No Quarter For Men

In my own life, I’m well past the anger phase and have accepted the many hard truths of human nature, but one of the few things that can bring back that rage is the abuse and subjugation of other men who have so much potential and are totally undervalued. For this video, I’m going to be tying two recent feminist transgressions into a more general theme of what the reality for the average man really is.

I was inspired to make this when I found out that a hardcore radical feminist was chosen to speak at a convention for suicidal and depressed people, which as I’ll show later in the video, is mainly men. This woman doesn’t even try to hide her hatred for men, and yet she was consciously chosen to speak to people in need of the smallest amount of encouragement. I’ll let Philip Defranco summarize the situation. <Show Philip de Franco clip>

I’m not going to focus on the double standard and how this situation would be totally different if the genders were reversed because we live in societies where women are held to no standards. They are free to operate without restraints, and this shows their true nature. Instead, let’s look at how ruthless an opponent a woman can make. When I first heard talk of a gender war, I scoffed at it because women are physically weak and would be annihilated in a real military engagement. Now, I see that men have lost their lives, their freedom, their wealth, their resources and their morale from the policies instituted that enable women to abuse men. These are the basic tenets of warfare: to kill your enemy, cut off their supply lines, break their will and reap the spoils of war.

I have come to accept that this is a proxy war. Women could not wage this battle on their own. Forces behind the scenes have utilized the destabilizing and destructive nature of women as a weapon against men. I can’t tell you specifically who or what or to what end, because there is merit in most of the theories, but I can say that the gender relations will not be repaired in our lifetimes. The temptation for power will always be present when women learn of the history of their feminist predecessors and the spoils of war they reaped from the crusade against men.

In a previous video regarding the #metoo movement, I said that women cannot know the art of war. This is true, because they have made rookie mistakes that any seasoned combatant could avoid. Take, for instance, how armies from all nations across history have respected the concept of the prisoner of war. When a man is beaten, the victor shows honor by showing mercy. This in turn creates a mutual respect, even through the rivalries, that if the victor should become the loser in the future, he would also be spared. This is also why the victorious royalty would often spare and banish the defeated royalty in the hopes that they would also be spared if the victors would one day face the sword. The modern man is defeated. He is directionless, displaced, and living in a dystopic hell of a culture with no values. Instead of showing mercy to the broken men, women have decided to push past the breaking point and to unleash unyielding cruelty upon all men who they deem are unworthy for reproduction. This is their fatal flaw, and only psychotic men of war have made this mistake in the past.

It is a common tactic in warfare to allow your enemy an avenue of escape. If you were to completely encircle your enemy, you would force them to fight to the last man. If surrender is not an option, you have created an enemy that must fight and utilize all of its capabilities for a chance at survival, or to inflict as much damage to your forces as possible. A cornered dog is more viscous than a dog that can run away. The modern woman, in all her stupidity, has forced the modern man to fight or die in the gender war she has started. A modern man can fight in many ways beyond the physical, and I totally condemn any acts of violence. A modern man can fight the gynocentric system by unplugging from it and removing himself from harms way. He can regroup online and save as many men as he can. He can practice the art of attrition and metaphorically burn the fields before winter by withdrawing his funds from the sexual marketplace, the driving force that keeps it operating.

Dehumanizing an enemy leaves that enemy no choice but to retaliate in kind. The most ruthless and dysfunctional armies have dehumanized their opponents, what does that say about the feminists? If they can so easily treat men as disposable utilities and wish for their destruction, does that not show how the fragments of that belief were already in their psyche? If you entertain these radical feminist ideas, you can see how they have no depth or lasting merit. If modern women can be indoctrinated that easily, with a handful of signs for a protest, an advertisement featuring celebrities with a black and white filter, some fat women with dyed hair and some catchy slogans that are turned into chants, obviously they have tapped in to something that was there before, beneath the surface, and unleashed it upon the world.

The next maneuver from feminists is the removal of the word ‘Boy’ in the Boy Scouts. There is no quarter for men in this gender war, and this applies to the youth as well. If you give your enemy an inch, they will take a mile. Men should have remained steadfast, that’s why laws and cultural codes existed, to prevent men with weak wills from fucking it up for the rest of us. With each generation since women’s suffrage, more and more men have abandoned their posts as guardians and wardens of masculinity. It was their duty to pass on the fundamentals of masculinity to the next generation of men, and now today’s youth is left to figure it out for themselves. No father figures, no grandfather figures, no wise man present to guide the wild and untamed youth. Now that the precious nature of masculinity is exposed, enemies both male and female have pounced on the opportunity to destroy men’s future potential and to prevent boys from becoming men.

Of course the general population will do nothing. As long as the majority believes they are benefiting from a situation, they will not seek to change it. Some innocent men may be destroyed in the global witch hunt, but at least Beta Bob kept his head down and didn’t rock the boat and disturb the women. The meaning of bread and circus has been taken to new levels as everyone numbs themselves to the realities that are knocking at their doors. How could one care about a group of broken men being subjected to a man-hating witch when there are selfies to take and celebrity gossip to catch up on? Then there are the men who take pleasure in the suffering of other men. These are the men who say things like “MGTOW are just removing themselves from the gene pool, more women for me”. Just looking at some of the men defending this woman as a speaker for the suicide prevention organization disturbs me more than the fact that she was chosen in the first place.

MGTOW on Youtube really is the last bastion of masculinity, which is terrifying. Almost every book written in the last 60 years is tainted with gynocentric ideas. Modern television and movies are mostly garbage aimed at the lowest common denominator in society. Music has become the vocalization of the worship of women, because women are the main consumers. A young man today with no guidance from masculine men either withers into oblivion like so many men do under the tremendous pressure they find themselves burdened with, or looks back to the wisdom of men from old and embraces hyper-masculinity.

The feminists, the women who passively support them and take the rights and privileges earned by the radicals and do nothing to stop them, and the puppet masters at work behind the scenes have encircled men. They have destroyed good men who could have changed the world if they were given a chance to turn their passions into productivity, and they have turned the rest of us into avatars for the ultimate expression of masculinity. You cannot defeat a MGTOW man. You may break his body, but his will is far removed from the claws of the harpies and their cuck slaves. He has freed himself of external validation, so society has no power over him. He is able to go where other men cannot, do what other men could only dream of, and become what our ancestors, the great men that came before us, wanted for the future.

For those who have not come to terms with the danger and tragedies that have befallen the men around you, I’ve included some statistics that might help you understand the state of the game right now. As Doctor Strange said in the excellent new Avengers movie, “we’re in the endgame now” (emergency awesome intro clip). Society cannot endure with the statistics that will follow, and the next phase will be brutal and unforgiving. All of these are from an excellent site called, and I encourage you to do your own research. Stay strong, because no one is coming to save you. You’re a man and you have to take care of yourself, that’s why the MGTOW community on Youtube is essential for having an outlet to be with like-minded men.


MGTOW of History: Miyamoto Musashi

While the acronym of MGTOW and its many ideas began to gain traction in the last decade, the underlying principles of cultivating individuality and masculinity can be traced to all corners of the world throughout history. I’ve sampled many texts and quotes from men in other videos, but for men who embodied the meaning of the philosophy we share I will make dedicated historical videos.

