See One, See All

“See one promontory, one mountain, one sea, one river and see all.”
– Socrates

Individuality is not natural, it is created by those seeking to know themselves. When you hear the mainstream idiom that “everyone is special”, know that this stems from the false gynocentric care-based system women operate on, where they would rather fill people’s heads with empty platitudes of friendship and harmony than face the hard truths that one must create their uniqueness, it is not simply given by virtue of existence.

Nature designed organisms to act in a cohesive, collective and predictable way to ensure survival. Freedom is antithetical to natural selection. If an organism acted in its own interests, not on its biological urges, then that organism could fail to fulfill nature’s plans for it, instead enjoying its life the way it wants to. Having the freedom to fail makes a person responsible for their actions, which in turn shifts them away from the collective. Failure in the eyes of society and nature is entirely subjective. Some of the greatest men of humanity did not pass on their genes or get bogged down by marriage. If the choice is to fall in line and be grinded through the gears that nature created to keep the machine of life running or to step aside and enjoy the fruits that the machine has reaped, it really isn’t a choice for me at all.
Women operate identically because their reproductive strategy works. It is such an effective method of acquiring resources that no revision has been necessary for thousands of years. The reproductive strategy is universal and transcends language, culture, countries, and time itself. A woman today could go to the library and read about a woman’s mating story from centuries ago and relate perfectly. As Darwin explained, adaptation occurs across generations, not instantaneously. The woman who have hit the wall and adopted the life of cats and wine will suffer from eternal loneliness, but the women of tomorrow will be faced with the first test of adaptation for their reproductive strategy on a global scale. Will they try to control their hypergamous instincts and date down, or would they rather wither away as their looks fade, just as the women before them did?

If you have come to terms with the principles of game and the nature of women, you understand all women. The only variables you have to contend with are the levels of craziness and if she had a masculine father in her life. Even then, these things don’t negate any of the negative aspects of femininity. Plenty of girls were raised in conservative, religious households only to become sluttier than the whores their preachers warned them of. Even if a woman appears to be less crazy than others you may have encountered, her instability is still greater than almost any man you will meet, and definitely far greater than yours.

Once you meet a simp or a cuck, you have met all simps and cucks. They operate in easily recognizable patterns because they desire the same things. Their entire reality revolves around women, making them easy to control and predict. The peculiar thing is that this is not an effective reproductive strategy, and yet they continue to waste away practicing the art of cuckery. I can think of two explanations for their less than optimal way of chasing women. Either they have been brainwashed to such a degree that objective reality no longer has any bearing on their decisions, or it is simply natural selection at work, weeding out the men too stupid to think for themselves. I’m conflicted because the brainwashing men are exposed to today is unprecedented, but there are also plenty of examples of simps in ancient history, despite their cultures being masculine and patriarchal.

This familiarity of the simp and the woman cannot be conflated with a MGTOW. Reflect on how you have preconceived ideas of a simp and a woman, but MGTOW is strangely absent from your brains’ attempts at categorization. MGTOW are unpredictable and varied. A MGTOW could be a liberal or a conservative, a nerd or a jock, rich or poor, charismatic or shy, or all of the above simultaneously. If you meet one MGTOW, you have met one MGTOW, not a representation of all free men.

I have found that most people display their individuality in their hobbies. If you get a beta to talk about his interests, you can see a spark of a soul, a desire deep within the abyss of his heart that yearns for the freedom to pursue the knowledge it craves. You can see the life return to his eyes when he can envision possibility again, something he had surrendered, along his soul, in the pursuit of pussy. It is equally crushing to watch that spark fade as his focus returns to plantation. Every free man must turn that spark into a fire, and keep the fire burning for as long as he lives.

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