She Denies the Wall

Drop your dead weight (2)
At a foundational level, a woman derives her entire utility from her sex appeal. She can create other utilities for herself, like being a wife or a mother, but these are not given to her by default unless it’s an arranged marriage. That’s why men stay with their women long after the wall has smashed them to pieces, because they derive value from her besides her sex appeal. When a woman has failed to create external utilities for herself besides her sexual utility, she becomes deranged and disillusion, living in an alternate reality far beyond the alternate realities women already live in, a dimension worthy of the twilight zone.

This type of woman, a leftover and useless woman, subconsciously knows her worth and this manifests itself in her pure venomous hatred of young and attractive women and the hatred of companionship. Consciously, she sets ridiculously high standards that are not adapted to her present value, instead blaming her lack of results on the pool of men rather than her own failings.

I’ll have to analyze the history of feminism and the suffragettes at a later point, but one of the main opponents of first wave feminism were housewives. Plenty of counter propaganda depicted feminist women accurately as the man-hating and lonely women that they are, because those women understood that they could not rely on their looks forever and that their hypergamous capabilities are limited by that small window of youth that women have, a much shorter window than that of men.

Nowadays, with the abundance of processed foods, poor diets, alcohol, drugs, and beauty products that cause aging, more women are reaching the wall at a younger age, and this has helped to enforce the delusion that comes with female nature.

This separates post-wall women in to two categories: the young and the old. Old post wall women have been a staple of cultures, from the shamanistic roles the elder women took to the nasty witches of Disney movies. The accelerated aging of fertile women is something akin to a classical tragedy, except they did it to themselves.

When a woman collides with the wall in her youth, her hypergamous instincts have very little time to adapt. Since girls are taught that they can enjoy the pleasures of the cock carousel and settle down later, she is deceived into believing she has more time than she actually has. Her plan entails a string of casual sexual encounters, some boyfriends, and then when she’s starting to notice the wear and tear that all those men and all those drugs caused to her body, she can find a husband while she still has some attractive features left before fully letting herself go after she’s sealed the deal.

This timeline is thrown on its head when she hits the wall in the cock carousel phase, with no serious prospects in sight because she wasn’t even considering looking for any. As she stops receiving attention from the standard of men she had become accustomed to, she becomes desperate for attention from any man, though she still remains just as picky as she was before hitting the wall. She’ll pair up with a man that she considers beneath her and resent him for her inability to fulfill her hypgermaous instincts.

The real damage comes from the doubling down of wall-inducing behaviors. If she fails to pair up with her idea of a sub-par man, her anxiety will lead her to medication, binge eating, depression, and being passed around like a football on game day. If she did pair up, if that relationship eventually ends because of her resentment of the man, she will not only have lost all that time in the failed relationship, but will engage in the behaviors of the women who did not pair up. Both scenarios lead to the post-wall, used up land whales that have become the majority of millennial women.

Never mind any of that, gentlemen, you need to man up and take one for the team or Western civilization will cease to exist! On second thought, there are plenty of soyboys ready and willing to jump on these beached whales, so what the hell are men with standards supposed to do now that the pool of attractive women has shrunk to such a small selection? Go MGTOW in whatever capacity suites you, be it monk or casual flings or short term dating, but whatever you do, do not tie yourself to a sinking ship, do not marry these women on track to collide with the wall.

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