Miyamoto Musashi was one such man. Details are scarce about him, but the details we do know about him should be given considerable thought and reflection. Musashi was an undefeated dueler, a master-less samurai, and an independent teacher. He was born in Japan around 1584 during a period of turmoil as the country found itself in a civil war as the Japanese warlords fought for territory. He was born into a samurai family and trained by his father, who was an accomplished swordsman. His mother died soon after his birth, and he was raised by his step-mother. After his father divorced the step-mother, Musashi, at the age of seven, was sent to live with his uncle, who was a Buddhist monk, in a Buddhist temple. There he learned Zen Buddhism, reading and writing. The details are scarce, but at 9 or 10 his father died or completely abandoned the young Musashi. At 13 he had his first duel, killing a man seconds after the fight began with a wooden sword. Between 16 to 20 years of age, he left the temple and wandered to hone his skills and become Japan’s greatest swordsman.

His dueling exploits are fascinating and inspiring to see the raw determination manifested into his physical form, but this video will be focusing on the philosophy he developed over his lifetime and shared in his two works: the Gorin-No-Sho, or the Book of Five Rings, and the Dokkodo, or “The Way of Walking Alone”.

My translation of the Book of Five Rings is from Thomas Cleary. If you find a different translation it may differ slightly, but the overall message of the work is universal. Musashi wrote this so the common man could read and understand it, unlike other swordsmen who believed making their writings as esoteric as possible kept them in the exclusive military caste of Japanese society.


The patterns of human nature allow for observant minds to reliably predict how people will act. The MGTOW concepts of “All Women Are Like That” and the behaviors of white knights and blue pill men are the application of biological instincts in social situations. The majority of all people are slaves to their desires or their duties and can be controlled through these chains. The application of basic principles is a proactive measure to ensure you are always prepared for any situation. Don’t be afraid to use these principles because they exist for a reason.


You must strive to attain purity in your life, in all aspects. If you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do, you must work everyday to free yourself from these burdens in your life. You may have to work a job you dislike to provide for yourself, but you should be taking steps to get yourself into a better situation in the future. Even if you have a good work life balance and pursue your own goals in your free time, there is still that presence of dissatisfaction when you are forced to face what takes you from your path.


The MGTOW Way is Your Way. Even if your way is comparable to my way, there will always be small differences that would make it unappealing to you. MGTOW isn’t one size fits all, you have to tune and tweak the philosophy to fit your life, and that’s the first step to truly going your own way. Instead of blinding following someone else’s life path, you have to take charge and compare your own goals and desires with the knowledge you get from the MGTOW community. As Musashi says, if you have the knowledge, you can see it everywhere around you. MGTOW are everywhere, you probably met some men who live the lifestyle and haven’t found the community yet. Just because they are on different paths doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them.

1. “Think of what is right and true.”
Your ideals will not always line up with reality. Allowing your ideals to interfere with objective reality, what is true right before your eyes, is what blinded you before finding MGTOW. Always keep your ideals in mind, but don’t let them have power over you as they once did. Adapt and grow, but always keep the truth in front of you.

2. “Practice and cultivate the science.”
In the case of Musashi, his was military science. Whatever your craft is, practice it everyday and become an expert in it. If you are free of the burdens of marriage and children, you should put that energy and resources saved to good use.

3. “Become acquainted with the arts.”
Take your craft and become obsessed with it. Direct that energy you gave to pursuing the interests of other people and channel it into yourself. Learn the inner workings of every facet of what you truly want to do with your life, and if you haven’t found it yet, dedicate yourself to finding it.

4. “Know the principles of the crafts.”
You have to learn the ‘how’ of your craft, but to have true mastery of anything you must learn the ‘why’. Principles and ideals guide every decision, to learn these guides you must learn your own. Once you have mastered this through mediation and reflection, you can navigate your field at a level reserved only for the most dedicated of men.

5. “Understand the harm and benefit in everything.”
Going MGTOW without fully understanding the power of it can do more harm than good. If you find yourself in the red pill rage phase, you can put yourself in a dark place. Every situation you find yourself in with women or blue pill men can be harmful or beneficial. You may need more experience with women to fully understand and accept the ideas you have learned about, which can be beneficial to you by finally letting go of what you were raised to believe, or harmful in that you put yourself at risk in this time of mass moral panic.

6. “Learn to see everything accurately.”
Looking at life with the MGTOW perspective in mind can be difficult at first, but it is necessary to apply it equally to everything so that you are always looking at things honestly and accurately.

7. “Become aware of what is not obvious.”
There is truth hidden from you in every corner of the world, and it’s up to you to find it. Lies are easy to produce and profitable for the schemer.

8. “Be careful even in small matters.”
If you know the principles but fail to apply them in everyday life, you really didn’t know the principles at all. It’s the small matters that matter the most, they prepare you for those momentous occasions where everything you’ve learned will be applied.

9. “Do not do anything useless.”
A life of hedonism does not bring fulfillment. Mastery and creation bring peace and satisfaction. Pursue goals that can be worked on over long periods of time and avoid instant gratification. Let the mindless hordes numb themselves and rot their brains while you build your reality instead of having it given to you.

Your mind governs your actions. Before you can get your body and your craft in order, you must calm your mind. This is why men become addicted to consuming MGTOW, their minds are being reshaped and they cannot find a place to settle mentally. This inner turmoil is as necessary as the chaotic shaping of the Earth, but it can’t last forever. Practice meditation and get yourself into a productive and positive state of mind or you will be crippled as your mind stretches into all directions.

There is no reason to rush anymore now that you are on your own path. You have freed yourself from the rat race, now you can take the time to do what you want to do and to do it right, with all of your effort. Now you can stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the brief amount of time we are given. As long as you keep improving and avoid stagnating with the freedom you’ve taken for yourself, you can master your path.


After he fell ill, Musashi retreated to a cave and wrote The Book of Five Rings, which is considered his greatest work, but his final work is more applicable to MGTOW. This short guide for his lifestyle was meant to teach future generations the self-disciple required to achieve greatness. He completed the Dokkodo, or “The Way of Walking Alone” in the cave a week before his death in 1645.

Read the 21 precepts of Dokkodo:

1. “Accept everything just the way it is.”
As I said in the second part of my video series Quest for Freedom, anger and frustration comes from the desire to change things. Once you accept human nature, you can begin to let go of the disappointment you feel at the underwhelming efforts of the majority and begin to create the image of what you want to see from the world in yourself.

2. “Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.”
Hedonism leads nowhere. A hedonistic population is a reliable indictator for a soon-to-be extinct population, as evidenced in ancient China, the Roman Empire, and now modern Western society. Hedonism can never be completed, it is an endless pit like depression and lust that will consume you if you let it.

3. “Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.”
Always follow your gut instinct no matter what. You were biologically hardwired with instincts that can only be overridden with artificial ideas supplanted on to you by your surroundings. If you act on feelings that aren’t what you truly desire, then you will act from a position of weakness. Always operate from a position of strength.

4. “Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.”
Your ego is as much an obstacle to your path as women are. Humble yourself so that you can learn from your mistakes and grow. The world and all its offerings have been here long before you and will be here long after you. You are merely a visitor, so learn as much as you can while you are passing through.

5. “Be detached from desire your whole life long.”
You can pursue things of interest, but you must do so from a position of being independent from the outcome. If you were to put all your metaphorical eggs in one basket, it would lead to disappointment and even ruin. Remain free from desires by having an abundance mentality. Set your goals and work towards them, but realize that you may not achieve them or that you may succeed and find yourself lacking a purpose.

