She Denies the Wall

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At a foundational level, a woman derives her entire utility from her sex appeal. She can create other utilities for herself, like being a wife or a mother, but these are not given to her by default unless it’s an arranged marriage. That’s why men stay with their women long after the wall has smashed them to pieces, because they derive value from her besides her sex appeal. When a woman has failed to create external utilities for herself besides her sexual utility, she becomes deranged and disillusion, living in an alternate reality far beyond the alternate realities women already live in, a dimension worthy of the twilight zone.

This type of woman, a leftover and useless woman, subconsciously knows her worth and this manifests itself in her pure venomous hatred of young and attractive women and the hatred of companionship. Consciously, she sets ridiculously high standards that are not adapted to her present value, instead blaming her lack of results on the pool of men rather than her own failings.

I’ll have to analyze the history of feminism and the suffragettes at a later point, but one of the main opponents of first wave feminism were housewives. Plenty of counter propaganda depicted feminist women accurately as the man-hating and lonely women that they are, because those women understood that they could not rely on their looks forever and that their hypergamous capabilities are limited by that small window of youth that women have, a much shorter window than that of men.

Nowadays, with the abundance of processed foods, poor diets, alcohol, drugs, and beauty products that cause aging, more women are reaching the wall at a younger age, and this has helped to enforce the delusion that comes with female nature.

This separates post-wall women in to two categories: the young and the old. Old post wall women have been a staple of cultures, from the shamanistic roles the elder women took to the nasty witches of Disney movies. The accelerated aging of fertile women is something akin to a classical tragedy, except they did it to themselves.

When a woman collides with the wall in her youth, her hypergamous instincts have very little time to adapt. Since girls are taught that they can enjoy the pleasures of the cock carousel and settle down later, she is deceived into believing she has more time than she actually has. Her plan entails a string of casual sexual encounters, some boyfriends, and then when she’s starting to notice the wear and tear that all those men and all those drugs caused to her body, she can find a husband while she still has some attractive features left before fully letting herself go after she’s sealed the deal.

This timeline is thrown on its head when she hits the wall in the cock carousel phase, with no serious prospects in sight because she wasn’t even considering looking for any. As she stops receiving attention from the standard of men she had become accustomed to, she becomes desperate for attention from any man, though she still remains just as picky as she was before hitting the wall. She’ll pair up with a man that she considers beneath her and resent him for her inability to fulfill her hypgermaous instincts.

The real damage comes from the doubling down of wall-inducing behaviors. If she fails to pair up with her idea of a sub-par man, her anxiety will lead her to medication, binge eating, depression, and being passed around like a football on game day. If she did pair up, if that relationship eventually ends because of her resentment of the man, she will not only have lost all that time in the failed relationship, but will engage in the behaviors of the women who did not pair up. Both scenarios lead to the post-wall, used up land whales that have become the majority of millennial women.

Never mind any of that, gentlemen, you need to man up and take one for the team or Western civilization will cease to exist! On second thought, there are plenty of soyboys ready and willing to jump on these beached whales, so what the hell are men with standards supposed to do now that the pool of attractive women has shrunk to such a small selection? Go MGTOW in whatever capacity suites you, be it monk or casual flings or short term dating, but whatever you do, do not tie yourself to a sinking ship, do not marry these women on track to collide with the wall.

Hypergamous Hypocrisy: Why #metoo Will Harm Women More Than Men

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One of the first women who kickstarted the #metoo movement, Asia Argento, was accused of sexual assault. This should come as no surprise, so instead of focusing on the details of this specific case because there will be more to come, I’m going to expand on it in a general sense.

This is a big blow against #metoo, but #metoo won’t end. Anything that women want supported will be supported until the end of time. The only thing that can really do damage against it is women themselves. The hypocrisy and insanity of the women pushing it will damage it, and the women who can recognize the damage it’s doing can protest it.

And that has been the most amusing thing to watch as this movement has unfolded. A lot of women have voiced their concern and disagreement with #metoo because they recognize that it is affecting their personal lives. Women’s reasoning skills keep them locked into an idealistic perspective. Their ideas of grandeur and a gender revolution blinded them to the practical realities that will impact them in their day to day lives. To them, it felt good to punish the men who aren’t sexually attractive but still manipulated women’s hypergamous instincts with money. It felt good to have a sense of unity with other women, to have an active part in growing something that should be regarded as nothing more than an internet mob, but corporations started responding and they saw power in their activism.

