The Art of Peace

Hermit Highlights (3)

The main goal of this channel is to help men find their form of peace after they have found the goldmine that is MGTOW. This form of peace is different for each man, but my form of peace has changed my outlook on life and improved everything in general, so the least I could do his offer the help I can so each of you can move on from your anger and your sadness that most of us have experienced and to learn to enjoy the life you are now able to create for yourself. Finding peace of mind and maintaining it each day is an art because there is so much negativity around us, and you have to consciously work at it to maintain a positive state of mind.

Don’t think that reaching peace of mind means being ignorant of the suffering and the dangers around you. It means looking at all of that negativity directly and honestly, digesting it and contemplating on it but picking yourself up and continuing on regardless. In this video I’ll be analyzing “The Art of Peace” by Morihei Ueshiba, translated by John Stevens. A lot of this text is vague and abstract, and a lot of you are looking for specific details and instructions on how to find peace of mind. Abstractness is valuable because it fits into each of our paths and leads you to those specific details you are looking for, but you have to find them for yourself.

“The Art of Peace begins with you. Work on yourself and your appointed task in the Art of Peace. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your inner enlightenment. Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all that you encounter.”
“Instructors can impart a fraction of the teaching. It is through your own devoted practice that the mysteries of the Art of Peace are brought to life.”

Removing women from the pedestal leaves a great void that must be filled. If I were to give you that specific purpose, it would not be a real purpose, only another avenue for you to follow instead of learning to lead yourself. That purpose will take many forms and will change over time, but its basic fundamental core should be consistent with your actions and your thoughts. Your body can be built, your mind can be enlarged, but your spirit is what drives you to action and uses the tools that are your body and mind to do what you want to do. Finding MGTOW is a trial that breaks the spirit of most men, it destroys their reality and leaves nothing in its place but abstract principles to guide them back to purpose. The silver lining is that once your spirit is completely broken, the rebuilding of it will render you invulnerable to any such power again, making you a stronger man and able to face anything.

“One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.”
“The Art of Peace is not an object that anyone possesses, nor is it something you can give to another. You must understand the Art of Peace from within, and express it in your own words.”

Material goals can become just as much a hindrance as they are to men on the plantation. Waiting to improve on what needs to be worked on because you don’t have material goods is simply an excuse. You don’t need much at all to start your path to peace: a quiet place to meditate, some basic exercises that don’t require any equipment like running or push-ups to start to get your body refined, some paper to write your thoughts and plans down, and books are so cheap and easily available now you can become an expert in any topic you wish.

Every day I am above ground is a day that I can grow, train, create, and follow my path. Even when something tries to interfere with my path, it only has as much impact as I allow it to have.

“All sounds and vibrations emanate from that Word. Your voice is a very powerful weapon. When you are in tune with the cosmic breath of heaven and earth, your voice produces true sounds. Unify body, mind, and speech, and real techniques will emerge.”

The power of your words is dependent on your strength. Words are cheap, so it is entirely up to you to give your words value. This value may not be seen by who you are directing them towards, but as long as they come from that place of discipline that governs your mind, body, and spirit, you can know that they are valuable.

“If you have life in you, you have access to the secrets of the ages, for the truth of the universe resides in each and every human being.”

There is something to learn from each person, even if it’s learning what not to do. If you are listening to this, you are able to discover the hidden truths because your mind is open and eager to learn. It will be a difficult and never-ending journey to uncover these secrets, but you are on the path, whereas the majority of those around you can’t even conceive of a path, so be grateful for the challenge.

“The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world. We want to cure the world of the sickness of violence, malcontent, and discord – this is the Way of Harmony. There is evil and disorder in the world because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything.”

To be able to help others, you must be able to help yourself first. You won’t be doing anyone any good if you haven’t found your path to self-mastery. This requires you to distance yourself from things that control others, like the ego. If you require nothing to operate and desire nothing in return, anything you may obtain is a treasure.

“Practice of the Art of Peace enables you to rise above praise or blame, and it frees you from attachment to this and that.”

Since you are leaving the herd and forging your own path, people will naturally try to shame your decisions as a defense of their own choices. Your freedom is a direct existential threat to the illusion of control they have over their lives.

“Inner principles give coherence to things; the Art of Peace is a method of uncovering those principles.”

If you know yourself, you can begin to understand the world. You can understand the void people operate within when they have no goals or purpose when you were in that position once, and then you can understand those who cultivate the same discipline you do. Once you establish your inner principles, you can use them in any situation you find yourself in. They are free from external influence because they are self-defined and internal, reliant only on your will to act on them.