6. “Do not regret what you have done.”
Whatever mistakes you made that led you to MGTOW were simply educational lessons on your unique path to freedom. If you relapse and make a mistake even after learning and listening, don’t beat yourself up or you’ll just repeat it again. Learn from the experience and move forward.

7. “Never be jealous.”
Once you have enjoyed the freedom and peace of mind from external validation, its hard to feel jealousy for the men still on the plantation. You may, however, feel jealousy for the easy life women appear to have. Never be jealous of women, because they live a tortured existence of hatred and jealousy, there’s no reason to step into that arena.

8. “Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.”
In the first part of my video series Quest for Freedom, I spoke of the story of the monk and the tea cup. If you cherish every interaction with someone and look at it from an honest perspective, you won’t mourn its absence in the future. Being attached to things or people can only bring sadness because nothing is eternal. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their company, but it does mean that you should remain pragmatic.

9. “Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself or others.”
I struggled with this when I was a teen, and found myself complaining all the time about everything. Doing this automatically puts you in a negative state of mind and prevents you from seeing and accepting the truths in your environment. We can complain about women or the state of gender relations as much as we want, it won’t change it and it will only put you in a bad mood.

10. “Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.”
An obvious tip to us now, but imagine how world shattering this single sentence is to a man on the plantation. If you give women the means to control you, why are you surprised when they utilize the tools at their disposal? Give them no power over you and you will be untouchable.

11. “In all things have no preferences.”
Men are creatures of adaptation, and learning to go with the flow and roll with the punches is a trait that will help you on your path. If you are unable to operate without your desired preferences in a situation, you were not prepared for that situation. Be prepared for all situations.

12. “Be indifferent to where you live.”
I touched on this briefly in my tips for young MGTOW video, but you should learn to live with less so that you can become mobile. If a place as an internet connection and a desk for my computer, I am happy. If it doesn’t, I can make do without it and survive until I can find a place that does have it. As the world continues in its decline, younger MGTOW may also have to move out of their native countries to thrive or to avoid a draft for a future war.

13. “Do not pursue the taste of good food.”
I’ve struggled with this rule this year because a bunch of fast food chains have opened right outside of my house, and usually I don’t partake in fast food that often. I realized it was a problem early on and I’m cutting it off and returning to my original concept of food. I always saw food as a means to an end, a form of energy to vitalize me throughout the day. Meat, bread, fish, water, fruits and vegetables. Sure, it may get bland over time but its just a way to give me energy, nothing more.

14. “Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.”
Sentimentality for possessions is a natural response, a transference of emotion to an inanimate object. This is for the hardcore monks out there, but for MGTOW this can relate to those of you still holding on to possessions from an ex girlfriend or an ex wife. Let it go and move on, you don’t need it anymore. Your memories may fade and the image of her in your head may become distorted, but the pain you felt will always be remembered, you don’t need possessions to remind you of that.

15. “Do not act following customary beliefs.”
If you did what society expected of you, you would be slaving away at a job you hate for a woman that doesn’t love you. If you followed the sheep, you would be unable to see the cliff the herd is approaching. Customs and beliefs are designed to guide large groups of people. They are incompatible with your individual path.

16. “Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.”
Becoming attached to ideas that aren’t practical can’t help you on your path. Removing women’s rights is a possible solution to saving the West, but it is in no way shape or form practical and will probably never happen. Entertaining the idea is a good mental exercise, but it won’t help you reach peace or fulfillment.

17. “Do not fear death.”
You are a dead man walking. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you can get to work and make something of yourself. Meaning is not given to you, you have to create it for yourself.

18. “Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.”
You can’t take wealth with you after death and you don’t know when death will visit you. It’s good to plan for retirement, but it shouldn’t be your main motivator like the rest of the people slaving away and giving away their best years so they can watch television in a nursing home.

19. “Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.”
I’m not religious and the universe doesn’t owe me anything, but if you are religious, wouldn’t you want to succeed on your own merit, without the aid of your religion? To become fully independent is to walk your path with your own two feet, with your own will guiding you.

20. “You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor.”
Once you have become detached from results, desires, people, and life itself, you can prioritize your ideals from a position of clarity, instead of blind allegiance to them. Your definition of honor is not what society’s definition of honor is. Whatever your definition is, safeguard it from those who would see it corrupted.

21. “Never stray from the Way.”
Once you have defined your path, be honest to yourself and pursue it with the effort it deserves. Your path may shift and change as time progresses, but its core principles should remain the same. Most people never find the path and stumble through life in darkness, but you are one of the lucky ones who have found it and can articulate it. To discover the path and walk away from it is the greatest insult you could make against yourself.

MGTOW is the Ultimate Investment

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Investing in yourself is always the best option. You may not be the most reliable to yourself right now, you might struggle with procrastination or laziness, but you know that you can change your bad habits if you work at it. That’s more of a guarantee than the majority of people can give you, so betting on yourself is always the safest bet.

You know what you are capable of today, but what you will be capable of tomorrow can only be known if you give yourself a chance to find out. You are your own worst enemy, and if you allow your negativity to govern your actions, then you will be led in to dead ends and wind up right where you started before finding MGTOW: frustrated and tired. The knowledge is meant to liberate you from a life of servitude, not enslave you to a dream of something that could never be.

Look at what men tied down by women are capable of. They sacrifice their health and their happiness, but they can still accomplish great things. Without these restrictions, you should be living life on easy mode and building yourself in all areas.

Let’s look at how useful the MGTOW knowledge would be in other areas of investment to give you an idea of how far ahead you are with the knowledge you have and the potential if you apply it.

Financial investment is the big one that most guys get trapped within. Most men are focused on their careers and making money. The men who are skilled at making money naturally attract the worst kinds of women. If they knew about AWALT, they could have made enough to live comfortably or really put in the effort to make a lot and then retire early. Instead, they eventually become slaves to their job in an effort to continue providing a standard of living for a woman. On paper, they may make more than you, but in the end you win as a MGTOW because you have freedom. Now that you have the most important knowledge, you have the foundations on which to build the best version of yourself. You can pursue a career that actually interests you.

Physical investment is one that men think allows them to cheat the system. Some men are born with genetic traits that would qualify them as a Chad, but many men make themselves into their ideal figure through hard work and dedication. If he works out just to attract women, he’s just as much of a simp as a guy who doesn’t work out. Being physically fit and attractive to women does not prevent them from being a utility to female nature, and they often end up going from alpha fucks to beta bucks when they get older and tied down. It becomes just a glorified mating call for the thirsty men, but if you do it for yourself, it becomes something else entirely. Building your physical form as a representation of the iron will you have inside is one of the best character building exercises you can do, and if your motivation is entirely self-sufficient, you will never have to worry about losing it. Doing it for women can be productive in the short term, a tantalizing carrot on a stick that can keep a man focused until he actually starts getting female attention and gets derailed. How many guys do you know who have pictures from their youth that showed a muscular, energetic guy and then after he met his woman he transformed into something his younger self would be ashamed of? Just like making money, working out isn’t for everyone. But for those who enjoy it, with the MGTOW knowledge you can reach all of your goals.

