Drop Your Dead Weight

Male friendship should be valued because it can provide an honest and dependable outlet of expression. It’s even more rare and valuable today in our gynocentric society, where even making this video could get me fired from most jobs, and if your employer saw your viewing history, I’m sure most of you would be in trouble as well. Because we have no where to turn to besides the internet, finding a real red pilled man to be friends with is like finding a diamond in the rough.

I’ve cut out most of my childhood friends, some by choice but most were due to my deletion of Facebook after high school. Besides openly expressing your controversial views, deleting Facebook is a great way to see how phony most of your friendships actually are. Most people won’t take the time to keep in touch with you outside of a like or the occasional message.

Most of the people you are friendly with in your life would turn on you in an instant if they knew your real opinions. Their supposed friendship should be considered nothing more than a formality. When you speak to these people, keeping in mind that they would easily throw you under the bus to virtue signal or to impress a girl or to protect themselves from offending the mob will give you the ability to keep them at a distance and to protect yourself from getting pulled into their drama.

A real friendship, even one with a blue pilled guy, still offers value. It’s nice to have a gaming or a drinking buddy and to talk about sports or movies or just general stuff. But like all relationships, it must be examined for what it provides you. Your beliefs don’t have to align perfectly with his, and if you know there are certain topics that he is ignorant about, you can now delegate that discussion to the internet. I chat with guys from all walks of life about topics I would never dare to speak about in real life because I know the overwhelming majority of men cannot or will not engage in that line of thinking. I’m sure a lot would like to, but the cost of offending the wrong person is too great nowadays for them to risk it.

If you care about a bluepilled friend, you would naturally want to help him reach the peace of mind and freedom that you enjoy. You can drop little red pills and see how receptive he is, but be prepared to lose his friendship. Most men have too much invested in the plantation and cannot simply reinvent their personalities after one conversation, nor would their pride allow them to admit they’ve been walking in the wrong direction their entire lives.

My criteria for dropping a friend is when they become dead weight. Once our interactions begins to negatively affect my state of mind or jeopardize my situation, that interaction will cease to exist. For example, if a blue pilled friend starts bringing his emotional problems with his girlfriend or wife into our conversations, and actively ignores or criticizes any advice I give, even if it’s something simple, that signifies that he is in a state of stagnation. You should always be in a state of growth in all areas of life, and being around people who want to stand in place can only hold you back.

That being said, it’s a great skill to learn how to look past the blue pilled programming in people. You can learn something from every person, man, woman, or child, even if it’s just a lesson in what not to do.

But if the cost benefit analysis of a friendship fails to yield positive results, you need to consider moving on. You don’t want to fall into the sunken cost fallacy, where you keep a friendship going because of past experiences when present experiences are the opposite of what you’re looking for.

I have two childhood friends that are gaming buddies, one I talk politics with very lightly because I know we have similar opinions and are open to discussion, the other is neutral and chill. When we’re playing games or watching movies or hanging out in person, it’s for the sake of the activity itself and is a great outlet for relaxation. If I were to bring my philosophy or political discussion into the equation, it would ruin the activity because it’s not the place for it.

You need to look at what your expectations are for your friendships. If you just want to hang out, you can have a higher tolerance for blue pilled men. Once they start getting political or start virtue signalling, you can tell them to save that stuff for their other friends. They will probably be offended, but you have nothing to lose with the blue pilled guys.

If your friends become heavy emotional weight like Pedro says, that means that you’re giving them a spot on the pedestal in your life, which they may have earned before, but they are now taking advantage of your goodwill and dragging you down to their level. It’s good to keep in touch with your humanity and to not totally close yourself off to other people, but you also must take care of yourself if you are ever to help other people. Extend your hand out to them and offer what advice you can, but once you start getting negative results from your generosity, it’s time to drop the dead weight. There is no reason to continue with something that no longer works. Just like with women, every relationship eventually ends, so don’t mourn its’ passing, instead enjoy it while it lasts and remain detached so that you don’t fight to fix something that is broken.

Nostalgia is the main factor that keeps friendships past their expiration date. You must realize that keeping those friends around won’t bring back those good times from before and you must actively try to make new experiences. The hobbies you should be doing for yourself can also offer new friends. A chess club, a martial arts gym, anything that requires effort will naturally filter out most women and weaker-minded men, putting you in a place to make new and lasting friendships.