“The Art of Peace functions everywhere on earth, in realms ranging from the vastness of space down to the tiniest plants and animals. The life force is all pervasive and its strength boundless. The Art of Peace allows us to perceive and tap into that tremendous reserve of universal energy.”

You have to learn how to unplug and go back into nature. We become cynical at the constant barrage of negativity, which prevents us from finding happiness and brings down our state of mind to the levels of those who thrive on negativity. You should not shut yourself off to it, but you absolutely must find a balance. For every ounce of negativity you absorb, you must work to create as much or more positivity and wholesomeness in your life. There is a world full of resources that can give you this positive energy, and it requires nothing but your observant mind.

“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead. The Art of Peace is a celebration of the bonding of heaven, earth, and humankind. It is all that is true, good, and beautiful.”

Once you succumb to lethargy, the effort to pull yourself out of it becomes more difficult each day. If you are content remaining static and unchanging, then you should expect nothing of worth to be achieved. At the end of the day, only you can help yourself, and if you can’t do that, the blame falls only on you. Make yourself better in some capacity, no matter how small, than the man you were yesterday and things will begin to fall in place.

“Contemplate the workings of this world, listen to the words of the wise, and take all that is good as your own. With this as your base, open your own door to truth. Do not overlook the truth that is right before you.”
“True wisdom comes from intellectual education, physical education, ethical education, and ki education.”

Wisdom comes from all types of men, no matter their choices. If you limit yourself to only listen to those follow a path similar to yours, you will miss out on new perspectives. Take their wisdom, and all wisdom you have encountered, and combine it with your experiences and personal wisdom to illuminate your path.

“The Art of Peace originates with the flow of things – its heart is like the movement of the wind and waves. The Way is like the veins that circulate blood through our bodies, following the natural flow of the life force. If you are separated in the slightest from that divine essence, you are far off the path.”
“Practice the Art of Peace sincerely, and evil thoughts and deeds will naturally disappear. The only desire that should remain is the thirst for more and more training in the Way.”

You will know you have found your path when it consumes your very essence. When what used to distract you from your path becomes more a nuisance than a desire, you will know you are working towards your great task.

“Every sturdy tree that towers over human beings owes its existence to a deeply rooted core.”
“Those who are enlightened never stop forging themselves. The realizations of such masters cannot be expressed well in words or by theories. The most perfect actions echo the patterns found in nature.”

The validity of your path will be reflected in your conviction of it. If you sway with the wind of opinion, your path is not strong enough for you to follow it. The true path demands complete dedication to it, uncompromising in your vision.

“Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the highest peak, and the deepest ocean, empty of all limiting thoughts.”

You need to be able to entertain ideas from all sides of the spectrum. Place yourself in the deepest intellectual depths, but be able to pull yourself out of it and look towards the highest intellectual heights. If you get trapped in either, you will be isolated from the truth and peace of mind.

“Do not forget to pay your respect to the four directions each day. This wonderful world of ours is a creation of the divine, and for that gift we need to be ever grateful. That gratitude should be expressed through some kind of prayer. True prayer has no set form. Just offer your heartfelt gratitude in a way you feel is appropriate, and you will be amply rewarded.”

Just like martial arts teaches having consistent forms, learning to practice your own rituals grounds you and acts as milestones on your path. Your rituals and prayers can be anything, from contemplating while having coffee, mediation, writing, any act of creation or introspection is a good start.

“Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through forging, it becomes steel and is transformed into a razor-sharp sword. Human beings develop in the same fashion.”
“The penetrating brilliance of swords wielded by followers of the Way strikes at the evil enemy lurking deep within their own souls and bodies.”
“In the Art of Peace, a single cut of the sword summons up the wondrous powers of the universe. That one sword links past, present, and future; it absorbs the universe. Time and space disappear. All of creation, from the distant past to the present moment, lives in this sword. All human existence flourishes right here in the sword you hold in your own hands. You are now prepared for anything that may arise.”
“The Art of Peace is not easy. It is a fight to the finish, the slaying of evil desires and all falsehood within. On occasion the voice of peace resounds like thunder, jolting human beings out of their stupor.”
“Crystal clear, sharp and bright, the sacred sword allows no opening for evil to roost.”
After you have found MGTOW, if you get taken advantage of by women again and dragged back to the plantation it is entirely your own fault. You did not deal with your demons and the harpies took advantage of your weakness. MGTOW arms you with metaphorical swords of wisdom and self-control, but if you fail to wield them you will be struck down. Everyone seeks to steer you off your path for their own gain, you must defend your path with your entire being. All of the great men in history, known and unknown, battled each day to defend their path from distractions and obstacles.