Another form of investment that would be aided with MGTOW knowledge is academic investment. A lot of intelligent men pursue academics, or at least they used to, but they would be confronted with problems they just couldn’t figure out. I find it amusing when the intellectuals and the researchers are trying to figure out complex solutions to societal issues when you and I know the simplicity of the solution. Imagine if those men weren’t the most blue pilled men in the world and that they understood female nature and could apply their minds to a useful solution. Instead, they ignore reality when it’s right in front of them and continue to support a gynocentric society and unleash the worst of female nature on to the rest of us.

It may be a lot of wasted brain power, but it leaves an opening for any smart MGTOW to work his way into his field of choice and navigate around the current academic environment.

MGTOW is the ultimate investment. It’s versatile and applicable to any field in any time. Avoid the traps women will lay down, be aware of the behaviors of white knights and how the majority of men will throw you under the bus for a chance at a woman, focus on yourself and don’t let society try to shame you for not being a slave. These things can have dramatic effects for any man. Einstein had woman problems, presidents had woman problems, the richest men on Wall Street and the Chads of Hollywood are destroyed by women every day. For the average guy and for the guy at the top of his field, MGTOW can help every man. It requires nothing in return but the application of what you have learned.

MGTOW is the Most Valuable Thing in the Universe

MGTOW is the most precious thing in the universe. I know that sounds extreme, but follow me for a moment. Going MGTOW is the overcoming of nature itself. Nature doesn’t have your best interest in mind. It wants you to reproduce by any means necessary, even if that means enslaving yourself and sacrificing your physical and mental wellbeing. Going MGTOW is staring nature down and deciding that you know what is best for yourself. It is declaring that you are more than the sum of your evolutionary instincts, more than a simple animal, that you can imagine a life outside of the box that you’re supposed to fit in. It overcomes the foundations that everything is built on and allows for you to see beyond the curtain, a transcendence of sorts in that you are no longer bound to the same rules that govern every other species and the majority of the population.

The personal freedom that MGTOW gives you is so powerful that everything is trying to take it from you. You must fight everyday in some capacity to maintain your freedom when even your biology is working against you. Women are designed to capture this gift and use it to their own benefit. Governments are built on the idea of harnessing this treasure.

Those of you who have yet to realize the full potential of MGTOW, know that the journey of collecting all of the knowledge and applying it into your daily life is a long and challenging path. But what did you expect? Did you think something so powerful and liberating would be given to you? No, the effort to really harness MGTOW will break you, and the version of yourself that you will shape in the rebuilding will make it all worth it.

Since this is a metaphyiscal topic that is so large in scope, I’m going to focus it through the lens of the newest Avengers movie. In that movie, Thanos travels throughout the universe searching for the infinity stones, which consist of the Reality, Time, Power, Mind, Space, and Soul stones. I think this is a perfect allegory for the areas where MGTOW really shines.

Your perception of reality fundamentally changes after finding and accepting MGTOW. You begin to see all of the traps that have been laid to capture you, from the media’s reliance on the idea of romance and male sacrifice to women’s manipulation of emotions to coerce you into doing things for them. No matter how hard you try, once you go MGTOW you can never go back. These things will always be present in your mind, and even if you try to ignore them, your gut instinct will be fighting you every step of the way. To change your reality from a false idealistic utopia to a pragmatic and natural order is a great power that we often overlook. We get caught up in the MGTOW community and don’t realize how bad it is for those guys still plugged in, clueless to everything around them. Having this power allows you to acquire the many other powers waiting to be claimed.

The time that is now available to you is probably the most important tangible benefit you get from MGTOW. Time is tangible, and it is the most valuable currency in existence. When your time is up, you will hopefully have the fulfillment from accomplishing your goals that most men will never have. Without time, you can’t enjoy any of the fruits of your labor. It’s ok to use your time on leisure, but there must be a balance in all things, something I’ve been saying since I started my channel and it’s the thing I relate to Thanos with. Go too hard in the pursuit of your goals and you’ll break yourself, go too easily and you’ll never grow. Women don’t have the same value for time that we have because their biological goals are different. Trying to find a woman that doesn’t waste her free time watching reality television or engaging in meaningless gossip will consume all of the time that you would have saved going MGTOW.

The power MGTOW gives takes shape in many forms, it empowers you mentally, physically and metaphysically. The physical power is more important than a lot in the MGTOW community think. Your body is the vessel for everything else, if it is weak or slow or underdeveloped, those traits will naturally seep into the other areas of your being. I’m not a bodybuilder by any means, but actively focusing on physical self improvement improves my mental focus, allowing me to empower those other areas. Going MGTOW and understanding and accepting the red pills gives you many passive benefits, but a lot of the power requires you to reach out and take it for yourself. If you don’t do this, you’re missing out on some of the best parts of going MGTOW.

Harnessing the power of your mind is something that very few have done throughout history, and very few have done today. Most people go through life without setting aside time to collect their thoughts and organize them, to consiously develop their minds and expand beyond the horizons they have placed on their mental planes of existence. While growing the mind is a personal journey, and each mind is different, there are practical steps you can take to get started. All of you should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. I know I sound like that old librarian at school, but it really does wonders. If you can’t give yourself 20 minutes to work on improving yourself, I don’t really know why you’re going MGTOW at all. You’ll naturally start to love the routine, and soon you’ll find yourself reading more and more until one day you reflect back on your progress and see how much you’ve developed in such a short amount of time. Read everything, start with fiction if that’s your preference, but as long as you start that’s all that matters. If you need some options, my personal library is posted on my website.

The space that MGTOW brings is physical and metaphorical. There are two rules for MGTOW, and from there your personal interpretation is your guide on the path: no marriage and no cohabitation. Whether you choose to date women or not is up to you, but if you follow those two rules, it gives you enough physical space to thrive as a bachelor and conserve your resources, and it gives you the mental space to retain your individuality and freedom. Relationships require compromise, and that means the man is always the one who compromises the most. Having the space to collect yourself and just take a breath is what allows for you to avoid getting wrapped up in a woman and being dragged back to the plantation.

And finally, MGTOW helps you repair the soul. A lot of us found MGTOW when we were broken, at our lowest points. Some of you have noted in comments that I don’t sound angry or bitter in my videos, and that’s because you’re seeing me years after finding MGTOW and going through the grief and red pill rage cycles. That is what awaits you when you give yourself a chance to repair your soul and find peace. For some of you, that process will take longer than others. Some of you were married or had kids or had long relationships, I can only imagine that pain because I found MGTOW at 19 and with a minimal investment in relationships compared to most who find the community. Don’t ever compare yourself to other MGTOW because you walk your own path and can’t judge yourself by their results, but you can use them as guides to help you on your journey.

With these great powers identified you can begin to set yourself to the task of acquiring them, but not fully understanding their power can prove to be just as dangerous as not having them at all. A lot of guys go MGTOW before they are ready to, and that has some damaging effects on them. Guys who use MGTOW as a crutch, who use it as an excuse to continue living a life of meaninglessness and hedonism, both of the body and mind, will destroy themselves with the power MGTOW gives. If you don’t think you’re ready for these powers, don’t feel like you need to rush into anything. I would rather you approach when ready and succeed and thrive with MGTOW rather than fail and be destroyed. Removing women from the pedastal is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face in your lifetime, so don’t go in thinking it’s going to be easy. It will require you to reshape everything, from your goals and purpose in life to controlling your biology and thinking with your bigger head. Most men can’t do it, that’s why the betas and the cucks outnumber us 100 to 1.

