Why people hate MGTOW

Despite the detached nature of MGTOW, everyone on the political spectrum seems to take issue with our independence and helping other men reach that freedom. I’m not going to focus on the obvious monetary losses that going MGTOW causes to society, because even if single men paid the same taxes as their married counterparts, people would still attack the bachelors.

The universal hatred for male independence is its impotence for introspection. For men, they are faced with a force that challenges every decision they have ever made. Men pursuing women base their decisions on how it will impact their reproductive strategy. If something is hindering their chances of getting laid, that thing is often discarded, be it a hobby, a friend, or a dream. When that ruthless determination is challenged, most men instinctively protect themselves from the harm that comes with realizing their mistakes and acknowledging the weakness that comes from the dependence on female validation. Being able to change your entire identity and forge your own way is one of the greatest challenges, and everyone listening should realize that you are in the minority of men and always will be. Most men would rather remove that challenger, the bachelor, from the equation entirely rather than face the possibility that they might not be on the right path.

The danger seen in MGTOW is the challenge it presents to the narrative. If you spend some time around some really blue pill men, men so far gone that you really don’t feel anything for them, neither pity or hope, you will realize that these men really can’t conceive of a different way of life. Presenting only the most basic principles of MGTOW would trigger such a shock in their systems that they would be in disbelief. Once a man learns the lessons MGTOW can teach, even if he does return to the plantation afterwards, he will never look at it in the same way again. Once the seeds of freedom have been planted, they will grow and entangle around everything that is suppressing that urge for more.

Not all men are meant for freedom. It’s a harsh truth to accept, because I would love to see every man living to his full potential. Some people are just not meant to lead themselves, but it’s not any person’s place to determine who can and can’t, or who should or shouldn’t. The plantation will always exist because most people don’t want to lead themselves. They may say they love freedom, but look at their actions and not their words. These people are slaves to their desires, to their emotions and to the demands of others.

Once women are removed from the pedestal, which is an incredible feat and should not be taken lightly, a man will naturally begin to look at what else he put blind faith in and begin to question its value in his life. All parties of power are threatened by this, from the men who need the plantation, the women who survive on it, and the governments that profit from it. Hermits have been around since the beginning of recorded history, but the mass exodus of men worldwide is a new and unique phenomenon. What remains to be seen is if these men are only temporarily leaving, willing to return under better circumstances. A return would lead to an eventual repeat of what we have today, so either we will break the cycle with technology or extinction or repeat it indefinitely.

What is not temporary are the truths being shared around the world. No amount of ignorance or delusion can put women back on the pedestal once they have been removed, only a generation of men who have not experienced their raw nature, unleashed and made bare for all to see, can even consider putting them on the pedestal.

If something reliably fails, it is forever tarnished in the eyes of a reasonable man. I have tested many red pill and MGTOW principles against so many people, both men and women, and being proven right every time has destroyed the illusion that people are more than what they appear to be. Female nature may be able to be controlled under the right circumstances, but if it can be corrupted and unleashed without fail with certain variables, like the removal of social shaming or the removal of dependence on the family unit, it can’t be trusted. You would know in the back of your mind that any stability you create is just an illusion, and as soon as the right variables mix together in the right environment, any stability you had created would be destroyed. We can’t remove hypergamy, we can only do our best to control it.

If men realize the futility of trying to control female nature, most would opt out. Men seek to master and optimize, and if you tell them that they can’t win the game of female nature, they would simply move on to something they can have an impact on.

Man’s Place Among the Ruins

The self-aware man today stands upon the ruins of what he once believed to be a worthwhile society. Where once he dreamed and desired, his basic ambitions have been distorted beyond recognition and then used against him to drag him beneath the rubble. His simple idea of a family has been corrupted. No longer can he entertain that dangerous thought without consciously facing the reality that he will likely be destroyed by those he holds dearest. Despite his heroic efforts to maintain order and stability, his partner is incentivised to rip apart the foundations for short term gains and a lifetime of enslavement on behalf of the now self-aware man. If by some failure of logic and observation the man decides to play that dangerous game once more, his life is destined to be ripped away from him as he is dragged far beneath the ruins where only cynicism remains.

Down beneath that rubble, where hopes and dreams lay and cynicism takes root, it’s long tendrils stretch out to brush against a man on the surface of the ruins, scrounging around for scraps of what used to be so that he may try and achieve some semblance of a purpose that has long since left his kind. Try as he might, anything of value he finds will return once more to the ruins because nothing can grow there. The decay of the decadence pollutes the environment in which anything of value might be found, and so it is corrupted simply by being among the ruins.

And so man finds himself in a precarious and curious place among the ruins. While he has lost much there, what he does upon where he stands can determine his purpose, unlike those lost in the depths of decay.

Any man of sentiment will naturally mourn what he gazes upon: a society that was once proud, productive, and prosperous. Not without faults or falsehoods, but of a common purpose. To replace this, a collection of lies that spurned the weaker sex to set the foundations ablaze out of spite, to destroy it for its own sake as a child throws a tantrum. The men who stood by as the torch was passed to her instead of him are just as guilty of the weakening of the foundations that have been built across generations.

How can a man not mourn the passing of something so great? It was pure potential incarnate, and it was squandered at the behest of those who would never dream of utilizing it to even half of its potential. And so the man mourns what lays before him and wishes to return to days of yore, but this is not his fate. To lament the passing of something is temporary, and he should not be consumed in his grief lest he loses himself in it.

This great sadness naturally leads to anger. Anger towards those who exist among the ruins, ignorant of the decay around them and those who actively destroy what little remains, anger at how it was allowed to happen in the first place, and anger at what he feels was robbed of him. He will find in time, hopefully sooner rather than later, that this is as futile as searching for something of value that is untainted by what lies around it.

