Not All Who Wander Are Lost (MGTOW)

Since society is built on the backs of men, every measure has been taken to ensure that you remain a part of it. While your happiness and well-being are nowhere near the list of essential items to keep you engaged, fear of isolation, shame, and the pressure of conformity are among the top of that list. Society’s defense mechanism when confronted with the prospect of male abandonment is to instill a sense of dread at the mere idea of leaving. Both genders are recruited into this generation-spanning campaign to drill in to your head that if you ever seriously entertain the idea of making something of yourself independently and forgo the typical life patterns of everyone else around you, you will face the agonizing torment of social isolation. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not all who wander are lost, and many who roam find comfort in the company of themselves. Whatever circumstance led them to their journey loses its importance out there in the wild where they wander. Out there, a world awaits those curious enough to explore it. Possibilities that were once taboo now open doors that were always unlocked, society just fooled men in to believing they did not already have the key, that they always did and always will. The journey of a man in this wilderness is not measured in how many people witness it, but rather how the journey itself molds to the man’s desires.

MGTOW is about finding oneself. Not in the sense of the feminine excuse of acting in a whorish manner in college, or in the drug-induced ramblings of hippie types, but in the real trials and tribulations a man must put himself through to survive the wilderness of individuality and all the anxiety and achievements that brings. Discovering that men are not valued in society is heartbreaking, but learning about how truly expendable you are considered in the eyes of those around you nullifies the potential for any future affairs with the temperamental and vindictive bitch that is society, constantly nagging and inserting itself where it is never wanted, demanding more than it ever gives and expecting you to bear its weight on your shoulders with a smile on your face.

And so the man begins to wander. Out and about, he begins to see the world in a new, rejuvenating light. Where once he kept his eyes fixed on the ground, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other to match the pace of the mindless drones around him, he now can stop and smell the flowers. Filled with a new sense of wonder, he can explore again, and yet it is portrayed to those around him that he is lost, hopelessly rambling throughout the lands as a poor, defeated man without purpose or prospects.

He could pause and explain that he is now free of burdens that weighed him down and prevented him from reaching his full stride, he could try to show them how much distance he can cover in his wilderness now with his full stride, or he could simply continue wandering, because he knows there’s only so much time to do what he needs to do and those who can’t look at his path and appreciate it are stuck on their own short and winding paths, bound to loop around just as they begin to contemplate anything else.

He knows true value now. Value beyond the material, beyond the superficial, beyond what he once thought important. He knows that what he can make of himself, for himself, and by himself yields the greatest returns. He no longer looks for the glitter in the dark, because he knows that all that glitters is not gold. That gold has been stained with the memory that drove him in to the wilderness to begin with.

Women have tainted themselves forever. Their legacy will be preserved in digital form for as long as access to the digital space exists. The stories of women breaking up families, of destroying their husbands in court, of separating their children, will be passed down through generations and continue to drive the wedge between the genders, and men will quickly discover that there is much more opportunity to be found outside of that basic dynamic, whereas women will truly become lost in that wilderness, never to be seen again.

Leaving a lost battle has historical precedent. Look to any moment of persecution for a group historically and you can find elements of that population fleeing to find better opportunities. Today, men as a whole are the persecuted, and men of all ages, races and nationalities are leaving to enter that wilderness, to wander and find out what they are truly made of.

3 thoughts on “Not All Who Wander Are Lost (MGTOW)

  1. I used to be a man between worlds. I could for awhile fit in with society but it never worked for me felt like someone dropped a cage around my heart. Know I just do the things I like if I don’t like something I don’t do it life is wonderful know


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