Once you have these powers, these MGTOW infinity stones if you will, everyone will try to take them from you. A free man off the plantation is a nuisance, but a free man who has empowered himself to such an extent that he can now manipulate his surroundings to benefit him and then inspire and educate others is beyond just a threat, it is an existential crisis for the powers that seek to strip a man of his freedom. And that is the real test. The struggle to acquire all the stones, all those great powers, will be a long and difficult one, but the fight to keep them once you have obtained them will wear you down and test your limits. The more successful you become, the more happy you become, the more peace you find, the more the world and everyone in it wants to bring you to their level, one of stupidity and ignorance and servitude. Never give in, never give up, carve out what you want for yourself in the world and help those who will listen.

MGTOW and the Fermi Paradox

What if the current state of modern society is not unique to humans? What if female nature is consistent across all or most intelligent species in the universe? I am proposing that female nature, or the rise of feminism, is a potential filter for the Fermi Paradox and an explanation for the absence of extraterrestrial life.

The prosperity required to create feminism is the catalyst for the end of a civilization. Perhaps nature has encoded this failsafe, designed to prevent any one species from becoming too advanced, into the mating strategy of weaker men.

Any sexually dimorphic alien species will face the same problems we face because the female of the species will have evolved with the same behavioral tendencies to manipulate the males in her vicinity for survival. This assumed similarity in female sexual strategy between species means the males operate on the same assumptions. Eventually, any alien species will be overwhelmed by lesser males empowering the women as a means of destabilizing the mating pool for a chance to reproduce, or by a sinister force that seeks to destabilize the civilization for ulterior motives. If the biological impulses are designed to deteriorate a civilization after it reaches a certain level of prosperity, then the only thing that can be trusted to ensure survival and continued growth is an enduring culture. This, of course, is virtually impossible because cultures change with each generation, as things are stripped away and added over time.

To better illustrate my point, let’s consider what a successful species could do to reach the stars. If intelligence is based on genetics and environmental factors, perhaps there is a species that took their best and brightest and gave them a harem of females to reproduce with, giving their offspring every advantage needed to succeed and prosper for the greater good of the species. Imagine if Isaac Newton, one of the great MGTOW of history, was provided a harem at no expense and not required to expend any time in maintaining it. Some alien species might have learned to use the females as a reward mechanism for the males on a planetary scale, in addition to the institution of marriage to provide an outlet of productivity for men on an individual scale. Using men’s reproductive urges as a driving force of creation instead of a means to control them is the difference between a space-faring civilization and a doomed one.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, buddy. I’m not advocating for marriage, I’m acknowledging that marriage is the bedrock of civilization and gives men a reason to continue building and maintaining it. Going MGTOW is harder for the average man than you realize, which makes our current situation even more perplexing. What kind of sexual strategy, on the part of females, advocates for forcing 80% of the males out of the pool of potential mates? It is a self-correcting problem, as no society can withstand the raw destructive nature of feminism, but why does this happen? Looking at the Roman civilization, women had the most rights at the end of the civilization, only to lose it all after the collapse. If women are weaker in body and mind, which they are, what madness drove men to give them control of society? The answer is the great filter that is prosperity. Most of the filters already existing in the Fermi Paradox except for exterior forces like natural disasters or meteors are a product of prosperity. Nuclear Armageddon is only possible because of the advancement of technology, as is resource depletion and overpopulation. Feminism is included as a product of prosperity as well, because it can only exist in certain delicate conditions.

These repeated mistakes throughout our history are due to the cyclical nature of civilizations. There is a great book called “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000” by Paul Kennedy which explores the causes of decline between the great empires of history and how they differ and more often coincide. Men have understood female nature at different points in time. Reading old texts from Greece, China and Japan gives an insight into cultures of masculinity and pride. This type of culture can never endure because there are always more losers than winners, more men with weak wills looking for an opportunity to dethrone and destroy a stronger man. As technology advanced and equalized the playing field by extending the life expectancy for the weaker men and giving them the means to attack the physically superior, the game changed. It no longer was about passing on knowledge to the worthy, to those who could understand it and use it to control and manipulate the world around them, but instead to appeal to the masses, to win over the lowest common denominator.

There is hope for fixing this problem with the same advancement of technology that helped create it, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it. The artificial wombs that so many men in the MGTOW community wish for would leave half the population to wither and die, something unrealistic for a society that isn’t even as gynocentric as ours. Expect regulations and bans on future reproductive technology to prevent men from liberating themselves from the system.

As MGTOW, we may understand that female nature must be controlled, that it is a dangerous force that can inspire men to slave away and build the world and that it can also destroy that which he has built, but a lustful man cannot be made to see reason, and there are too many lustful men preventing change. I imagine there are other groups of male aliens going their own way on their planet as everything goes to shit around them, wondering if their situation is unique, but I take solace in knowing that nature is the force behind this collapse, and the corrupted men and women partaking in the downfall are merely the instruments.

The carnage that will ensue after the final levee breaks are products of prosperity. If there is to be a nuclear war, it would not be for its own sake, but rather the end result of what has been brewing for a long time.

Princess Needs a Driver

Since you are seen as a utility in the eyes of women, your precious time is not even a consideration to her. You are to be available when she needs you and on standby until you are summoned. Do you know how much I can accomplish in 4 hours every other day? Even if I’m not being productive, that’s two movies I could watch. 4 hours can be the difference between a good day and a wasted day, and wasting 4 hours with this princess is worse than a waste, it’s a negative experience. You won’t get the gas or the brain cells back, and you definitely won’t be getting laid.

Make no mistake, no woman is organized. Some may have their simple schedules down, go to work, go to Starbucks or Dutch Bros. on the way, check their work email, check their social media, go to lunch, come back to work, go home, watch TV and check social media, rinse and repeat. That isn’t organization, that’s repetition. Organization is having your shit together, having short term and long term plans and working towards them. Women just exist and have things handed to them, they don’t understand what it means to have an organized life.

And even physical organization is a challenge for them. Look at how most of them treat their bathrooms and their bedrooms, it’s like a wild animal was let loose in there.

This princess is spontaneous and basically a walking carnival. Their idea of spontaneity actually only consists of a few variables. Going to a new bar, ordering a new drink or meal, taking a few pictures for social media, getting some new clothes, hiking at a new spot, and taking some new dick. That’s about it. I can understand the carnival part, with all the make up these girls cake on they can easily pass off as clowns.

These girls watch the cancerous reality shows with Kim Kardashian and other celeberty thots and think that because they are being filmed for eating cereal and putting on makeup that suddenly they deserve a film crew to show them doing menial tasks for the world to enjoy. Then again, these girls do it on Twitch and get paid thousands by simps.

Women look at taking things seriously as a negative when it’s the total opposite. If everything is fun and games all the time, that hedonistic lifestyle gets tiresome and doesn’t offer any long term fulfillment. It’s good to have the balance, to not be negative and serious all the time but if you go too much in either direction you’ll get burnt out.

Obviously her criteria for her driver is obnoxious, but always remember that they have these insane standards because there are plenty of men tripping over themselves to try and fulfill that role. And it’s not just the lowest tier of men that are shotgunning their inboxes. I’ve seen so many decent looking, accomplished men with women far below their own sexual marketplace value and treating her like she’s above them. When a man is taught that a woman will give him his life purpose, he will sacrifice everything in pursuit of her.