Not everything he will come across will be debased and foul, though much will be. When he does find something that sparks that glimmer of hope deep within him, that part yearning for the traditional purpose he originally sought, he will be faced with one of his greatest tests. Will he be strong enough to understand the sad yet vital truth that this value is corrupted by the nature of its environment, no matter the strength of it on its own, or will he be fooled as so many wandering men among the ruins who came before him and strive in vain to preserve this value he has gathered from the wreckage, only to be pulled beneath the surface and entrapped by his own ambitions and hubris?

Entertain whatever he can find among the ruins as he comes across it, but it is by no means the ending point of his voyage across the wasteland. No, he is destined to survive here, and with a little perseverance, he can even thrive, but he will have to learn to adapt to the new climate. No longer can he rely on the old foundations to support him and his dreams and desires. Instead, he will have to rebuild those foundations himself.

As he toils away building his castle among the ruins, bystanders will stop and admire his efforts, in awe at his dedication in the face of such meaninglessness. They may stop and think “how can something grow out of his sewage we find ourselves in”, and just as quickly as the reflection comes to them, it leaves them to be replaced by jealousy, resentment, and hate. Some may band together to besiege this castle, but the very act of rebuilding the foundations has made his fortifications immune to such pettiness and cowardice.

From atop his tower, he looks down upon these people who would have kept him down there among the ruins if he followed them and feels pride in his decision to take the risk of leaving the group to build something for himself. It may not be what he originally desired, and it may not replace that yearning for what came before, but it’s better than anything to be found on the blasted surface, and certainly better than the terrible fate that awaits the men below, pulled in to the depths of the aimless void of suffering for men who could not adapt.

From his position of strength, he can begin to venture out once more, knowing that he has a retreat and a purpose instead of wandering aimlessly in the wasteland. Now, he may begin to notice other constructs being erected around him, symbols of resistance against the encroaching lethargy and a resurgence of hope that he once thought lost.

10 Self-Improvement Tips for MGTOW

This topic comes from a donation request from Knight of Sunlight, and he wants to know my ten self-improvement tips for MGTOW men. Things will differ between men at different points in their lives and their different goals and ambitions, but these should be able to be applied to just about any path and definitely helped me.

1) Take baby steps. If you are just beginning your path of self-improvement or are getting back on the grind after a hiatus, be sure to avoid moving too fast or you’re going to end up quitting. It’s better to get comfortable in an easy routine and absolutely master it than it is taking on a bigger workload that you can’t handle and dropping all of it entirely. When I first started video editing, I didn’t sit and watch hours of tutorials, I got the basics and then started messing around with programs at a rate that was comfortable for me.

2) Setting short term goals. These are goals that can be completed in less than 3 months. They are valuable because they offer immediate feedback and easily reachable milestones that help you see the tangible products of your dedication. The workload will vary with each goal that you set for yourself, and putting too many of these on yourself will cause you to stress out, but they are a necessity. An example of a short term goal for me would be making a video or finishing a book.

3) Improve attention span. Technology has crippled our attention spans, and my attention span has been absolutely destroyed. To be able to focus on your short and long term goals, you need to take steps to improving your attention span. Reading, exercising, and meditating have helped me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. If you can’t finish anything or you keep adding new goals before finishing your existing ones, your potential improvement is limited by the stimulus that detracts from your efforts.

4) Setting long term goals. These are goals that require more than three months to complete. You must have at least one of these, it’s a requirement to getting out of the depression and sitting in the void. If you don’t have something that you can work on when you get out of bed, you won’t want to get out of bed. I have more long term goals than I should have, but we’ll address that shortly. A long term goal for me would include my workout goals, my book, growing the channel, becoming a teacher, and developing the game. Some of these don’t have set deadlines, but all of them have milestones that can be objectively measured. These are tougher than short term goals because the measure of progress is more spread out over time, but the long term goals are what yield the consistency of productivity.

5) Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Your goals should align to your strengths, but you should also be discovering your untapped strengths. These are best suited for short term goals, so you can quickly see growth and determine if you want to transition to a long term goal. The area where I’ve pushed myself the most would be the call-in shows I do on this channel, when I first started I had no idea what to expect and since I don’t put any restrictions on it, I have to be at least familiar with whatever topics people bring to discussions. I’m glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone though, because it’s one of my favorite parts of the community.

6) Variety. Variety is the spice of life, and some spice is needed to make that bland dish of repetition and discipline bearable. Make sure you have goals of different types in place so you never dread the act of self-improvement. If I hit writer’s block for a video, I can work out and shift from a short term goal of making a video to the long term goal of reaching my workout goals. I would say have goals of any type, short term or long term, that appeal to the mind, the body, and the spirit.

7) Commit. If you absolutely have to drop a goal, then it should be a short term goal because that is the place to experiment and find out what you want to do. Any long term goal should have your full commitment, because if you drop it then you’ve lost all the time and momentum that your entire self-improvement system relies on. Once you start seeing progress and results, it should snowball into productivity as you get addicted to the gains.

8) Break and rebuild, push boundaries. Once you’ve moved past the baby steps portion of a goal, you should slowly be ramping up your workload to its maximum capacity, and when it becomes unstable, ease off and regroup and then continue again. The only way you can increase your workload and enhance your capabilities is to actually force yourself to adapt.

9) Time management. This is the one area where I am still working on, because my time management sucks. If you find yourself doing too much at once, you will be overwhelmed at the tasks for any given day and then decide to do less than necessary, or worse, nothing at all. Time is a trick thing for a MGTOW man. Now that you’re off the plantation, you have plenty of it. If you have too much, you become lazy and bitter because you’re not actively doing productive things. If you have too little time, you become just as stressed and overworked as the men on the plantation who are serving their masters at home. And that leads into…

10) Balance. I believe in maintaining balance in all things, even in productivity. I still have unproductive hobbies, I still want to watch movies and tv shows and play video games and get into anime. Too much of that is detrimental to reaching your true potential, but you need some of that to let yourself relax and enjoy the freedom you’ve gained from finding MGTOW. After all, if I can’t kick back, relax, and enjoy being a hermit, what the hell is the point of all this anyways?

