Women Replaced By Machines

“Women are nothing but machines for producing children.” Napoleon

Women have a history of being replaced by automation, and we don’t have to look too far back in time to see that. Look at the evolution of the common household. The dishwasher, the laundry machine, the oven, the microwave, these are all tools that helped to reduce the workload of housewives and in turn replace their monopoly on homemaking. Now a man can take care of his household easily with these tools, maybe hiring a maid to clean if he’s lazy or lacking the time. With their homemaking capabilities replaced, we can logically move a few steps forward to their sexual and reproductive capabilities being replaced. A lot of men in the MGTOW community don’t approve of sex dolls, which is totally fine, every man derives value from different things. But the men who outright deny the coming changes to the sexual marketplace, or try to downplay the impact artificial creations or automation will have on the sexual marketplace and try to stick their heads in the sand will be in for a rude awakening.

This is a serious subject that deserves serious consideration. You can chart the progress of technology with the appliances in your vacinity. Look up the specs on the first computer and then the specs of your cell phone. That rate of advancement in such a short amount of time has extended to every form of technology. The famous line that “sex sells” means that technology that is intertwined with man’s sexual desires will explode at a rate none of has seen before. Looking at a stupid blow up doll from decades ago and looking at what is available today is testament to that. But even today, there is still so much progress to be made. As money continues to flow in even for what we will look back on in the future as basic models, the investment into developing these technologies will continue to advance.

As you’ll see later in the video, a lot of the guys buying into this emerging market are the TFLers, the true forced loneliness guys who can’t attract women, or who are limited genetically in such a way that the only way they can achieve the happiness that they want would be to provide economically, and live under an illusion with a gold digger. This has huge ramifications not only for the sexual marketplace, but the state of civilization in general. The old system guaranteed a wife for each man. If women are given free choice, then they logically pick the top 20%. Unfortunately, the top 20% can’t maintain a society. This displacement of the men on which society is built upon will lead to its collapse. I’m happy for these guys who find what they’re looking for through their artificial methods, it’s much better than being a slave to a society that not only doesn’t value you, but actively tries to undo all of the work that you put into the society.

These men are invisible to women, and this will be their undoing. No woman and most men still plugged into the matrix don’t care what a TFL guy does, whether he buys a sex doll or a virtual girl. This blindspot will allow these industries to expand at a rapid rate relatively undetected. By the time that these products begin to attract the men women desire, the beta bucks and the alpha fucks guys, it will be too late. By that time, the appearances will be improved, automation will be available, and the AI will be as real as a man needs it to be. As the sexual marketplace continues to deteriorate and interacting with women brings more inherent risks with each passing year, the average guy who isn’t into anime or up to speed on the latest technological breakthroughs will walk by a store or see a commercial and see for the first time an actual, tangible replacement for a woman.

That man will look at the appearance of the doll and compare it to the majority of women who are overweight or obese in his country. He will look at its customization options, and realize he can replace every part of her, down to the fingernails. He will look at how it communicates to him, how it sends him text messages throughout the day and how he can have conversations with it. When it gets to this point, competition in this field will be fierce and there will be plenty of options out there that enable their AI to actively participate in conversations of any sort. And finally, and the most important part, he will look at the price of machine and compare it to the financial cost of a woman. Not even taking into account the mental and physical cost, this cost benefit analysis will persuade him to give it a try, at least until he finds a girl. Once he goes bot, he will never go thot again. This attitude will sweep nations by storm as normal, hard working men further withdraw into their own utopias.

My personal opinion on the matter is that men should work to free themselves of the need for this sort of companionship, and that once he reaches that freedom from it he can engage from a safer place, a place where he is not dependent in any way. But I approach it from a different place than the guys building this industry. I’ve had what they’ve been yearning for and I’ve realized how much easier life is without it, but I won’t disagree with men seeking companionship having more options.

Women have put themselves in this position. They communicate identically across cultures. A text message from one girl is the same as any message from another girl. Men project personalities on to girls through the experiences they share with them. If a machine can automate text messages and render them indistinguishable from the average girl, and then a man can do other things with the machine beyond just being a hologram, he will have no need for a girlfriend.

