Your Efforts Are Wasted on Her

to snip or not to snip (15)

The amount of time you spend trying to court or convince a woman is a representation of how much you are still invested in obtaining female validation. Any effort spent trying to persuade a woman to a cause is a wasted effort because it isn’t dependent on your argument or presentation, but rather the options she has available to her at that present moment.

When attempting to court a woman, you are placing yourself into the arena alongside countless other suitors. Your ego convinces you that your competitive urges creates success and will not allow for the possibility of factors outside of your control dictating your results because it leaves you in a helpless state. Your ego protects you from the truth because it is a painful shock to the system that often jump starts men out of the matrix, forcing them to look at the objective sexual strategies women employ. You didn’t out perform all of the other suitors, you were merely her best option in that pool of men relative to her current standards. Realizing that takes away the pride and the sense of false accomplishment that allowed you to play the game with a smile on your face.

You humanize her in the courting process by trying to make a personal connection, by trying to appeal to as many different avenues as possible: compassion, comedy, attraction, provisioning, but in the end she’s merely categorizing all of your ploys into a large database in her head of all the other factors from all the other guys in a very practical way, and then her spontaneous feelings, the tingles, that factor that she can’t explain but is so easily deduced by red pill men, is thrown into the mix to muddy the results.

There are so many unaccountable factors present in the equation of courtship. Every woman is a slut if you catch her on the right day. Maybe she’s jealous of her friends and their relationships and is looking to hop on the cock carousel or lock down a boyfriend as soon as possible, maybe she’s had a breakup and is looking to get filled, maybe she had a conversation with her mother that same day and that influenced the interaction, maybe she recently binged romantic movies on Netflix because she has no hobbies, who knows what the hell is going on and it’s not your problem to try and figure that out. What those pick up artists and coaches don’t tell you is that it’s 50% game and 50% luck, but they don’t say that because they need you to believe that it’s entirely within your control, and for only two easy payments of $19.99 you can slay poon till your dick falls off.

Your efforts are also wasted when trying to convince a woman in an argument to see your logical progression of thought. You could have the most airtight argument, appealing to common sense and backed up by facts and data, but you aren’t accounting for the factor that throws everything out the window: her emotions. Many men argue using emotions, but most, not all, can be made to see reason when they see objective results. Women are entirely helpless in the face of objective reality because their emotions override any possibility of acceptance and concession. Admitting she was wrong makes her feel bad, and therefore will be avoided at all costs.

Not only are your efforts wasted, but your efforts will be pitted against other men. You will be competing to see who can waste the most effort, something no one should want to be the winner of. Instead, redirect that effort to yourself and to other men. Real men will notice your efforts and appreciate it, even some of the blue pill guys on the plantation who gained some wisdom through their misery.

All of this applies to women on the macro scale in each of our countries. Women will never listen to reason because they have so many other, better options available to them and different motives that aren’t compatible with not only the survival of their nations, but the expansion of them. Any appeals to logic will be met with a greater force of emotion, and emotion will win every time because it is the power that shapes their reality and the decisions they make. How can we navigate that besides focusing our efforts to appealing to their emotions and making the problem worse, wasting our efforts and any chance of fixing the problem?

Learn to refocus your efforts. You have an incredible advantage because so many other men are wasting their energy, while you have the freedom to focus on things that give real meaning, lasting fulfillment, and are completely in your control and not dependent on unknown variables.

2 thoughts on “Your Efforts Are Wasted on Her

  1. Very well said, 3H! this is especially so in the times we live in. Had women been kept in their place once made for them, we might be fine. but we let the genie out of the bottle. What a stupid mistake that was. Now we pay dearly.
    There is no appreciation for all that men bring to society to sustain it. Its really merits the death penalty in the eyes of God.

    On another note, I noticed the big article of a few days back or so. I have been off the net from Oct 30 to Nov 7 Due to moving. then I saw lots of little articles which I assume might have been the article broken into pieces to encourage people to read.
    It has been my habit of the past to write articles the size of books and have since decided that much shorter articles done frequently are the wiser course in a series a started on my site, “Hoaxtead Watch” the follows and refutes a (in my opinion) Satanic cult operating in Hampstead, London, UK, says I. And the nice thing is that you can stick a bunch of them together as “chapters” in a broad coverage of something.

    Sandman sort of taught me that. In fact, if I did videos, I would probably shoot for 5-7 minutes. If I had more to say, I would make another 5-7 video. That would be better for advertising and views as well.
    Due to my being far behind in videos and the like, I was not able to read many of the articles you posted and I do not doubt that they were good work, too, I am trying to pace myself to perhaps 1 article every 3 or 4 days. Hard to say how that will work out. I’ll experiment once I am back to writing. I have heard it said, keep them wanting more or waiting in anticipation. I think there is something to it. T1 out!


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