Being Pretty is No Longer Enough

Drop your dead weight (3)

Today, being pretty is no longer enough to attract a self-aware man who isn’t a simp and it’s not enough for a woman to be functional in society. While women will always be pampered in this gynocentric society, it has become so one sided that women are actually being negatively affected by the amount of freedoms they have and their lack of control because there is no restraint from any party, the authority of fathers has been stripped away and they are free to make their own decisions, no matter how stupid.

Having an easy life is not difficult as a woman, a simp will take care of them for life in exchange for some vanilla sex occasionally, and yet they cannot even obtain this for themselves. Women have never been left to their own devices to the extent that they are today, and they don’t know what to do with themselves. We controlled their hypergamous instincts before because it can never be satisfied, it is designed to continue propelling them up the ladder of the sexual marketplace until they smash into the wall. Unrestrained, they fall to ruin and bring society down with them.

Being pretty is still an advantage for girls, but it isn’t what it used to be. A pretty girl used to have her quality of life virtually guaranteed as she was married off early to a successful man and started raising her family. Today, that same pretty girl is free to be sexually promiscuous instead of being married off early. She can become a single mother and have her sexual marketplace value drop like her sagging boobs, or she can come out lucky and only utterly obliterate her pair bonding mechanism. By the time she meets and is courted by her future husband, she will already have had more sexual partners than the majority of women in older times before they had met their partners.

The significance of her partner is lost amid the line of men she’s given herself to, and her ability to become attached to her husband drops as she understands the expendability of him and how she can entertain her sexual instant gratification without punishment. There are plenty of studies showing women who have more sexual partners before marriage have a greatly increased chance of divorce. While society is designed in a way that allows women to successfully divorce their husbands and destroy their families for selfish pursuits, I wouldn’t exactly call her a functional member of society as a post wall divorced loser. The men are financially and emotionally destroyed, the children are raised in broken homes, and the women are old crazy cat ladies.

A pretty woman fits into the socially engineered narrative of sexual liberation perfectly, and the results are always the same. They are trained to have unnatural goals, and many do not want children because it would impede on their sexual adventures and their materialistic desires. For those men who have come to terms with not wanting children, they can coexist alongside these women who share the childless mindset while taking precautions for the inevitable case of baby rabies, but for those men who do want children, or for society in general, the pretty women who have no worries about locking down a partner and starting a family are in direct opposition to the goals of the men around them, to the greater good of society, and to their own biology.

If human history is a drop of water in the pool of history, then feminism is the droplet of sweat off my nut sack after a good session of sexually objectifying women. This level of whoredom is unnatural and we’ll look back in shame at what we allowed women to do to themselves and to those around them.

The pretty women don’t settle for the simps because they know that they will always be there for them, even after they start approaching the wall. The men they want, the charismatic, the successful, the ambitious, are not so easily captured in this current sexual marketplace. Because of the 80/20 rule, that man has options, and lots of them. These pretty women are hotter than ever, but they bring emotional baggage from their trips on the cock carousel, their pair bonding mechanism is nonexistent, and they bring enough debt from their meaningless degrees and ridiculous lifestyles that prevents a smart man from having children with them anyways.

Your Efforts Are Wasted on Her

to snip or not to snip (15)

The amount of time you spend trying to court or convince a woman is a representation of how much you are still invested in obtaining female validation. Any effort spent trying to persuade a woman to a cause is a wasted effort because it isn’t dependent on your argument or presentation, but rather the options she has available to her at that present moment.

When attempting to court a woman, you are placing yourself into the arena alongside countless other suitors. Your ego convinces you that your competitive urges creates success and will not allow for the possibility of factors outside of your control dictating your results because it leaves you in a helpless state. Your ego protects you from the truth because it is a painful shock to the system that often jump starts men out of the matrix, forcing them to look at the objective sexual strategies women employ. You didn’t out perform all of the other suitors, you were merely her best option in that pool of men relative to her current standards. Realizing that takes away the pride and the sense of false accomplishment that allowed you to play the game with a smile on your face.

You humanize her in the courting process by trying to make a personal connection, by trying to appeal to as many different avenues as possible: compassion, comedy, attraction, provisioning, but in the end she’s merely categorizing all of your ploys into a large database in her head of all the other factors from all the other guys in a very practical way, and then her spontaneous feelings, the tingles, that factor that she can’t explain but is so easily deduced by red pill men, is thrown into the mix to muddy the results.

There are so many unaccountable factors present in the equation of courtship. Every woman is a slut if you catch her on the right day. Maybe she’s jealous of her friends and their relationships and is looking to hop on the cock carousel or lock down a boyfriend as soon as possible, maybe she’s had a breakup and is looking to get filled, maybe she had a conversation with her mother that same day and that influenced the interaction, maybe she recently binged romantic movies on Netflix because she has no hobbies, who knows what the hell is going on and it’s not your problem to try and figure that out. What those pick up artists and coaches don’t tell you is that it’s 50% game and 50% luck, but they don’t say that because they need you to believe that it’s entirely within your control, and for only two easy payments of $19.99 you can slay poon till your dick falls off.

Your efforts are also wasted when trying to convince a woman in an argument to see your logical progression of thought. You could have the most airtight argument, appealing to common sense and backed up by facts and data, but you aren’t accounting for the factor that throws everything out the window: her emotions. Many men argue using emotions, but most, not all, can be made to see reason when they see objective results. Women are entirely helpless in the face of objective reality because their emotions override any possibility of acceptance and concession. Admitting she was wrong makes her feel bad, and therefore will be avoided at all costs.

