Why Men Are Betraying MGTOW

My original draft for this video discussed guys on Youtube chasing the ambiguous algorithm and then trying to disassociate themselves from MGTOW after the demonetiziation efforts from YouTube, but I scrapped that and decided to distill it down to its roots, to the most simple and easily digestible reason that applies to all betrayers, content creators or not: pussy blinders.

A large portion of men can spout off acronyms and explain female nature, but as soon as they encounter a woman who has learned to hide the destructive parts of her nature or says what he wants to hear, he falls apart and questions everything he’s said and absorbed and tosses aside wisdom and reason in favor of following his biological instincts to his own detriment.

I truly believe the test to determine your understanding and acceptance of female nature is to try and disprove the concept of AWALT, or all women are like that. If you haven’t already, check out my video “There is no right girl, Unicorns Don’t exist”. Set aside some time to meditate on the idea of AWALT and see where you stand. If you can find a way to weasel out of the absolute nature of women, to argue that all women couldn’t possibly be guided by their biological instincts and that some women are capable of overcoming these instincts, to what ends I don’t know, then you are vulnerable to falling back into slavery to pussy.

These guys who challenge AWALT try to paint the concept with a brush of misogyny, claiming that those who believe it believe all women are viscous sluts who spread their legs for any alpha bro who applies game. I’ve never said that, and my experiences don’t reflect that. My girlfriend now was a virgin, and a girl I dated before her was a virgin too. There are still some good girls out there who came from stable households with an upbringing with traditional values, but that has nothing to do with discrediting AWALT, their nature is universal. Those good girls are still guided by their biological instincts, just as much as the sluts that have become the average woman.

These men have failed to internalize female nature. They can echo the sentiments of men who have understood female nature, but as soon as they are placed in the real world where they must apply what they have learned, they fail and fall back into the same patterns that led them to the community in the first place. I am conflicted in my ideas as to why they fail to understand and apply the concepts they claim association with.

Part of me wonders if they were not ready, if they had more to learn, but another part of me wonders if they ever would have been ready. Man was made to be a slave, a slave to his biological desires, to his morals and principles, and to his urge for progeny. Freedom from these things is only meant for a select few, and those few usually keep it to themselves.

MGTOW exists in the capacity that it does today because of the state of society. If society were not the way it is, I believe at least 80% of the men in the community would disassociate themselves as well. It has become a refuge for the lost man. If those lost men were to find a vessel that offered a glimpse at the old purpose of man, a woman who appeared to be decent, then of course those men would pursue in earnest.

Honestly, I don’t blame them. Facing these harsh realities is similar to understanding nihlism, something I will discuss later, and it often leaves one feeling powerless, hopeless, and without meaning. To find the true power in these ideas, a man must tear down everything that existed before, but cannot settle with that else he will fall into the abyss, he must rebuild and refocus himself. The effort required to rebuild and refocus is so great that a great majority of these lost men believe it is easier to beat their heads against that same wall until it is so bloodied that they believe to have changed it with the color of their blood, and call that a victory.

A betrayal of the community of men is a bad enough offense because the true brotherhood of man is not something to take lightly, but betraying one’s own nature is something each of these betrayers will have to live with until their last days. In these trying times, I only hope that weaker men look to these betrayers and reflect upon their own standing, truly examine their weakness and take it as an opportunity to strengthen their resolve, not give in to their fears and fall back into the old behavior patterns.

And make no mistake, it is something to fear. Accepting AWALT changes you. I can never look at women the same way again. At first it affected my libido, and I could not separate myself from the hatred that consumed my thoughts as I realized women’s mode of operation. But I chose to consciously separate that hatred from my thoughts, and once isolated, it slowly died. What remained was acceptance, acceptance that female nature is the same as it always has been. We may live in times that promote and encourage the worst parts of that nature to manifest themselves, but at least they are visible now, as opposed to being hidden from view until it is too late. It is not something to be hated, it is something to be examined, understood, and accepted, as it is as natural as the rising sun and the shifting tides.

2 thoughts on “Why Men Are Betraying MGTOW

  1. I helped improve 2 men’s lives over a 10 year period weight loss, better jobs, new cars and so on I couldn’t get them to stop pussy begging I gave them books to read Mgtow videos the whole nine yards I finally had to stop being around them they brought there work life misery and relationship misery with them they choose to be slaves to society and women and know I get it I’m not a slave to them emotionally any more I’m free know

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    • The problem is that most men go on the road of self improvement only so they can get more pussy they are slaves to the pussy and will even try to shame you so you can become like them


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