Compare the standards the thots have to your standards for a woman. Don’t be fat, don’t be a bitch. That’s about it for most guys. Most guys can work around the other flaws. It would be nice if she could cook, but the majority of women have no knowledge of a kitchen and only eat out and most men are willing to teach her how to cook. Your standards don’t treat her like a utility. Your standards only require her to have a basic concern for her own health and to be a decent human being that you can make a connection with, but that’s because you are projecting your ideas of metaphysical love on to her. Love doesn’t pay her bills, it doesn’t provide what she needs and so women have very specific criteria for men that dehumanizes them and treats them like a collection of statistics, because that’s all you are to them.

And finally comes the possibility of sex that keeps so many men enslaved in the friend zone. That carrot on the stick is what keeps a man going, and women know that. If a man thinks there’s a chance, he will continue to waste his time and energy on the possibility, no matter how futile.

Simps, if you’re listening, stop serving these thots and have some self respect. For men new to MGTOW, stop wishing you could have a woman to serve. You need to deprogram yourself from what society has taught you and learn to master your biology, not be controlled by it. Learn to enjoy your freedom and never wish to be back on the plantation.

Enjoy Your Freedom

Your freedom is the primary benefit of going MGTOW. Everything else comes from that freedom, so we should discuss its importance and how to protect it. There are four main points that I’ll be exploring in this video: 1) Never forget how you earned your freedom. 2) Never rely on someone else to fight for your freedom. 3) Never give up your freedom once you have it. 4) Never underestimate the power of your freedom.

The path that led you to freedom was probably filled with pain and sadness. It’s easy to try and forget about those dark times in your life, to focus on your present situation and keep moving forward. That is a temporary solution, and you should never forget what led you to MGTOW. It’s equally unhealthy to dwell on it, but you must learn to accept it and cherish the lessons you learned because it led you to the highest form of knowledge: the knowledge that you can lead yourself to the things you want in life, you don’t need to rely on validation from others to give you what you want. If I had the option to erase my grief or to go through it again, I would endure it in a heartbeat because it led me to MGTOW and made me an even more powerful man than I could have ever dreamed of being before I went through the harsh lessons. Never lose sight of what you used to be, because it is a measure for how far you have come.

If you rely on others to give you freedom, you will never get it. A woman will never want to see you empowered and free because she has everything to gain from keeping you enslaved. The men on the plantation need you slaving away alongside them so that they don’t question their life choices. Every time they see a free and happy man, their entire existence is threatened as they briefly second-guess themselves and wonder if they made the wrong choice. But the saddest truth to come to terms with is that the men fighting for equality for men, the men’s right’s movement, can never achieve victory because they are playing by the wrong set of rules. Men cannot ask for freedom or equality, they must take it. Each of you took your life into your own hands and became masters of your own fate. If you wait for permission to take charge or if you try to please others on your own path to happiness, you will never reach your full potential. The MGTOW channels on Youtube and the resources available to you are great tools to help, but you can’t rely on them to give you freedom. You must apply what you learn and find it yourself. Something so precious isn’t given for free.

Many of you already have attained your personal freedom. I would hope that you know better than to give it away to some used up woman, but there are other ways you can lose it. There’s no reason for you to be drained by a job that doesn’t bring some form of satisfaction. You may have bills to pay, but you also have so many more options than the men stuck on the plantation. You have the flexibility to move around and choose what’s best for you. Freedom extends beyond the restrictions women impose on men, it applies to work, leisure, and your thoughts. Becoming consumed in a hobby and wasting the free time you have from going MGTOW can be harmful to your freedom. Your liberation also applies beyond the physical realm. I bet if you were introduced to MGTOW while you were in relationships you would have scoffed at the idea. Imagine what other ideas you haven’t entertained yet. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander to places it hasn’t been to before, you should be able to bring yourself back to your mental starting place and explore your inner psyche.

The only threat you have to worry about is when your freedom is forcibly taken from you. If tyrannical governments start to round up men, you should have your escape plan ready, but the freedom of male association is already on the verge of being taken from you. As MGTOW continues to explode, the censorship will increase to match our growth. Any empire if it becomes large enough creates its own weaknesses through its size. Even with the technology they have at their disposal, they can’t defeat all of the MGTOW that will continue to spread the fires of freedom over the internet. When the bans on the social media platforms really start coming in to effect in the next year or two, we must adopt the guerrilla warfare tactics that have been so effective throughout history. Hit and run tactics, when one channel is taken down, another rises from the ashes. When one voice is silenced, ten more take his place. We don’t need to rely on government assistance or enforced representation because our message does all of the work. We don’t need to trick people or incentivise them, we have tangible evidence and logical arguments. We will win on the basis of our message of freedom, we just have to make sure the message is heard.

You may think your freedom is a nice luxury to have, that it affords you plenty of free time and peace of mind. But it is so much more than that. To understand the true power of your freedom, you need to spend some time around blue pill guys stuck on the plantation. They live lives devoid of direction or higher meaning, and your independence becomes a beacon of hope to those that can envision their own freedom. Many men aren’t ready to hear the truths of MGTOW, so you must lead by example by living a fulfilling life. Men will look to you as you thrive in the terrible social order that governs our societies. They will look first to the superficial aspects of your freedom, the money you have and the living conditions and luxuries that your lifestyle allows for. If they get a glimpse at what lies underneath that exterior and see the iron principles that steer you through the crap women and society throw at you, they will have no choice but to honestly and seriously consider your path and how it conflicts with their own. We don’t need MGTOW preachers, that’s what the Youtube channels are for, for when the men are ready to listen they can find the knowledge. But so many men aren’t even close to ready for that, so just incorporating these ideas into your life will be enough to get some men to question their chains and to think for themselves.

Some of you may have noticed an image I’ve been placing at the end of my videos recently with the snake. For those who don’t know, it’s a political cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin meant as a rallying cry for the colonies to fight against the tyranny of England. I modified it and put the words of MGTOW in place of the initials of the colonies to represent the worldwide community of men in search of freedom and helping their fellow men reach liberation. MGTOW is a philosophy, not a movement, but the men who don’t join the philosophical school of thought and the community that has formed around it are doomed to suffer under the iron fist of feminism. Women don’t have the foresight to quit while they are ahead, they have the greed of a child, unaware of boundaries or limitations. Because of this, this social chaos will run right off the cliff to its logical conclusion: collapse. The image represents what Benjamin Franklin created it for, to be a rallying cry for freedom.

Drop Your Dead Weight

Male friendship should be valued because it can provide an honest and dependable outlet of expression. It’s even more rare and valuable today in our gynocentric society, where even making this video could get me fired from most jobs, and if your employer saw your viewing history, I’m sure most of you would be in trouble as well. Because we have no where to turn to besides the internet, finding a real red pilled man to be friends with is like finding a diamond in the rough.

I’ve cut out most of my childhood friends, some by choice but most were due to my deletion of Facebook after high school. Besides openly expressing your controversial views, deleting Facebook is a great way to see how phony most of your friendships actually are. Most people won’t take the time to keep in touch with you outside of a like or the occasional message.

Most of the people you are friendly with in your life would turn on you in an instant if they knew your real opinions. Their supposed friendship should be considered nothing more than a formality. When you speak to these people, keeping in mind that they would easily throw you under the bus to virtue signal or to impress a girl or to protect themselves from offending the mob will give you the ability to keep them at a distance and to protect yourself from getting pulled into their drama.

