MGTOW and the Fermi Paradox

What if the current state of modern society is not unique to humans? What if female nature is consistent across all or most intelligent species in the universe? I am proposing that female nature, or the rise of feminism, is a potential filter for the Fermi Paradox and an explanation for the absence of extraterrestrial life.

The prosperity required to create feminism is the catalyst for the end of a civilization. Perhaps nature has encoded this failsafe, designed to prevent any one species from becoming too advanced, into the mating strategy of weaker men.

Any sexually dimorphic alien species will face the same problems we face because the female of the species will have evolved with the same behavioral tendencies to manipulate the males in her vicinity for survival. This assumed similarity in female sexual strategy between species means the males operate on the same assumptions. Eventually, any alien species will be overwhelmed by lesser males empowering the women as a means of destabilizing the mating pool for a chance to reproduce, or by a sinister force that seeks to destabilize the civilization for ulterior motives. If the biological impulses are designed to deteriorate a civilization after it reaches a certain level of prosperity, then the only thing that can be trusted to ensure survival and continued growth is an enduring culture. This, of course, is virtually impossible because cultures change with each generation, as things are stripped away and added over time.

To better illustrate my point, let’s consider what a successful species could do to reach the stars. If intelligence is based on genetics and environmental factors, perhaps there is a species that took their best and brightest and gave them a harem of females to reproduce with, giving their offspring every advantage needed to succeed and prosper for the greater good of the species. Imagine if Isaac Newton, one of the great MGTOW of history, was provided a harem at no expense and not required to expend any time in maintaining it. Some alien species might have learned to use the females as a reward mechanism for the males on a planetary scale, in addition to the institution of marriage to provide an outlet of productivity for men on an individual scale. Using men’s reproductive urges as a driving force of creation instead of a means to control them is the difference between a space-faring civilization and a doomed one.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, buddy. I’m not advocating for marriage, I’m acknowledging that marriage is the bedrock of civilization and gives men a reason to continue building and maintaining it. Going MGTOW is harder for the average man than you realize, which makes our current situation even more perplexing. What kind of sexual strategy, on the part of females, advocates for forcing 80% of the males out of the pool of potential mates? It is a self-correcting problem, as no society can withstand the raw destructive nature of feminism, but why does this happen? Looking at the Roman civilization, women had the most rights at the end of the civilization, only to lose it all after the collapse. If women are weaker in body and mind, which they are, what madness drove men to give them control of society? The answer is the great filter that is prosperity. Most of the filters already existing in the Fermi Paradox except for exterior forces like natural disasters or meteors are a product of prosperity. Nuclear Armageddon is only possible because of the advancement of technology, as is resource depletion and overpopulation. Feminism is included as a product of prosperity as well, because it can only exist in certain delicate conditions.

These repeated mistakes throughout our history are due to the cyclical nature of civilizations. There is a great book called “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000” by Paul Kennedy which explores the causes of decline between the great empires of history and how they differ and more often coincide. Men have understood female nature at different points in time. Reading old texts from Greece, China and Japan gives an insight into cultures of masculinity and pride. This type of culture can never endure because there are always more losers than winners, more men with weak wills looking for an opportunity to dethrone and destroy a stronger man. As technology advanced and equalized the playing field by extending the life expectancy for the weaker men and giving them the means to attack the physically superior, the game changed. It no longer was about passing on knowledge to the worthy, to those who could understand it and use it to control and manipulate the world around them, but instead to appeal to the masses, to win over the lowest common denominator.

There is hope for fixing this problem with the same advancement of technology that helped create it, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it. The artificial wombs that so many men in the MGTOW community wish for would leave half the population to wither and die, something unrealistic for a society that isn’t even as gynocentric as ours. Expect regulations and bans on future reproductive technology to prevent men from liberating themselves from the system.

As MGTOW, we may understand that female nature must be controlled, that it is a dangerous force that can inspire men to slave away and build the world and that it can also destroy that which he has built, but a lustful man cannot be made to see reason, and there are too many lustful men preventing change. I imagine there are other groups of male aliens going their own way on their planet as everything goes to shit around them, wondering if their situation is unique, but I take solace in knowing that nature is the force behind this collapse, and the corrupted men and women partaking in the downfall are merely the instruments.

The carnage that will ensue after the final levee breaks are products of prosperity. If there is to be a nuclear war, it would not be for its own sake, but rather the end result of what has been brewing for a long time.

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