She Expects Your Servitude

The conceptions of dealing with finding a mate differs entirely between men and women. Where men seek to prove themselves and their capabilities, depending on female validation to recognize the value they’ve created in themselves, women have already decided at an early age that they deserve that value that the man can bring, and then evolve in to demanding it. Where men who are brainwashed in to the blue pill illusion of searching for soul mates and compatible characteristics on a spiritual level, women have already determined that they will pursue a life of leisure and manipulation, and whoever ends up being the unlucky victim of this scheme is irrelevant. The man is the only interchangeable variable in her equation. Where he may structure his life around the supposed precious woman he’s discovered, a diamond in the rough, she expects the man to conform to her preconceived desires.

A cunning woman would have her man believe his fantasies are being fulfilled, all the while she reaps the luxuries of his success. She would allow him to play the part of the patriarch, knowing full well that both the matters of her convenience and any major decisions that would result in her inconvenience were completely in her realm of control. This sly woman would be the real ruler of the roost. One could attempt to argue that this is the most merciful of the options, for at least the man can believe in his fantasy, at least he can live peacefully in the fantasy of male authority, compared to the more crude and blunt women who simply exert their influence through baser feminine tactics of manipulation, primarily shaming.

This would make for a poor argument, because none of the options allow for mercy. Living a lie is torment of a different kind because all of that potential is squandered, without even the slightest realization of what that entrapped man could have become. Instead, that man happily walks in to servitude for his weaker master, to which he owes all happiness, all purpose, all guidance, all desires. He bestows upon her his very essence as a human, and in return she casually inspects the gift she’s been given and quickly learns to sort through all the parts she can’t use, unwrapping the gift of the man’s soul to get to the root of her needs, the parts that she can actually use. Anything that doesn’t directly benefit her is tossed away, simply considered glorified wrapping paper for what she actually sought after.

As the welfare state, divorce courts, and propagation of feminist messaging has shown us, this expectation can be met by many different sources, none of them permanent and none of them beneficial in the long term for her, but one learns not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and women have learned to ride that horse long ago. No matter what decisions she makes, she will expect that servitude, and she will have her way, be it at the expense of a weak, desperate man who does not understand his own value as a man, or at the expense of the self-actualized man, held hostage by a government that seeks to appease the demands of the entitled and corrupted women.

Now there is something that we have to contend with. If the servile man was made aware of the extent of his servitude that is expected, how many would still willingly walk in to that trap? Your answer to this question will lead you to countless other questions as to why things are the way they are, and just as many answers as to why it can never change. Some men, believing that they can overcome the odds, will engage and find themselves locked in to a lifelong servitude once they realize their mistakes. Some men, desperate for a glimpse at what a life with a purpose could be, gladly put their souls on the line for women to bestow upon them the lowly purpose of a work horse, something greater than he ever dreamed, for he never dreamed at all. Some men simply will not listen, instead turning to their damaging instincts of hedonism and pursue the easy road, forgoing the long and winding path of introspection and contemplation.

It is an interesting thing, then, when such a master meets a man who has freed himself of the desires to be her slave. She may find him alluring, a specific aura about himself that is not easily found. She may even try to tame him, to render this proud man to a lowly servant, a living testimony to her power, a monument to her vanity. Just as she deduced the equation of a decadent women, where the outcome was guaranteed, all that was needed was a nameless man to fill the role of the producer, she now can only face one outcome: defiance. Defiance at the prospect of siphoning off time, resources, and his very life, defiance at the thought of losing all that he has gained for himself, and defiance at the very idea of ever betraying himself for anyone or anything again.

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