A real friendship, even one with a blue pilled guy, still offers value. It’s nice to have a gaming or a drinking buddy and to talk about sports or movies or just general stuff. But like all relationships, it must be examined for what it provides you. Your beliefs don’t have to align perfectly with his, and if you know there are certain topics that he is ignorant about, you can now delegate that discussion to the internet. I chat with guys from all walks of life about topics I would never dare to speak about in real life because I know the overwhelming majority of men cannot or will not engage in that line of thinking. I’m sure a lot would like to, but the cost of offending the wrong person is too great nowadays for them to risk it.

If you care about a bluepilled friend, you would naturally want to help him reach the peace of mind and freedom that you enjoy. You can drop little red pills and see how receptive he is, but be prepared to lose his friendship. Most men have too much invested in the plantation and cannot simply reinvent their personalities after one conversation, nor would their pride allow them to admit they’ve been walking in the wrong direction their entire lives.

My criteria for dropping a friend is when they become dead weight. Once our interactions begins to negatively affect my state of mind or jeopardize my situation, that interaction will cease to exist. For example, if a blue pilled friend starts bringing his emotional problems with his girlfriend or wife into our conversations, and actively ignores or criticizes any advice I give, even if it’s something simple, that signifies that he is in a state of stagnation. You should always be in a state of growth in all areas of life, and being around people who want to stand in place can only hold you back.

That being said, it’s a great skill to learn how to look past the blue pilled programming in people. You can learn something from every person, man, woman, or child, even if it’s just a lesson in what not to do.

But if the cost benefit analysis of a friendship fails to yield positive results, you need to consider moving on. You don’t want to fall into the sunken cost fallacy, where you keep a friendship going because of past experiences when present experiences are the opposite of what you’re looking for.

I have two childhood friends that are gaming buddies, one I talk politics with very lightly because I know we have similar opinions and are open to discussion, the other is neutral and chill. When we’re playing games or watching movies or hanging out in person, it’s for the sake of the activity itself and is a great outlet for relaxation. If I were to bring my philosophy or political discussion into the equation, it would ruin the activity because it’s not the place for it.

You need to look at what your expectations are for your friendships. If you just want to hang out, you can have a higher tolerance for blue pilled men. Once they start getting political or start virtue signalling, you can tell them to save that stuff for their other friends. They will probably be offended, but you have nothing to lose with the blue pilled guys.

If your friends become heavy emotional weight like Pedro says, that means that you’re giving them a spot on the pedestal in your life, which they may have earned before, but they are now taking advantage of your goodwill and dragging you down to their level. It’s good to keep in touch with your humanity and to not totally close yourself off to other people, but you also must take care of yourself if you are ever to help other people. Extend your hand out to them and offer what advice you can, but once you start getting negative results from your generosity, it’s time to drop the dead weight. There is no reason to continue with something that no longer works. Just like with women, every relationship eventually ends, so don’t mourn its’ passing, instead enjoy it while it lasts and remain detached so that you don’t fight to fix something that is broken.

Nostalgia is the main factor that keeps friendships past their expiration date. You must realize that keeping those friends around won’t bring back those good times from before and you must actively try to make new experiences. The hobbies you should be doing for yourself can also offer new friends. A chess club, a martial arts gym, anything that requires effort will naturally filter out most women and weaker-minded men, putting you in a place to make new and lasting friendships.

Don’t Put MGTOW in a Box

MGTOW is not MRA (5)

For those of you who have been in the community for a while, this video may seem a bit redundant, but each month we get new guys and I’ve been seeing a lot of divisiveness in the community, so I’ll just try to mitigate some of that. This video is bound to trigger some people because I’m going to address race, IQ, genetics, sexuality, politics, and all types of uncomfortable topics.

MGTOW is a philosophy, not a movement. MGTOW is about embracing individuality, not joining a collective. MGTOW is apolitical. Some channels talk about politics more than others, and a lot of men in the community tend to lean towards the right, but MGTOW is not a political faction. We aren’t marching for change or protesting, we’ve walked away. If you’re seeking to infiltrate MGTOW and mobilize men to do your dirty work, that’s not going to work because we can see through you. This might surprise you because I definitely did not expect it when I first started this channel, but SJWs and feminists rarely leave hateful comments. The majority of the hate this channel gets is from the tradcucks, the men still on the plantation who see our freedom as a threat to their political battles. They see that their tactics are not effective, and so they try and bring those failed strategies into our domain.

MGTOW has a different purpose for each man. Some men are using the philosophy and the community as a buffer until things get better, if they get better, and are only MGTOW as a reaction to the times. Others love the bachelor or the monk lifestyle, some men are destroyed from a marriage or a long relationship and need support, and others are lost and trying to find their path through life without compromising on what is most important to them. There is no generalization that can be placed over the MGTOW community because its entire existence relies on the unique path of the individual.

I have a pretty strict rule of creating a male space through my call-in shows and my Discord community. I’ve had women call in and I give them a question I know they won’t be able to answer and then I hang up and clear the lines for a man to share his thoughts. Besides this, MGTOW is the most diverse platform. Race is not a factor for going MGTOW. Any race, any age, any type of man can go MGTOW. Since MGTOW criticizes feminists and SJWs, it attracts shitposters that bring racism into our discussions, but that’s what happens with an open community, it naturally attracts hate of all kinds.

IQ is not a requirement for accepting and understanding MGTOW. Race and IQ is a real discussion with real data behind it, but that isn’t a barrier of any kind to understanding this practical philosophy. My mom is from Belize, which from a quick google search says the average IQ is 84. My dad is white, and there are plenty of people who frown on interracial marriage, including his family. Racial purity has nothing to do with being able to observe female nature and think for yourself. The smartest men are often the most blind to what is right in front of them. Look at all the top men in our society and their inability to accept what their senses are trying to tell them.

MGTOW doesn’t require IQ, it requires a combination of experience, observation and introspection. If a man can experience the negative aspects of female nature and gynocentrism, observe others dealing with it, and reflect and ask why, he can find MGTOW. If he’s so intellectually proud that he believes he has the answer for everything and that women today are more civilized than our barbaric ancestors, he chains himself to the reality he wishes to see and not the one around him.

Genetics does have a role in a man’s MGTOW path. If a man was denied female validation his entire life because of his appearance, he will naturally have a much more harsh opinion on female nature, which might turn off some men who don’t have that same resentment or bitterness. I believe there’s a place for both types of men. Men who are experienced with women need that dose of raw red pills to knock women off the pedestal, while men stuck with that hatred need that next step to finding peace of mind.

Trying to determine the credibility of a MGTOW is a futile effort because each man decides for himself what is best for his path. The MGTOW philosophy naturally protects itself from most infiltration attempts because it has two core principles that must be adhered to: no marriage and no cohabitaiton. If you meet a man who advocates for any of those, he discredits himself as a MGTOW. Besides those two core principles, the rest is up to your own interpretation. A MGTOW can date, have casual sex, stay in monk mode, use prostitutes, own a doll, it doesn’t matter because you’re only supposed to be worried about your own happiness. You’ll find different opinions about all of those options, but at the end of the day you need to make your own cost benefit analysis and decide what is best for you. If you can’t accept another man’s decisions, you are just as bound by ideological dogma as the feminists you hate so much.