To them, this was great until men started thinking for themselves and started avoiding women in the workplace and became even more hesitant to approach them outside of work than they already were before #metoo. Once women realized their attempts to trap a beta bucks would become more difficult, they started to protest and push back, though in a very tame way. Attitudes like “maybe we should use the system of due process” aren’t exactly revolutionary ideas, but they were treated as such because any woman that spoke out against #metoo was championed because the overwhelming majority, as they always are, are silent and allow the most vocal women to make the change for the rest of them.

Make no mistake, although women are associating themselves with the feminist label less with each passing year, they still believe and advocate for everything the feminists do. They have merely made the association that all of the proud and loud feminists are also the ugliest women who men avoid with disdain. No woman, who is entirely reliant on her appearance to attract mates, wants to be associated with the type of woman that would have been ostracized from all communities a century ago.

#metoo has redpilled men who were otherwise oblivious to female nature. By men actively avoiding women in the workplace, they are acknowledging, consciously or not, that some women cannot be held at their word and that they are prone to misrepresent and slander to spite a man or to steal his money. All it takes is one experience to send a man down the rabbit hole that will eventually lead him to MGTOW.
Here is the opening of a New York Times article published today about her accusation of sexual assault:
nytimes clip
Now for the average blue pill guy, that is not an obvious fact. That goes against everything he was taught. His line of thinking depends on women being virtuous angels capable of doing no wrong and always being right.

The social media that women and their cuck slaves used to promote and push #metoo will be the same tools that will bite them in their cellulite-ridden asses. Men are inquisitive creatures. They desire to learn and to understand the why of things. More men will continue to search the internet for questions like “why do women cheat” or “can women lie about sexual assault” and since topics like these are so widely covered in our community and elsewhere, it’s only a matter of time before they start to realize how influential communication with other men can be.

Think of how hard feminists worked to pollute and destroy every male space. If you have men isolated from their wives and girlfriends, they can finally start to think freely and talk openly, at least in that space. For their takeover to be complete, it was imperative that the harpies clamped down on those last bastions of masculinity.

It is often said that #metoo is the greatest promoter of MGTOW, and that is absolutely true. When masculinity is assaulted, you’ve seen men try to conform to the new ideas of what masculinity should be, to try and assimilate themselves into their surroundings to fit in and to try and appease women. When natural sexual flirtations are attacked, and sexuality in men is shamed and now punished through the law and the power corporations have today, men literally have no other recourse and no need to interact with women.

People respond to fear more than they do to compassion. Women have created a system where men must fear them, and in doing so, have destroyed the ability for men to love them. I’ll sample a chapter from “The Prince”, where Machiavelli talks about this.

prince 1prince 2prince 3

Women depend on the love of men. Without it, they will suffer in every regard: mentally, emotionally and physically. Without the love of men, the protective instinct, women are easily manipulated by politicians just using them for votes, without any care for the consequences of the policies that they are enforcing that will do lasting damage to the gender relations. Women’s happiness rates are at an all-time low, and the mental illness rates are increasing and breaking records every year. The STD rates continue to climb, the fertility rates continue to drop worldwide, and women move away from their natural place every day. The end game, when western civilization becomes so weak that it is primed for an invasion, will leave women defenseless.

When the Muslim population becomes a large enough voting block in Europe that it can control the legislation, men won’t rise up to defend the women who betrayed them. Women are the first to turn on their men and the first to feel the consequences in their lives. Radicalized women were on the frontlines in the early days of Communist China, and they in turn suffered under the one child policy. All of the women who supported the policies in Venezuela that have now left them to prostitute themselves and their daughters surely regret their decisions.

It is up to men to put women in their place, to protect them from themselves, but they have created a society of fear, where doing so would utterly destroy a man so as to make an example out of him for the rest who would dare take action. This attitude has compounded over the years to the point where there is no action we as men can take but to leave the sinking ship and fill the life boats with anyone who wants to climb in. Enjoy your wine and cats, ladies.

Feminism is like a three-legged dog


When I was a child in elementary school, a three legged dog followed my sister and I in the morning one day on our walk to school. We felt pity for the dog, but we did not dare to touch it. We could have turned around and led it back home, putting the dog in our backyard to keep it safe until we were out of school and our parents returned from work. Instead, we let the dog follow us on to the school campus, knowing full well that the teacher who claimed it could call animal control and then the dog would likely be shuffled through a series of cages before being put down. Our parents would likely have not wanted a crippled stray dog on top of the two dogs we already had, and the possibility of it running away again in the future tarnished the idea of taking it in. Our dogs have always been loved and loyal, but the three-legged dog was damaged goods, there would be no guarantee that it could be rehabilitated.

