She Expects Your Servitude

The conceptions of dealing with finding a mate differs entirely between men and women. Where men seek to prove themselves and their capabilities, depending on female validation to recognize the value they’ve created in themselves, women have already decided at an early age that they deserve that value that the man can bring, and then evolve in to demanding it. Where men who are brainwashed in to the blue pill illusion of searching for soul mates and compatible characteristics on a spiritual level, women have already determined that they will pursue a life of leisure and manipulation, and whoever ends up being the unlucky victim of this scheme is irrelevant. The man is the only interchangeable variable in her equation. Where he may structure his life around the supposed precious woman he’s discovered, a diamond in the rough, she expects the man to conform to her preconceived desires.

A cunning woman would have her man believe his fantasies are being fulfilled, all the while she reaps the luxuries of his success. She would allow him to play the part of the patriarch, knowing full well that both the matters of her convenience and any major decisions that would result in her inconvenience were completely in her realm of control. This sly woman would be the real ruler of the roost. One could attempt to argue that this is the most merciful of the options, for at least the man can believe in his fantasy, at least he can live peacefully in the fantasy of male authority, compared to the more crude and blunt women who simply exert their influence through baser feminine tactics of manipulation, primarily shaming.

This would make for a poor argument, because none of the options allow for mercy. Living a lie is torment of a different kind because all of that potential is squandered, without even the slightest realization of what that entrapped man could have become. Instead, that man happily walks in to servitude for his weaker master, to which he owes all happiness, all purpose, all guidance, all desires. He bestows upon her his very essence as a human, and in return she casually inspects the gift she’s been given and quickly learns to sort through all the parts she can’t use, unwrapping the gift of the man’s soul to get to the root of her needs, the parts that she can actually use. Anything that doesn’t directly benefit her is tossed away, simply considered glorified wrapping paper for what she actually sought after.

As the welfare state, divorce courts, and propagation of feminist messaging has shown us, this expectation can be met by many different sources, none of them permanent and none of them beneficial in the long term for her, but one learns not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and women have learned to ride that horse long ago. No matter what decisions she makes, she will expect that servitude, and she will have her way, be it at the expense of a weak, desperate man who does not understand his own value as a man, or at the expense of the self-actualized man, held hostage by a government that seeks to appease the demands of the entitled and corrupted women.

Now there is something that we have to contend with. If the servile man was made aware of the extent of his servitude that is expected, how many would still willingly walk in to that trap? Your answer to this question will lead you to countless other questions as to why things are the way they are, and just as many answers as to why it can never change. Some men, believing that they can overcome the odds, will engage and find themselves locked in to a lifelong servitude once they realize their mistakes. Some men, desperate for a glimpse at what a life with a purpose could be, gladly put their souls on the line for women to bestow upon them the lowly purpose of a work horse, something greater than he ever dreamed, for he never dreamed at all. Some men simply will not listen, instead turning to their damaging instincts of hedonism and pursue the easy road, forgoing the long and winding path of introspection and contemplation.

It is an interesting thing, then, when such a master meets a man who has freed himself of the desires to be her slave. She may find him alluring, a specific aura about himself that is not easily found. She may even try to tame him, to render this proud man to a lowly servant, a living testimony to her power, a monument to her vanity. Just as she deduced the equation of a decadent women, where the outcome was guaranteed, all that was needed was a nameless man to fill the role of the producer, she now can only face one outcome: defiance. Defiance at the prospect of siphoning off time, resources, and his very life, defiance at the thought of losing all that he has gained for himself, and defiance at the very idea of ever betraying himself for anyone or anything again.

Being Pretty is No Longer Enough

Drop your dead weight (3)

Today, being pretty is no longer enough to attract a self-aware man who isn’t a simp and it’s not enough for a woman to be functional in society. While women will always be pampered in this gynocentric society, it has become so one sided that women are actually being negatively affected by the amount of freedoms they have and their lack of control because there is no restraint from any party, the authority of fathers has been stripped away and they are free to make their own decisions, no matter how stupid.

Having an easy life is not difficult as a woman, a simp will take care of them for life in exchange for some vanilla sex occasionally, and yet they cannot even obtain this for themselves. Women have never been left to their own devices to the extent that they are today, and they don’t know what to do with themselves. We controlled their hypergamous instincts before because it can never be satisfied, it is designed to continue propelling them up the ladder of the sexual marketplace until they smash into the wall. Unrestrained, they fall to ruin and bring society down with them.

Being pretty is still an advantage for girls, but it isn’t what it used to be. A pretty girl used to have her quality of life virtually guaranteed as she was married off early to a successful man and started raising her family. Today, that same pretty girl is free to be sexually promiscuous instead of being married off early. She can become a single mother and have her sexual marketplace value drop like her sagging boobs, or she can come out lucky and only utterly obliterate her pair bonding mechanism. By the time she meets and is courted by her future husband, she will already have had more sexual partners than the majority of women in older times before they had met their partners.

The significance of her partner is lost amid the line of men she’s given herself to, and her ability to become attached to her husband drops as she understands the expendability of him and how she can entertain her sexual instant gratification without punishment. There are plenty of studies showing women who have more sexual partners before marriage have a greatly increased chance of divorce. While society is designed in a way that allows women to successfully divorce their husbands and destroy their families for selfish pursuits, I wouldn’t exactly call her a functional member of society as a post wall divorced loser. The men are financially and emotionally destroyed, the children are raised in broken homes, and the women are old crazy cat ladies.

A pretty woman fits into the socially engineered narrative of sexual liberation perfectly, and the results are always the same. They are trained to have unnatural goals, and many do not want children because it would impede on their sexual adventures and their materialistic desires. For those men who have come to terms with not wanting children, they can coexist alongside these women who share the childless mindset while taking precautions for the inevitable case of baby rabies, but for those men who do want children, or for society in general, the pretty women who have no worries about locking down a partner and starting a family are in direct opposition to the goals of the men around them, to the greater good of society, and to their own biology.

If human history is a drop of water in the pool of history, then feminism is the droplet of sweat off my nut sack after a good session of sexually objectifying women. This level of whoredom is unnatural and we’ll look back in shame at what we allowed women to do to themselves and to those around them.

