The Enemy of Man

After seeing the despicable new Gillette ad and my comment getting upvoted pretty fast, I changed the title and structure of this script. Combined with the news earlier this week that the American Psychological Association has officially labeled traditional masculinity as harmful, it’s clear that the push to drive men to complete feminization, suicide, or to going MGTOW is accelerating, and we’re barely halfway through January of the new year.

The enemy of the individual man is the collective society he so desperately wants to be a part of. In older times, this eternal battle between man and society would deal equal blows to each combatant. The man would lose freedom and choice, but would gain posterity. No matter the time in history, however, society has never cared about you. Make no mistake, you may have been able to take from society to make it a fair trade in your eyes, but society has never and will never value the individual man. When the time comes, you are meant to serve and die for institutions that considered you expendable, a utility in the purest form.

Now, society is saying they don’t even want your servitude. Stop trying to enslave yourself to masters who don’t even want you. There’s nothing left for you there. Enjoy life as a free man.

Since society is comprised of so many interlocking features, the main enemy of the individual man can be traced back to his fellow man. Women may be driving the spearhead into the heart of masculinity, but they do so not with their own strength, for they cannot wield the spear alone. They do it with the aid of traitorous men and the passivity of weak men.

Traitorous men are the easiest to identify and deal with once they have revealed their true intentions. These poor excuses for men, these white knights that seek to gain the advantage over their fellow man for pitiful rewards that will never undo the shame they bring to themselves are far too numerous. These cowards are kept in check by strong men when they know they will suffer consequences for their treachery, but as soon as any weakness or vulnerability is show, they jump at the chance to accelerate their own agenda. This is a natural habit of man, found throughout history and even in the animal kingdom. These men were never capable of making anything of themselves to begin with, their selfishness is their great limitation, their inability to see beyond themselves for a greater purpose. The most nefarious kind of traitor is one that understands the plight of man, that understands the obstacles in the way of preserving masculinity and saving men from torment, and still decides to sign up with the enemies of man regardless.

The most numerous type of enemy to man is the passive man, one who will allow ills to befall his fellow man and his society until he is absolutely forced to take action, at which point the loss of life, primarily men’s lives, will become inevitable and abundant.

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” – Alfred Henry Lewis

The facilitators for change are men. To see that we have been subverted and suppressed by a gender that is physically, mentally, and emotionally inferior is only due to our own weakness. Why should one individual weak man fight for change when he has air conditioning, the bread basket of the world in his vicinity, and enough entertainment and distractions to keep him occupied for a hundred lifetimes? Finding the red pill is such a slap in the face because you were sleeping for so long. These sleeping men will once again wait until the absolute last second to take action, to realize the existential threat, and by that point they will have been weakened to such a degree that it would be a miracle if they could even mount a defense, let alone take offensive action.

Thomas Paine detailed the types of men who would not take action against Britain in his work “Common Sense”. As I read it, replace the words Britain or Europe with gynocentrism, feminism, and women. These types of men are universal throughout all of history, and pose the biggest obstacle to the individual man. The solution exists and is ready to be implemented, but at the end of the day it’s man who imprisons himself. *refer to video for reading*

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