Feminism is a crippled animal compared to traditional patriarchy. It is under the guise that it stands on its own, when in reality it relies on the very foundations that patriarchy built. When a feminist society is put to the test, it will predictably hobble along, pathetically trying to keep the pace set by the enlightened world builders of our past. When dealing with feminism, we may hope for the best, just as I hoped for that crippled dog to find its way back to its home, but any problems that arise from it will be kicked down the road to become someone else’s problem. The hemorrhaging of society caused by feminism cannot be undone. It may be propped up, just as the dog could be fitted with an artificial limb, but it will never function as it once did before it was maimed. Men may prop it up with taxes, or the government may prop it up with a bachelor tax, or the media may prop it up with censorship, but it can only delay, not repair.

Just as the crippled dog exudes weakness and vulnerability to the pack, a feminist society signals to the world that it is defenseless and defeated. A moral man may care for that crippled dog despite its weaknesses, but morality is truly tested when contrasted against practicality. Should that man become the guardian to the dog in harsh times, suffer for his morality and then express his woe, he is a weak man. If a man today wants to support and defend his society without addressing the gynocentric cancer rotting away at its core, I wish him the best of luck. If he should fail in his goal and shift the blame to anyone but himself, he is a fool and a fraud. A smart man would let the cripple hobble on and prepare his nest for a more wholesome and well-equipped alternative.

Removing morality entirely is dangerous and I do not recommend it, but comparing the morality of what you would want to happen versus what needs to happen for the best results is a practice that will provide the opportunities for you to exercise that morality. We can’t help all the crippled dogs, but we can help more when we are in a position of strength and abundance. If I were an older man with my own house, I could have taken in that dog without needing to ask permission and on the sole basis of entertaining my morality. I crossed paths with that dog at the wrong time, and there were less options available as a young child versus a developed man. Helping a feminist society is too costly for a man, and if he truly has an altruistic desire to help, he would be most useful after the collapse of the society, not being taken down with it.


Feminism Has Liberated Men


Feminism is the single most harmful force against women in our recorded history, yet you would not know it from the women themselves. While the short term benefits of feminism have sedated the masses of women, the long term effects will render them entirely useless, damaged and unstable as a demographic. The women may exert their influence in democratic countries to mitigate some of the damage, but the damage is permanent. The result is a portion of men who have been freed from their traditional gender roles and cannot be ruled by any woman, government or institution.


Women entering the work force was the greatest thing to happen to the individual, free thinking man and the worst thing to happen to any society that allowed it to happen. As an individual man, he became free from having to work to sustain an entire family. Now the woman could contribute as well, and should she desire to stay at home, the flooding of wage slaves would make it nearly impossible for a middle to lower class woman to stay home. This dependency on her spouse for income despite having her own income would often leave her confused because of the conflicting propaganda she would absorb from her television about liberation and choice, when in reality she was lessening the load on the man. The man could still be working grueling hours, but it was not as bad as in other economically strained times in history where the man was the sole breadwinner.

The men who reap the most from this economic liberation are the bachelors. An enlightened man can have the women of today entertain him and pay for themselves, something unheard of in older societies. He who knows the system can take advantage of it, and these men prosper in their own ways today. Even if a bachelor should abstain from the distractions of women, he is still fortunate to be a part of this economic liberation. In older societies, a man would have to be wedded and a family man to advance in certain careers and corporations, as bachelors were often treated with suspicion and caution. With the sexual liberation of today, a man can provide exactly as much as he desires for himself with no commitments that he does not want to make.


The process of removing social stigmas and shaming tactics for women’s sexual behavior enabled the crafty men to take advantage of the newly “liberated” women. You can do things to the women around you that men used to go to war for the opportunity to do. The men who have been gated out of the sexual revolution would not have been able to thrive in any system that did not explicitly stack the deck in their favor. These are the men who would have benefited from the time when all you needed was a steady job to obtain a wife and start a family. Under this system, these men would have no reason to improve or challenge themselves, only needing to work for another man and bring home a wage for the wife. The sexual revolution is a return to form for the species, one of primal lust and animalistic urges. By removing the restraints on women, the men who push themselves to new heights can reap women and the men who see its futility can walk their own path, both types being liberated from the dreary routine of nuclear families and white picket fences.