Deprogram Yourself

All of us have had ideas artificially programmed into our psyche, some of them positive like the instilling of an effective work ethic or the teachings of rationalism and being objective in the situations we find ourselves in. Other ideas are negative and incredibly harmful, like the dependence on pussy or taking advantage of man’s ability for self sacrifice. Many men find themselves immersed in the MGTOW community because it presents a whole new world waiting to be discovered. It makes each man a pioneer of his own life, gives him the tools to explore his uncharted territories and find what has been hidden from him.

Understanding the sexual dynamic is just the first red pill, but we can go farther than that. If we were blind to such an obvious and natural set of rules, what else were we blind to? “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Strip away everything that society, your friends and your family have programmed into you to get to your true self.

Let’s first examine the idea of companionship. There are many men in the community who are perfectly happy with the company of themselves, but there are a great deal who struggle with loneliness and have a need for companionship. If this is you, examine what your idea of companionship is. If you understand the sexual marketplace, then you would know that you aren’t being loved for who you are, but instead for what you provide. This provision could be monetary, like the infamous beta bux vs alpha fucks dynamic shows. It could also be based on status, based on your career, your renown or your looks. You are just a collection of statistics in the eyes of women. At first you will experience the red pill rage when this idea clashes with the romanticism you’ve been force fed your whole life, but don’t be angry. Mother Nature is a bitch and she gives us tough love, but it’s just a reproductive strategy. You have to detach your ego from the equation and not take it personally, it’s just nature. If I was a woman, I’m sure I would be operating under the same rules, constantly throwing out shit tests and looking for the best mate and being just an all around bitch. I count my blessings every day that I’m not a woman.

A man’s goals is projected on to him by his surroundings. It’s up to you to overcome both your biological urges and societal pressures to chase pussy, wasting your energy, time and money in the process. Going MGTOW doesn’t necessarily mean going celibate, but women shouldn’t be in your top priorities. If you can overcome that great biological urge, literally anything is possible. You will have transcended from a simple animal following its nature to something else entirely, in complete control and a master of your own nature. Once you overcome that urge to chase, you’ll watch in amusement as you see the entire world around you operate on that simple premise. Then, you’ll be awestruck when you realize how much more there is to do, how much more there is to think about, all of the territory that is relatively unexplored because everyone else’s focus is on jumping through those hoops to get access to the holy vagina. With this great power comes great responsibility. Don’t shame the men still chasing, it requires a perfect mix of self awareness and bad experiences to overcome that instinct. All we can hope for is that they can find peace before making the serious mistakes we have seen time and time again.

Another concept that has been distorted in modern times is the idea of friendship. Women conflate masculine brotherhood with homosexuality, and this has entered into the gynocentric mainstream consciousness. A true bond you make with a man, which is incredibly rare nowadays, will last longer than any bond you could make with a woman. That’s why they hate the idea of it so much, because women go through friends like a red pilled man goes through thots. Real friendship is a true diamond in the rough, but thanks to technology your options are greater than ever. One of my two childhood friends lives a few minutes away from me, but we hang out in person less than you would think. Instead, we hang out on Discord and basically do everything we would have done in person over the internet. Anything that can’t be done we meet up for, but you can have awesome friendships digitally now. Reimagine what friendship means to you, not what is portrayed to you. Instead of spending a bunch of money and organizing the logistics of everything, I can make my own drinks, upload a movie to Google drive with a dummy account and share it, watch Youtube videos and just chill out and play video games. The beauty is that I can do this with people I never would have otherwise, like a dude I met who’s in Australia. It’s hilarious to hear women and white knights shame this new form of camaraderie when you look at what their idea of friendship is. Next time you find yourself in a bar or a club, make an effort to look at what the groups of women and the groups of men are doing. I’ve done this the last several times and the groups of women are almost entirely on their phones, isolated from each other and living in their digital personas. The groups of men aren’t enjoying each other’s company, instead glancing at the women every few seconds and obviously uncomfortable to be around their so called friends. The only men who seemed to be having a good time were those huddled together in the corners of the bars, away from distractions and free to have a good time. Shaming is a sign of insecurity, so as a general rule of thumb you should investigate whatever women and white knights are shaming because it might be worthwhile. No amount of shaming can restructure the social order, but it can prevent men from connecting with each other out of fear of social stigma.