Not only are your efforts wasted, but your efforts will be pitted against other men. You will be competing to see who can waste the most effort, something no one should want to be the winner of. Instead, redirect that effort to yourself and to other men. Real men will notice your efforts and appreciate it, even some of the blue pill guys on the plantation who gained some wisdom through their misery.

All of this applies to women on the macro scale in each of our countries. Women will never listen to reason because they have so many other, better options available to them and different motives that aren’t compatible with not only the survival of their nations, but the expansion of them. Any appeals to logic will be met with a greater force of emotion, and emotion will win every time because it is the power that shapes their reality and the decisions they make. How can we navigate that besides focusing our efforts to appealing to their emotions and making the problem worse, wasting our efforts and any chance of fixing the problem?

Learn to refocus your efforts. You have an incredible advantage because so many other men are wasting their energy, while you have the freedom to focus on things that give real meaning, lasting fulfillment, and are completely in your control and not dependent on unknown variables.

Women Replaced By Machines

“Women are nothing but machines for producing children.” Napoleon

Women have a history of being replaced by automation, and we don’t have to look too far back in time to see that. Look at the evolution of the common household. The dishwasher, the laundry machine, the oven, the microwave, these are all tools that helped to reduce the workload of housewives and in turn replace their monopoly on homemaking. Now a man can take care of his household easily with these tools, maybe hiring a maid to clean if he’s lazy or lacking the time. With their homemaking capabilities replaced, we can logically move a few steps forward to their sexual and reproductive capabilities being replaced. A lot of men in the MGTOW community don’t approve of sex dolls, which is totally fine, every man derives value from different things. But the men who outright deny the coming changes to the sexual marketplace, or try to downplay the impact artificial creations or automation will have on the sexual marketplace and try to stick their heads in the sand will be in for a rude awakening.

This is a serious subject that deserves serious consideration. You can chart the progress of technology with the appliances in your vacinity. Look up the specs on the first computer and then the specs of your cell phone. That rate of advancement in such a short amount of time has extended to every form of technology. The famous line that “sex sells” means that technology that is intertwined with man’s sexual desires will explode at a rate none of has seen before. Looking at a stupid blow up doll from decades ago and looking at what is available today is testament to that. But even today, there is still so much progress to be made. As money continues to flow in even for what we will look back on in the future as basic models, the investment into developing these technologies will continue to advance.

As you’ll see later in the video, a lot of the guys buying into this emerging market are the TFLers, the true forced loneliness guys who can’t attract women, or who are limited genetically in such a way that the only way they can achieve the happiness that they want would be to provide economically, and live under an illusion with a gold digger. This has huge ramifications not only for the sexual marketplace, but the state of civilization in general. The old system guaranteed a wife for each man. If women are given free choice, then they logically pick the top 20%. Unfortunately, the top 20% can’t maintain a society. This displacement of the men on which society is built upon will lead to its collapse. I’m happy for these guys who find what they’re looking for through their artificial methods, it’s much better than being a slave to a society that not only doesn’t value you, but actively tries to undo all of the work that you put into the society.

These men are invisible to women, and this will be their undoing. No woman and most men still plugged into the matrix don’t care what a TFL guy does, whether he buys a sex doll or a virtual girl. This blindspot will allow these industries to expand at a rapid rate relatively undetected. By the time that these products begin to attract the men women desire, the beta bucks and the alpha fucks guys, it will be too late. By that time, the appearances will be improved, automation will be available, and the AI will be as real as a man needs it to be. As the sexual marketplace continues to deteriorate and interacting with women brings more inherent risks with each passing year, the average guy who isn’t into anime or up to speed on the latest technological breakthroughs will walk by a store or see a commercial and see for the first time an actual, tangible replacement for a woman.

That man will look at the appearance of the doll and compare it to the majority of women who are overweight or obese in his country. He will look at its customization options, and realize he can replace every part of her, down to the fingernails. He will look at how it communicates to him, how it sends him text messages throughout the day and how he can have conversations with it. When it gets to this point, competition in this field will be fierce and there will be plenty of options out there that enable their AI to actively participate in conversations of any sort. And finally, and the most important part, he will look at the price of machine and compare it to the financial cost of a woman. Not even taking into account the mental and physical cost, this cost benefit analysis will persuade him to give it a try, at least until he finds a girl. Once he goes bot, he will never go thot again. This attitude will sweep nations by storm as normal, hard working men further withdraw into their own utopias.

My personal opinion on the matter is that men should work to free themselves of the need for this sort of companionship, and that once he reaches that freedom from it he can engage from a safer place, a place where he is not dependent in any way. But I approach it from a different place than the guys building this industry. I’ve had what they’ve been yearning for and I’ve realized how much easier life is without it, but I won’t disagree with men seeking companionship having more options.

Women have put themselves in this position. They communicate identically across cultures. A text message from one girl is the same as any message from another girl. Men project personalities on to girls through the experiences they share with them. If a machine can automate text messages and render them indistinguishable from the average girl, and then a man can do other things with the machine beyond just being a hologram, he will have no need for a girlfriend.

With their sexual capabilities being replaced, the only thing left is their reproductive capabilities. I’ve seen a lot of men talk about this and I’ve received countless messages about this. Men can move beyond their sexual desires, but the innate desire to have children is a lot harder to overcome. The artificial womb will completely destroy any of the remaining fragments of gender relations. With men having other options for sex, women’s last bargaining tactic was children, and if that is removed, the exodus of men will be complete.