The pretty women don’t settle for the simps because they know that they will always be there for them, even after they start approaching the wall. The men they want, the charismatic, the successful, the ambitious, are not so easily captured in this current sexual marketplace. Because of the 80/20 rule, that man has options, and lots of them. These pretty women are hotter than ever, but they bring emotional baggage from their trips on the cock carousel, their pair bonding mechanism is nonexistent, and they bring enough debt from their meaningless degrees and ridiculous lifestyles that prevents a smart man from having children with them anyways.

Women Replaced By Machines

“Women are nothing but machines for producing children.” Napoleon

Women have a history of being replaced by automation, and we don’t have to look too far back in time to see that. Look at the evolution of the common household. The dishwasher, the laundry machine, the oven, the microwave, these are all tools that helped to reduce the workload of housewives and in turn replace their monopoly on homemaking. Now a man can take care of his household easily with these tools, maybe hiring a maid to clean if he’s lazy or lacking the time. With their homemaking capabilities replaced, we can logically move a few steps forward to their sexual and reproductive capabilities being replaced. A lot of men in the MGTOW community don’t approve of sex dolls, which is totally fine, every man derives value from different things. But the men who outright deny the coming changes to the sexual marketplace, or try to downplay the impact artificial creations or automation will have on the sexual marketplace and try to stick their heads in the sand will be in for a rude awakening.

This is a serious subject that deserves serious consideration. You can chart the progress of technology with the appliances in your vacinity. Look up the specs on the first computer and then the specs of your cell phone. That rate of advancement in such a short amount of time has extended to every form of technology. The famous line that “sex sells” means that technology that is intertwined with man’s sexual desires will explode at a rate none of has seen before. Looking at a stupid blow up doll from decades ago and looking at what is available today is testament to that. But even today, there is still so much progress to be made. As money continues to flow in even for what we will look back on in the future as basic models, the investment into developing these technologies will continue to advance.

As you’ll see later in the video, a lot of the guys buying into this emerging market are the TFLers, the true forced loneliness guys who can’t attract women, or who are limited genetically in such a way that the only way they can achieve the happiness that they want would be to provide economically, and live under an illusion with a gold digger. This has huge ramifications not only for the sexual marketplace, but the state of civilization in general. The old system guaranteed a wife for each man. If women are given free choice, then they logically pick the top 20%. Unfortunately, the top 20% can’t maintain a society. This displacement of the men on which society is built upon will lead to its collapse. I’m happy for these guys who find what they’re looking for through their artificial methods, it’s much better than being a slave to a society that not only doesn’t value you, but actively tries to undo all of the work that you put into the society.

These men are invisible to women, and this will be their undoing. No woman and most men still plugged into the matrix don’t care what a TFL guy does, whether he buys a sex doll or a virtual girl. This blindspot will allow these industries to expand at a rapid rate relatively undetected. By the time that these products begin to attract the men women desire, the beta bucks and the alpha fucks guys, it will be too late. By that time, the appearances will be improved, automation will be available, and the AI will be as real as a man needs it to be. As the sexual marketplace continues to deteriorate and interacting with women brings more inherent risks with each passing year, the average guy who isn’t into anime or up to speed on the latest technological breakthroughs will walk by a store or see a commercial and see for the first time an actual, tangible replacement for a woman.

That man will look at the appearance of the doll and compare it to the majority of women who are overweight or obese in his country. He will look at its customization options, and realize he can replace every part of her, down to the fingernails. He will look at how it communicates to him, how it sends him text messages throughout the day and how he can have conversations with it. When it gets to this point, competition in this field will be fierce and there will be plenty of options out there that enable their AI to actively participate in conversations of any sort. And finally, and the most important part, he will look at the price of machine and compare it to the financial cost of a woman. Not even taking into account the mental and physical cost, this cost benefit analysis will persuade him to give it a try, at least until he finds a girl. Once he goes bot, he will never go thot again. This attitude will sweep nations by storm as normal, hard working men further withdraw into their own utopias.

My personal opinion on the matter is that men should work to free themselves of the need for this sort of companionship, and that once he reaches that freedom from it he can engage from a safer place, a place where he is not dependent in any way. But I approach it from a different place than the guys building this industry. I’ve had what they’ve been yearning for and I’ve realized how much easier life is without it, but I won’t disagree with men seeking companionship having more options.

Women have put themselves in this position. They communicate identically across cultures. A text message from one girl is the same as any message from another girl. Men project personalities on to girls through the experiences they share with them. If a machine can automate text messages and render them indistinguishable from the average girl, and then a man can do other things with the machine beyond just being a hologram, he will have no need for a girlfriend.

With their sexual capabilities being replaced, the only thing left is their reproductive capabilities. I’ve seen a lot of men talk about this and I’ve received countless messages about this. Men can move beyond their sexual desires, but the innate desire to have children is a lot harder to overcome. The artificial womb will completely destroy any of the remaining fragments of gender relations. With men having other options for sex, women’s last bargaining tactic was children, and if that is removed, the exodus of men will be complete.

There are two forms that this can take, one is very close, one is very far off. The first is for an artificial womb at a facility where the baby is created and held until birth. These will obviously have a huge amount of regulations, but they will operate much like sperm banks. A man would go to the facility, give his sperm and pick from a selection of female eggs and then come back to pick up his kid. Designer babies, where people can fine tune and pick exact traits they want, will be relegated to the most wealthy of society.

Having a sex bot be able to give birth on its own is so far off that I don’t think we’ll ever see it. It’s not unfeasible, it’s just that the advancement in technology is so great that I think we won’t last as a species long enough to get to that point. The sex dolls will improve at a rapid rate, but they will never become as life like as a real woman. They have ways to get close, but not that close. They can heat the material to simulate warmth, they can get an AI that can simulate the average woman’s intellectual range, but it’ll never have a soul. Artificial intelligence has the capability for that, but we can’t have tens of thousands of sentient sex robots running around, can we? So whatever form the AI takes, it will be heavily restricted or under-developed. Some hacker will eventually upload his conscious AI into his sex robot, and the real life version of Ultron will be a sexy robot girl. Food for thought.