The next idea that is widely programmed into people and has drastic consequences on their lives is the idea of wealth. Once you’re fully MGTOW, you are an independent man and can do whatever the fuck you want with your own money, but let’s first look at what wealth really is. I’m sure all of you can relate when I say that MGTOW knowledge is priceless. Richer men than you or I would have paid millions of dollars to learn about MGTOW before they lost their lives in a soul-sucking career and their money in a joyless marriage or a hateful divorce. With this example, intangible things like MGTOW knowledge can have more value than the fastest cars, the biggest houses or the hottest women. It then makes sense to diversify your portfolio by pursuing different types of wealth. Give me a good computer, a comfortable bed, a decent car and a stable internet connection and I’m perfectly content with that physical wealth, able to pursue the more important and longer lasting forms of wealth found in knowledge and wisdom. The beautiful thing about MGTOW is that you can still have those fancy toys because you’ll be saving so much money compared to your less fortunate peers who are being drained by a wife and kids, but you don’t have to chase those things unless you’ve stripped away society’s idea of wealth and found that you still want that item. Just remember this golden rule: if it floats, flies, or fucks, rent it.

The standard for what constitutes as valuable knowledge has fallen so far that it’s a miracle the cities aren’t on fire. If learning about Leonardo Dicaprio’s newest girlfriend is more relevant to your life than reading a book that could change how you approach the world, you need to get off Youtube and go to your nearest library and treat your brain to a day out. If the majority of people only read fake news and celerbity gossip, while also being afraid to explore controversial and challenging ideas, they really are empty vessels floating through life, consuming and fucking until they die. Their standard of knowledge is nonexistant, and are perfectly content existing in a state of limbo for the rest of their lives. If you rely on the general consensus for what to dedicate your mind to, you will be a husk of a man who never got close to reaching his true potential. Take a critical look at your diet of information. Just like your body, you must feed your brain with a healthy, balanced diet of information to cultivate a sharp and reasoned mind. Too much analytical information and you risk losing touch with your sense of humor and fun, too much mindless information and you risk stagnating. Try to learn a new thing every day, or at least put yourself in situations to learn things by going outside of your comfort zone and reading what you don’t normally read or listening to ideas you don’t normally listen to.

The values of our modern societies have been turned upside down. At the risk of sounding too preachy, I’m not going to talk about the over-sexualization or promotion of degeneracy. Instead, look at how flimsy all those traditional values were that we’ve lost in the last hundred years. If people can so easily throw them away, did they ever really believe in them to begin with? To live by a code, to have standards and to judge everything against those standards takes a dedication that most people lack. Anything that takes a modicum of effort cannot endure when its endurance depends on the lowest common denominator. All of the values and norms that have been instilled into you came from hypocrites who don’t follow their own rules, or don’t have any at all. If your goal is to slay as much pussy as possible, then you have to abandon some values. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, you have to abandon some values. If you want to live a simple, honest life, you can keep your values intact. When you allow other people or outside forces put you in positions you don’t want to be in, your values will suffer, just as all the men who committed atrocities against their fellow man in the history of warfare.

The Winter of Your Soul


Three forces govern a man: his mind, his body, his soul. His body can be molded by iron, his mind can be sharpened by words from men long past, but his soul is dependent solely on his own willpower. His soul rules his character, it is the basis of his morality that he exercises in his life. The dependence of the soul on the man makes it the most vulnerable, requiring a vigilant and watchful eye against anything and anyone that would seek it harm. Once a soul has been corrupted, it takes the strength of a god to cleanse it and restore harmony.

For men who have just begun to find their own way, two obstacles lie in their path: anger and sadness. The anger comes from the lie you have been fed, from the realization of the amount of time you have spent on everything else expect your own goals. This anger, in its early stages, is formless and wild. It cannot be tamed and is as paralyzing and destructive as the chains that bound him. Once a man has tamed the beast that is his anger, he can harness its raw energy and direct it and shape it into something that can help create his visions and destroy his obstacles. This anger must be tempered within his soul because its natural state is that formless, wild beast that took the great effort to tame. Every man must find his own way of taming it, be it iron, creation, travel, or otherwise. A man must know to tame it, because the world depends on you not doing so. The wheels of civilization roll on the bones and blood of men who let their anger and frustrations lead them where they did not mean to go. Do not be lead by anger and hate, rather lead it where it can be useful. Unrestrained, it will poison a soul.

The far greater adversary to the soul is the sadness that comes after the anger. This despair at the state of the world and those you cannot save from suffering creates guilt and remorse. If anger poisons the soul, sadness kills it. You must tread carefully when confronting this deformed, ugly beast that distorts the beauty of the world into the most grotesque things it produces. Confronting this foe is the first step to conquering it, and so begins the winter of a man’s soul. As the daylight of youth and ignorance fades, he is left with the truths that have been laid bare before him, the path that led him to face sadness. The reality of these truths are cold and tearing down the false constructions he had will leave him defenseless against the onslaught of the frigid storm.