A man can always adapt to his surroundings. Once he learns the rules that are obstructed by his society, he can turn any situation in to his favor. Many men desire to have the dreary routine of nuclear families and to maintain their white picket fences on weekends, but now that the possibility of a typical prescribed lifestyle has been removed, these men are now forced to forge their own path. No one can dictate these men because they are unable to fulfill their biological programming of providing shelter and security. Instead, these men typically fall into three categories: adapting and improving their bodies, careers and charisma to bed women indefinitely and enjoying their hedonistic lifestyle, leaving the traditional path and finding a higher sense of meaning beyond the physical realm, or wallowing in their self pity and accepting that they are not fit for this primal way of life.


Men are empowered by the degeneracy that women have unleashed upon society. Regardless of which category they fall into, men awakened to the reality around them are unable to return to the fantasy that controlled their lives before. A weight has been lifted from their shoulders and they are now free to decide their fate. The men who suffer under this way of life are those playing by the old rules. It is unfortunate that these men must suffer, but pain is the most effective teacher, and should they survive their torment, they should be able take lessons from their experiences and move closer to awakening from their artificial slumber. The men who lament the state of society and its reckless women have yet to find a cause that supersedes the women they yearn for. Should society revert to respecting reason and responsibility tomorrow, these men would be the first to engage in the old traditions of courting and marriage, proof that these men do not want to change themselves, but would rather everyone around them change to conform to their expectations.

An empowered man reliant on himself is the most powerful force on this planet, stronger than any force of nature. When his shackles are shattered and his hands freed to craft his own destiny, he can choose exactly what future he wants to mold. Feminism has revealed the true nature of women that has been lost from ancient wisdom, and the degeneracy has become so widespread that the fall of women will never be forgotten, as it cannot be contained. No amount of censorship will erase the pain from men’s hearts or the loneliness of the women who sold their souls for pleasure and prosperity.


Any sane and rational man can see this way of life is unsustainable, but that same man also has to come to terms with the severity of the problem. Solutions exist, but those solutions are impractical and cannot be enacted. No woman would vote against her own interests, and should the idea of restricting women’s rights enter mainstream discussion, a rational man should know that the end of his society is upon him. This is what happens when people who take more than they contribute are given the right to vote. Many great men of history warned of this, but ancient wisdom is rarely applied because each generation believes it is more enlightened than the last.

When the system crumbles and society is in ruins, it will be the men who rebuild it. The deciding factor of the sustainability of that new society built upon the ruins of the old is if the enlightened men choose to contribute or not. An enlightened man knows that even if he exerted his mastery over his domain, it would eventually succumb to weakness and decadence once he passed, and this sense of futility is a crippling adversary to productivity. With knowledge comes pain, and in this age of information men are in more spiritual, emotional and mental pain than ever. Convincing them to rebuild will be the greatest challenge of those who helped destroy society and liberate the men to begin with.

Observations of a straight white male in college


Browsing the MGTOW subreddit this morning, I came across a post depicting a feminist professor at ASU West in a classroom espousing propaganda, as displayed below. As fate would have it, I just finished my first semester at ASU West and took some pictures throughout the year to document the madness. I will now try my best to explain what I observed, knowing full well of the possibility that my identity could be revealed and my college career ending as a result, but I think the fear I feel in sharing this information is exactly why it must be shared.


On False Rape Allegations

The first piece of future historical evidence I would like to share is a brochure I picked up during the semester, titled “Sexual Assault and Misconduct Resource Guide”. Pardon the terrible color design choices for the cover.


Now it should be known without needing to be said but I will be as clear as possible regardless, I am completely against rape of any person, any gender, in any situation. That being said, false rape allegations are a real thing that men face. I’ve developed a system to help minimize that risk during my intimate interactions with women, and if anyone is interested I can make a separate post about that. The fear of a false rape allegation will only increase the more you read this brochure, and any man who doesn’t register a problem with this system, consciously or not, is not awake, but I’ll elaborate further in a bit. Now, on to the good stuff.


The second line would make any of the cynical MGTOW men laugh: “Sun Devils take care of ourselves, each other and our community.” Reading between the lines, it means the school takes care of women and minorities, with the general majority, or the larger community, the last of its priorities. The following paragraph mindlessly lists statistics that have been debunked countless times on the internet. I’m not going to summarize or link them because you should be able to find them, but you can always debunk these anti-scientific, militant and radical people by using simple logic: if one in five undergraduate women were assaulted, the United States would be the equivalent of a third-world war-zone.

The second paragraph on the yellow panel is the most important piece of text in the brochure. The first sentence is the typical PR language, but the second sentence should make any man in college pause. “All ASU employees are mandatory reporters and must report allegations of sexual assault/harassment.” An ASU employee must reveal your identity and involve you on the basis of an allegation, regardless of evidence or circumstance. Not only that, but they have included the laughably vague charge of harassment. As we all know, the charges of harassment continue to loosen by the year along with the aging women who push for that agenda.

