Drop Your Dead Weight

Male friendship should be valued because it can provide an honest and dependable outlet of expression. It’s even more rare and valuable today in our gynocentric society, where even making this video could get me fired from most jobs, and if your employer saw your viewing history, I’m sure most of you would be in trouble as well. Because we have no where to turn to besides the internet, finding a real red pilled man to be friends with is like finding a diamond in the rough.

I’ve cut out most of my childhood friends, some by choice but most were due to my deletion of Facebook after high school. Besides openly expressing your controversial views, deleting Facebook is a great way to see how phony most of your friendships actually are. Most people won’t take the time to keep in touch with you outside of a like or the occasional message.

Most of the people you are friendly with in your life would turn on you in an instant if they knew your real opinions. Their supposed friendship should be considered nothing more than a formality. When you speak to these people, keeping in mind that they would easily throw you under the bus to virtue signal or to impress a girl or to protect themselves from offending the mob will give you the ability to keep them at a distance and to protect yourself from getting pulled into their drama.

A real friendship, even one with a blue pilled guy, still offers value. It’s nice to have a gaming or a drinking buddy and to talk about sports or movies or just general stuff. But like all relationships, it must be examined for what it provides you. Your beliefs don’t have to align perfectly with his, and if you know there are certain topics that he is ignorant about, you can now delegate that discussion to the internet. I chat with guys from all walks of life about topics I would never dare to speak about in real life because I know the overwhelming majority of men cannot or will not engage in that line of thinking. I’m sure a lot would like to, but the cost of offending the wrong person is too great nowadays for them to risk it.

If you care about a bluepilled friend, you would naturally want to help him reach the peace of mind and freedom that you enjoy. You can drop little red pills and see how receptive he is, but be prepared to lose his friendship. Most men have too much invested in the plantation and cannot simply reinvent their personalities after one conversation, nor would their pride allow them to admit they’ve been walking in the wrong direction their entire lives.

My criteria for dropping a friend is when they become dead weight. Once our interactions begins to negatively affect my state of mind or jeopardize my situation, that interaction will cease to exist. For example, if a blue pilled friend starts bringing his emotional problems with his girlfriend or wife into our conversations, and actively ignores or criticizes any advice I give, even if it’s something simple, that signifies that he is in a state of stagnation. You should always be in a state of growth in all areas of life, and being around people who want to stand in place can only hold you back.

That being said, it’s a great skill to learn how to look past the blue pilled programming in people. You can learn something from every person, man, woman, or child, even if it’s just a lesson in what not to do.

But if the cost benefit analysis of a friendship fails to yield positive results, you need to consider moving on. You don’t want to fall into the sunken cost fallacy, where you keep a friendship going because of past experiences when present experiences are the opposite of what you’re looking for.

I have two childhood friends that are gaming buddies, one I talk politics with very lightly because I know we have similar opinions and are open to discussion, the other is neutral and chill. When we’re playing games or watching movies or hanging out in person, it’s for the sake of the activity itself and is a great outlet for relaxation. If I were to bring my philosophy or political discussion into the equation, it would ruin the activity because it’s not the place for it.

You need to look at what your expectations are for your friendships. If you just want to hang out, you can have a higher tolerance for blue pilled men. Once they start getting political or start virtue signalling, you can tell them to save that stuff for their other friends. They will probably be offended, but you have nothing to lose with the blue pilled guys.

If your friends become heavy emotional weight like Pedro says, that means that you’re giving them a spot on the pedestal in your life, which they may have earned before, but they are now taking advantage of your goodwill and dragging you down to their level. It’s good to keep in touch with your humanity and to not totally close yourself off to other people, but you also must take care of yourself if you are ever to help other people. Extend your hand out to them and offer what advice you can, but once you start getting negative results from your generosity, it’s time to drop the dead weight. There is no reason to continue with something that no longer works. Just like with women, every relationship eventually ends, so don’t mourn its’ passing, instead enjoy it while it lasts and remain detached so that you don’t fight to fix something that is broken.

Nostalgia is the main factor that keeps friendships past their expiration date. You must realize that keeping those friends around won’t bring back those good times from before and you must actively try to make new experiences. The hobbies you should be doing for yourself can also offer new friends. A chess club, a martial arts gym, anything that requires effort will naturally filter out most women and weaker-minded men, putting you in a place to make new and lasting friendships.

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