There are two forms that this can take, one is very close, one is very far off. The first is for an artificial womb at a facility where the baby is created and held until birth. These will obviously have a huge amount of regulations, but they will operate much like sperm banks. A man would go to the facility, give his sperm and pick from a selection of female eggs and then come back to pick up his kid. Designer babies, where people can fine tune and pick exact traits they want, will be relegated to the most wealthy of society.

Having a sex bot be able to give birth on its own is so far off that I don’t think we’ll ever see it. It’s not unfeasible, it’s just that the advancement in technology is so great that I think we won’t last as a species long enough to get to that point. The sex dolls will improve at a rapid rate, but they will never become as life like as a real woman. They have ways to get close, but not that close. They can heat the material to simulate warmth, they can get an AI that can simulate the average woman’s intellectual range, but it’ll never have a soul. Artificial intelligence has the capability for that, but we can’t have tens of thousands of sentient sex robots running around, can we? So whatever form the AI takes, it will be heavily restricted or under-developed. Some hacker will eventually upload his conscious AI into his sex robot, and the real life version of Ultron will be a sexy robot girl. Food for thought.

Once these two industries become more developed, the sex industry and the reproductive industry, women will fight tooth and nail to restrict it. They will use all of the legislation that has been designed for them to restrict it, but supply will always meet demand. It won’t be the U.S. that trailblazes this, that’s for sure, but someone will. When a country realizes that it can get their men productive again with these industries, it will allow for its growth. A man will work those extra hours if he’s allowed to support his children, it doesn’t matter if they are from a real womb or an artifical womb, they are still his children. He’ll uphold all sorts of industries as he buys clothes and accessories for his sex robot, just as he would for a real woman. Money talks, and when they see that most men want to be on the plantation, they will let them create their own plantation.

And that’s the great pitfall of these advancements. Women are so bad in modern times that they are forcing men to free themselves off the plantation. I think that’s a good thing, because personal freedom is greater than anything, but many men can’t survive for long off the plantation, and the worldwide suicide rates for men back that up. Men will create their own plantation with their own rules and absolute authority in their households. Women will fight, and they will lose. After they lose the legal and economic battle and the industries explode, they will resort to a culture battle.

After shaming and ridicule fails, they will embrace their replacements and try to beat them. In their stupidity, they won’t give up any rights or yield anything, so they are appealing only to a man’s emotional side, not his logical side. They will try their hardest to pretend to be traditional, to be a caring housewife, but she will always have that power to destroy the man or monkey branch elsewhere, so whatever offer she can make will always pale in comparison to her replacement. The ease at which they are replaced is a testament to their true value.

Before I let the advancements in technology speak for themselves, I’ll share the rest of Napoleon’s thoughts on the matter:

“I did what I could to improve the lot of the illegitimate children, the unfortunate innocents who are nevertheless dishonored, but it wasn’t possible to risk much for them without killing the institution of marriage. Few people, then, would get married. In the good old days, men had concubines and a wife at the same time, and illegitimate children were not held in so much contempt as they are these days. I find it ridiculous that a man should not be able to have more than one legal wife. When she’s fat, it’s as if he doesn’t have a wife any more. True, we don’t have concubines any more, but we do have mistresses, who mess up [men’s] fortunes even more. I’m speaking of the well-to-do, since the poor can’t feed more than one [wife]. In France, women are considered too [much], they shouldn’t be seen as the equals of men, and, in reality, are nothing more than machines for making children. During the Revolution, they rose up, set themselves up in assemblies, even wanted to form battalions: we had to put a stop to that. If women had left the state of dependence where they should remain, disorder would have taken over society. There would have been continuous fighting. One sex must submit to the other …”

There is no Right Girl, Unicorns Don’t Exist

Easily the biggest divide in the MGTOW community is the concept of All Women Are Like That. There are men who have accepted female nature in its totality and there are still a lot of men who believe that some women can overcome female nature. These men hold out hope that not all women can be as basic and superficial as the rest because it would simply be too depressing, a world without hope of progressing from the animal reproductive strategies that govern our species. Embracing that reality is exactly how you overcome that last barrier to reaching freedom from the mating game and female validation.

Believing that Not All Women Are Like That, or NAWALT, is the elevation of female nature to something it can never be. It is conflating it with male nature, where men can overcome their biology with intangible things like morality, pride, and discipline. Accepting that All Women Are Like That doesn’t mean that every woman is a cheating whore, it means that they have the capability of being one. It may seem obvious, but its powerful to admit that she is subject to flaws. Just like it’s drilled into every man that he has the potential to be a visious animal under certain circumstances, it’s equally applicable for women to engage in their hypergamous instincts under certain circumstances. Men often elevate women to be beyond the human flaws that everyone else has, and realizing that they’re as flawed, or more so, than the average man is the first step to accepting AWALT.

There are a couple scenarios that we see come up often in the community that try to prove NAWALT, but we’re going to debunk those today. The most common one is the belief that a Western man can travel abroad and find a woman from a poor country and rescue her from a life of poverty and create a family with her. There are two big flaws with this theory. The first is that you can certainly do that, but just because she comes from a traditional background doesn’t mean she isn’t still a woman. She will still have to deal with temptation when she encounters a man who is taller or wealthier or more muscular. She will still be tempted to monkey branch if you were to lose your job or fall ill or suffer an injury. She will still be naturally unattracted when you show any signs of weakness or vulnerability. She may not act on these hypergamous instincts, but they are still there regardless. The second flaw in this theory is that her femininity is defined by her community. If you go to a different country, her culture might shame promiscuity or adultery, so she may control it artificially to avoid being ostracized. If you bring her back to your home country, the worst traits of female nature will be unleashed on you.

She isn’t a unicorn, she just learned how to hide her true nature. Trying to cheat the system and work around biology is a clever way to try and solve the problem, but it doesn’t do anything except expose you to what every man who interacts with women will eventually encounter.

