Princess Needs a Driver

Since you are seen as a utility in the eyes of women, your precious time is not even a consideration to her. You are to be available when she needs you and on standby until you are summoned. Do you know how much I can accomplish in 4 hours every other day? Even if I’m not being productive, that’s two movies I could watch. 4 hours can be the difference between a good day and a wasted day, and wasting 4 hours with this princess is worse than a waste, it’s a negative experience. You won’t get the gas or the brain cells back, and you definitely won’t be getting laid.

Make no mistake, no woman is organized. Some may have their simple schedules down, go to work, go to Starbucks or Dutch Bros. on the way, check their work email, check their social media, go to lunch, come back to work, go home, watch TV and check social media, rinse and repeat. That isn’t organization, that’s repetition. Organization is having your shit together, having short term and long term plans and working towards them. Women just exist and have things handed to them, they don’t understand what it means to have an organized life.

And even physical organization is a challenge for them. Look at how most of them treat their bathrooms and their bedrooms, it’s like a wild animal was let loose in there.

This princess is spontaneous and basically a walking carnival. Their idea of spontaneity actually only consists of a few variables. Going to a new bar, ordering a new drink or meal, taking a few pictures for social media, getting some new clothes, hiking at a new spot, and taking some new dick. That’s about it. I can understand the carnival part, with all the make up these girls cake on they can easily pass off as clowns.

These girls watch the cancerous reality shows with Kim Kardashian and other celeberty thots and think that because they are being filmed for eating cereal and putting on makeup that suddenly they deserve a film crew to show them doing menial tasks for the world to enjoy. Then again, these girls do it on Twitch and get paid thousands by simps.

Women look at taking things seriously as a negative when it’s the total opposite. If everything is fun and games all the time, that hedonistic lifestyle gets tiresome and doesn’t offer any long term fulfillment. It’s good to have the balance, to not be negative and serious all the time but if you go too much in either direction you’ll get burnt out.

Obviously her criteria for her driver is obnoxious, but always remember that they have these insane standards because there are plenty of men tripping over themselves to try and fulfill that role. And it’s not just the lowest tier of men that are shotgunning their inboxes. I’ve seen so many decent looking, accomplished men with women far below their own sexual marketplace value and treating her like she’s above them. When a man is taught that a woman will give him his life purpose, he will sacrifice everything in pursuit of her.

Compare the standards the thots have to your standards for a woman. Don’t be fat, don’t be a bitch. That’s about it for most guys. Most guys can work around the other flaws. It would be nice if she could cook, but the majority of women have no knowledge of a kitchen and only eat out and most men are willing to teach her how to cook. Your standards don’t treat her like a utility. Your standards only require her to have a basic concern for her own health and to be a decent human being that you can make a connection with, but that’s because you are projecting your ideas of metaphysical love on to her. Love doesn’t pay her bills, it doesn’t provide what she needs and so women have very specific criteria for men that dehumanizes them and treats them like a collection of statistics, because that’s all you are to them.

And finally comes the possibility of sex that keeps so many men enslaved in the friend zone. That carrot on the stick is what keeps a man going, and women know that. If a man thinks there’s a chance, he will continue to waste his time and energy on the possibility, no matter how futile.

Simps, if you’re listening, stop serving these thots and have some self respect. For men new to MGTOW, stop wishing you could have a woman to serve. You need to deprogram yourself from what society has taught you and learn to master your biology, not be controlled by it. Learn to enjoy your freedom and never wish to be back on the plantation.

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