10 Self-Improvement Tips for MGTOW

This topic comes from a donation request from Knight of Sunlight, and he wants to know my ten self-improvement tips for MGTOW men. Things will differ between men at different points in their lives and their different goals and ambitions, but these should be able to be applied to just about any path and definitely helped me.

1) Take baby steps. If you are just beginning your path of self-improvement or are getting back on the grind after a hiatus, be sure to avoid moving too fast or you’re going to end up quitting. It’s better to get comfortable in an easy routine and absolutely master it than it is taking on a bigger workload that you can’t handle and dropping all of it entirely. When I first started video editing, I didn’t sit and watch hours of tutorials, I got the basics and then started messing around with programs at a rate that was comfortable for me.

2) Setting short term goals. These are goals that can be completed in less than 3 months. They are valuable because they offer immediate feedback and easily reachable milestones that help you see the tangible products of your dedication. The workload will vary with each goal that you set for yourself, and putting too many of these on yourself will cause you to stress out, but they are a necessity. An example of a short term goal for me would be making a video or finishing a book.

3) Improve attention span. Technology has crippled our attention spans, and my attention span has been absolutely destroyed. To be able to focus on your short and long term goals, you need to take steps to improving your attention span. Reading, exercising, and meditating have helped me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. If you can’t finish anything or you keep adding new goals before finishing your existing ones, your potential improvement is limited by the stimulus that detracts from your efforts.

4) Setting long term goals. These are goals that require more than three months to complete. You must have at least one of these, it’s a requirement to getting out of the depression and sitting in the void. If you don’t have something that you can work on when you get out of bed, you won’t want to get out of bed. I have more long term goals than I should have, but we’ll address that shortly. A long term goal for me would include my workout goals, my book, growing the channel, becoming a teacher, and developing the game. Some of these don’t have set deadlines, but all of them have milestones that can be objectively measured. These are tougher than short term goals because the measure of progress is more spread out over time, but the long term goals are what yield the consistency of productivity.

5) Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Your goals should align to your strengths, but you should also be discovering your untapped strengths. These are best suited for short term goals, so you can quickly see growth and determine if you want to transition to a long term goal. The area where I’ve pushed myself the most would be the call-in shows I do on this channel, when I first started I had no idea what to expect and since I don’t put any restrictions on it, I have to be at least familiar with whatever topics people bring to discussions. I’m glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone though, because it’s one of my favorite parts of the community.

6) Variety. Variety is the spice of life, and some spice is needed to make that bland dish of repetition and discipline bearable. Make sure you have goals of different types in place so you never dread the act of self-improvement. If I hit writer’s block for a video, I can work out and shift from a short term goal of making a video to the long term goal of reaching my workout goals. I would say have goals of any type, short term or long term, that appeal to the mind, the body, and the spirit.

7) Commit. If you absolutely have to drop a goal, then it should be a short term goal because that is the place to experiment and find out what you want to do. Any long term goal should have your full commitment, because if you drop it then you’ve lost all the time and momentum that your entire self-improvement system relies on. Once you start seeing progress and results, it should snowball into productivity as you get addicted to the gains.

8) Break and rebuild, push boundaries. Once you’ve moved past the baby steps portion of a goal, you should slowly be ramping up your workload to its maximum capacity, and when it becomes unstable, ease off and regroup and then continue again. The only way you can increase your workload and enhance your capabilities is to actually force yourself to adapt.

9) Time management. This is the one area where I am still working on, because my time management sucks. If you find yourself doing too much at once, you will be overwhelmed at the tasks for any given day and then decide to do less than necessary, or worse, nothing at all. Time is a trick thing for a MGTOW man. Now that you’re off the plantation, you have plenty of it. If you have too much, you become lazy and bitter because you’re not actively doing productive things. If you have too little time, you become just as stressed and overworked as the men on the plantation who are serving their masters at home. And that leads into…

10) Balance. I believe in maintaining balance in all things, even in productivity. I still have unproductive hobbies, I still want to watch movies and tv shows and play video games and get into anime. Too much of that is detrimental to reaching your true potential, but you need some of that to let yourself relax and enjoy the freedom you’ve gained from finding MGTOW. After all, if I can’t kick back, relax, and enjoy being a hermit, what the hell is the point of all this anyways?

5 thoughts on “10 Self-Improvement Tips for MGTOW

  1. Twas a good article for the young and old, too. I find myself lamenting at what the world could have been, had it chosen, too. I also feel the young need ambition or a desire to succeed in whatever they do and enjoy success, without getting carried away with it. Success is intoxicating and that is when it is dangerous.


  2. I found out that if I wait for it to “feel” right or the absence of any fear about doing something new, it never gets done.


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