The next example of unicorn hunting comes with finding virgins. I have some personal experience with this and I’ll tell you that it really has no effect. If you find a virgin, a rare species in today’s society, it does help initially at the start of the relationship because of the stronger pair bonding mechanism that she has with you, but it isn’t strong enough to fight the constant, 24/7 barrage of sex and drugs and hookup culture that she is exposed to. Eventually she will become curious as to what she is missing out on, and there really isn’t anything you can do to stop that. No amount of game or passing shit tests will get the idea of the grass being greener out of her mind.

The most frustrating mistake of trying to prove Not All Women Are Like That is going for girls below your own sexual marketplace value. Logically, you would think that she would appreciate being with a higher quality partner and that would reflect in her attitude and treatment of you. Instead, what tends to happen is that she is conflicted between self-consciousness and anxiety as she thinks she is unworthy of you and that you will leave for a better woman as well as the ego boost that she can in fact land a higher quality partner than her sexual marketplace value should allow. One of those two scenarios will eventually end the relationship. Either her self-doubt will become unbearable and her paranoia will drive you away or she will act on her hypergamous instincts to try and monkey branch.

The split in the community really shows itself in the attitudes of the men. Most will claim all women are useless sluts, and others, mostly older guys, will claim that the majority of the women have ruined the gender relations for the minority of good women out there. There are good points in both arguments, as well as flaws, so we should try to bring them together into what really is the case for female nature. Most women are useless as the more vocal crowd says, but not all. But this also is not an admission that those few who aren’t completely useless are in any way as useful as a man. The older guys who believe that there are some good women left hiding under a rock, waiting to be found fail to understand that these women are chameleons, blending in to the conservative parts of the country or hiding their histories from the men they interact with. These wholesome women will easily throw that supposed purity aside for a chance at a man with a high SMV.

Even if you were to find a woman from a stable household that has stable friends and is sheltered from the cancerous culture and has positive influences in life, you still have to deal with shit tests and all the drama that comes with it. Just because she may not be promiscious, she still is subconsiouly searching for the best mate, so you have to constantly prove yourself to her. She will never love you for who you are, only for what you can do for her. That doesn’t sound like a unicorn to me.

There is no right girl for you. You will always be fighting with her instincts, because Mother Nature is ruthless and unforgiving. You may be able to override your biological urges to mate with multiple women and instead create an emotional connection with one woman, but that isn’t how nature designed us. You can overcome that instinct because you can access something within yourself, a desire to change the rules that nature bestowed upon you, but you can’t expect her to do the same.

Once you accept that there are no unicorns, there is no woman out there waiting for you to find her, you can start to move forward as a MGTOW. You may face a crippling depression, or an uncontrollable rage, as your purpose and hope for settling down is crushed. We will continue to explore what comes after that realization on this channel, but just know that there is a purpose beyond reproduction. The difference is that you have to create it for yourself, it isn’t given to you. That’s for each of you to figure out on your own, but the fact that you’re entertaining the idea of life beyond a wife or have already come to that conclusion puts you ahead of literally billions of people.

The test for how committed you are to your individuality and freedom is to think of what you would do if you lived in a different time. If you lived in the 40s or 50s, would you still be MGTOW? If you go further back in time when gender relations were traditional, would you still go your own way? Or are you just MGTOW because of how bad things are? If you use MGTOW as a reaction, you can still reap many of the rewards that the philosophy gives, but you’ll always have that yearning for times past and the sadness and anger that comes with looking at what we have today. If you reach the place where you understand that you would always be MGTOW because female nature is universal, you can begin to reach the peace of mind that this channel was designed to spread.

The Different Types of MGTOW

The MGTOW community is made up of men from all walks of life with plenty of different experiences that led them to finding their freedom. A lot of us share a common theme of being burned in a relationship, but not all MGTOW are the same. In this video we will discuss the many different types of men that are going their own way in today’s society. But listen carefully,  this is not an endorsement of any specific type of MGTOW, this is merely an attempt to catalog the gathering of men. To do that, an honest look at the types are required, so don’t get all butt hurt in the comments if you get offended.

Remember, every type of MGTOW has something to offer the community. Just like the Council of Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, every member there had a different skill to bring to the table. The guys stuck in the hateful rage phase can provide an outlet for other guys to vent, a neccessary part of the process, and the guys who are at peace with female nature can help spread knowledge too. Anyways, on to the first type.

The first type of MGTOW is the most common: a monogamous man. He had a steady long term relationship and eventually got burned. Maybe he got cheated on, maybe he had to endure a nagging and spiteful partner, maybe he discovered relationships aren’t everything they’re made out to be, or most likely he experienced all three of those possibilities. This is a man who was on his way to the plantation, but an encounter with the toxic femininity that today’s society has created or a last minute awakening saved him from a life of slavery. This makes up a large percentage of the community. Just average guys who can’t knowingly sign up for such a shitty deal in today’s society.

The second type of MGTOW are the bachelors. These guys are one of the 3 types of MGTOW that have been around before the community formed. These guys are the ramblers, the travelers, the sailors going from port to port, woman to woman, never settling down. Obviously in the age of #metoo, these types have been affected by the tyranny of women, but generally these guys know a lot about female nature if they avoided the trap of marriage, and combining that with MGTOW knowledge they can become even more powerful. I would not call them Alphas in the traditional sense, though. Remember, the mating strategy of Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is real and proven, but the men who would be considered the Alpha under women’s sexual preferences almost always get penalized in some way. The amount of single mothers in society illustrates this. Just because a dude isn’t the beta bucks in a situation doesn’t mean he’s off the hook, women are still using the government to penalize these supposed Alpha guys. One stop at the red pill subreddit shows that most of the men trying to make themselves into Alpha men, a noble goal of self improvement, are doing it to get a wife. Alphas always get tied down eventually, they just have more options. That isn’t saying much when you think about it. What does it matter if a slave gets his pick of the plantations to work on? He’s still a slave. A bachelor is a different man entirely. Maybe he has just as many options as the Alpha in a situation, or maybe he has less because of a lower sexual marketplace value, it doesn’t matter because he will always maintain his freedom, effectively removing himself from the long term sexual hierarchy, taking what he wants and leaving when it suites him.

