There is no Right Girl, Unicorns Don’t Exist

Easily the biggest divide in the MGTOW community is the concept of All Women Are Like That. There are men who have accepted female nature in its totality and there are still a lot of men who believe that some women can overcome female nature. These men hold out hope that not all women can be as basic and superficial as the rest because it would simply be too depressing, a world without hope of progressing from the animal reproductive strategies that govern our species. Embracing that reality is exactly how you overcome that last barrier to reaching freedom from the mating game and female validation.

Believing that Not All Women Are Like That, or NAWALT, is the elevation of female nature to something it can never be. It is conflating it with male nature, where men can overcome their biology with intangible things like morality, pride, and discipline. Accepting that All Women Are Like That doesn’t mean that every woman is a cheating whore, it means that they have the capability of being one. It may seem obvious, but its powerful to admit that she is subject to flaws. Just like it’s drilled into every man that he has the potential to be a visious animal under certain circumstances, it’s equally applicable for women to engage in their hypergamous instincts under certain circumstances. Men often elevate women to be beyond the human flaws that everyone else has, and realizing that they’re as flawed, or more so, than the average man is the first step to accepting AWALT.

There are a couple scenarios that we see come up often in the community that try to prove NAWALT, but we’re going to debunk those today. The most common one is the belief that a Western man can travel abroad and find a woman from a poor country and rescue her from a life of poverty and create a family with her. There are two big flaws with this theory. The first is that you can certainly do that, but just because she comes from a traditional background doesn’t mean she isn’t still a woman. She will still have to deal with temptation when she encounters a man who is taller or wealthier or more muscular. She will still be tempted to monkey branch if you were to lose your job or fall ill or suffer an injury. She will still be naturally unattracted when you show any signs of weakness or vulnerability. She may not act on these hypergamous instincts, but they are still there regardless. The second flaw in this theory is that her femininity is defined by her community. If you go to a different country, her culture might shame promiscuity or adultery, so she may control it artificially to avoid being ostracized. If you bring her back to your home country, the worst traits of female nature will be unleashed on you.

She isn’t a unicorn, she just learned how to hide her true nature. Trying to cheat the system and work around biology is a clever way to try and solve the problem, but it doesn’t do anything except expose you to what every man who interacts with women will eventually encounter.

The next example of unicorn hunting comes with finding virgins. I have some personal experience with this and I’ll tell you that it really has no effect. If you find a virgin, a rare species in today’s society, it does help initially at the start of the relationship because of the stronger pair bonding mechanism that she has with you, but it isn’t strong enough to fight the constant, 24/7 barrage of sex and drugs and hookup culture that she is exposed to. Eventually she will become curious as to what she is missing out on, and there really isn’t anything you can do to stop that. No amount of game or passing shit tests will get the idea of the grass being greener out of her mind.

The most frustrating mistake of trying to prove Not All Women Are Like That is going for girls below your own sexual marketplace value. Logically, you would think that she would appreciate being with a higher quality partner and that would reflect in her attitude and treatment of you. Instead, what tends to happen is that she is conflicted between self-consciousness and anxiety as she thinks she is unworthy of you and that you will leave for a better woman as well as the ego boost that she can in fact land a higher quality partner than her sexual marketplace value should allow. One of those two scenarios will eventually end the relationship. Either her self-doubt will become unbearable and her paranoia will drive you away or she will act on her hypergamous instincts to try and monkey branch.

The split in the community really shows itself in the attitudes of the men. Most will claim all women are useless sluts, and others, mostly older guys, will claim that the majority of the women have ruined the gender relations for the minority of good women out there. There are good points in both arguments, as well as flaws, so we should try to bring them together into what really is the case for female nature. Most women are useless as the more vocal crowd says, but not all. But this also is not an admission that those few who aren’t completely useless are in any way as useful as a man. The older guys who believe that there are some good women left hiding under a rock, waiting to be found fail to understand that these women are chameleons, blending in to the conservative parts of the country or hiding their histories from the men they interact with. These wholesome women will easily throw that supposed purity aside for a chance at a man with a high SMV.

Even if you were to find a woman from a stable household that has stable friends and is sheltered from the cancerous culture and has positive influences in life, you still have to deal with shit tests and all the drama that comes with it. Just because she may not be promiscious, she still is subconsiouly searching for the best mate, so you have to constantly prove yourself to her. She will never love you for who you are, only for what you can do for her. That doesn’t sound like a unicorn to me.

There is no right girl for you. You will always be fighting with her instincts, because Mother Nature is ruthless and unforgiving. You may be able to override your biological urges to mate with multiple women and instead create an emotional connection with one woman, but that isn’t how nature designed us. You can overcome that instinct because you can access something within yourself, a desire to change the rules that nature bestowed upon you, but you can’t expect her to do the same.

Once you accept that there are no unicorns, there is no woman out there waiting for you to find her, you can start to move forward as a MGTOW. You may face a crippling depression, or an uncontrollable rage, as your purpose and hope for settling down is crushed. We will continue to explore what comes after that realization on this channel, but just know that there is a purpose beyond reproduction. The difference is that you have to create it for yourself, it isn’t given to you. That’s for each of you to figure out on your own, but the fact that you’re entertaining the idea of life beyond a wife or have already come to that conclusion puts you ahead of literally billions of people.

The test for how committed you are to your individuality and freedom is to think of what you would do if you lived in a different time. If you lived in the 40s or 50s, would you still be MGTOW? If you go further back in time when gender relations were traditional, would you still go your own way? Or are you just MGTOW because of how bad things are? If you use MGTOW as a reaction, you can still reap many of the rewards that the philosophy gives, but you’ll always have that yearning for times past and the sadness and anger that comes with looking at what we have today. If you reach the place where you understand that you would always be MGTOW because female nature is universal, you can begin to reach the peace of mind that this channel was designed to spread.

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