She Doesn’t Want Your Fantasy (MGTOW)

Biological imperatives dictates the modus operandi of genders. That statement, grounded in research and reason, is now heracy in clown world. Men are better suited to be able to provide, so they strive to be providers. Women have a very limited range of what they can give, so they strive to take as much as they can to make up for their weaknesses. And so has been the way of things, until now. Now, women can be the providers, now women have no weaknesses and are as strong, if not stronger than men. Or so we’re to believe. And yet many men do, they have exchanged their original fantasies with a new, false fantasy. One where they are not the masters of their own fate or the leader of their own households, but one where they are subservient to their desires and those that can provide them. That original fantasy that we have collectively traded for something far more inferior and destructive is one of monogamy, romanticism, and cooperation. Those things are incompatible with female nature, and the new, uglier fantasy is in direct opposition of those things because this new fantasy is reliant on female nature.

That old fantasy must be enforced and it must be maintained through a unified vision across communities within nations. Because it is in direct conflict with female nature, it must be protected against female intervention. While the destruction of monogamy has harmful impacts on women’s pair bonding, those are long term effects. In the short term, her peak sexual marketplace value grants her access to near unlimited resources, attention, validation, and opportunity in our interconnected and oversexualized environments. This naturally corrupts the ideas of romanticism that have put us into this predicament to begin with. She can exchange, share, and steal sexual partners without corrupting the precious moral image of herself because the old rules and stigmas of the sexual marketplace no longer exist. With the benefits of welfare, gender quotas, and the bias of gynocentrism, cooperation is not only no longer necessary, it is a hindrance to a woman. They are incentivised and encouraged to actively participate and benefit from the hostilities directed towards men.

That old fantasy has been lost. It exists now as a relic of a bygone age, something that seems unrealistic and unattainable. And it is. Attempts to restore the old fantasy have failed catastrophically. As long as man has no authority over woman, that old fantasy cannot exist. It relies on the safeguarding of values that serve the long term interest of communities, something that women are incapable of upholding. Men build civilizations, men protect civilizations, and men pass on civilizations. We have given the reins to those who have never held them before, never had an interest to, and never thought to ask how to properly handle the reins.

With the traditional fantasy gone, you must kill it so that you can move on. It is a great feat and it will rock you to your foundations, but it must be done. Yearning for something that will never come to pass will only keep you in perpetual torment. To attempt to recreate the fantasy with what you can find is to court destruction. Your peers and those that rule them have decided that the dreams and desires of men are not to be accounted for.

As you work on letting go of the old fantasy, take pride in knowing that you weren’t wrong. Those ideas existed before, we just happened to be born in a time when they are no longer tolerated. The new fantasy cannot last because it is not built on the endurance of men. The devastation that will follow the collapse of the new fantasy should only affect those who participated in its falsehoods. Don’t allow them to bring you down as well. Understand the state of things, find your place within the chaos, and thrive within it. That fantasy may be gone, but there are many more that only require you to be strong enough to see them through.

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