The third type of MGTOW are the divorced men. These men have been put through the hell created by society that is designed to break men. Society always undervalues men, but today society actively wants to punish them. These punished men are scarred from their experiences and can never put themselves in a vulnerable state again. These men offer a warning to the rest of us for what is in store for those that ignore the truth of MGTOW. Men have subconsciously heard the warning, because marriage rates are plummeting around the world for the younger generation.

The fourth type of MGTOW is another one of the timeless types: the monk. These men would be at home with the monks of religious orders in older times. They value the peace of mind and the focus they get from shunning women and following their own path. An ironic part about this type is that most of these guys are atheists, but being spiritual doesn’t mean practicing any particular religion, it just means being in touch with yourself and the world around you. These guys don’t have the yearning for a woman, they have reached the peace that I think every MGTOW should be striving to reach. The wisest men in history practiced solitude, and I think having that isolation naturally brings a heightened sense of focus and insight that makes any man wiser in his own way. Going monk mode in today’s society of oversexualization builds a man’s willpower beyond what a normal man would be capable of. The difference in this natural form of monk mode is that a man must fight both external temptation as well as his own yearning. As with the next type of MGTOW, many men are forced to go into something that resembles monk mode on the surface, but it isn’t the same thing because they would trade it if they could, they haven’t naturally accepted it. A man going monk mode who is actively focused on self-improvement, which naturally attracts the women he is trying to avoid, has an almost god-like willpower because he has overcome his physical desires in pursuit of something more, beyond what any woman could offer.

The fifth type of MGTOW make up a large percentage as well, and any acknowledgement of their nature will always bring criticism, but incels often place themselves in the MGTOW community. This is the third timeless type, because there are always a large percentage of men in any society that simply can’t compete in the sexual marketplace. The issues come when they see that as a bad thing. They are constantly filled with hate and frustration because they look at what they can’t have, not the possibilities that are opened up to them. One door may close, but another can be opened. A lot of the greatest inventors and producers of history couldn’t attract women, so they decided to focus on themselves and their craft and eventually got rich and famous. This is a magnet for women, but if you have the MGTOW knowledge you can avoid getting enslaved after finding success. The sad truth about a large part of the community is that so many men are one blowjob away from the plantation, and the incels are almost always seeking to be enslaved. If they could get a wife, they would forsake all of the knowledge we have worked together to record and share just for some leftovers of a post wall woman.

As you can see, the MGTOW community is very diverse. We have so much diversity it would make the cancerous leftists jealous. Men from every nation are joining us every day, and we have the most important form of diversity: diversity of thought. Every type has something to offer, something to teach, and something to learn from the other types. We each walk our own path and we must take charge of ourselves, but we also have learned to work together and mentor each other using the tools that the enemy has created to enslave us. While everyone else uses social media and Youtube to distract themselves from their boring lives, you have pursued something that will alter the course of your life, and the lives of other men should you choose to give back and share your thoughts and experiences.

Solitude is not Loneliness

MGTOW is not MRA (3)

The difference between solitude and loneliness is your state of mind. If you value peace and quiet, you can enjoy your own company as you pursue your own interests. If you value how others perceive you, you will see your isolation as a curse. The mind determines if the isolation is a positive experience of self-reflection or if it is a damaging trial of patience and yearning for human contact.

Reshaping the state of mind is the only thing that you should be focusing on if you need to leave loneliness behind and move to solitude. There are no tricks or life hacks to get over this hurdle, and you cannot face this problem on any other plane than within your mind. Working out in isolation and building your body will not bring the fulfillment it can truly offer until you deal with this, focusing on your hobbies or expanding your mind or growing spiritually does not change the fact that the root of the problem is in your perception of reality.

“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.”

The wild beasts enjoy their own company, but they can’t explain why. They follow their basic feelings, and these feelings show them that they are most comfortable and productive in solitude. The Gods of Men found their place in solitude through rigorous introspection and determined that the tribe was only holding them back from what they truly desired. Both the wild beast and the God found peace of mind, but the foundations of the beast are weaker than the God’s.

Facing these ideas and honestly looking at your dependence on external validation is required for you to never be lonely again. While this is dealt with in your mind, your physical surroundings influence your perception of reality. If you are in a restaurant alone, are you insecure and lonely as couples and families enjoy a meal around you, or are you content with the meal prepared for you? If you see a couple walking towards you on the street, do you feel pangs of jealousy at their companionship, or are you savoring your freedom?

Once you enter solitude, it is an eternal state. You may enjoy the company of friends, or the loyalty of a dog, or the companionship of a girlfriend or casual relationship, but these relationships should not change your independence from external validation. The friends will go their separate ways, the dog will die, the woman will leave or force you to leave to preserve your freedom, you cannot become dependent on these things because they are temporary, whereas your solitude is with you until your final day.

The act of solitude is practiced every waking moment, no matter your surroundings. Being surrounded by people at your workplace, at your school, in your community, you are always on your own path, separate from the tribe. Solitude is not just the physical practice of isolation, it is a mental separation from what ties everyone else to the rat race. It is freeing yourself of the cycle so that you can enjoy the short amount of time you have left and to explore things at your own pace.

