The Different Types of MGTOW

The MGTOW community is made up of men from all walks of life with plenty of different experiences that led them to finding their freedom. A lot of us share a common theme of being burned in a relationship, but not all MGTOW are the same. In this video we will discuss the many different types of men that are going their own way in today’s society. But listen carefully,  this is not an endorsement of any specific type of MGTOW, this is merely an attempt to catalog the gathering of men. To do that, an honest look at the types are required, so don’t get all butt hurt in the comments if you get offended.

Remember, every type of MGTOW has something to offer the community. Just like the Council of Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, every member there had a different skill to bring to the table. The guys stuck in the hateful rage phase can provide an outlet for other guys to vent, a neccessary part of the process, and the guys who are at peace with female nature can help spread knowledge too. Anyways, on to the first type.

The first type of MGTOW is the most common: a monogamous man. He had a steady long term relationship and eventually got burned. Maybe he got cheated on, maybe he had to endure a nagging and spiteful partner, maybe he discovered relationships aren’t everything they’re made out to be, or most likely he experienced all three of those possibilities. This is a man who was on his way to the plantation, but an encounter with the toxic femininity that today’s society has created or a last minute awakening saved him from a life of slavery. This makes up a large percentage of the community. Just average guys who can’t knowingly sign up for such a shitty deal in today’s society.

The second type of MGTOW are the bachelors. These guys are one of the 3 types of MGTOW that have been around before the community formed. These guys are the ramblers, the travelers, the sailors going from port to port, woman to woman, never settling down. Obviously in the age of #metoo, these types have been affected by the tyranny of women, but generally these guys know a lot about female nature if they avoided the trap of marriage, and combining that with MGTOW knowledge they can become even more powerful. I would not call them Alphas in the traditional sense, though. Remember, the mating strategy of Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is real and proven, but the men who would be considered the Alpha under women’s sexual preferences almost always get penalized in some way. The amount of single mothers in society illustrates this. Just because a dude isn’t the beta bucks in a situation doesn’t mean he’s off the hook, women are still using the government to penalize these supposed Alpha guys. One stop at the red pill subreddit shows that most of the men trying to make themselves into Alpha men, a noble goal of self improvement, are doing it to get a wife. Alphas always get tied down eventually, they just have more options. That isn’t saying much when you think about it. What does it matter if a slave gets his pick of the plantations to work on? He’s still a slave. A bachelor is a different man entirely. Maybe he has just as many options as the Alpha in a situation, or maybe he has less because of a lower sexual marketplace value, it doesn’t matter because he will always maintain his freedom, effectively removing himself from the long term sexual hierarchy, taking what he wants and leaving when it suites him.

The third type of MGTOW are the divorced men. These men have been put through the hell created by society that is designed to break men. Society always undervalues men, but today society actively wants to punish them. These punished men are scarred from their experiences and can never put themselves in a vulnerable state again. These men offer a warning to the rest of us for what is in store for those that ignore the truth of MGTOW. Men have subconsciously heard the warning, because marriage rates are plummeting around the world for the younger generation.

The fourth type of MGTOW is another one of the timeless types: the monk. These men would be at home with the monks of religious orders in older times. They value the peace of mind and the focus they get from shunning women and following their own path. An ironic part about this type is that most of these guys are atheists, but being spiritual doesn’t mean practicing any particular religion, it just means being in touch with yourself and the world around you. These guys don’t have the yearning for a woman, they have reached the peace that I think every MGTOW should be striving to reach. The wisest men in history practiced solitude, and I think having that isolation naturally brings a heightened sense of focus and insight that makes any man wiser in his own way. Going monk mode in today’s society of oversexualization builds a man’s willpower beyond what a normal man would be capable of. The difference in this natural form of monk mode is that a man must fight both external temptation as well as his own yearning. As with the next type of MGTOW, many men are forced to go into something that resembles monk mode on the surface, but it isn’t the same thing because they would trade it if they could, they haven’t naturally accepted it. A man going monk mode who is actively focused on self-improvement, which naturally attracts the women he is trying to avoid, has an almost god-like willpower because he has overcome his physical desires in pursuit of something more, beyond what any woman could offer.

The fifth type of MGTOW make up a large percentage as well, and any acknowledgement of their nature will always bring criticism, but incels often place themselves in the MGTOW community. This is the third timeless type, because there are always a large percentage of men in any society that simply can’t compete in the sexual marketplace. The issues come when they see that as a bad thing. They are constantly filled with hate and frustration because they look at what they can’t have, not the possibilities that are opened up to them. One door may close, but another can be opened. A lot of the greatest inventors and producers of history couldn’t attract women, so they decided to focus on themselves and their craft and eventually got rich and famous. This is a magnet for women, but if you have the MGTOW knowledge you can avoid getting enslaved after finding success. The sad truth about a large part of the community is that so many men are one blowjob away from the plantation, and the incels are almost always seeking to be enslaved. If they could get a wife, they would forsake all of the knowledge we have worked together to record and share just for some leftovers of a post wall woman.

As you can see, the MGTOW community is very diverse. We have so much diversity it would make the cancerous leftists jealous. Men from every nation are joining us every day, and we have the most important form of diversity: diversity of thought. Every type has something to offer, something to teach, and something to learn from the other types. We each walk our own path and we must take charge of ourselves, but we also have learned to work together and mentor each other using the tools that the enemy has created to enslave us. While everyone else uses social media and Youtube to distract themselves from their boring lives, you have pursued something that will alter the course of your life, and the lives of other men should you choose to give back and share your thoughts and experiences.

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