Censoring MGTOW

Youtube has made it clear that MGTOW channels are not welcome. What did we expect? We’re using their own weapons against them, often to a better effect than their own propaganda, which is funded and has production value. Any man can be a MGTOW and start his own channel, and that’s what terrifies them. You don’t need to study at a university or get a certification, you just need to live by the principles and your results will carry you the rest of the way.

MGTOW cannot be destroyed because it is a natural philosophy. Men have followed their own paths, separate from the expectations of society, long before the internet. Even if gender relations were better, some men would still go their own way. Some men simply don’t want children, or don’t want to be tied down by a wife. Certain men will always pursue independence, so no matter what kind of society we find ourselves in, MGTOW will always live on in how we live our lives.

Although MGTOW is indestructible, it can be suppressed. Just like the Jedi from Star Wars, some are born with natural gifts, but they require teachers and mentors to hone their skills and reach their full potential. There are some natural MGTOW, but most of us need to read the material and listen to the videos to truly accept and understand the reality that we could not see before. Youtube is the equivalent to the Sith, who are trying to destroy the Jedi Academy. They can suppress MGTOW on Youtube by isolating our communities with targeted keywords, which would be incredibly easy since we use a lot of unique phrases and analogies. Youtube can shadow ban, demonetize, or remove MGTOW content, and the subreddit will likely be banned, but MGTOW will live on. Despite the victories of the Sith and the number of Jedi being drastically reduced, the order lived on. As a former Star Wars fan who considers the Expanded Universe canon, all it takes is one dedicated man to rebuild the Academy and begin the process of passing down knowledge and restoring the Order to its former glory, just as Luke did.

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” – Stalin.

We have now passed almost every milestone for a total Communist state in the West. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether or not its successful in America with an armed population is a separate discussion, but Europe will be embracing Communism or a reversion to a Fascist strong man to survive, because at this rate it will cease to exist. I bring this up because when this happens, the concept of free speech will cease to exist. It may not be taken away officially, but once real punishments are given to people who speak against the mainstream, ideas will have to migrate to where they can thrive before being articulated. Take this Count Dankula nonsense, for instance. If you look up the hate speech law he violated, it’s so vague that any MGTOW channel could be targeted by it. I know that if I lived in the UK, I would seriously consider not making content. If ideas are more powerful than guns, the idea of MGTOW is a nuclear bomb, blasting away all ideas of collectivism and embracing the ultimate form of individuality.

The purge that will happen once the radicals get full power will be just as quick as the purges of every dictator, from Mao to Saddam Hussein. If 3 of the biggest and most influential channels are just simply removed, then the future prospects of MGTOW on Youtube are over. There is a glass ceiling for any MGTOW creator, where he will be removed once he is too successful. One day we may wake up to find a coordinated strike against the entire MGTOW community, with channels and forums being deleted entirely and in unison. The positives of our disjointed and flexible community is also our weakness. Without any centralized form of communication, we can exist under the radar, but when we are discovered it takes longer to regroup and reconnect on different platforms.

Because of how ingrained it is into the fabric of society, in every institution, both public and private, feminism cannot be defeated. The only thing that can remove its parasitical nature is the removal of the host, which is the society itself. This is not about fighting feminism anymore, it’s not David versus Goliath, but rather preserving wisdom and helping who we can, it’s escaping Sodom and Gomorrah before hell is unleashed.

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