She Doesn’t Respect Your Time (MGTOW)

I would argue that a man’s time is one of the most sacred things. My first video was about the preservation of time, and since that video I’ve been able to accomplish so much and push myself into uncharted territories. Compare that to any woman you know, who remains in the same routines with the same small ambitions since they graduated high school, and we can begin to understand the differences in how the genders regard time.

Obviously there are plenty of men who don’t utilize the time they’ve been given to self-actualize, but he has the potential to change his ways. He can find those goals, he can discover that purpose and slowly start to make the most of his time. Because men operate on a higher level of productivity and creativity, their time is inherently more valuable. The modern woman goes to work if she even has a job, comes home, watches Netflix, goes back to work and repeats this routine until the weekend where she goes to bars and clubs and gets dicked down by randos. Those are small ambitions for small minds, and time serves no other purpose than to act as a filler until she gets filled on weekends. How could she possibly understand the importance of your time?

Even if a man is just using his time for hobbies, as we’ve discussed in previous videos, that is perfectly fine and still more valuable than anything her time yields. Her hobbies, if she has any because I don’t consider watching Netflix and eating a hobby, were passed down from other men, from her father, brothers, ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands. When left to their own devices, women don’t have any way to fill their time beyond meaningless hedonistic pursuits.

Female solipsism doesn’t allow for the respect of a man’s time. The only thing that matters in regards to you is whether or not you entertain her or provide a worthwhile distraction. Consider the best movies, or television shows, or books, or games, the forms of media that best respect the consumer’s time, all of which are produced by men. If you were to watch or read anything made by women, I can guarantee you that your time would be wasted with meaningless details and setup. Look at this channel, for example. I aim to provide the information in as concise a format as possible so as not to waste your time, and most of the other mgtow channels do the same.

Women don’t even respect a man’s time when he brings tangible results. They will complain that he is working too much and not giving them enough attention, because the only timeline that matters is hers. The time it takes to sustain her lifestyle is not considered because in her mind, she would have gotten that regardless, whether it be from you or another man.

For the younger guys trying to talk to girls through social media or text, you can see examples of this when they delay their responses to you. The modern female is connected to her cell phone 24/7. It has become the great sickness of our time, where everything must be recorded and shared and cataloged, despite how meaningless it may be. For her to knowingly play stupid games with your time is a natural thing to come from someone who doesn’t even consider the value of anyone else’s time but her own.

The time a woman requires from you will be constant and never-ending. It doesn’t matter if you put the time in before or have plans to put time in later, it only matters what time she is receiving now. No amount of negotiation or reference to previous time given will suffice, either you will fold or stay the course.

On a more macro level, you can see the lack of respect for men’s time as a whole from the various waves of feminism that have worked to undo the efforts of man. Since women have never and will never build anything of substance, it’s only natural they never consider the depravity of their destructive nature. A man can work for decades building his career and reputation, dedicating his sacred time to his craft and a woman can destroy that overnight. Groups of men can create great institutions that pass through generations, and women can crawl their way into them and corrupt them from within in less than a generation. Entire demographics of people that have endured for centuries can be replaced in the blink of an eye because women can’t be bothered to sacrifice some of their precious time for Netflix and casual sex to create the next generation, and instead choose to kill their babies in the tens of millions instead.

A woman will never value time like a self-actualized man does, will never build themselves to ever increasing heights of greatness like a man will with his time, and will never sacrifice that sacred time for the greater good of humanity. Female solipsism affects almost every aspect of life, with the use and perspective of time being one of the most influential.

One thought on “She Doesn’t Respect Your Time (MGTOW)

  1. It got to the point we’re I couldn’t run any faster I was a hamster 🐹 in a wheel the only thing I hear from female nature is the words over and over again I WANT MORE ! I WANT MORE !! It’s honestly like the great old ones from Cthulhu.
    I stepped off the wheel and life is wonderful


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