Enjoy Your Freedom

Your freedom is the primary benefit of going MGTOW. Everything else comes from that freedom, so we should discuss its importance and how to protect it. There are four main points that I’ll be exploring in this video: 1) Never forget how you earned your freedom. 2) Never rely on someone else to fight for your freedom. 3) Never give up your freedom once you have it. 4) Never underestimate the power of your freedom.

The path that led you to freedom was probably filled with pain and sadness. It’s easy to try and forget about those dark times in your life, to focus on your present situation and keep moving forward. That is a temporary solution, and you should never forget what led you to MGTOW. It’s equally unhealthy to dwell on it, but you must learn to accept it and cherish the lessons you learned because it led you to the highest form of knowledge: the knowledge that you can lead yourself to the things you want in life, you don’t need to rely on validation from others to give you what you want. If I had the option to erase my grief or to go through it again, I would endure it in a heartbeat because it led me to MGTOW and made me an even more powerful man than I could have ever dreamed of being before I went through the harsh lessons. Never lose sight of what you used to be, because it is a measure for how far you have come.

If you rely on others to give you freedom, you will never get it. A woman will never want to see you empowered and free because she has everything to gain from keeping you enslaved. The men on the plantation need you slaving away alongside them so that they don’t question their life choices. Every time they see a free and happy man, their entire existence is threatened as they briefly second-guess themselves and wonder if they made the wrong choice. But the saddest truth to come to terms with is that the men fighting for equality for men, the men’s right’s movement, can never achieve victory because they are playing by the wrong set of rules. Men cannot ask for freedom or equality, they must take it. Each of you took your life into your own hands and became masters of your own fate. If you wait for permission to take charge or if you try to please others on your own path to happiness, you will never reach your full potential. The MGTOW channels on Youtube and the resources available to you are great tools to help, but you can’t rely on them to give you freedom. You must apply what you learn and find it yourself. Something so precious isn’t given for free.

Many of you already have attained your personal freedom. I would hope that you know better than to give it away to some used up woman, but there are other ways you can lose it. There’s no reason for you to be drained by a job that doesn’t bring some form of satisfaction. You may have bills to pay, but you also have so many more options than the men stuck on the plantation. You have the flexibility to move around and choose what’s best for you. Freedom extends beyond the restrictions women impose on men, it applies to work, leisure, and your thoughts. Becoming consumed in a hobby and wasting the free time you have from going MGTOW can be harmful to your freedom. Your liberation also applies beyond the physical realm. I bet if you were introduced to MGTOW while you were in relationships you would have scoffed at the idea. Imagine what other ideas you haven’t entertained yet. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander to places it hasn’t been to before, you should be able to bring yourself back to your mental starting place and explore your inner psyche.

The only threat you have to worry about is when your freedom is forcibly taken from you. If tyrannical governments start to round up men, you should have your escape plan ready, but the freedom of male association is already on the verge of being taken from you. As MGTOW continues to explode, the censorship will increase to match our growth. Any empire if it becomes large enough creates its own weaknesses through its size. Even with the technology they have at their disposal, they can’t defeat all of the MGTOW that will continue to spread the fires of freedom over the internet. When the bans on the social media platforms really start coming in to effect in the next year or two, we must adopt the guerrilla warfare tactics that have been so effective throughout history. Hit and run tactics, when one channel is taken down, another rises from the ashes. When one voice is silenced, ten more take his place. We don’t need to rely on government assistance or enforced representation because our message does all of the work. We don’t need to trick people or incentivise them, we have tangible evidence and logical arguments. We will win on the basis of our message of freedom, we just have to make sure the message is heard.

You may think your freedom is a nice luxury to have, that it affords you plenty of free time and peace of mind. But it is so much more than that. To understand the true power of your freedom, you need to spend some time around blue pill guys stuck on the plantation. They live lives devoid of direction or higher meaning, and your independence becomes a beacon of hope to those that can envision their own freedom. Many men aren’t ready to hear the truths of MGTOW, so you must lead by example by living a fulfilling life. Men will look to you as you thrive in the terrible social order that governs our societies. They will look first to the superficial aspects of your freedom, the money you have and the living conditions and luxuries that your lifestyle allows for. If they get a glimpse at what lies underneath that exterior and see the iron principles that steer you through the crap women and society throw at you, they will have no choice but to honestly and seriously consider your path and how it conflicts with their own. We don’t need MGTOW preachers, that’s what the Youtube channels are for, for when the men are ready to listen they can find the knowledge. But so many men aren’t even close to ready for that, so just incorporating these ideas into your life will be enough to get some men to question their chains and to think for themselves.

Some of you may have noticed an image I’ve been placing at the end of my videos recently with the snake. For those who don’t know, it’s a political cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin meant as a rallying cry for the colonies to fight against the tyranny of England. I modified it and put the words of MGTOW in place of the initials of the colonies to represent the worldwide community of men in search of freedom and helping their fellow men reach liberation. MGTOW is a philosophy, not a movement, but the men who don’t join the philosophical school of thought and the community that has formed around it are doomed to suffer under the iron fist of feminism. Women don’t have the foresight to quit while they are ahead, they have the greed of a child, unaware of boundaries or limitations. Because of this, this social chaos will run right off the cliff to its logical conclusion: collapse. The image represents what Benjamin Franklin created it for, to be a rallying cry for freedom.

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