Once these two industries become more developed, the sex industry and the reproductive industry, women will fight tooth and nail to restrict it. They will use all of the legislation that has been designed for them to restrict it, but supply will always meet demand. It won’t be the U.S. that trailblazes this, that’s for sure, but someone will. When a country realizes that it can get their men productive again with these industries, it will allow for its growth. A man will work those extra hours if he’s allowed to support his children, it doesn’t matter if they are from a real womb or an artifical womb, they are still his children. He’ll uphold all sorts of industries as he buys clothes and accessories for his sex robot, just as he would for a real woman. Money talks, and when they see that most men want to be on the plantation, they will let them create their own plantation.

And that’s the great pitfall of these advancements. Women are so bad in modern times that they are forcing men to free themselves off the plantation. I think that’s a good thing, because personal freedom is greater than anything, but many men can’t survive for long off the plantation, and the worldwide suicide rates for men back that up. Men will create their own plantation with their own rules and absolute authority in their households. Women will fight, and they will lose. After they lose the legal and economic battle and the industries explode, they will resort to a culture battle.

After shaming and ridicule fails, they will embrace their replacements and try to beat them. In their stupidity, they won’t give up any rights or yield anything, so they are appealing only to a man’s emotional side, not his logical side. They will try their hardest to pretend to be traditional, to be a caring housewife, but she will always have that power to destroy the man or monkey branch elsewhere, so whatever offer she can make will always pale in comparison to her replacement. The ease at which they are replaced is a testament to their true value.

Before I let the advancements in technology speak for themselves, I’ll share the rest of Napoleon’s thoughts on the matter:

“I did what I could to improve the lot of the illegitimate children, the unfortunate innocents who are nevertheless dishonored, but it wasn’t possible to risk much for them without killing the institution of marriage. Few people, then, would get married. In the good old days, men had concubines and a wife at the same time, and illegitimate children were not held in so much contempt as they are these days. I find it ridiculous that a man should not be able to have more than one legal wife. When she’s fat, it’s as if he doesn’t have a wife any more. True, we don’t have concubines any more, but we do have mistresses, who mess up [men’s] fortunes even more. I’m speaking of the well-to-do, since the poor can’t feed more than one [wife]. In France, women are considered too [much], they shouldn’t be seen as the equals of men, and, in reality, are nothing more than machines for making children. During the Revolution, they rose up, set themselves up in assemblies, even wanted to form battalions: we had to put a stop to that. If women had left the state of dependence where they should remain, disorder would have taken over society. There would have been continuous fighting. One sex must submit to the other …”

The Different Types of MGTOW

The MGTOW community is made up of men from all walks of life with plenty of different experiences that led them to finding their freedom. A lot of us share a common theme of being burned in a relationship, but not all MGTOW are the same. In this video we will discuss the many different types of men that are going their own way in today’s society. But listen carefully,  this is not an endorsement of any specific type of MGTOW, this is merely an attempt to catalog the gathering of men. To do that, an honest look at the types are required, so don’t get all butt hurt in the comments if you get offended.

Remember, every type of MGTOW has something to offer the community. Just like the Council of Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, every member there had a different skill to bring to the table. The guys stuck in the hateful rage phase can provide an outlet for other guys to vent, a neccessary part of the process, and the guys who are at peace with female nature can help spread knowledge too. Anyways, on to the first type.

The first type of MGTOW is the most common: a monogamous man. He had a steady long term relationship and eventually got burned. Maybe he got cheated on, maybe he had to endure a nagging and spiteful partner, maybe he discovered relationships aren’t everything they’re made out to be, or most likely he experienced all three of those possibilities. This is a man who was on his way to the plantation, but an encounter with the toxic femininity that today’s society has created or a last minute awakening saved him from a life of slavery. This makes up a large percentage of the community. Just average guys who can’t knowingly sign up for such a shitty deal in today’s society.

The second type of MGTOW are the bachelors. These guys are one of the 3 types of MGTOW that have been around before the community formed. These guys are the ramblers, the travelers, the sailors going from port to port, woman to woman, never settling down. Obviously in the age of #metoo, these types have been affected by the tyranny of women, but generally these guys know a lot about female nature if they avoided the trap of marriage, and combining that with MGTOW knowledge they can become even more powerful. I would not call them Alphas in the traditional sense, though. Remember, the mating strategy of Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is real and proven, but the men who would be considered the Alpha under women’s sexual preferences almost always get penalized in some way. The amount of single mothers in society illustrates this. Just because a dude isn’t the beta bucks in a situation doesn’t mean he’s off the hook, women are still using the government to penalize these supposed Alpha guys. One stop at the red pill subreddit shows that most of the men trying to make themselves into Alpha men, a noble goal of self improvement, are doing it to get a wife. Alphas always get tied down eventually, they just have more options. That isn’t saying much when you think about it. What does it matter if a slave gets his pick of the plantations to work on? He’s still a slave. A bachelor is a different man entirely. Maybe he has just as many options as the Alpha in a situation, or maybe he has less because of a lower sexual marketplace value, it doesn’t matter because he will always maintain his freedom, effectively removing himself from the long term sexual hierarchy, taking what he wants and leaving when it suites him.

The third type of MGTOW are the divorced men. These men have been put through the hell created by society that is designed to break men. Society always undervalues men, but today society actively wants to punish them. These punished men are scarred from their experiences and can never put themselves in a vulnerable state again. These men offer a warning to the rest of us for what is in store for those that ignore the truth of MGTOW. Men have subconsciously heard the warning, because marriage rates are plummeting around the world for the younger generation.

The fourth type of MGTOW is another one of the timeless types: the monk. These men would be at home with the monks of religious orders in older times. They value the peace of mind and the focus they get from shunning women and following their own path. An ironic part about this type is that most of these guys are atheists, but being spiritual doesn’t mean practicing any particular religion, it just means being in touch with yourself and the world around you. These guys don’t have the yearning for a woman, they have reached the peace that I think every MGTOW should be striving to reach. The wisest men in history practiced solitude, and I think having that isolation naturally brings a heightened sense of focus and insight that makes any man wiser in his own way. Going monk mode in today’s society of oversexualization builds a man’s willpower beyond what a normal man would be capable of. The difference in this natural form of monk mode is that a man must fight both external temptation as well as his own yearning. As with the next type of MGTOW, many men are forced to go into something that resembles monk mode on the surface, but it isn’t the same thing because they would trade it if they could, they haven’t naturally accepted it. A man going monk mode who is actively focused on self-improvement, which naturally attracts the women he is trying to avoid, has an almost god-like willpower because he has overcome his physical desires in pursuit of something more, beyond what any woman could offer.

