emotionally inferior is only due to our own weakness. Why should one individual weak man fight for change when he has air conditioning, the bread basket of the world in his vicinity, and enough entertainment and distractions to keep him occupied for a hundred lifetimes? Finding the red pill is such a slap in the face because you were sleeping for so long. These sleeping men will once again wait until the absolute last second to take action, to realize the existential threat, and by that point they will have been weakened to such a degree that it would be a miracle if they could even mount a defense, let alone take offensive action.

Thomas Paine detailed the types of men who would not take action against Britain in his work “Common Sense”. As I read it, replace the words Britain or Europe with gynocentrism, feminism, and women. These types of men are universal throughout all of history, and pose the biggest obstacle to the individual man. The solution exists and is ready to be implemented, but at the end of the day it’s man who imprisons himself. *refer to video for reading*

Stages of MGTOW

You will find plenty of different explanations for the stages of MGTOW, so this break-down is from what I went through, and maybe you will be able to relate to some of these stages.

It all begins with a catalyst, something that gets you to start questioning your surroundings and your reality. This can be a bad relationship, the inability to attract or retain women, observations of the suffering of other men, or just the gynocentric nature of our societies. Whatever your catalyst was, it lead you to asking questions and doing your own research and then stumbling upon answers.

This leads to the next stage, the Overdose stage. Here you overdose on red pills, you bombard yourself with the amount of knowledge that has been gathered in our community. It takes over your life, all you can think about is your next fix, your next breath of fresh air from the gynocentric blind spot that everyone else seems to have.

Eventually you may burn out and seek to reintegrate with society as it was before your catalyst. You’ll enter the Denial stage, and the length of this may vary, but I hope that it’s short. You’ll try to close yourself off to the harsher truths because you aren’t ready to reshape yourself, your previous state of mind won’t allow for those hard pills to be swallowed. Every where you turn, you’ll see the reality that you’re trying to run from, and you’ll never be able to escape from it because you’ve entered the next stage:

Awareness. A permanent insight that will remain with you no matter what happens or where your path takes you, this awareness will guide you through the remaining stages. It will allow you to decode the matrix and see, truly, for the first time and begin to formulate answers from an honest place, free from gynocentric taint.

The Rage phase is a direct consequence of this awareness. This great power to see was not meant for you to have, you were meant to be a slave to your desires and the sense of duty that was imposed upon you by others. Because of your newfound power, you see every bias, every double standard, every form of weakness, corruption, and ignorance and you become angry at your inability to change it. It consumes your very essence, and it is uncontrollable and directed at everything.

It takes a great amount of willpower to begin coming out of that phase, and the first attempts will lead into the next stage of Bargaining. Attempts to compromise, to try your best to navigate around problems with your ever present awareness, will leave you frustrated and exhausted. You will continue to beat your head against that wall until finally, you reach the stage of Confirmation.

Something will happen, much like your Catalyst, that will cement the teachings of MGTOW forever. When you see it firsthand in a scenario where you have an active part in the outcome and your eternal awareness influences your decisions and the reactions you get, MGTOW will be confirmed for you.

This confirmation leads to the Depression stage, a very real and dangerous stage to be in. MGTOW is the great destroyer of the ideas and dreams tied to the plantation, and only once you go beyond the fires of truth and observations will you be able to rebuild something new. Once those dreams from the old world have been shattered completely after your confirmation, you will be aimless and adrift. You were never encouraged to cultivate your individuality or chase personal happiness because it didn’t serve your old masters. Learning to walk again, to make strides towards your own path, is a painful exercise, one that brings memories of what you’re walking away from with every step, but eventually when you walk far enough, you’ll get to the next stage of Acceptance.

When you get to that place, you’ll understand that you’re better off with the knowledge and awareness, and that the pain of growth is nothing compared to the pain waiting for the men still on the plantation. You’ll begin to see the patterns that go beyond MGTOW, the patterns of male and female nature throughout all of history and how they have always been like this. You may have been able to have a wife and raise a family in a different time period, but you would still be subjected to female nature and your freedom would suffer because of it.

This acceptance paves the way for Zen. When you’ve truly found your path, and you’ll know what it is when you find it, a permanent wave of satisfaction will follow you, an aura of serenity. I try my best to avoid describing my path in too much detail or what a path that leads to Zen might look like because the whole point is to find your own path. There are steps you can take and stages you will go through to get to it, but there is no one universal path. All the different paths may offer universal benefits, but they all fit differently into our lives.

Wherever you may be on your MGTOW journey, know that there is always more personal growth to be made and that the journey never really ends. You may have enough knowledge to leave the community and forge your own path, but it will always remain with you and help you in times of need when no one else is there to help you. Your path may allow for friends and distractions, but to get where you truly need to go, only you can take yourself there. Keep walking, stay MGTOW.

