Life is too short to be a victim of feminism (MGTOW)

Feminism has done real, tangible damage. It has stripped men of their money, of their homes, their property, their children, their life purpose. It has permanently damaged thousands upon thousands of boys through forced medication, propaganda, and persecution. Feminism is a scourge on the human race that plagues every developed nation on Earth, and its longevity will likely be the deciding factor on the potential of our species on a planetary basis. We are men. We are survivors in this post-feminist society. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, or worse, stop hoping others will feel sorry for you. This level of unprecedented deconstruction of gender relations and cultural norms did not just appear suddenly by accident, but rather by the possibility of such a feat by the advancement of technology and the concentration of wealth in areas that could benefit from such a radical geopolitical shift.

No one is coming to save you. You are meant to lie down in grief, lamenting times long since past and never to return, and to die a slow and agonizing death, as your dreams of a normal life die alongside you. If you believe that is a fitting end to the story of the man that you have become, then you never gave yourself a chance to find greater ambitions in life. These are the times in which we live; adapt or die. If you won’t allow yourself to move on and to reap the rewards of the freedom you’ve gained, then what is the point of finding the freedom in the first place?

Each of us have been negatively affected by feminism in different capacities. Some of us were seriously harmed, others have simply observed the suffering of others, but suffer still in their own way from the lingering shadow of what could have been. Put aside the suffering, it has done its job, it has taught you the valuable lessons you needed to learn the hard way so that you could move on to bigger and better things. Remember the pain so that you are never harmed again, but don’t live within that place of hate and regret. You owe it to yourself to make something of yourself that the weaker man you used to be could be proud of. Not to prove to any person, any institution or ideology, but to yourself, so that when you’re reflecting in the final hours of each day you can rest easy knowing you’ve done what most men will never get a chance to do.

The aimlessness you feel is a testament to the power women held over you. It is the manifestation of everything that you had built around your ego that was in service of something that wasn’t you. If you are floating adrift in the confusion of your life, pick a direction and go. It may be the wrong direction, but you can course correct later. Sitting idle and waiting for something to rock your boat is a waste of a life. Sitting and waiting is dependent on the external, instead of what should rightly be governed by internal decision making.

Feminism is not going anywhere. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can pick yourself up and move on from the hate and the sadness and the anxiety. Radical feminism may be repealed in parts, but mainstream egalitarianism, the bedrock of feminism, is entrenched in the fundamental ideals of the average man of the west. I am not a victim of the rain when I am caught in it, I am not a victim of a blown tire, or a computer crash, nor am I a victim of feminism. I may take an umbrella, or check my tire pressure, or clean my computer as preventative measures, but that does not remove the existence of the problems. I am a survivor of feminism, I have taken steps to protect myself from it as much as I can, but it is well beyond my capabilities to circumvent it, it simply is a part of life in the civilized world. Anger and sadness do nothing in the face of it, you can either prepare or remain unprepared, you can educated yourself and study it, or you can resist and hope for a better world. It is better to live within today’s world and make plans for tomorrow’s world than it is to live in neither.

Put aside the anger. If it isn’t being used as fuel for the fires of rage that runs the engine of productivity, it is useless. Put aside sadness. If it isn’t pushing you to the edge and revealing new possibilities that were previously hidden, it is useless. Get back to the basics, the basics our ancestors perfected. Get a craft that uses your hands, get an activity that gets you outside, learn to provide for yourself in ways beyond just financially, learn from the great men before us so that you can know the future by understanding the present, take the time to appreciate all that you have instead of focusing just on what was taken from you. As you have no doubt noticed, things are decaying at an ever increasing rate, and things are going to get incredibly worse before they get remotely better. Use this time to find peace within yourself.

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