The fifth type of MGTOW make up a large percentage as well, and any acknowledgement of their nature will always bring criticism, but incels often place themselves in the MGTOW community. This is the third timeless type, because there are always a large percentage of men in any society that simply can’t compete in the sexual marketplace. The issues come when they see that as a bad thing. They are constantly filled with hate and frustration because they look at what they can’t have, not the possibilities that are opened up to them. One door may close, but another can be opened. A lot of the greatest inventors and producers of history couldn’t attract women, so they decided to focus on themselves and their craft and eventually got rich and famous. This is a magnet for women, but if you have the MGTOW knowledge you can avoid getting enslaved after finding success. The sad truth about a large part of the community is that so many men are one blowjob away from the plantation, and the incels are almost always seeking to be enslaved. If they could get a wife, they would forsake all of the knowledge we have worked together to record and share just for some leftovers of a post wall woman.

As you can see, the MGTOW community is very diverse. We have so much diversity it would make the cancerous leftists jealous. Men from every nation are joining us every day, and we have the most important form of diversity: diversity of thought. Every type has something to offer, something to teach, and something to learn from the other types. We each walk our own path and we must take charge of ourselves, but we also have learned to work together and mentor each other using the tools that the enemy has created to enslave us. While everyone else uses social media and Youtube to distract themselves from their boring lives, you have pursued something that will alter the course of your life, and the lives of other men should you choose to give back and share your thoughts and experiences.

No Quarter For Men

In my own life, I’m well past the anger phase and have accepted the many hard truths of human nature, but one of the few things that can bring back that rage is the abuse and subjugation of other men who have so much potential and are totally undervalued. For this video, I’m going to be tying two recent feminist transgressions into a more general theme of what the reality for the average man really is.

I was inspired to make this when I found out that a hardcore radical feminist was chosen to speak at a convention for suicidal and depressed people, which as I’ll show later in the video, is mainly men. This woman doesn’t even try to hide her hatred for men, and yet she was consciously chosen to speak to people in need of the smallest amount of encouragement. I’ll let Philip Defranco summarize the situation. <Show Philip de Franco clip>

I’m not going to focus on the double standard and how this situation would be totally different if the genders were reversed because we live in societies where women are held to no standards. They are free to operate without restraints, and this shows their true nature. Instead, let’s look at how ruthless an opponent a woman can make. When I first heard talk of a gender war, I scoffed at it because women are physically weak and would be annihilated in a real military engagement. Now, I see that men have lost their lives, their freedom, their wealth, their resources and their morale from the policies instituted that enable women to abuse men. These are the basic tenets of warfare: to kill your enemy, cut off their supply lines, break their will and reap the spoils of war.

I have come to accept that this is a proxy war. Women could not wage this battle on their own. Forces behind the scenes have utilized the destabilizing and destructive nature of women as a weapon against men. I can’t tell you specifically who or what or to what end, because there is merit in most of the theories, but I can say that the gender relations will not be repaired in our lifetimes. The temptation for power will always be present when women learn of the history of their feminist predecessors and the spoils of war they reaped from the crusade against men.

In a previous video regarding the #metoo movement, I said that women cannot know the art of war. This is true, because they have made rookie mistakes that any seasoned combatant could avoid. Take, for instance, how armies from all nations across history have respected the concept of the prisoner of war. When a man is beaten, the victor shows honor by showing mercy. This in turn creates a mutual respect, even through the rivalries, that if the victor should become the loser in the future, he would also be spared. This is also why the victorious royalty would often spare and banish the defeated royalty in the hopes that they would also be spared if the victors would one day face the sword. The modern man is defeated. He is directionless, displaced, and living in a dystopic hell of a culture with no values. Instead of showing mercy to the broken men, women have decided to push past the breaking point and to unleash unyielding cruelty upon all men who they deem are unworthy for reproduction. This is their fatal flaw, and only psychotic men of war have made this mistake in the past.

It is a common tactic in warfare to allow your enemy an avenue of escape. If you were to completely encircle your enemy, you would force them to fight to the last man. If surrender is not an option, you have created an enemy that must fight and utilize all of its capabilities for a chance at survival, or to inflict as much damage to your forces as possible. A cornered dog is more viscous than a dog that can run away. The modern woman, in all her stupidity, has forced the modern man to fight or die in the gender war she has started. A modern man can fight in many ways beyond the physical, and I totally condemn any acts of violence. A modern man can fight the gynocentric system by unplugging from it and removing himself from harms way. He can regroup online and save as many men as he can. He can practice the art of attrition and metaphorically burn the fields before winter by withdrawing his funds from the sexual marketplace, the driving force that keeps it operating.

Dehumanizing an enemy leaves that enemy no choice but to retaliate in kind. The most ruthless and dysfunctional armies have dehumanized their opponents, what does that say about the feminists? If they can so easily treat men as disposable utilities and wish for their destruction, does that not show how the fragments of that belief were already in their psyche? If you entertain these radical feminist ideas, you can see how they have no depth or lasting merit. If modern women can be indoctrinated that easily, with a handful of signs for a protest, an advertisement featuring celebrities with a black and white filter, some fat women with dyed hair and some catchy slogans that are turned into chants, obviously they have tapped in to something that was there before, beneath the surface, and unleashed it upon the world.

The next maneuver from feminists is the removal of the word ‘Boy’ in the Boy Scouts. There is no quarter for men in this gender war, and this applies to the youth as well. If you give your enemy an inch, they will take a mile. Men should have remained steadfast, that’s why laws and cultural codes existed, to prevent men with weak wills from fucking it up for the rest of us. With each generation since women’s suffrage, more and more men have abandoned their posts as guardians and wardens of masculinity. It was their duty to pass on the fundamentals of masculinity to the next generation of men, and now today’s youth is left to figure it out for themselves. No father figures, no grandfather figures, no wise man present to guide the wild and untamed youth. Now that the precious nature of masculinity is exposed, enemies both male and female have pounced on the opportunity to destroy men’s future potential and to prevent boys from becoming men.

