Giving Yourself the Gift of Freedom (MGTOW)

One of the most prolific and bittersweet ironies of this community of open-minded men is that many often overlook, under-appreciate, or even resent the gift they have begun to discover within themselves. It’s common because the concept of true and individualized freedom is such a foreign concept to men that he would rather trade one cruel master for a lesser than endure the initial discomfort of making open-ended decisions. He often doesn’t appreciate the gift until he has been forced by circumstance to acknowledge it, and when he returns to old habits of comfort he begins to understand the appeal of the gift and why it is so vague and obstructed to so many.

Don’t focus on what you think you’ve lost, work on discovering what you’ve gained. Many lament the absence of a feminine master, a clear pathway on which all of their decisions would serve to support, all of their energy conveniently spent so that they wouldn’t have to spend it themselves. In the absence of this, he who never knew himself knows nothing. The merits of the gift of freedom go unnoticed to the untrained eye, but they lay dormant for him, waiting to be collected. Do not waste your time yearning for things long past, for not only do you deepen the void, you delay yourself from attaining what is rightfully yours.

Don’t look at your choice to give yourself the gift of freedom as a reaction, look at it as a decision. Take pride in your decisiveness. You are more than the product of the catalyst that led you to finding the gift in the first place. Many men meet their requirements for discovering their gift, approach it with caution, and some even peek inside to catch a glimpse of the forbidden world, but retreat all the same in search of a new master, trading dreams of choice for dreams of a fair and balanced master. The gift waits for them, loyal and everlasting, as they repeat their mistakes and fail their inner potential. Each man has this gift, but most men never use it. Do not be afraid of the potential of your gift, embrace the totality of its effects.

Its totality is the source of its power. A man cannot dabble in the powers of his gift, it is either applied completely or not at all, anything else is a distorted reflection of the gift. Every fiber of his being will be reshaped and reinvigorated with its possibilities, and whatever way he chooses to use his newfound gift of freedom will leave him content because he knows its power.

Others will try to take this gift from you, and if they can’t take it from you they will attempt to tarnish its beauty with the pestilence of decay that eats away at their own dreams and ambitions. It is such a rare sight to behold, to see a man not only discover it, but to understand it, harness it, and use it for his own good. Because of this, it naturally attracts every manner of scum to strip it of its value and soil its image, even if they can’t use it themselves.

If you master the gift of freedom, it will naturally be protected by the strength it gives you. It will endure and prosper just as you will, and you’ll look back on the days when you lived in the dark, sheltered from potential, and wish you could have found it sooner. Any man would think this, and any man who has used the power for his own betterment would know that power of that magnitude must be earned through tribulation.

To the men who haven’t found their gift of freedom yet, I encourage you to continue searching. If it were easily found, its value would not be so great. To the men who have just begun to unwrap their gift, pace yourself in your exercises of its power, there is plenty of time to bring all of your ambitions to fruition. To the men who have mastered this gift we strive for and cherish, I congratulate your success in life and hope that you would consider passing on some of what you have learned to better the next man in search of it.

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