She Wants to Watch the World Burn (MGTOW)

Female biology naturally creates an inherent pessimism, almost nihilism, because nothing she does can postpone her inevitable collision with the wall. All of her value, all the attention, all the validation and all the benefits slowly deteriorate until one day she wakes up and the life that she had lived on easy mode no longer seems so easy. What once required no effort at all now demands a modicum of effort, something that is often too much to bear for a pampered and entitled creature. With this unavoidable downfall guaranteed for each and every woman, it is only natural that they entertain a pessimistic mode of operation, taking what they can while the sun shines and damning the future to the same damnation that awaits them later in life. Unlike men, who work to build themselves to try and retire in peace in old age, to savor their accomplishments and if not to continue building, to at least maintain what they’ve built for themselves and those around them, women see it as a zero sum game. They can only take as long as they are able to, because they cannot and will not build it themselves.

Long term decisions that span across generations is out of the question for her. If it doesn’t directly impact her life now, maybe her children’s, then it is not a concern. Long term traditions are only useful if they serve her in her prime, and cultural norms can be tossed aside on a whim.

If she sets the world on fire, the firemen will put the fire out and rescue her. It’s not her problem to be concerned about these things, she only lives here and enjoys the pleasantries of civilization. Asking her to actually be an upstanding, responsible citizen and to be mindful of the direction of society is a bit too much to expect of her, so you should just be ready to clean up after her and sit quietly until spoken to.

The mentality of disposable males that females entertain, where men can be replaced as they need to be, when they display signs of weakness, inferiority when compared to other men on her hypergamous scale, and just plain boredom, extends to all men in society. The men who keep the lights on, who keep the sewers running, the roads useable, the cities safe, are all invisible to her. Everything just works in her eyes, because it’s always worked and it always will work. Everything and everyone is simply a supporting character in the multi-million dollar production that is her life.

The inability for women to be satisfied because of the constant presence of their hypergamous instincts naturally extends to the policies and culture of any society. Nothing will ever be good enough, everything must always be changed, what was once good is now bad, what was once bad is now good, until it isn’t anymore and it must be reversed again. Permanent, irreversible changes and damages are just seen as temporary setbacks, because the effects won’t be made apparent to her in her isolated bubble of gynocentrism, and her opinion won’t be challenged honestly because men will always bend their knees to her wishes, and with enough men towing the line to avoid offending her, she can go through life unchallenged, her hubris the spark that lights the tinderbox of society.

She Doesn’t Want Your Fantasy (MGTOW)

Biological imperatives dictates the modus operandi of genders. That statement, grounded in research and reason, is now heracy in clown world. Men are better suited to be able to provide, so they strive to be providers. Women have a very limited range of what they can give, so they strive to take as much as they can to make up for their weaknesses. And so has been the way of things, until now. Now, women can be the providers, now women have no weaknesses and are as strong, if not stronger than men. Or so we’re to believe. And yet many men do, they have exchanged their original fantasies with a new, false fantasy. One where they are not the masters of their own fate or the leader of their own households, but one where they are subservient to their desires and those that can provide them. That original fantasy that we have collectively traded for something far more inferior and destructive is one of monogamy, romanticism, and cooperation. Those things are incompatible with female nature, and the new, uglier fantasy is in direct opposition of those things because this new fantasy is reliant on female nature.

That old fantasy must be enforced and it must be maintained through a unified vision across communities within nations. Because it is in direct conflict with female nature, it must be protected against female intervention. While the destruction of monogamy has harmful impacts on women’s pair bonding, those are long term effects. In the short term, her peak sexual marketplace value grants her access to near unlimited resources, attention, validation, and opportunity in our interconnected and oversexualized environments. This naturally corrupts the ideas of romanticism that have put us into this predicament to begin with. She can exchange, share, and steal sexual partners without corrupting the precious moral image of herself because the old rules and stigmas of the sexual marketplace no longer exist. With the benefits of welfare, gender quotas, and the bias of gynocentrism, cooperation is not only no longer necessary, it is a hindrance to a woman. They are incentivised and encouraged to actively participate and benefit from the hostilities directed towards men.

That old fantasy has been lost. It exists now as a relic of a bygone age, something that seems unrealistic and unattainable. And it is. Attempts to restore the old fantasy have failed catastrophically. As long as man has no authority over woman, that old fantasy cannot exist. It relies on the safeguarding of values that serve the long term interest of communities, something that women are incapable of upholding. Men build civilizations, men protect civilizations, and men pass on civilizations. We have given the reins to those who have never held them before, never had an interest to, and never thought to ask how to properly handle the reins.

With the traditional fantasy gone, you must kill it so that you can move on. It is a great feat and it will rock you to your foundations, but it must be done. Yearning for something that will never come to pass will only keep you in perpetual torment. To attempt to recreate the fantasy with what you can find is to court destruction. Your peers and those that rule them have decided that the dreams and desires of men are not to be accounted for.

As you work on letting go of the old fantasy, take pride in knowing that you weren’t wrong. Those ideas existed before, we just happened to be born in a time when they are no longer tolerated. The new fantasy cannot last because it is not built on the endurance of men. The devastation that will follow the collapse of the new fantasy should only affect those who participated in its falsehoods. Don’t allow them to bring you down as well. Understand the state of things, find your place within the chaos, and thrive within it. That fantasy may be gone, but there are many more that only require you to be strong enough to see them through.