Her Love Is Not Real (MGTOW)

The projection of masculine traits on to women is the greatest flaw of man, and the most damaging of these projections is the transference of the masculine ideas of love on to the hypergamous nature of women. Her love is based on worldly matters. This can include genetics, something you have no control over and yet is the great filter for women’s circumstantial affections. I’m six feet tall, and every single girl I’ve been with has said without fail that the only reason we had interaction was because of my height. You can see this phenomenon on their dating profiles, and guys below this height will be able to relate. How can her love be real if it is determined by such a trivial and shallow feature like height?

Her love isn’t real because this superficial preference is circumvented with money. Money can buy a woman’s love, so it wasn’t anything genuine or spiritual to begin with. Her cold and calculating nature judges a man’s earning potential, his status, his social skills, all the features of what makes up a man except the man himself.

The projection of male love is the projection of a metaphysical search for companionship and relation. Her hypergamous instincts are punished for masculine love, so it can never exist in the same sense as a man’s love. Loyalty is in direct opposition to hypergamy, and must be artificially enforced through a patriarchal society. Duty is not even in her capabilities, she was made to be a self-serving creature. Tradition restrains her ability to have as many options as possible. If these ideas of masculine love, of sacrificial acts of compassion, are not translated naturally to women, who hold the opposite characteristics, then the idea that you have of what love is is not what women’s idea of love is. If her love is circumstantial, it isn’t real. If the conditions that induced access to her affection cease to exist, the affections soon follow.

The absence of genuine female love is not the absence of love entirely. Man’s compassion can be extended to his fellow man, and real brotherhoods are iron bonds of fortitude. Self-love can be one of the highest forms of it, and can be the most genuine if you truly work at it and challenge yourself.

If you find yourself wishing for female love, you are wishing for something that does not exist. The longer you continue to chase fairy tales, the more pain you will put yourself through. Do not mistake the physical representations of feminine affection for genuine love. It is based in the same realm, the only realm, they can operate in, the physical realm of sexual access. There is no finding a soul mate or spiritual bonding with someone who wouldn’t have given you compassion if one of your variables did not comply with her hypergamous calculations.

Once you can see the illusion for what it is, it cannot be unseen. It is depressing to come to the understanding that a woman will never care for you in the same way you want to care for her, but it is necessary to understand because their entire sexual strategy in civilized societies relies on you being in the dark about her true intentions. The light is blinding at first, but the shade of self-validation, of turning that desire to love on to yourself, creates a nice cool patch to relax in and watch everyone else line up for the slaughterhouse that women operate day and night, rain or shine, churning hopeful, idealistic men into the grinder of soul-sucking work, war, and endless nagging upon their return until they’re nothing but lifeless meatbags on the other end.

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