Quest For Freedom Part 1: The End of the Beginning

This series is designed for men new to MGTOW or who may need to reexamine the basic principles of the philosophy.

You have entered the MGTOW community because you felt something was wrong, something about the world around you and the way people interacted with it felt predetermined, almost mechanical. You observed men go through pain and loss at the hands of those they loved the most, but you pushed it out of your mind until one day it happened to you. What you thought could never happen under your roof has now set your house on fire, and as you try your best to douse the fire and preserve the things that are most precious to you from the flames, you risk losing yourself in the inferno. MGTOW is about letting that house burn, and finding peace in the detachment from everything the house means to you.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill

There are many fundamentals of MGTOW that you will have to come to terms with, but for now accept that the time of servitude and dissatisfaction is over. Never again will you sacrifice time or happiness to build and maintain that house which became your prison. The dreams you had as a child, the ones that you gave up for a normal life with a normal wife, are now back on the table. That trip you wanted to take is now within reach. Sleeping in and relaxing won’t seem like such a crime anymore, and you may find yourself spontaneously doing things you would have to plan in advance before. These are just a few examples of what your new beginning can look like.

As you begin to move forward in your quest for freedom, don’t look at your past with anger or sadness. Cherish it because it led you to the freedom that you now are able to enjoy everyday. No amount of pain is greater than freedom. It isn’t wasted time, your path was just a longer one than other MGTOW men. This should help you in the long run by creating a strong aversion to ever even entertaining the idea of returning to that house, to the plantation where you toiled away for scraps of affection and accomplishment.

To fully burn that house down, we need to accept and internalize the concept of AWALT, or all women are like that, as well as being realistic with our expectations and desires in life. For now, just cherish the basic and tangible realities of your freedom. Take the time to enjoy the little things, the things that you kept from yourself in the past. As you continue to swallow red pills and begin to see the world that was hidden from you, it is important to establish a clear and defined vision of what you want for yourself and how you want your life to look like with your new outlook. The last thing you want is to wither away in a life of hedonism, living day to day and pursuing pleasures that never last.

Meditation is one of the many topics we’ll be thinking about later, but for now you should just think in general concepts, analyzing and getting specific can come later. Write your goals on a piece of paper if you need a tangible item to refer back to.

Is money important to you? If you don’t have children, you only need to support yourself now that the concept of the home and all its trappings have been removed from your desires. Now that you’re past attracting women, do you really want the things that you wanted before? Consider if you really wanted that nice car or if you just wanted it as a status symbol. You don’t need status if you have no need for what it brings to your life.

If you’re a younger MGTOW, maybe money is important to you because you want to retire early. If you live frugally, you should be able to take care of yourself, far better than men at the plantation can. Do you want to sacrifice your time and your body for money? A short term sacrifice may be beneficial for your long term goals, only you can decide where your path takes you.

Maybe traveling is a bigger priority, which requires a substantial amount of money to do it right. When I’m older, I will sail around the world. I don’t want to do this before 50, so I have plenty of time to stockpile money and enjoy youth. If you’re older and on a different path, you may have to make some sacrifices in other areas to make it work.

The important part of this exercise is to visualize your endgame. You need to find happiness and practice leisure every day, but you should always have short and long term goals to work towards. The pace at which you work towards them can now be altered because you don’t have a parasite feeding off of you or others depending on you, but you should still keep that drive and ambition alive. My endgame is retiring in a cabin by a lake. I love writing, so I want to have at least one book published. Living a MGTOW lifestyle, those two goals, which in another man’s life may seem like unattainable dreams, are now well within my grasp and realistic. With an endgame established, everything else is simply icing on the cake. Cars, trips, clothes, and all of the material benefits of going MGTOW, should be made secondary because you need to find peace without them. Once you do that, you’ll be able to appreciate them even more because you will realize that they are truly expendable. This detachment can be best explained with the story of the monk and the tea cup.

A monk drank his tea from the same cup every morning. One day, someone knocks the cup over, breaking it. Surprised at the monk’s calm reaction, the person asked the monk why he wasn’t upset. He claimed that the cup was already broken, and that he savored each moment with it because he knew eventually it would come to an end. If you can apply this to not only material objects, but people and experiences, you can accelerate the process of finding peace with yourself and the world around you.

If you choose to interact with women after going MGTOW, it is vital to have this mentality. Whatever relationship you find yourself in will never result in marriage or cohabitation, so it will reach its conclusion faster. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of pump and dump versus monk mode, but for now try and incorporate this mentality where you can in your life. Some things will last longer than others, like a real friendship with a real man, and those lasting things should be valued and cherished, but don’t mourn their passing because there are always new experiences to be had.

Before MGTOW, you held on to things with a scarcity mentality, and in turn this dependence left you in a powerless state. Going MGTOW doesn’t automatically make you a powerful and accomplished man, but it does set you on the course to become it. The journey never ends, even after your death, because what you accomplish and create now can inspire and invigorate men after you have passed.

The main takeaway from this video should be the creation of a real, tangible plan for yourself. Don’t feel ashamed if your plan seems simple, not every man desires wealth. Remove everyone and everything from the equation and see what you’re left with, that will give you a good place to start. People say it’s not good to talk about your plans with other people before completing it, but I disagree. It’s not good to talk to people who would take pleasure seeing you fail, but sharing your thoughts with like-minded men in our community is an excellent way to get feedback and new ideas, so I’ve put my email in the description of this video, otherwise I encourage you to share in the comments.

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