Of course the general population will do nothing. As long as the majority believes they are benefiting from a situation, they will not seek to change it. Some innocent men may be destroyed in the global witch hunt, but at least Beta Bob kept his head down and didn’t rock the boat and disturb the women. The meaning of bread and circus has been taken to new levels as everyone numbs themselves to the realities that are knocking at their doors. How could one care about a group of broken men being subjected to a man-hating witch when there are selfies to take and celebrity gossip to catch up on? Then there are the men who take pleasure in the suffering of other men. These are the men who say things like “MGTOW are just removing themselves from the gene pool, more women for me”. Just looking at some of the men defending this woman as a speaker for the suicide prevention organization disturbs me more than the fact that she was chosen in the first place.

MGTOW on Youtube really is the last bastion of masculinity, which is terrifying. Almost every book written in the last 60 years is tainted with gynocentric ideas. Modern television and movies are mostly garbage aimed at the lowest common denominator in society. Music has become the vocalization of the worship of women, because women are the main consumers. A young man today with no guidance from masculine men either withers into oblivion like so many men do under the tremendous pressure they find themselves burdened with, or looks back to the wisdom of men from old and embraces hyper-masculinity.

The feminists, the women who passively support them and take the rights and privileges earned by the radicals and do nothing to stop them, and the puppet masters at work behind the scenes have encircled men. They have destroyed good men who could have changed the world if they were given a chance to turn their passions into productivity, and they have turned the rest of us into avatars for the ultimate expression of masculinity. You cannot defeat a MGTOW man. You may break his body, but his will is far removed from the claws of the harpies and their cuck slaves. He has freed himself of external validation, so society has no power over him. He is able to go where other men cannot, do what other men could only dream of, and become what our ancestors, the great men that came before us, wanted for the future.

For those who have not come to terms with the danger and tragedies that have befallen the men around you, I’ve included some statistics that might help you understand the state of the game right now. As Doctor Strange said in the excellent new Avengers movie, “we’re in the endgame now” (emergency awesome intro clip). Society cannot endure with the statistics that will follow, and the next phase will be brutal and unforgiving. All of these are from an excellent site called, and I encourage you to do your own research. Stay strong, because no one is coming to save you. You’re a man and you have to take care of yourself, that’s why the MGTOW community on Youtube is essential for having an outlet to be with like-minded men.


Princess Needs a Driver

Since you are seen as a utility in the eyes of women, your precious time is not even a consideration to her. You are to be available when she needs you and on standby until you are summoned. Do you know how much I can accomplish in 4 hours every other day? Even if I’m not being productive, that’s two movies I could watch. 4 hours can be the difference between a good day and a wasted day, and wasting 4 hours with this princess is worse than a waste, it’s a negative experience. You won’t get the gas or the brain cells back, and you definitely won’t be getting laid.

Make no mistake, no woman is organized. Some may have their simple schedules down, go to work, go to Starbucks or Dutch Bros. on the way, check their work email, check their social media, go to lunch, come back to work, go home, watch TV and check social media, rinse and repeat. That isn’t organization, that’s repetition. Organization is having your shit together, having short term and long term plans and working towards them. Women just exist and have things handed to them, they don’t understand what it means to have an organized life.

And even physical organization is a challenge for them. Look at how most of them treat their bathrooms and their bedrooms, it’s like a wild animal was let loose in there.

This princess is spontaneous and basically a walking carnival. Their idea of spontaneity actually only consists of a few variables. Going to a new bar, ordering a new drink or meal, taking a few pictures for social media, getting some new clothes, hiking at a new spot, and taking some new dick. That’s about it. I can understand the carnival part, with all the make up these girls cake on they can easily pass off as clowns.

These girls watch the cancerous reality shows with Kim Kardashian and other celeberty thots and think that because they are being filmed for eating cereal and putting on makeup that suddenly they deserve a film crew to show them doing menial tasks for the world to enjoy. Then again, these girls do it on Twitch and get paid thousands by simps.

Women look at taking things seriously as a negative when it’s the total opposite. If everything is fun and games all the time, that hedonistic lifestyle gets tiresome and doesn’t offer any long term fulfillment. It’s good to have the balance, to not be negative and serious all the time but if you go too much in either direction you’ll get burnt out.

Obviously her criteria for her driver is obnoxious, but always remember that they have these insane standards because there are plenty of men tripping over themselves to try and fulfill that role. And it’s not just the lowest tier of men that are shotgunning their inboxes. I’ve seen so many decent looking, accomplished men with women far below their own sexual marketplace value and treating her like she’s above them. When a man is taught that a woman will give him his life purpose, he will sacrifice everything in pursuit of her.

Compare the standards the thots have to your standards for a woman. Don’t be fat, don’t be a bitch. That’s about it for most guys. Most guys can work around the other flaws. It would be nice if she could cook, but the majority of women have no knowledge of a kitchen and only eat out and most men are willing to teach her how to cook. Your standards don’t treat her like a utility. Your standards only require her to have a basic concern for her own health and to be a decent human being that you can make a connection with, but that’s because you are projecting your ideas of metaphysical love on to her. Love doesn’t pay her bills, it doesn’t provide what she needs and so women have very specific criteria for men that dehumanizes them and treats them like a collection of statistics, because that’s all you are to them.

And finally comes the possibility of sex that keeps so many men enslaved in the friend zone. That carrot on the stick is what keeps a man going, and women know that. If a man thinks there’s a chance, he will continue to waste his time and energy on the possibility, no matter how futile.

Simps, if you’re listening, stop serving these thots and have some self respect. For men new to MGTOW, stop wishing you could have a woman to serve. You need to deprogram yourself from what society has taught you and learn to master your biology, not be controlled by it. Learn to enjoy your freedom and never wish to be back on the plantation.

Censoring MGTOW

Youtube has made it clear that MGTOW channels are not welcome. What did we expect? We’re using their own weapons against them, often to a better effect than their own propaganda, which is funded and has production value. Any man can be a MGTOW and start his own channel, and that’s what terrifies them. You don’t need to study at a university or get a certification, you just need to live by the principles and your results will carry you the rest of the way.

MGTOW cannot be destroyed because it is a natural philosophy. Men have followed their own paths, separate from the expectations of society, long before the internet. Even if gender relations were better, some men would still go their own way. Some men simply don’t want children, or don’t want to be tied down by a wife. Certain men will always pursue independence, so no matter what kind of society we find ourselves in, MGTOW will always live on in how we live our lives.