When you begin to feel pain from your isolation, when you feel a yearning for something that you don’t have, then you are lonely. Your loneliness can only be cured by another person or thing, so you are dependent on something outside of your control and require external validation. This removes all of your power because you have to play by someone else’s rules and are operating within nature’s boundaries. If you are curing your loneliness with a woman, you have to do what she says because you need her more than she needs you. She can find another partner because you are expendable and a utility, but you have placed your dependence on her shoulders, and leaving the relationship would leave you in a state of loneliness and agony. And so men put up with things any sane man in solitude would laugh at.

You can still enjoy company and love those close to you, but nature will remove them eventually. Being dependent on their existence allows nature to dictate your state of mind and your actions. The act of detaching yourself from the physical realm is a long journey, but essential to reaching solitude.

Even more difficult is detaching yourself from your own thoughts. The ego you have built with your mind was built with the ideas of external validation. Letting go of ideas and allowing your mind to move beyond the walls you have placed in your own path requires isolation and meditation, but once you have achieved this, you are closer to reaching solitude than the overwhelming majority of all humans that ever lived.

There are many milestones that you may encounter than can be indicators of where you are on your path to reaching solitude and escaping loneliness. Operating in the physical realm with no self-doubt, drifting through social situations with the grace of the wind and not being disturbed by people’s perceptions and judgments of your path are all signs that you are leaving the realm that everyone else operates within and are moving on to something greater.

Being able to entertain ideas that not only hurt, but absolutely destroy the ego as it was made before your journey to solitude is essential. When you can acknowledge your own faults and see how every action you took was in the pursuit of someone else’s path, you can begin to lay the stones on your path and learn to walk for the first time.

When you can accept criticism and remain steadfast, you have entered the impenetrable fortress of solitude. Simply ignoring what people may say is not enough, you have to honestly consider where they are coming from. If you ignore and shun them, you are afraid at the damage it might do to the ego you are reshaping. If you accept their perspective, which is tied to external validation, and compare it to your independence from their validation, it will bounce right off as you continue about your purpose. If it does not, then it just shows that you still have work to do, which is a blessing in itself. You need to constantly test your boundaries so you know that you are truly protected in your solitude.

Don’t feel pressured if your path takes longer than you thought. It took me a long time to overcome ideas of loneliness and to accept solitude, but yours may be longer. No matter where your path takes you, as long as you remain on the path, you can never be truly lost.

See One, See All

“See one promontory, one mountain, one sea, one river and see all.”
– Socrates

Individuality is not natural, it is created by those seeking to know themselves. When you hear the mainstream idiom that “everyone is special”, know that this stems from the false gynocentric care-based system women operate on, where they would rather fill people’s heads with empty platitudes of friendship and harmony than face the hard truths that one must create their uniqueness, it is not simply given by virtue of existence.

Nature designed organisms to act in a cohesive, collective and predictable way to ensure survival. Freedom is antithetical to natural selection. If an organism acted in its own interests, not on its biological urges, then that organism could fail to fulfill nature’s plans for it, instead enjoying its life the way it wants to. Having the freedom to fail makes a person responsible for their actions, which in turn shifts them away from the collective. Failure in the eyes of society and nature is entirely subjective. Some of the greatest men of humanity did not pass on their genes or get bogged down by marriage. If the choice is to fall in line and be grinded through the gears that nature created to keep the machine of life running or to step aside and enjoy the fruits that the machine has reaped, it really isn’t a choice for me at all.
Women operate identically because their reproductive strategy works. It is such an effective method of acquiring resources that no revision has been necessary for thousands of years. The reproductive strategy is universal and transcends language, culture, countries, and time itself. A woman today could go to the library and read about a woman’s mating story from centuries ago and relate perfectly. As Darwin explained, adaptation occurs across generations, not instantaneously. The woman who have hit the wall and adopted the life of cats and wine will suffer from eternal loneliness, but the women of tomorrow will be faced with the first test of adaptation for their reproductive strategy on a global scale. Will they try to control their hypergamous instincts and date down, or would they rather wither away as their looks fade, just as the women before them did?

If you have come to terms with the principles of game and the nature of women, you understand all women. The only variables you have to contend with are the levels of craziness and if she had a masculine father in her life. Even then, these things don’t negate any of the negative aspects of femininity. Plenty of girls were raised in conservative, religious households only to become sluttier than the whores their preachers warned them of. Even if a woman appears to be less crazy than others you may have encountered, her instability is still greater than almost any man you will meet, and definitely far greater than yours.

Once you meet a simp or a cuck, you have met all simps and cucks. They operate in easily recognizable patterns because they desire the same things. Their entire reality revolves around women, making them easy to control and predict. The peculiar thing is that this is not an effective reproductive strategy, and yet they continue to waste away practicing the art of cuckery. I can think of two explanations for their less than optimal way of chasing women. Either they have been brainwashed to such a degree that objective reality no longer has any bearing on their decisions, or it is simply natural selection at work, weeding out the men too stupid to think for themselves. I’m conflicted because the brainwashing men are exposed to today is unprecedented, but there are also plenty of examples of simps in ancient history, despite their cultures being masculine and patriarchal.

This familiarity of the simp and the woman cannot be conflated with a MGTOW. Reflect on how you have preconceived ideas of a simp and a woman, but MGTOW is strangely absent from your brains’ attempts at categorization. MGTOW are unpredictable and varied. A MGTOW could be a liberal or a conservative, a nerd or a jock, rich or poor, charismatic or shy, or all of the above simultaneously. If you meet one MGTOW, you have met one MGTOW, not a representation of all free men.

I have found that most people display their individuality in their hobbies. If you get a beta to talk about his interests, you can see a spark of a soul, a desire deep within the abyss of his heart that yearns for the freedom to pursue the knowledge it craves. You can see the life return to his eyes when he can envision possibility again, something he had surrendered, along his soul, in the pursuit of pussy. It is equally crushing to watch that spark fade as his focus returns to plantation. Every free man must turn that spark into a fire, and keep the fire burning for as long as he lives.