MGTOW is the Most Valuable Thing in the Universe

MGTOW is the most precious thing in the universe. I know that sounds extreme, but follow me for a moment. Going MGTOW is the overcoming of nature itself. Nature doesn’t have your best interest in mind. It wants you to reproduce by any means necessary, even if that means enslaving yourself and sacrificing your physical and mental wellbeing. Going MGTOW is staring nature down and deciding that you know what is best for yourself. It is declaring that you are more than the sum of your evolutionary instincts, more than a simple animal, that you can imagine a life outside of the box that you’re supposed to fit in. It overcomes the foundations that everything is built on and allows for you to see beyond the curtain, a transcendence of sorts in that you are no longer bound to the same rules that govern every other species and the majority of the population.

The personal freedom that MGTOW gives you is so powerful that everything is trying to take it from you. You must fight everyday in some capacity to maintain your freedom when even your biology is working against you. Women are designed to capture this gift and use it to their own benefit. Governments are built on the idea of harnessing this treasure.

Those of you who have yet to realize the full potential of MGTOW, know that the journey of collecting all of the knowledge and applying it into your daily life is a long and challenging path. But what did you expect? Did you think something so powerful and liberating would be given to you? No, the effort to really harness MGTOW will break you, and the version of yourself that you will shape in the rebuilding will make it all worth it.

Since this is a metaphyiscal topic that is so large in scope, I’m going to focus it through the lens of the newest Avengers movie. In that movie, Thanos travels throughout the universe searching for the infinity stones, which consist of the Reality, Time, Power, Mind, Space, and Soul stones. I think this is a perfect allegory for the areas where MGTOW really shines.

Your perception of reality fundamentally changes after finding and accepting MGTOW. You begin to see all of the traps that have been laid to capture you, from the media’s reliance on the idea of romance and male sacrifice to women’s manipulation of emotions to coerce you into doing things for them. No matter how hard you try, once you go MGTOW you can never go back. These things will always be present in your mind, and even if you try to ignore them, your gut instinct will be fighting you every step of the way. To change your reality from a false idealistic utopia to a pragmatic and natural order is a great power that we often overlook. We get caught up in the MGTOW community and don’t realize how bad it is for those guys still plugged in, clueless to everything around them. Having this power allows you to acquire the many other powers waiting to be claimed.

The time that is now available to you is probably the most important tangible benefit you get from MGTOW. Time is tangible, and it is the most valuable currency in existence. When your time is up, you will hopefully have the fulfillment from accomplishing your goals that most men will never have. Without time, you can’t enjoy any of the fruits of your labor. It’s ok to use your time on leisure, but there must be a balance in all things, something I’ve been saying since I started my channel and it’s the thing I relate to Thanos with. Go too hard in the pursuit of your goals and you’ll break yourself, go too easily and you’ll never grow. Women don’t have the same value for time that we have because their biological goals are different. Trying to find a woman that doesn’t waste her free time watching reality television or engaging in meaningless gossip will consume all of the time that you would have saved going MGTOW.

The power MGTOW gives takes shape in many forms, it empowers you mentally, physically and metaphysically. The physical power is more important than a lot in the MGTOW community think. Your body is the vessel for everything else, if it is weak or slow or underdeveloped, those traits will naturally seep into the other areas of your being. I’m not a bodybuilder by any means, but actively focusing on physical self improvement improves my mental focus, allowing me to empower those other areas. Going MGTOW and understanding and accepting the red pills gives you many passive benefits, but a lot of the power requires you to reach out and take it for yourself. If you don’t do this, you’re missing out on some of the best parts of going MGTOW.

Harnessing the power of your mind is something that very few have done throughout history, and very few have done today. Most people go through life without setting aside time to collect their thoughts and organize them, to consiously develop their minds and expand beyond the horizons they have placed on their mental planes of existence. While growing the mind is a personal journey, and each mind is different, there are practical steps you can take to get started. All of you should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. I know I sound like that old librarian at school, but it really does wonders. If you can’t give yourself 20 minutes to work on improving yourself, I don’t really know why you’re going MGTOW at all. You’ll naturally start to love the routine, and soon you’ll find yourself reading more and more until one day you reflect back on your progress and see how much you’ve developed in such a short amount of time. Read everything, start with fiction if that’s your preference, but as long as you start that’s all that matters. If you need some options, my personal library is posted on my website.

The space that MGTOW brings is physical and metaphorical. There are two rules for MGTOW, and from there your personal interpretation is your guide on the path: no marriage and no cohabitation. Whether you choose to date women or not is up to you, but if you follow those two rules, it gives you enough physical space to thrive as a bachelor and conserve your resources, and it gives you the mental space to retain your individuality and freedom. Relationships require compromise, and that means the man is always the one who compromises the most. Having the space to collect yourself and just take a breath is what allows for you to avoid getting wrapped up in a woman and being dragged back to the plantation.

And finally, MGTOW helps you repair the soul. A lot of us found MGTOW when we were broken, at our lowest points. Some of you have noted in comments that I don’t sound angry or bitter in my videos, and that’s because you’re seeing me years after finding MGTOW and going through the grief and red pill rage cycles. That is what awaits you when you give yourself a chance to repair your soul and find peace. For some of you, that process will take longer than others. Some of you were married or had kids or had long relationships, I can only imagine that pain because I found MGTOW at 19 and with a minimal investment in relationships compared to most who find the community. Don’t ever compare yourself to other MGTOW because you walk your own path and can’t judge yourself by their results, but you can use them as guides to help you on your journey.

With these great powers identified you can begin to set yourself to the task of acquiring them, but not fully understanding their power can prove to be just as dangerous as not having them at all. A lot of guys go MGTOW before they are ready to, and that has some damaging effects on them. Guys who use MGTOW as a crutch, who use it as an excuse to continue living a life of meaninglessness and hedonism, both of the body and mind, will destroy themselves with the power MGTOW gives. If you don’t think you’re ready for these powers, don’t feel like you need to rush into anything. I would rather you approach when ready and succeed and thrive with MGTOW rather than fail and be destroyed. Removing women from the pedastal is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face in your lifetime, so don’t go in thinking it’s going to be easy. It will require you to reshape everything, from your goals and purpose in life to controlling your biology and thinking with your bigger head. Most men can’t do it, that’s why the betas and the cucks outnumber us 100 to 1.

Once you have these powers, these MGTOW infinity stones if you will, everyone will try to take them from you. A free man off the plantation is a nuisance, but a free man who has empowered himself to such an extent that he can now manipulate his surroundings to benefit him and then inspire and educate others is beyond just a threat, it is an existential crisis for the powers that seek to strip a man of his freedom. And that is the real test. The struggle to acquire all the stones, all those great powers, will be a long and difficult one, but the fight to keep them once you have obtained them will wear you down and test your limits. The more successful you become, the more happy you become, the more peace you find, the more the world and everyone in it wants to bring you to their level, one of stupidity and ignorance and servitude. Never give in, never give up, carve out what you want for yourself in the world and help those who will listen.

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