“The only real sin is to be ignorant of the universal, timeless principles of existence. Such ignorance is the root of all evil and all misguided behavior. Eliminate ignorance through the Art of Peace, and even hell will be emptied of tortured souls.”
“All of life is a circle, endlessly revolving, and that is the center point of the Art of Peace. The Art of Peace is a seamless, inexhaustible sphere that encompasses all things.”
“There is no place in the Art of Peace for pettiness and selfish thoughts. Rather than being captivated by the notion of “winning or losing”, seek the true nature of things. Your thoughts should reflect the grandeur of the universe, a realm beyond life and death. If your thoughts are antagonistic toward the cosmos, those thoughts will destroy you and wreak havoc on the environment.”

While MGTOW has grown exponentially with each passing year, the ideas of MGTOW have existed long before the internet. You can find timeless wisdom that pertains to what you need today all around you, because everything operates in cycles, even human existence and civilization itself. Our civilizations are dying, and some even think they are dead already, but this is a natural thing that inevitably happens. If you allow yourself to fall out of the cycles, or to believe that you can overcome timeless principles, you put yourself in an adversarial position against nature itself.

“Each and every master, regardless of the era or place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the peak of Mount Fuji, but the goal is the same. There are many methods of reaching the top, and they all bring us to the heights. There is no need to battle with each other – we are all brothers who should walk the Path together, hand in hand. Keep to your path, and nothing else will matter. When you lose your desire for things that do not matter, you will be free.”
“Even though our path is completely different from the warrior arts of the past, it is not necessary to abandon totally the old ways. Absorb venerable traditions into this new art by clothing them with fresh garments, and build on the classic styles to create better forms.”
“Train hard, experience the light and warmth of the Art of Peace, and become a true person. Train more, and learn the principles of nature. The Art of Peace will be established all over, but it will have a different expression in each place it takes root. Continually adapt the teachings and create a beautiful environment.”

Each of our MGTOW paths will be different, it is not for you or I to judge another’s path if it leads him to his peace of mind and fulfillment. We are all overcoming our own obstacles, and we can learn from and help each other to achieve true power.

“Large does not always defeat little. Little can become large by constant building; large can become little by falling apart.”
“Face a single foe as if you are facing ten thousand enemies; face ten thousand enemies as a single foe.”
“If your opponent strikes with fire, counter with water, becoming completely fluid and free-flowing. Water, by its nature, never collides with or breaks against anything. On the contrary, it swallows up any attack harmlessly.”

Our battle with feminism and the state of the world can seem daunting and hopeless, but look to the progress we’ve made as a community and look to the progress you’ve made in your own life as an example of the power of our words and ideas.
“Life itself is always a trial. In training, you must test and polish yourself in order to face the great challenges of life. Transcend the realm of life and death, and then you will be able to make your way calmly and safely through any crisis that confronts you.”
“Face any challenge head-on. When an attack comes head-on, employ the principle of “moon reflected on water.” The moon appears to be really present, but if you strike the water, nothing will be there. Similarly, your opponent should find nothing solid to strike. Like the moonlight, envelop your opponent, physically and spiritually, until there is no separation between you.”

While the MGTOW path allows for an easy life with free time, expendable income, and the ability to obtain peace of mind, it still has its difficulties. If you don’t push yourself, lethargy will set in, and depression and aimlessness will soon follow. If you put yourself above worldly problems, like female validation or the opinions of people still on the plantation, your life will be more peaceful, and when you actually face really existential challenges, you will be better equipped to handle them.

“Be grateful even for hardship, setbacks, and bad people. Dealing with such obstacles is an essential part of training in the Art of Peace.”
“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”

Finding MGTOW may have broken you, but your rebuilding will make you stronger than ever, and that should be enough to incentivize you to continue down the path. You are engaged in the greatest form of self-improvement, one that encompasses the body, mind and spirit. If you learn to love the challenge of pushing yourself, you can exceed all of the expectations you have for yourself and push boundaries that you didn’t even know existed. Whatever woman led you to MGTOW, showing gratitude for the pain that led you to freedom allows you to let go of that emotional baggage and move on. If I could go back in time to the girl that led me to MGTOW, I would do everything exactly the same way again because I would never trade the moment of finding MGTOW for anything, even to spare me pain.