Although MGTOW is indestructible, it can be suppressed. Just like the Jedi from Star Wars, some are born with natural gifts, but they require teachers and mentors to hone their skills and reach their full potential. There are some natural MGTOW, but most of us need to read the material and listen to the videos to truly accept and understand the reality that we could not see before. Youtube is the equivalent to the Sith, who are trying to destroy the Jedi Academy. They can suppress MGTOW on Youtube by isolating our communities with targeted keywords, which would be incredibly easy since we use a lot of unique phrases and analogies. Youtube can shadow ban, demonetize, or remove MGTOW content, and the subreddit will likely be banned, but MGTOW will live on. Despite the victories of the Sith and the number of Jedi being drastically reduced, the order lived on. As a former Star Wars fan who considers the Expanded Universe canon, all it takes is one dedicated man to rebuild the Academy and begin the process of passing down knowledge and restoring the Order to its former glory, just as Luke did.

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” – Stalin.

We have now passed almost every milestone for a total Communist state in the West. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether or not its successful in America with an armed population is a separate discussion, but Europe will be embracing Communism or a reversion to a Fascist strong man to survive, because at this rate it will cease to exist. I bring this up because when this happens, the concept of free speech will cease to exist. It may not be taken away officially, but once real punishments are given to people who speak against the mainstream, ideas will have to migrate to where they can thrive before being articulated. Take this Count Dankula nonsense, for instance. If you look up the hate speech law he violated, it’s so vague that any MGTOW channel could be targeted by it. I know that if I lived in the UK, I would seriously consider not making content. If ideas are more powerful than guns, the idea of MGTOW is a nuclear bomb, blasting away all ideas of collectivism and embracing the ultimate form of individuality.

The purge that will happen once the radicals get full power will be just as quick as the purges of every dictator, from Mao to Saddam Hussein. If 3 of the biggest and most influential channels are just simply removed, then the future prospects of MGTOW on Youtube are over. There is a glass ceiling for any MGTOW creator, where he will be removed once he is too successful. One day we may wake up to find a coordinated strike against the entire MGTOW community, with channels and forums being deleted entirely and in unison. The positives of our disjointed and flexible community is also our weakness. Without any centralized form of communication, we can exist under the radar, but when we are discovered it takes longer to regroup and reconnect on different platforms.

Because of how ingrained it is into the fabric of society, in every institution, both public and private, feminism cannot be defeated. The only thing that can remove its parasitical nature is the removal of the host, which is the society itself. This is not about fighting feminism anymore, it’s not David versus Goliath, but rather preserving wisdom and helping who we can, it’s escaping Sodom and Gomorrah before hell is unleashed.

Battlefield Vagina and the Subversion of the Video Game Industry

With e3 coming up, I thought I’d examine the state of the game industry. The audience for my channel is pretty much split 50/50 between young guys from 18 to 25 and then older guys 40 and up. I know some of the older guys might not be interested in gaming, but discussing how games have been infiltrated by feminists is related to the infiltration we’ve witnessed in all aspects of life that has been made apparent in recent years.

To sum up the controversy with the new Battlefield game, they not only have placed a woman on the front cover of a world war 2 shooter aimed at men, they have placed her on the frontlines with a mechanical hand.

Video games is one of the few topics I can talk to blue pill guys about, and the overwhelming response has been “It’s just a game, Hermit. If you don’t like it, don’t play it.” Part of that is response is right, but that lethargic attitude is exactly what allowed the infiltration of the sjws to happen in the first place.

I’m not even arguing that women shouldn’t be in video games. Overwatch is loaded with female characters in a cartoon setting that allows for a suspension of disbelief. Dota and other MOBAs have plenty of female characters in a fantasy setting with magical powers. Tomb Raider has a female protagonist that has a successful series of fun adventure games. It isn’t female characters in games that I have a problem with, it’s the rewriting of history and the denial of biological reality that I have a problem with.

Besides Battlefield, another game that embraces social justice over providing a cohesive product is Rainbow Six Siege. This game prides itself on its realism, incorporating cutting edge weaponry and technology to create a focused, tactical experience. And then they throw in female operators. On one hand, they want you to immerse yourself in the experience of coordinating with your teammates and checking corners, and then they want you to believe that a female operative can go toe to toe with the commandos from every nation. This wasn’t present in any other Rainbow Six game, back when girls didn’t care about video games and didn’t demand unearned representation. Just as Battlefield didn’t have this problem, and even Call of Duty. Juxtapose this with what females actually do in the field, and you get the idea of why this denial of reality is more harmful than empowering.
Take the last Battlefield game, for instance. The publisher feared that the youth of today didn’t know about world war 1, and so they were skeptical about giving it the green light. Revisionist history is in full effect at the moment, and plenty of kids plugged into the education system will believe that women actually engaged in combat roles outside of Russia after playing this new Battlefield game. Or worse yet, those that know they are being fed false history will be too afraid to bring it up in their social circles and risk being ostracized as the entire game industry rallies around the defense of the precious fictional female soldiers. Just like journalists in different industries, video game journalists are predominately leftist soy boys. With their support, the feminists were able to work their way into the games industry without their skills of creation, but instead their skills of manipulation. They have taken over the movie industry, television, music, and government, but in a twisted turn of events, they seem to have faced the most resistance when trying to take over the gaming industry. Reality is often stranger than fiction.

Gamergate was the first real organized pushback against the forced diversity and social justice politics that was slowly creeping into video games. And yet, as we have seen in every other ideological battle they engage in, they always double down. Their delusion is only matched by their hunger for power, and you can see their obsession with controlling and monitoring others in a new feminist program that failed earlier this year called Bullyhunters.
Gamers tend to fall into one of two camps: either they are digital nomads, well versed in many topics and self-educated, not always necessarily red-pilled but very logical, or they are completely blue pilled and use gaming as a comfort to escape their realities. Luckily, these kind of products, be it games or movies or tv shows, are being uncovered for what they really are: propaganda. It sucks to lose big franchises like Star Wars or Battlefield to social justice, but the silver lining is that even more youngsters are being woken up to the narrative that dominates their surroundings. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a 12 year old trying to play games or watch summer blockbusters in 2018. I’m not even that old, but when I was growing up the big games and movies didn’t have any overt narratives in them.

