MGTOW is the Ultimate Investment

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Investing in yourself is always the best option. You may not be the most reliable to yourself right now, you might struggle with procrastination or laziness, but you know that you can change your bad habits if you work at it. That’s more of a guarantee than the majority of people can give you, so betting on yourself is always the safest bet.

You know what you are capable of today, but what you will be capable of tomorrow can only be known if you give yourself a chance to find out. You are your own worst enemy, and if you allow your negativity to govern your actions, then you will be led in to dead ends and wind up right where you started before finding MGTOW: frustrated and tired. The knowledge is meant to liberate you from a life of servitude, not enslave you to a dream of something that could never be.

Look at what men tied down by women are capable of. They sacrifice their health and their happiness, but they can still accomplish great things. Without these restrictions, you should be living life on easy mode and building yourself in all areas.

Let’s look at how useful the MGTOW knowledge would be in other areas of investment to give you an idea of how far ahead you are with the knowledge you have and the potential if you apply it.

Financial investment is the big one that most guys get trapped within. Most men are focused on their careers and making money. The men who are skilled at making money naturally attract the worst kinds of women. If they knew about AWALT, they could have made enough to live comfortably or really put in the effort to make a lot and then retire early. Instead, they eventually become slaves to their job in an effort to continue providing a standard of living for a woman. On paper, they may make more than you, but in the end you win as a MGTOW because you have freedom. Now that you have the most important knowledge, you have the foundations on which to build the best version of yourself. You can pursue a career that actually interests you.

Physical investment is one that men think allows them to cheat the system. Some men are born with genetic traits that would qualify them as a Chad, but many men make themselves into their ideal figure through hard work and dedication. If he works out just to attract women, he’s just as much of a simp as a guy who doesn’t work out. Being physically fit and attractive to women does not prevent them from being a utility to female nature, and they often end up going from alpha fucks to beta bucks when they get older and tied down. It becomes just a glorified mating call for the thirsty men, but if you do it for yourself, it becomes something else entirely. Building your physical form as a representation of the iron will you have inside is one of the best character building exercises you can do, and if your motivation is entirely self-sufficient, you will never have to worry about losing it. Doing it for women can be productive in the short term, a tantalizing carrot on a stick that can keep a man focused until he actually starts getting female attention and gets derailed. How many guys do you know who have pictures from their youth that showed a muscular, energetic guy and then after he met his woman he transformed into something his younger self would be ashamed of? Just like making money, working out isn’t for everyone. But for those who enjoy it, with the MGTOW knowledge you can reach all of your goals.

Another form of investment that would be aided with MGTOW knowledge is academic investment. A lot of intelligent men pursue academics, or at least they used to, but they would be confronted with problems they just couldn’t figure out. I find it amusing when the intellectuals and the researchers are trying to figure out complex solutions to societal issues when you and I know the simplicity of the solution. Imagine if those men weren’t the most blue pilled men in the world and that they understood female nature and could apply their minds to a useful solution. Instead, they ignore reality when it’s right in front of them and continue to support a gynocentric society and unleash the worst of female nature on to the rest of us.

It may be a lot of wasted brain power, but it leaves an opening for any smart MGTOW to work his way into his field of choice and navigate around the current academic environment.

MGTOW is the ultimate investment. It’s versatile and applicable to any field in any time. Avoid the traps women will lay down, be aware of the behaviors of white knights and how the majority of men will throw you under the bus for a chance at a woman, focus on yourself and don’t let society try to shame you for not being a slave. These things can have dramatic effects for any man. Einstein had woman problems, presidents had woman problems, the richest men on Wall Street and the Chads of Hollywood are destroyed by women every day. For the average guy and for the guy at the top of his field, MGTOW can help every man. It requires nothing in return but the application of what you have learned.

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