To survive the storm, do as nature instructed to animals: hibernate. He should surround himself with wholesome friends, if they are to be found, and entertainment. He can bury himself in pleasantries as the storm rages outside, and once it has calmed he can emerge and seek it out on a fair battlefield. Whatever form his beast takes, he must look at it objectively. He should remove his ego as best he can and face it squarely and bravely.

A man going his own way has many forms of sadness to conquer. Overcoming oneitis is a common form, as is accepting the vital truth of AWALT. After he has overcome his personal woes, he may begin to look to society at large and feel regret at the loss of opportunities or the disgrace brought to his ancestors, who fought and died only for women to tear it down in a few generations. He must separate his ego from himself and realize that there are more opportunities than ever for an independent man to achieve greatness and that his ancestors fought and died to grant him the right to appreciate their sacrifice in peace and solitude and to uphold their memory by being the best man he can be.

MGTOW Lives On In You


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As the MGTOW community continues to grow at an accelerated rate, it is important to create contingency plans for the inevitable backlash from the forces in power within our gynocentric society. It is equally vital to plan for the eventual pollution of the community as its popularity increases. For those who care about the continuity of the knowledge we have shared with each other, we must be vigilant of those who would subvert our quest for peace of mind. I have obtained enough knowledge from the community to sustain me for whatever the future may hold, but the young men of tomorrow will need all the help they can get as the propaganda is taken to a new level as the gynocentrism slowly collapses under its own weight. Every man we save is another opportunity to change the course of human history, be it in a major or minor way, because it only takes one man to build the future of his own dreams.

The Red Pill has seen a sharp drop in quality because its philosophy cannot be simply deduced to a basic premise. I believe MGTOW can endure because its ideas and teachings can be traced to a simple idea: do not get married. By using this thought as an origin on the path to ultimate individualism, a man can come to many of the conclusions so many men in the MGTOW community have shared. If all of the MGTOW videos on YouTube were to be taken down and every forum post purged from the internet, the philosophy would still live on with that single idea of freedom. The MGTOW philosophy creates an endless pool of knowledge to dive in to from one idea that can be easily shared and displayed in the world to teach others.

Should the community be targeted or its name tarnished, MGTOW will endure because each and every one of you can uphold its teachings in your own lives. As men of all ages see you enjoying the many fruits of life as a bachelor, they may begin to question their own choices and experience bouts of introspection. Throughout history, libraries have been burned and centuries of knowledge lost at the hands of the ignorant, but the most important teachings lived on in the people who survived. You are that example, the knowledge you have gathered lives on in how you navigate the world and the situations you find yourself in. Our libraries are everlasting, relevant in any time period, in any society, gynocentric or otherwise.

MGTOW requires no conversion, no missionaries to spread our teachings, and yet it has reached men from every country in the world. It has no manifesto, does not explicitly push for any organized form of change, and yet accomplishes the greatest feat that systems of belief have been striving to foster for millenia: peace. As I look into the future, I see visions of chaos and fear, but I also see a new generation of monks, united from all cultures and countries by their desire for independence. I see men who have overcome their biological instincts, one of the greatest feats of strength a man can achieve. With their newfound freedom, these enlightened men of all races, colors and creeds can create a new Golden Age, a true renaissance.

Through this peace that MGTOW inherently creates, chaos must preface. By putting himself first, a free man won’t work to kill another man in a war that has no meaning to him. Because of this abandonment of traditional and corrupted masculine values, chaos will erupt amongst those who still abide by them. As the world goes into uncharted territory once again, it is best for the enlightened man to remain steadfast in his beliefs and endure. Your life is the incarnation of MGTOW. MGTOW doesn’t require an internet connection, a library, or a seminar, MGTOW requires a man living free.




Escape Your Prison


Every man alive today or who has ever lived has at some point in their lives, oftentimes their entire lives, been subjected to an imprisonment of the mind, body or soul. Those who have escaped these prisons have found internal and external success in the form of fulfillment, fame, or fortune. Some who escaped did so with instinct alone, while others studied and learned from those who came before. By learning to harness both instinct and knowledge, any individual can attain any height of power they desire.

On Defining Prisons

The first step to escaping your prisons is defining them. There are three categories of prisons: self-imposed, cultural and societal. The most damaging and difficult to escape are self-imposed prisons. Examples of self-imposed prisons include bad habits, low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubts, self-hatred, obsessions, addictions, fears, and ignorance. A self-imposed prison may include influence from the other types of prisons, cultural and societal, but it also includes your unique interpretations and the most powerful tool you have available: imagination. While a cultural or societal prison can show the negative affects for people trying to escape their prisons, your self-imposed prisons relies entirely on the imagined punishments you have conceived for yourself.