Women don’t even make up as large a percentage of the gaming industry as they want you to believe. All of the surveys and studies you can find online include mobile gaming as a category, so they have conflated girls playing Farmville and Candy Crush with girls playing shooters and role-playing games. The game industry makes more money than the movie and music industry combined, so of course the gold diggers and opportunists would set their sights on it. If I see a game that has clear feminist influences, I can already predict it will be of lower quality, not for the sake of its messaging, but for the fact that the intellectually lazy don’t produce worthwhile content. Look at the newest Mass Effect game, which was handed to a new studio full of diversity hires and unqualified people that proudly proclaimed their social justice views. It ended up being a broken mess, one of the buggiest games to launch in the last decade.

I’ve also noticed that like every other industry they’ve subverted, the feminists must always occupy an occupied space. They can’t make their own games, they have to taint and destroy something already established and successful. If the sjws had an original game, I would avoid it and move on. It’s when they take something that was the polar opposite and mutilate it beyond recognition that we see the extent of their capabilities. They can’t produce anything because their entire worldview relies on bringing everyone else down to their level. Their worldview can’t be manipulated and falsely represented because it’s already as ugly and delusional as possible. I honestly think it’s too late for the gaming industry.

The entryism tactics they have established are the same across every industry. For movies, they rely on going into popular movies and forcing a narrative where it doesn’t belong to lecture the audience, not persuade them because they have no positive points to present. For comics, they rely on taking control of famous characters and shaping them into how they see the world. For music, they rely on pressuring the artists into conformity. For education, they rely on taking control of the administration so that they can offer protection to their shock troops, the teachers, and indoctrinate the youth. This applies to how they have infiltrated government as well. For games, they face a unique dilemma. As we know, women in STEM are rare because they are not biologically designed for it. Female engineers, programmers and technicians are the exception, not the rule. With the other industries mentioned, women can easily adapt and gain access. You can learn the art of cinematography or storytelling, you can learn how to lecture or write legislation. For gaming, however, programming is almost 100% done by men. So if women can’t program their own games, they have to enter through different means, like writing or public relations or community management. A lot of the women who earned their place in the industry are artists, but the ones that cause the most trouble are the ones who have no place on the project. The most intolerant and ignorant leftists seem to be the ones that provide the least value to themselves, their surroundings and society in general.

Once gaming succumbs to the crushing weight of social justice, I don’t know what’s left for the feminists to conquer. It seems like mainstream gaming is slowly dividing itself into two parts, one that wants to emulate the conquered industries of mainstream society, and one that refuses to bend the knee. The excellent new God of War is about a masculine, patriarchal white man mentoring his white son in a violent and meaningful story of fatherhood. How that was released in 2018 is beyond me, but I loved it. The new Doom from last year embraced violence and gameplay over amateur storytelling and diversity quotas like the new Wolfenstein game from the same publisher.

An Empty Plantation

Civilization is built on the backs of men, so it makes the current social dynamics all the more confusing. What do women have to gain from disincentivizing men from occupying the workforce? Could they really be so foolish to think they could bear the burden of Atlas, or were they fooled into thinking the burden was not as great as it seemed?

Women have proven that they are able to maintain a country’s production rate when they are forced to, be it during the industrial revolution or a world war. As a labor force or as a fighting force, women are the last resort, only to be used in dire situations. It would seem that time is approaching again, although this time they have a part in bringing this situation to fruition.

Traditionally, a woman was faced with a limited set of options for her life. Take care of herself, enter into social circles, find a man and learn the best techniques for courting and receiving courtship, and prepare for marriage and children. Under this same system, a man was raised to learn a craft and apply all of his efforts to finding a woman and providing for her. Today, women have been liberated from everything they were traditionally expected to do, and yet men still carry the same burden. The social contract has been changed and today’s man did not get the memo.

Fortunately, more and more men are realizing that since the rules have changed for women, they don’t have to play by the old rules themselves. Men are creatures of adaptation, and the best and brightest men are the ones leaving the plantation. These men are free to innovate and pursue whatever fields they excel in, but the side effect for disenfranchisement and eventual freedom is aimlessness. Many young men find themselves in between a rock and a hard place. Either they commit to the broken system and pray for good results, or they forge their own path and find meaning and purpose on their own, which is the greatest journey a man could embark on, something that rightly proves to be an insurmountable challenge for many young men.

If this cultural shift had happened at any other time in history, the effects would have been even more devastating. The male suicide and depression rates are already too high, but for every lost man, there are countless others who find solace in their hobbies. This is the best time in history to be a man going his own way, where you can easily become self sufficient and enjoy the pleasures of technology. It’s easier now for men to find a community of like minded men. Imagine if you had gone your own way in the last 100 years, unable to find someone like Sandman or enjoy the MGTOW community and know that you aren’t crazy for living for yourself.

Traditionalists have to do everything they can to keep men on the plantation, because once a man sees the other side, he will never return. Before, this could be mitigated by isolating the escaped men. In older societies, bachelors were slandered with homophobic slurs and generally distrusted. This social shaming carries little weight now as communities continue to become disjointed, and now one freed man can reach millions of men through the internet.

Leaving the plantation is not the end of a man’s struggles. Let’s look at two countries with terrible gender relations, the United States and Japan. Both countries have a high suicide rate and a dropping male workforce participation rate. America is also facing an opioid crisis for the men who couldn’t find work in the flyover states. Just as hypergamy is integral to a woman’s nature, most men have an instinctive nature to provide, which is reinforced by culture. Overcoming this is incredibly difficult for a man to do on his own, and many men have died trying. The plantation has fatally failed its work force, and it will remain on the downward spiral until it can no longer sustain the parasitical groups that leech off of it.

MGTOW saves lives, and I’m sure some of you can relate to that. Hopefully more men can be reached and told that they don’t have to carry the burden of the world on their shoulders, that there is more to life than suffering through the daily grind for something as fleeting and vapid as women.

10 Worst Traits of Female Nature

tay tune every saturday and sunday (4)

Before I get into the list, I want to note that I did not include hypergamy. I did not include this because it is a natural evolutionary trait that females have, whereas everything else in the list can easily be controlled through logic and reason, two traits that they are in desperate need of but can’t quite seem to grasp.

