Quest for Freedom (Part 2): Anger and Control

The red pill rage that consumes you after seeing the truth has to be controlled, otherwise you will lose yourself in the endless pit of hatred because there is never an end to things that create hate. Make no mistake, the rage is useful, but you must direct it and you must have full control of it, otherwise you will be controlled by it.

Hating something doesn’t change it. Hating something is the manifestation of your desire to change it. If you hate what society has become, you are still investing time and energy in to it by thinking about it and worrying about what will happen. If you hate women, that doesn’t change the reality of female nature. You want it to be different, but it can’t be. Hating white knights doesn’t change their pathetic behaviors, it enforces it.

It is important that the problems of society, women and white knights are addressed, and ridicule is a part of that because there’s nothing we can do to change those problems, it is an admission of the futility of it. Your anger is created from the vision you had and the reality you face. You were told one thing and it turned out to be something else entirely. This starts with women, but the red pill has now been attributed to seeing any truth that you did not before.

The rage can consume you into a comatose state. Instead, redirect that desire for change into yourself. Having an outlet to vent is important for getting over the initial stages of rage, that’s why you see a lot of the forums in the manosphere being critical and redundant. Being able to channel all that energy can create productivity and the change you want to see. Negative energy is still energy, so put it to use.

Eventually you will be able to let go of the rage and reach acceptance and peace, but you might find complete detachment to be a bit too passive and unproductive. Instead, consider changing the nature of your emotions, the cause for them and their application. Try reducing your anger to a primal rage, free of a cause from a person or an event in your life, just the raw energy that can be used to build yourself with.

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”

This is one of my favorite quotes, I have it taped to my wall and I look at it whenever I reach a plateau in whatever field I’m trying to make progress in. Learning to appreciate the journey and the struggles that come with it doesn’t mean you have to let go of basic emotions, you just have to temper them.

I’m a skinny guy, and my best work outs are when I channel that primal rage. It doesn’t come from wanting to be bigger or being able to lift more or what I will look like or what I want to look like, it comes from the simple fact that I have decided that the weight must be lifted and that it will be lifted, regardless of any emotions or excuses. A basic, primal rage that the immovable must be moved and it is inevitable that it will be, no matter the pain or aversion to it.

When I make these videos or write for my website, I channel that primal rage. I’m past the red pill rage and the depression that comes after it, but so many men are not. MGTOW saves lives, and my life was saved, but others are still in need of what MGTOW can give. I have peace of mind, but others do not. The desire to change that is redirected into the videos and essays, the primal rage that can take form into something productive and tangible.

You have many outlets to channel that primal rage, your body being one of the most important. Build yourself and suffer doing it as a release for the anger because having it build up and poison your soul will do nothing for you. As you build your body, build your mind. Read everyday, even if only for 20 minutes, away from the computer with a real book. As you begin to build and expand, you will see that the rage helps you focus, it creates a tunnel vision for whatever you direct it towards.

This is an incredibly useful tool, but it is incredibly dangerous. Having that tunnel vision can block your awareness, so the meditation you will practice will create a balance, allowing you to look objectively at what you are creating, what you are aspiring to and where your thoughts linger.

There are plenty of ways to meditate, and I’m still experimenting so I’ll just share the two that have worked best for me. Sit cross-legged and rest your hands on your knees like the stereotypical image of a monk meditating. Be sure your back is straight and keep it that way because you will likely slouch as you meditate. The first method is to think of nothing and focus on breathing calmly. Don’t try to force thoughts out of your head, instead entertain them and see where they go. Think of it as emptying your browser history or taking out the trash, you are just letting your mind wander until it clears itself of thoughts and focuses on your breathing patterns. Do this until you are only thinking about your breathing. The next time you do this it will take a little shorter to reach the calm, focused state, and every time after you will reach the state quicker.

The second method is to envision a peaceful image in your head. I have two: the first is a blank sheet of white paper, the second is a lake in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees. The trees are all still and nothing is moving in either scene. Once you have your image established, change it in a small way. For the page, it is an ink drop, and I envision how the ink spreads on the blank piece of paper. For the lake, it is a drop of water that falls into the center and sends ripples throughout the water. Envision the change to its completion and then return to the peaceful image where you began.

These are just two methods I have used, there are plenty out there for you to discover or create for yourself. It is important to do this because if you learn to channel and unleash that primal rage, it will consume you in whatever outlet you direct it towards. That tunnel vision isn’t always beneficial. As an example, the last semester of college I was taking 5 courses at a college that was an hour away while working full-time 40 hours a week. The tunnel vision helped me establish a routine and focus, but I wasn’t happy and it wasn’t fun. Now my schedule is much better while still being efficient after I had a long meditation and looked at what I was doing objectively.

Think of the primal rage as a horse. Unrestrained, it is wild, dangerous and hard to tame. Once tamed, it can take you where you need to go through any weather, any battle, with any amount of baggage you might bring along. It is dependable and docile, needing a good rider to direct it and use it to its full capability.

Reading required books like “The Rational Male” or listening to the great MGTOW channels might fuel the fire of that anger inside you, but that anger doesn’t just have to sit there and take up space. Put it to use, harness it and make it work for you.

The focus you will get and the success from it will naturally attract women, combined with the improved body and mind. If you let them derail your quest for freedom, you will lose all the progress you have made.

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