“In extreme situations, the entire universe becomes our foe; at such critical times, unity of mind and technique is essential – do not let your heart waver!”
“At the instant a warrior confronts a foe, all things come into focus.”
“Even when called out by a single foe, remain on guard, for you are always surrounded by a host of enemies.”
“One should be prepared to receive 99 percent of an enemy’s attack and stare death right in the face in order to illuminate the Path. Regardless of how grim a situation, it is still possible to turn things around in your favor.”
“Ancient warriors used pillars and trees as shields, but that will not do. Nor can you rely on others to protect you. Your spirit is the true shield.”

The most radical of the feminists, and their numbers continue to grow, would have you thrown into a labor camp just for being a man. The fact that these radicals are not only tolerated, but given platforms to spout their hatred shows how much our societies hate us. The young boys are brainwashed and mentally handicapped with medication before they even have a chance to grow, the young men live in fear of pursuing their natural desires at the risk of being socially crucified, and the men that hold up society have their families destroyed and are financially ruined for the simple crime of wanting to provide for their families. We are being systematically attacked at every level with the support of our governments and the passivity of the populace. It seems the entire universe is against us because it basically is, and it’s too easy to just give up. Instead, look at the strength you can foster by not only surviving the onslaught, but fighting back. They are attacking us financially, mentally, spiritually, and physically, and yet we continue to endure. To be in this resistance is to have a strength that would rival the greatest of men. Physical strength can come with training, but mental and spiritual fortitude comes with experience and introspection.

“In your training, do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in the Art of Peace.”
“Progress comes to those who train and train; reliance on secret techniques will get you nowhere.”
“If you perceive the true form of heaven and earth, you will be enlightened to your own true form. If you are enlightened about a certain principle, you can put it into practice. After each practical application, reflect on your efforts. Progress continually like this.”
“Victory over oneself is the primary goal of our training. We focus on the spirit rather than the form, the kernel rather than the shell.”
“The techniques of the Way of Peace change constantly; every encounter is unique, and the appropriate response should emerge naturally. Today’s techniques will be different tomorrow. Do not get caught up with the form and appearance of a challenge. The Art of Peace has no form – it is the study of the spirit.”
“Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really No Path.”
“Fathom the essences of the Art of Peace and age disappears. You only feel old when you lose your way and stray from the path.”

Don’t compare yourself to other MGTOW. We all walk our own paths at different speeds. Those who had longer relationships or marriages take longer to get over that any others, and some have to take smaller steps in self-improvement than others. As long as you are taking steps, you don’t have to worry about the pace. When I first started lifting weights in high school, I could only lift the barbell with no weights on it, but I took those small steps and continued to add weights until I was matching what everyone else on my sports teams were lifting, and then continued to add more after high school. I followed my own path at my own pace because it’s not about speed, its about keeping momentum.

There are plenty of practical tips for those just starting their path to freedom, but once you’re on the path long enough, way out there away from external validation where you can guide yourself without getting lost, the advice begins to become more abstract so that you can adapt it into your own systems and philosophy that you have developed for yourself. Since the path is different for each man, there is really no one definable path that can encompass all free men.

“Cast off limiting thoughts and return to true emptiness. Stand in the midst of the great void. This is the secret of the Way of a Warrior.”
“To truly implement the Art of Peace, you must be able to sport freely in the manifest, hidden and divine realms.”

Use your mind to go where others fear to tread. Stare into the abyss, but have the strength to look without falling in to it. Your most powerful tool is the mind, but is also the most dangerous thing to your path. Before, you allowed your mind to keep you imprisoned on the plantation, plugged into the matrix, dependent on others to give you happiness. If you master the mind, everything else naturally follows, but it is a never ending struggle.

“The Path is exceedingly vast. From ancient times to the present day, even the greatest sages were unable to perceive and comprehend the entire truth; the explanation and teachings of masters and saints express only part of the whole. It is not possible for anyone to speak of such things in their entirety. Just head for the light and heat, learn from the gods, and through the virtue of devoted practice of the Art of Peace, become one with the divine.”

No one in the MGTOW community has all the answers about the paths we all follow. Each man brings his perspective and wisdom, and combining all of that knowledge creates a goldmine to sift through to find the hidden treasures that can change your life, but none of us will ever have the entire picture. I’m only 22, I still have so much to learn and improve on, so whatever I am lacking can be supplemented with the many other free men in the community to help you build yourself into a living god of discipline. Expand this search for wisdom to the words of men long past and you have quite a quest on your hands.

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