Ghosting in Plain Sight (MGTOW)

When a man starts taking his red pill a day, or maybe starts overdosing on red pills, he naturally starts to get the urge to take the lessons he’s learned out into the real world and teach people close to him, like friends or family, or to people in his vicinity, like co-workers. Not only is this not an effective way to teach MGTOW ideas, but it puts a target on your back and endangers your livelihood.

Trying to show men MGTOW ideas when they aren’t ready for it defeats the purpose of unplugging oneself from the matrix. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When you tell a man still on the plantation about his enslavement, not only will he resent you, he will distort the truth to fit into his fantasy worldview and delay his awakening even longer.

With hypergamy running rampant across societies and the power of the internet to document and explain it, it is up to the sleeping man to start asking questions and work to wake himself up. It’s not your responsibility to put yourself in harm’s way to stop him from making the mistakes he needs to make to finally learn the error of his ways.

Personally teaching men still plugged into the matrix isn’t even the most effective way anymore. When men come to your for advice, then its best to relay the information yourself instead of directing them to a video or another source, because they aren’t friends with the guy on the video, they’re friends with you and they asked for your help, the other source should be a supplement to your knowledge. But besides a man asking for help, preaching at him is the least effective method because there is more knowledge out there for him to discover. Why expose yourself to the penalties that modern society has created for free-thinking men to potentially save a guy from himself, when you can share that knowledge online with other men working to wake themselves up, and maybe one day in the future, if that man you wanted to save experiences his catalyst and doesn’t shy away from claiming his freedom, maybe he finds the knowledge you shared in the safest format we have at our disposal, the internet.

It’s a numbers game. You can try and save a couple co-workers, a couple friends, or you can direct that desire to help into a more effective format. And maybe this type of thinking doesn’t apply for your situation, maybe that friend or co-worker is worth the risks of losing that friendship or exposing yourself to the backlash that naturally comes with speaking harsh truths.

The most important part of living with mgtow knowledge besides determining who to share it with and how is learning how to re-enter the matrix and live within it. Unless you’re a true hermit living in a cabin in the woods, which is my end game when I get older, you’re going to have to accept the fact that even though you’ve unplugged yourself from the matrix, you can’t escape it.

This is a survival strategy, not a discussion on how to destroy the matrix entirely. If you want to scream and shout from atop the highest building, that’s your prerogative and you will face the consequences of that choice, but for those looking to just enjoy the freedom they’ve regained, you have to learn how to play a character.

Humbling yourself is the safest thing you can do for yourself. You’re going to have to eat humble pie and let these cucks think they know what the hell they’re talking about, but it’s the easiest thing to do once you learn to put that mask on in public. Be that well mannered guy who just never seems to have time to talk and you’ll get by just fine.

If you learn to wear the mask well enough, it will be necessary to have an outlet to reveal your true self. And that’s why the mgtow community is so essential. You can speak freely without have to censor yourself. Value that ability while it lasts.

The type of character you portray when interacting with people still plugged in is as important as the playing of the character itself. The goal is to draw as little attention as possible. One of the 48 laws of power made by Robert Greene is to never outshine the master, which is a really important rule to internalize, especially at work. Unless you’re explicitly looking to work your way up the ladder as quickly as possible, it’s best to let people underestimate you. Only you should know your true potential, keep people guessing in every regard always.

If the goal is to fly under the radar with as little publicity as possible, you should be competent, but not overly competitive, reliable, but not loyal, clever, but not wise. The traits that you don’t incorporate into your character should absolutely be cultivated in your personal life, however. Competitiveness is one of the most motivating traits of man, but one of the most harmful if not controlled. You should only be loyal to yourself and your cause and those loyal to you, and you should nurture your wisdom by surrounding yourself with words and works of equal or greater wisdom.

The best place to exist in public is right in that middle space. The people at the top have the added stress from their additional responsibilities and always having a target on them at all times, and the people at the bottom constantly get shit on because shit rolls downhill. If you’re in the sweet spot right in the middle, you get most of the advantages of both sides without most of the disadvantages.

You cannot let the mask you wear in public become your true self. If you allow the mediocrity to become your norm, you will have wasted the gift of mgtow. Whatever weaknesses you intentionally place on your alter ego in public to keep yourself at their speed, you must remove in your private time because that is where all of the magic happens. Whatever way you utilize your strengths, make sure it’s the best form of it that you can make.

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