Women Don’t Care About Freedom (MGTOW)

Freedom is under siege in all of its forms wherever freedom may be found. The most notable reaction of these instances is the apathy that women have when confronted with the loss of freedom, and even the support of their loss of freedoms in exchange for security. This does not excuse the apathetic and lazy men who think just as their women do, but the women of America, Europe and parts of Asia are not pushing back against the creeping tyranny that is soon to envelope the world.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Let’s look at some contemporary issues to highlight the metaphysical realities of women and their apathetic relation with freedom. Take the protests in Hong Kong, for example. The percentage of women protesting against the issue of the encroaching Chinese government is drastically smaller than the male protesters. This brings to light two examples, both physical in nature. Women have a biological imperative to submit, it is built in to their anatomy and in to their complete vulnerability during the later stages of pregnancy. Simply put, they can’t fight for freedom in the same ways that a man can, which leads in to the second reason, being that they don’t have to. Women have an innate understanding that no matter what form of community they find themselves in, a decently attractive women will always have some form of value to that community, whereas a man will not.

The freedom of communication is nearing its end, as many of you already know. Why is it then that women have nothing to say on the matter, beyond a passing complaint and inconvenience? Perhaps its because they had nothing to say to begin with. Look to history to see the lack of female philosophers and intellectuals and you will find the answer. They can’t engage in the metaphysical because they are only concerned with the physical. Speaking against the majority and challenging established norms is against their herd mentality, and they can only engage in petty acts of rebellion if they have a large enough group to engage in degenerate acts to display their rejection of cultural norms while simultaneously falling in to predictable and simple-minded patterns, shunning all forms of individuality and simply embracing a different form of collectivism.

Women simply don’t care. She is content with being entertained and provided for, and as long as the distractions continue uninterrupted and she can flounder in her small pond as a big fish, any ideas of becoming something more and having true sovereignty elude her grasp. Women don’t require freedom to prosper, they take their prosperity with them in their physical attractiveness. Nations, borders, customs, and cultural are interchangeable to her. She goes where she can thrive, and when she can’t, she adapts to her circumstances. Fighting, suffering and dying for ideals are a strictly masculine trait, and don’t serve her in her realm of operation. Women don’t build society, so they have no vested interest in protecting it. She understands that men will make magic happen to earn her presence, and she allows them to build the world she inhabits so that she can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This is not a new phenomenon, this is female nature. It has always been like this, and it always will be like this. Unbridled rage at nature is not only useless, it is wasteful. That energy is better directed at the ideas of egalitarianism that has exposed the West to this destructive side of female nature. This all-consuming force can be controlled, as it has been for thousands of years, but in man’s hubris to build he forgot to establish the foundations of his empire. By resting the burden of upholding society on those who only see it as a means to an end, the cracks that begin to appear will be left unchecked until the damage is irreparable.

Maintaining positivity in spite of what is coming down the road is absolutely essential to leading a meaningful and healthy life, but that does not mean ignorance is bliss. Let’s take a glimpse at what our dystopic future will likely look like. The Chinese have introduced a camera that can detect a person out of a crowd of thousands, an overkill on their already oppressive surveillance state. Combine this with their social credit scoring system, which elements of are spreading to the West, and you have a recipe for a total technocratic takeover. If you make an offensive video, or leave an offensive comment, or even just watch the wrong content online, your bank account could be frozen, your access to public transportation could cease, you could even be banned from traveling internationally. This can be enforced by neighboring countries as facial scanning is being introduced to airports worldwide. Internet censorship is already here. My MGTOW Archive channel has been deleted, and videos from my older catalogue are being removed, indicating that the final purge is here for myself and many other MGTOW content creators. While there are other forms of media for communication, none are secure. Roosh V recently had his books removed from Amazon and other marketplaces, despite only being simple pick up artist books. With no way to communicate, men seeking to regain their freedoms will organize in a local grassroots way, holding meetings and meeting like-minded individuals. These meetings will be monitored with the technology that is used to organize them, and keywords will be used to detect and terminate such meetings. Look to how many conservative demonstrations have been shut down by idiotic leftist zombies and consider the combination of rogue intelligence using the hordes to exercise their will and shut down gatherings.

So how does one man fight against such an awesome wave of apathy and tyranny? You approach it just as any man would have throughout history. We may have more technology today than our ancestors, but we’re still facing the same problems and that technology is increasingly becoming a hindrance and being taken from us. Becoming dependent on that technology leaves you weaker and underdeveloped. Establish your fundamental values, learn to trust your gut instinct, and create a moral compass that can guide you through the unyielding propaganda and domination that is sure to come. Soon you won’t have access to the outlets of clarity that you have become accustomed to, and it’s best to appreciate it for what it was, take as much as you can from it and learn to survive without it. The men who did not find these great resources before they were scrubbed from existence will undoubtedly suffer, but a man’s spirit will always find a way. He may not find all of the answers as quickly on his own, but he will always ask the right questions.

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