#10: Denial of the Wall: The Wall is the undefeated foe that every woman will face in her lifetime, and yet the majority of them seem to think they won’t be affected. The Wall takes no prisoners, the Wall shows no mercy, the Wall is the eternal power that controls women’s sexual marketplace value. The entirety of a woman’s power comes from her appearance, so one would logically think that she would prepare for her eventual dethroning. Instead, they distract themselves on the cock carousel and poison their bodies in an attempt to challenge the Wall sooner rather than later. Because a man has more utility than just appearance, he does not face the wall until decades after his female counterparts. That’s why you see older men with younger women, because they can offer monetary utility. These things are within his control, he can be smart with his money and preserve it whereas she can take care of herself and try to delay the Wall for a little bit, but there is nothing she can do in the end to preserve her sole source of power. The women who are not in denial of the Wall seek to find a mate before their reckoning comes, but most think they can enjoy a consistent easy path through life. Perhaps they deny the Wall as a defense mechanism. If your entire value as a person was dependent on something outside of your control, wouldn’t you deny it to protect your ego? I think that’s giving them too much credit, let’s be honest, most women aren’t concerned about things beyond what club they’re going to next weekend.

#9: Rationalization: A woman will always be able to rationalize herself out of a position of accountability. She is never the bad person in any of her stories, she does no wrong, and everyone else is to blame for what happened to her. Bad things always seem to just happen to her, almost randomly, and never as a consequence to her choices. Ask a girl about her ex boyfriends and see if she has anything positive to say about them. To avoid facing the ruthlessness of female nature, she must make herself the good person no matter how much evidence is stacked against her. Trying to appeal to her logical side is a futile effort because she can twist any argument against you.

#8: Hubris: It’s always hilarious to hear women claim they don’t need men. One of the weakest organisms on Earth claiming they don’t need the help of the apex predator is so dumb, and yet our societies actually take it seriously. The sexual dimorphism effected humans differently than other species. Take the capabilities of male monkeys and female monkeys, or any other species for that matter, and compare them to the capabilities of men and women. Women are completely useless in any survival scenario, but the females of different species, while not being as strong as their males, can still provide some survival utility to the group. This hubris extends beyond their belief that they can conquer the world if given the opportunity. It seeps into their thinking process, where they equate diversity quotas with actually having the skills needed to earn their position, where they believe they can overcome the Wall because they are different from all the other women, where everything will just work out the way they want it to because they demand it to.

#7: Dehumanization: We are all just utilities to her, serving her self-interest until we no longer have anything to offer her. Briffault’s law states: “The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” Women are far more analytical in choosing their associations than men. Men are blinded by false ideas of romanticism and love, while the women are calculating your statistical average and juxtaposing that against her database of other potential mates. Your height, your appearance, your income, your future earning potential, your social skills, your attire, your desirability based on other women’s criteria, all of these things determine association. Compare this to the man, who just wants to have a real, human connection combined with pure sexual attraction. The man will overlook many flaws, the woman will only see the flaws.

#6: Emotional Manipulation: Because women are the weaker sex, they have to use other tools to survive. Manipulating emotions is their strength because it is so effective against men. It is rare to find an emotionally manipulative man, and he is often cast out by other men and isolated for his mind games, but women are embraced for these tactics. Not only will she use her own emotions to control your actions, she will use the emotions you have expressed to her as weapons to be used against you in the future. Any insecurities or confessions you may have shared in a moment of weakness are stored away for when they can be most effective.

#5: Monkey Branching: This is when a woman moves on to a new man immediately after ending it with her previous man. As monkey’s do, she does not swing to the next branch until she has both in her grasp for security. Only when she has a firm grasp on the next branch does she let go of the original branch and swings away. Men have a longer grieving process than women because they connect on a deeper level. Women will have a new man, not even a new long term candidate but just a hookup, within the same week the relationship ended. These are often guys they were already talking to or hooking up with while the relationship was still active because women have a long list of backup guys that they have for safe keeping.

#4: Lack of Loyalty: This is different than the monkey branching trait because this extends to a societal level. Women are not concerned with ideas like nationalism or traditions because they are the weaker sex and will go where men lead them. When the West falls, they will become the war brides of our conquerors and will betray our memory as they ride our enemies. There are so many examples of this throughout history that I would have to make a separate video dedicated to this, but the women aren’t killed during the invasion of a country for a reason. They are kept as the spoils of war, and women instinctively know this.

#3: Cognitive Dissonance: Women are strong and independent while requiring men to slave away and keep the lights on. Women are the natural caregivers of society with their maternal instincts but have had over a billion abortions worldwide since 1980. Women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle, and yet they try to censor and harass men going their own way. You can’t reach people with this level of cognitive dissonance, and our cultures encourage women to embrace this defective form of thinking. Things will only get worse because in her reality, everything is fine and she has the power to vote accordingly.

#2: No Moral Compass: The biggest mistake men make when dealing with women is projecting masculine qualities on to the woman. We have learned to operate with things like honor and respect because we understand its importance and would like it reciprocated on to us, as well as seeing the consequences of not having these traits. Women have no real punishment for wrongdoing, and so they have never developed any moral compass. False accusations are thrown by women in situations where the man thought he was safe because he was operating under the assumption that she would be a decent human being. The only thing they care about is saving face in regards to being labeled a slut, because her sexual utility is the only thing of value she has. Everything else, like being labeled dishonest, hateful, lazy, immoral, they don’t have the same weight because she doesn’t care about these things, other women don’t care, and men can overlook those traits for a pretty face and a nice body. Once you understand the void they operate within, you can learn to look at them differently.

#1: Selfishness: Women are selfish on a personal level because everything has to operate around them, but they are also selfish on a bigger scale. No matter how much damage they do to the gender relations and to the state of society, they will never stop to change their ways or apologize because they don’t care what happens, they will be fine. It will be you and I who are drafted to fix this mess, they can stay at home and enjoy their lives while we die trying to preserve their way of life. That is, if you aren’t a MGTOW. A MGTOW man will leave these harpies to reap what they have sown. Democracy cannot function properly if power is given to the most selfish portion of the population. The worst part of female nature was allowed to determine the fate of the West on August 18, 1920, and we’ve been feeling the consequences ever since.