The final paragraph also describes a setting I would like to illustrate for you, “If an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual violence occurs, options to report the incident, receive confidential support and immediate assistance are available through on-campus and off-campus resources.” Throughout the campus, there are stations where you can press a button and report an emergency. This is a completely subjective argument, but I wonder how many times, if ever, that these were used and if they can be proven to increase security at all. The colleges that have experienced emergencies probably had systems similar to the ones at ASU West, and probably had no effect on containing or preventing the emergency. All it serves to do is make me feel guilty until proven innocent, like those emergency stations are the only thing preventing the men on campus from becoming monsters.

The green panel lists all of the services and organizations that exist to support women. Without going into too many personal details, I will say that I have faced an emergency at one point and the first responder handed me a folder containing all of the services and hotlines that related to my predicament, none of which I was eligible for because I was a male.


On the red panel, we can see that a woman can have a “no contact order” issued at her behest. I have no idea if the “room assignment changes” apply to her or the person she has accused of sexual assault or harassment, but MGTOW men know exactly who it is likely to apply to.

Poor female behavior is in part due to incentives from society. Notice the second point listed for the support services, “assistance with absence letters, attendance and enrollment options.” I can already imagine a scenario where she needs an excuse to skip the assigned day for finals, or needs an extension on a project or missed the drop date for a class and needs a quick solution.

“If expulsion or suspension is decided, both parties have the right to appeal.” From what I have read, the successful cases where men justly defended themselves against false allegations were Pyrrhic victories, destroying their reputation and college career in the process.

The yellow panel is another negative incentive for false allegations. Being able to accuse others anonymously or to have others do so on their behalf is an incredibly dangerous idea. I understand the reasons for it, but as we have seen time and again, reasonable and moral systems are abused by using men’s natural instinct to protect women against them.


These panels illustrate the massive financial costs of implementing a system like this, and this only applies to one college campus. Lines like, “sexual misconduct is a complex and painful experience that often requires a combination of legal, medical, pyschological and academic support,” just reek of bureaucratic siphoning of funds. Just consider this, MGTOW men: capitalism always prevails because of the greed of humans. These costly organizations would not still exist unless they are being used to some capacity that justifies their existence.


This final panel of the brochure is not something that would be unfamiliar to most redpilled men. We have all at one point been subjected to the PC rules on sexual interaction with the opposite sex. You can draw your own conclusions from this panel, as most of it is self-evident. Instead, I would like to offer a short personal account in relation to this. Without doxxing myself, I’m a young guy, probably one of the younger MGTOWs. Before I attended ASU West this year, I was attending a local community college nearby. Every semester at that community college, I slept with a new girl from one of my classes or fumbled and made mistakes with others as I learned from what the red pill community has to offer. I have been cold approaching girls since I was a freshman in high school, at 15 years old. Before reading TRP and eventually gravitating to MGTOW, I had little fear of women. Arriving at ASU West, I made no attempt to court any of the girls in my classes as I was scared of the outcomes from having interactions with these type of people. I have never been subjected to more liberal nonsense than during my semester at ASU West, and I would not touch those girls with a ten foot pole. Looking over the yellow panel of “Relevant ASU Policies”, you can objectively see how the feminists and the PC police have taken all of the fun out of interactions with the opposite sex, reducing it to a cold and calculated transaction.

On the campus culture

Below is a picture I took of a sign outside of a massage therapy on campus, and don’t bother asking why one even exists on campus because I’ve tried to answer that myself to no avail. Take note of the prices and laugh your way to sweet vindication of your desire to protect your bank account.


The demographics of this school were incredibly interesting to me. The majority of the people I saw walking on the lifeless campus were Asian, and as I people watched throughout the year I learned that they mostly spoke Mandarin. I even had one Asian guy in a group during the semester. These are the foreign exchange students, and I’m pleased to see that the negative handicaps they have to overcome during the Affirmative Action process didn’t effect them, as I believe in a meritocracy above all else. I took the picture below because the liberal poster-child of the woman in a hijab was too comical to pass up, but in this case it was accurate. I would estimate for every 5 girls I saw on campus, 1 of them was wearing a hijab.


And finally I came across this jewel while listening to a borderline overweight girl as she simultaneously stuffed her face with sushi. I had heard mentions of this phrase before, but I never understood it until I saw it in writing. Education is dead, the peasants were never meant to be literate. Be your own teacher and seek out men in other stations of life to learn from.