Women are Born, Men are Made

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Men place value on to women for uncontrollable traits: their boobs, their asses, a pretty face. The only thing women have to do is not eat an unnatural amount of food, and even then that seems to be a challenge for most women. In turn, men must create their value from nothing.

Some men have some genetic advantages, but they still must sharpen their skills. I know plenty of tall, muscular guys who are totally socially inept and get passed over for guys that don’t have those advantages. Anything you didn’t build yourself is not a trait you can rely on.

To understand the concept that women are born and men are made, look to older forms of mentorship that young men and women had in traditional societies. Girls don’t need mentorship to become women, their hypergamous instincts will guide them. All of their essential traits come with the passing of time, they just have to sit back and have it handed to them, like everything else. Young men, on the other hand, received mentorship from the father and the grandfather, they were taught skills and imprinted with the ideas of responsibility and provisioning skills.

Contrast that with today’s society. Women without mentors still can do their basic functions, they are just choosing not to because they have the option available. Women will always become fertile with time, they are now deciding to pollute their bodies and ravage their internal organs every weekend. Men without mentors, however, has been incredibly destructive. Men without mentorship often flounder and fail. Failure becomes their only mentor. Failure is the greatest teacher, but it can’t be the only teacher. With no sense of guidance or encouragement or purpose, today’s man is a socially anxious, validation seeking and emotionally, mentally and physically stunted mess. Those that find the path to MGTOW are on the right track to overcoming this meager existence, to becoming strong in mind and will and body, but no matter how big MGTOW gets, it will always be the minority. Too many men look to women to make them into the men they want to be because they were never taught that men must make themselves.

Since men must be made, they can choose their destiny. A woman may have the easy road of naturally becoming what she is, but the drawback is that she has no choice in the matter. A man shaping himself can choose to be anything, to dedicate himself to anything, to strive for anything. Society has always and will always step in to remove this burden of choice from men for its own benefit. Make no mistake, this great choice is a burden. It would be a hell of a lot easier to just enslave myself to a woman and have her tell me what to do, or to listen to the crowd and the mainstream ideas of what a man should be and just follow that blindly. Instead, I choose to forge my own path and do what I want, but that requires conscious thinking and decision making. It also brings the accountability of the mistakes if I choose the wrong path, but I would take that burden over the enslavement that is waiting for the rest of the men around me.

Your mind must be made to withstand the constant attempts to hijack it and corrupt it with toxic thoughts. A woman’s mind is biologically incapable of attaining the heights of a man’s mind. I’ll expand on this in a future video, but this is not accounting for intelligence. The ability for self-reflection is absent in women for a reason. Wisdom comes from the building of the mind. It is built with the bricks of experience and the mortar of failure. It is maintained with vigilance and the observations of those without that wisdom.

Your body does not morph into its correct form like a woman’s does. You must build it, make it into the form that allows you to be happy with yourself, proud every morning and content every night. Shape it into the vessel that will allow you to expand your mind and will for longer with the benefits of being healthy.

Your will is under attack from all angles every day. Everything and everyone wants to distract you from your path and take your precious time, to drain your precious willpower. All of these aspects of masculinity must be made. Women don’t go through the same trials we do because we don’t need them to go through these trials. We need them for nature’s gifts, nothing more. They weren’t made to lift stone and build civilization and think about the universe, but we can make ourselves able to do those feats of strength.

The dissolution of this mentorship that is so integral to the forming of masculinity is one of the most sinister things of feminism and those parties that support it. I had to learn these things on my own and with the help of other men who have freed themselves from their dying societies. The path to this point so far was difficult, and it could have been a lot easier if a mentor just shared these things, but the silver lining is that now I am even stronger because I had to do it the hard way.

The internet allows us to mentor each other, but the drawback is that there is no real life community that can check your progress and make sure you’re integrating the wisdom and lessons into your life. That is entirely up to you. The great comments and videos in the MGTOW community are only half of what they can actually be. The other half relies on you actually taking it into account and actualizing on it in your own life, taking the words and making it a reality. If you can do that, you have more mentorship available than any man in history, more raw power at your fingertips than anyone could know what to do with.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make yourself into the man you want to be. Mentors can guide you, but you must take that last step and fulfill your destiny. A woman can have her destiny handed to her on a silver platter, but that is no destiny I would ever want. I enjoy building my reality every day and knowing that all the progress I’ve made was earned, not given.

Hypergamous Hypocrisy: Why #metoo Will Harm Women More Than Men

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One of the first women who kickstarted the #metoo movement, Asia Argento, was accused of sexual assault. This should come as no surprise, so instead of focusing on the details of this specific case because there will be more to come, I’m going to expand on it in a general sense.