With their sexual capabilities being replaced, the only thing left is their reproductive capabilities. I’ve seen a lot of men talk about this and I’ve received countless messages about this. Men can move beyond their sexual desires, but the innate desire to have children is a lot harder to overcome. The artificial womb will completely destroy any of the remaining fragments of gender relations. With men having other options for sex, women’s last bargaining tactic was children, and if that is removed, the exodus of men will be complete.

There are two forms that this can take, one is very close, one is very far off. The first is for an artificial womb at a facility where the baby is created and held until birth. These will obviously have a huge amount of regulations, but they will operate much like sperm banks. A man would go to the facility, give his sperm and pick from a selection of female eggs and then come back to pick up his kid. Designer babies, where people can fine tune and pick exact traits they want, will be relegated to the most wealthy of society.

Having a sex bot be able to give birth on its own is so far off that I don’t think we’ll ever see it. It’s not unfeasible, it’s just that the advancement in technology is so great that I think we won’t last as a species long enough to get to that point. The sex dolls will improve at a rapid rate, but they will never become as life like as a real woman. They have ways to get close, but not that close. They can heat the material to simulate warmth, they can get an AI that can simulate the average woman’s intellectual range, but it’ll never have a soul. Artificial intelligence has the capability for that, but we can’t have tens of thousands of sentient sex robots running around, can we? So whatever form the AI takes, it will be heavily restricted or under-developed. Some hacker will eventually upload his conscious AI into his sex robot, and the real life version of Ultron will be a sexy robot girl. Food for thought.

Once these two industries become more developed, the sex industry and the reproductive industry, women will fight tooth and nail to restrict it. They will use all of the legislation that has been designed for them to restrict it, but supply will always meet demand. It won’t be the U.S. that trailblazes this, that’s for sure, but someone will. When a country realizes that it can get their men productive again with these industries, it will allow for its growth. A man will work those extra hours if he’s allowed to support his children, it doesn’t matter if they are from a real womb or an artifical womb, they are still his children. He’ll uphold all sorts of industries as he buys clothes and accessories for his sex robot, just as he would for a real woman. Money talks, and when they see that most men want to be on the plantation, they will let them create their own plantation.

And that’s the great pitfall of these advancements. Women are so bad in modern times that they are forcing men to free themselves off the plantation. I think that’s a good thing, because personal freedom is greater than anything, but many men can’t survive for long off the plantation, and the worldwide suicide rates for men back that up. Men will create their own plantation with their own rules and absolute authority in their households. Women will fight, and they will lose. After they lose the legal and economic battle and the industries explode, they will resort to a culture battle.

After shaming and ridicule fails, they will embrace their replacements and try to beat them. In their stupidity, they won’t give up any rights or yield anything, so they are appealing only to a man’s emotional side, not his logical side. They will try their hardest to pretend to be traditional, to be a caring housewife, but she will always have that power to destroy the man or monkey branch elsewhere, so whatever offer she can make will always pale in comparison to her replacement. The ease at which they are replaced is a testament to their true value.

Before I let the advancements in technology speak for themselves, I’ll share the rest of Napoleon’s thoughts on the matter:

“I did what I could to improve the lot of the illegitimate children, the unfortunate innocents who are nevertheless dishonored, but it wasn’t possible to risk much for them without killing the institution of marriage. Few people, then, would get married. In the good old days, men had concubines and a wife at the same time, and illegitimate children were not held in so much contempt as they are these days. I find it ridiculous that a man should not be able to have more than one legal wife. When she’s fat, it’s as if he doesn’t have a wife any more. True, we don’t have concubines any more, but we do have mistresses, who mess up [men’s] fortunes even more. I’m speaking of the well-to-do, since the poor can’t feed more than one [wife]. In France, women are considered too [much], they shouldn’t be seen as the equals of men, and, in reality, are nothing more than machines for making children. During the Revolution, they rose up, set themselves up in assemblies, even wanted to form battalions: we had to put a stop to that. If women had left the state of dependence where they should remain, disorder would have taken over society. There would have been continuous fighting. One sex must submit to the other …”

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