The second and most prevalent imprisonment are societal prisons. For better or worse, we all rely on the government to protect smaller communities within the larger community of the country you reside in. This protection brings laws and regulations, some we may not agree with but are forced to abide by with the threat of violence and literal imprisonment.

The third type of prison are cultural prisons. These do not rely on physical imprisonment as societal prisons do, but rather social ostracization and ridicule to force conformity. Examples of cultural prisons include behaviors that serve the interest of another party, or stigmas that prevent exploration of the self, and always have shaming language prepared for those who do not conform.

In summary, a self-imposed prison is one you place on yourself that utilizes your imagination against you to confine you, a societal prison relies on forceful physical imprisonment or violence to encourage you to conform, and a cultural prison relies on attacking a person’s image or reputation to shape you to its expectations.

On Planning Your Escape

Just as real escape artists can attest, the most important factor in escaping confinement is preparation. You must prepare for resistance and conflict when attempting to escape your prison. Plan for all scenarios and reflect on how much you are willing to sacrifice to escape. Without sacrifice, there can be no freedom because it is the catalyst for it. Use your time wisely as you plan and prepare your escape, because once you are aware of your prison it will eat at your consciousness and consume your thoughts.

On Fellow Inmates

Every person has their own form of imprisonment, but not every person wants to escape. For most people, their prisons have become a part of their personalities and identities. Without the restrictions, they would be unable to navigate the world that exists outside of it. To free them of their prisons would be to strip them of their persona, a cruel and unconstructive thing to do. Instead, provide advice and guidance for those actively aware of their cages and seeking to rid themselves of them. If a person cannot consciously recognize one of the prisons outlined here, they are not ready to escape it. Everyone must escape their own prisons, and doing it for them would take away from their journey as a person and dampen the freedom bestowed upon them.

Caution must be used when interacting with those protecting the prison you find yourself trying to escape. These people either benefit from the prison or are so deeply ingrained that they must defend it to survive. These traitorous inmates will slow you down on your path to freedom and try to deter you from your quest. They cannot be avoided and must be dealt with in a way that does not provoke them to a radical response, for there are far more inmates than free men and you will find yourself consistently outnumbered.

On Dreaming of Freedom

Once you have visualized your prisons, you can begin to visualize the freedom from those prisons. Envision this freedom everyday, dream of it, desire it with all your being. Imagine the benefits you will reap from the changes you can invoke in your life and realize the harm you will endure should you continue to be confined. Look to the people who escaped their prisons and study their success. Specifics can not be given by anyone but yourself, because only you know what prisons you currently reside in.

Do not pity yourself for being imprisoned for so long, knowingly or unknowingly. Do not pity others for being imprisoned or look down upon them for being content in their cells, because they are on a different path than you with its own challenges and tribulations. Taking action and making sacrifices is how you can repay the debt to your former self who resided in that prison.

On Failed Attempts

The punishment for a failed escape attempt pales in comparison to the regret and guilt of not trying. Relapses will occur in any self-imposed prison, be it the struggle against an addiction or the struggle of becoming more social or extroverted. By acknowledging that these things will likely happen, you can prepare yourself for the coming fight. Make no mistake, it is a fight and you will need to fight these self-imposed prisons with every fiber of your being.

A cultural prison, on the other hand, is a battle of defense. You must stay true to the path you have set for yourself, and defend that ideal from any and all who may attack it. Prepare to be attacked from all sides: friends, family, acquaintances, inspirations, successful, unsuccessful. No castle can withstand an eternal siege, and there will be times when your values and beliefs are shaken by the bombardment of conflicting ideologies. If you willingly open the gates to these invaders, make sure it is on your own accord and for the right reasons, not as a compromise.

A societal prison cannot be successfully escaped because it is inherent to human nature. A revolution may overturn a societal prison, but it is always replaced by the revolutionaries. Acknowledging that it is a prison, one of the body, is essential when seeking to expose and understand the more subtle prisons present in each of our lives.

On Enjoying Freedom

Once you have attained the freedom you desire, make a vow to never go back to the prison whence you came. You must always be aware of the chains that bound you and the burdens you lifted from yourself. Always keep an image of what your prison was like so that you can compare it to what your life is like with your newfound freedom. Take time to reflect on how you were imprisoned in the first place so that you are aware of future prisons that will try to restrict you.

Finally, take time to celebrate and rejoice in your success. If you have escaped a prison, no matter how small or insignificant you may deem it, you have done something most people are not capable of and have put yourself on the pedestal of great men of yore.