This is a big blow against #metoo, but #metoo won’t end. Anything that women want supported will be supported until the end of time. The only thing that can really do damage against it is women themselves. The hypocrisy and insanity of the women pushing it will damage it, and the women who can recognize the damage it’s doing can protest it.

And that has been the most amusing thing to watch as this movement has unfolded. A lot of women have voiced their concern and disagreement with #metoo because they recognize that it is affecting their personal lives. Women’s reasoning skills keep them locked into an idealistic perspective. Their ideas of grandeur and a gender revolution blinded them to the practical realities that will impact them in their day to day lives. To them, it felt good to punish the men who aren’t sexually attractive but still manipulated women’s hypergamous instincts with money. It felt good to have a sense of unity with other women, to have an active part in growing something that should be regarded as nothing more than an internet mob, but corporations started responding and they saw power in their activism.

To them, this was great until men started thinking for themselves and started avoiding women in the workplace and became even more hesitant to approach them outside of work than they already were before #metoo. Once women realized their attempts to trap a beta bucks would become more difficult, they started to protest and push back, though in a very tame way. Attitudes like “maybe we should use the system of due process” aren’t exactly revolutionary ideas, but they were treated as such because any woman that spoke out against #metoo was championed because the overwhelming majority, as they always are, are silent and allow the most vocal women to make the change for the rest of them.

Make no mistake, although women are associating themselves with the feminist label less with each passing year, they still believe and advocate for everything the feminists do. They have merely made the association that all of the proud and loud feminists are also the ugliest women who men avoid with disdain. No woman, who is entirely reliant on her appearance to attract mates, wants to be associated with the type of woman that would have been ostracized from all communities a century ago.

#metoo has redpilled men who were otherwise oblivious to female nature. By men actively avoiding women in the workplace, they are acknowledging, consciously or not, that some women cannot be held at their word and that they are prone to misrepresent and slander to spite a man or to steal his money. All it takes is one experience to send a man down the rabbit hole that will eventually lead him to MGTOW.
Here is the opening of a New York Times article published today about her accusation of sexual assault:
nytimes clip
Now for the average blue pill guy, that is not an obvious fact. That goes against everything he was taught. His line of thinking depends on women being virtuous angels capable of doing no wrong and always being right.

The social media that women and their cuck slaves used to promote and push #metoo will be the same tools that will bite them in their cellulite-ridden asses. Men are inquisitive creatures. They desire to learn and to understand the why of things. More men will continue to search the internet for questions like “why do women cheat” or “can women lie about sexual assault” and since topics like these are so widely covered in our community and elsewhere, it’s only a matter of time before they start to realize how influential communication with other men can be.

Think of how hard feminists worked to pollute and destroy every male space. If you have men isolated from their wives and girlfriends, they can finally start to think freely and talk openly, at least in that space. For their takeover to be complete, it was imperative that the harpies clamped down on those last bastions of masculinity.

It is often said that #metoo is the greatest promoter of MGTOW, and that is absolutely true. When masculinity is assaulted, you’ve seen men try to conform to the new ideas of what masculinity should be, to try and assimilate themselves into their surroundings to fit in and to try and appease women. When natural sexual flirtations are attacked, and sexuality in men is shamed and now punished through the law and the power corporations have today, men literally have no other recourse and no need to interact with women.

People respond to fear more than they do to compassion. Women have created a system where men must fear them, and in doing so, have destroyed the ability for men to love them. I’ll sample a chapter from “The Prince”, where Machiavelli talks about this.

prince 1prince 2prince 3

Women depend on the love of men. Without it, they will suffer in every regard: mentally, emotionally and physically. Without the love of men, the protective instinct, women are easily manipulated by politicians just using them for votes, without any care for the consequences of the policies that they are enforcing that will do lasting damage to the gender relations. Women’s happiness rates are at an all-time low, and the mental illness rates are increasing and breaking records every year. The STD rates continue to climb, the fertility rates continue to drop worldwide, and women move away from their natural place every day. The end game, when western civilization becomes so weak that it is primed for an invasion, will leave women defenseless.

When the Muslim population becomes a large enough voting block in Europe that it can control the legislation, men won’t rise up to defend the women who betrayed them. Women are the first to turn on their men and the first to feel the consequences in their lives. Radicalized women were on the frontlines in the early days of Communist China, and they in turn suffered under the one child policy. All of the women who supported the policies in Venezuela that have now left them to prostitute themselves and their daughters surely regret their decisions.

It is up to men to put women in their place, to protect them from themselves, but they have created a society of fear, where doing so would utterly destroy a man so as to make an example out of him for the rest who would dare take action. This attitude has compounded over the years to the point where there is no action we as men can take but to leave the sinking ship and fill the life boats with anyone who wants to climb in. Enjoy your wine and cats, ladies.