She Wants to Watch the World Burn (MGTOW)

Female biology naturally creates an inherent pessimism, almost nihilism, because nothing she does can postpone her inevitable collision with the wall. All of her value, all the attention, all the validation and all the benefits slowly deteriorate until one day she wakes up and the life that she had lived on easy mode no longer seems so easy. What once required no effort at all now demands a modicum of effort, something that is often too much to bear for a pampered and entitled creature. With this unavoidable downfall guaranteed for each and every woman, it is only natural that they entertain a pessimistic mode of operation, taking what they can while the sun shines and damning the future to the same damnation that awaits them later in life. Unlike men, who work to build themselves to try and retire in peace in old age, to savor their accomplishments and if not to continue building, to at least maintain what they’ve built for themselves and those around them, women see it as a zero sum game. They can only take as long as they are able to, because they cannot and will not build it themselves.

Long term decisions that span across generations is out of the question for her. If it doesn’t directly impact her life now, maybe her children’s, then it is not a concern. Long term traditions are only useful if they serve her in her prime, and cultural norms can be tossed aside on a whim.

If she sets the world on fire, the firemen will put the fire out and rescue her. It’s not her problem to be concerned about these things, she only lives here and enjoys the pleasantries of civilization. Asking her to actually be an upstanding, responsible citizen and to be mindful of the direction of society is a bit too much to expect of her, so you should just be ready to clean up after her and sit quietly until spoken to.

The mentality of disposable males that females entertain, where men can be replaced as they need to be, when they display signs of weakness, inferiority when compared to other men on her hypergamous scale, and just plain boredom, extends to all men in society. The men who keep the lights on, who keep the sewers running, the roads useable, the cities safe, are all invisible to her. Everything just works in her eyes, because it’s always worked and it always will work. Everything and everyone is simply a supporting character in the multi-million dollar production that is her life.

The inability for women to be satisfied because of the constant presence of their hypergamous instincts naturally extends to the policies and culture of any society. Nothing will ever be good enough, everything must always be changed, what was once good is now bad, what was once bad is now good, until it isn’t anymore and it must be reversed again. Permanent, irreversible changes and damages are just seen as temporary setbacks, because the effects won’t be made apparent to her in her isolated bubble of gynocentrism, and her opinion won’t be challenged honestly because men will always bend their knees to her wishes, and with enough men towing the line to avoid offending her, she can go through life unchallenged, her hubris the spark that lights the tinderbox of society.

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