Deprogram Yourself

All of us have had ideas artificially programmed into our psyche, some of them positive like the instilling of an effective work ethic or the teachings of rationalism and being objective in the situations we find ourselves in. Other ideas are negative and incredibly harmful, like the dependence on pussy or taking advantage of man’s ability for self sacrifice. Many men find themselves immersed in the MGTOW community because it presents a whole new world waiting to be discovered. It makes each man a pioneer of his own life, gives him the tools to explore his uncharted territories and find what has been hidden from him.

Understanding the sexual dynamic is just the first red pill, but we can go farther than that. If we were blind to such an obvious and natural set of rules, what else were we blind to? “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Strip away everything that society, your friends and your family have programmed into you to get to your true self.

Let’s first examine the idea of companionship. There are many men in the community who are perfectly happy with the company of themselves, but there are a great deal who struggle with loneliness and have a need for companionship. If this is you, examine what your idea of companionship is. If you understand the sexual marketplace, then you would know that you aren’t being loved for who you are, but instead for what you provide. This provision could be monetary, like the infamous beta bux vs alpha fucks dynamic shows. It could also be based on status, based on your career, your renown or your looks. You are just a collection of statistics in the eyes of women. At first you will experience the red pill rage when this idea clashes with the romanticism you’ve been force fed your whole life, but don’t be angry. Mother Nature is a bitch and she gives us tough love, but it’s just a reproductive strategy. You have to detach your ego from the equation and not take it personally, it’s just nature. If I was a woman, I’m sure I would be operating under the same rules, constantly throwing out shit tests and looking for the best mate and being just an all around bitch. I count my blessings every day that I’m not a woman.

A man’s goals is projected on to him by his surroundings. It’s up to you to overcome both your biological urges and societal pressures to chase pussy, wasting your energy, time and money in the process. Going MGTOW doesn’t necessarily mean going celibate, but women shouldn’t be in your top priorities. If you can overcome that great biological urge, literally anything is possible. You will have transcended from a simple animal following its nature to something else entirely, in complete control and a master of your own nature. Once you overcome that urge to chase, you’ll watch in amusement as you see the entire world around you operate on that simple premise. Then, you’ll be awestruck when you realize how much more there is to do, how much more there is to think about, all of the territory that is relatively unexplored because everyone else’s focus is on jumping through those hoops to get access to the holy vagina. With this great power comes great responsibility. Don’t shame the men still chasing, it requires a perfect mix of self awareness and bad experiences to overcome that instinct. All we can hope for is that they can find peace before making the serious mistakes we have seen time and time again.

Another concept that has been distorted in modern times is the idea of friendship. Women conflate masculine brotherhood with homosexuality, and this has entered into the gynocentric mainstream consciousness. A true bond you make with a man, which is incredibly rare nowadays, will last longer than any bond you could make with a woman. That’s why they hate the idea of it so much, because women go through friends like a red pilled man goes through thots. Real friendship is a true diamond in the rough, but thanks to technology your options are greater than ever. One of my two childhood friends lives a few minutes away from me, but we hang out in person less than you would think. Instead, we hang out on Discord and basically do everything we would have done in person over the internet. Anything that can’t be done we meet up for, but you can have awesome friendships digitally now. Reimagine what friendship means to you, not what is portrayed to you. Instead of spending a bunch of money and organizing the logistics of everything, I can make my own drinks, upload a movie to Google drive with a dummy account and share it, watch Youtube videos and just chill out and play video games. The beauty is that I can do this with people I never would have otherwise, like a dude I met who’s in Australia. It’s hilarious to hear women and white knights shame this new form of camaraderie when you look at what their idea of friendship is. Next time you find yourself in a bar or a club, make an effort to look at what the groups of women and the groups of men are doing. I’ve done this the last several times and the groups of women are almost entirely on their phones, isolated from each other and living in their digital personas. The groups of men aren’t enjoying each other’s company, instead glancing at the women every few seconds and obviously uncomfortable to be around their so called friends. The only men who seemed to be having a good time were those huddled together in the corners of the bars, away from distractions and free to have a good time. Shaming is a sign of insecurity, so as a general rule of thumb you should investigate whatever women and white knights are shaming because it might be worthwhile. No amount of shaming can restructure the social order, but it can prevent men from connecting with each other out of fear of social stigma.

The next idea that is widely programmed into people and has drastic consequences on their lives is the idea of wealth. Once you’re fully MGTOW, you are an independent man and can do whatever the fuck you want with your own money, but let’s first look at what wealth really is. I’m sure all of you can relate when I say that MGTOW knowledge is priceless. Richer men than you or I would have paid millions of dollars to learn about MGTOW before they lost their lives in a soul-sucking career and their money in a joyless marriage or a hateful divorce. With this example, intangible things like MGTOW knowledge can have more value than the fastest cars, the biggest houses or the hottest women. It then makes sense to diversify your portfolio by pursuing different types of wealth. Give me a good computer, a comfortable bed, a decent car and a stable internet connection and I’m perfectly content with that physical wealth, able to pursue the more important and longer lasting forms of wealth found in knowledge and wisdom. The beautiful thing about MGTOW is that you can still have those fancy toys because you’ll be saving so much money compared to your less fortunate peers who are being drained by a wife and kids, but you don’t have to chase those things unless you’ve stripped away society’s idea of wealth and found that you still want that item. Just remember this golden rule: if it floats, flies, or fucks, rent it.

The standard for what constitutes as valuable knowledge has fallen so far that it’s a miracle the cities aren’t on fire. If learning about Leonardo Dicaprio’s newest girlfriend is more relevant to your life than reading a book that could change how you approach the world, you need to get off Youtube and go to your nearest library and treat your brain to a day out. If the majority of people only read fake news and celerbity gossip, while also being afraid to explore controversial and challenging ideas, they really are empty vessels floating through life, consuming and fucking until they die. Their standard of knowledge is nonexistant, and are perfectly content existing in a state of limbo for the rest of their lives. If you rely on the general consensus for what to dedicate your mind to, you will be a husk of a man who never got close to reaching his true potential. Take a critical look at your diet of information. Just like your body, you must feed your brain with a healthy, balanced diet of information to cultivate a sharp and reasoned mind. Too much analytical information and you risk losing touch with your sense of humor and fun, too much mindless information and you risk stagnating. Try to learn a new thing every day, or at least put yourself in situations to learn things by going outside of your comfort zone and reading what you don’t normally read or listening to ideas you don’t normally listen to.

The values of our modern societies have been turned upside down. At the risk of sounding too preachy, I’m not going to talk about the over-sexualization or promotion of degeneracy. Instead, look at how flimsy all those traditional values were that we’ve lost in the last hundred years. If people can so easily throw them away, did they ever really believe in them to begin with? To live by a code, to have standards and to judge everything against those standards takes a dedication that most people lack. Anything that takes a modicum of effort cannot endure when its endurance depends on the lowest common denominator. All of the values and norms that have been instilled into you came from hypocrites who don’t follow their own rules, or don’t have any at all. If your goal is to slay as much pussy as possible, then you have to abandon some values. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, you have to abandon some values. If you want to live a simple, honest life, you can keep your values intact. When you allow other people or outside forces put you in positions you don’t want to be in, your values will suffer, just as all the men who committed atrocities against their fellow man in the history of warfare.