Avoid Women’s Traps

Once you understand female nature, you can see how simple women actually are. They may be erratic, but they all operate on the same biological imperatives. That’s why women hate each other, they are always in competition with each other. Men can work towards their own self-defined goals independent of women or a sexual reproductive strategy.

Despite their simple and childish nature, women have a plethora of traps to employ against the men to entangle and tie them down. To be able to avoid these traps, we must first know them, and this video will talk about the psychological, physical, moral, and spiritual traps that women can use against you in a wide range of scenarios, from long term commitment to being a useful errand boy.

The most prevalent and the most hurtful traps are the ones that play on your morality and test your character as a man. Women don’t have the same moral boundaries that men do because they don’t have the true mental and physical power that men have. If a man really lost himself, he could easily go into a dark place, using his mental and physical powers to manipulate the world around him. Because of this, men are taught self-control and are tempered by societal expectations. That temptation to use that power for something sinister is still there, even when buried and hidden from view. That’s why it feels good to have integrity and honor and a sense of justice, because you know how easy it is to shun those higher principles and embrace the primal, animal side. Women don’t have access to those higher planes of morality because they aren’t tested in the same ways men are. Their power comes from manipulating the men around them to elevate her position in society, whereas a man can simply empower himself. Because of her dependence on others, she must use all of her tools available to her to survive and thrive. Where you can make your own way without lying and cheating, she will be left behind and ultimately fail in reaching her maximum hypergamous potential if she doesn’t abandon morals.

This makes it all the more conniving when women take advantage of a man’s morality. Their manipulation of men’s character comes in all directions. They attack man’s charitable nature by making him feel he is the stability for her that he is searching for himself. Men stuck in the Captain-save-a-hoe mentality feel they are in a position of abundance, able to give away their time and resources to women who have clear red flags, but his generous nature can overlook them in return for loyalty and gratitude. You can see this in the early stages of a relationship with a single mom, where she is on her best behavior to trap the beta, trying to show her independence as a working mom to support her child but leaving the opportunity for the man to show his provisional skills to save her from a life of living paycheck to paycheck. If she plays her cards right, she can make the man feel empowered and victorious when he hands her his income.

The next assault on man’s morality comes with his sense of honor. Most men who engage in monogamous relationships are loyal and faithful because they believe the value of their word and their promises are more than that of temporary physical distractions. What you must realize is that a man’s word is not the same as a women’s word. We may speak the same languages, but man’s words comes from a different place. It comes from a place where external value like money or property doesn’t have power because they can be taken away. A man’s word cannot be taken away, if he is proven to be reliable, he is reliable. A woman, however, uses words as a means to an end because they are tools to be used. By itself, words don’t provide any tangible value to her. For a man, the written words or the spoken words of a trusted friend or mentor can carry him through his trials and tribulations and inspire him to create and prosper. If a man’s word and a woman’s word have different values, we should not be surprised when she does not respect her own commitments. We often are because we are taught that men and women communicate exactly the same way, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Honor doesn’t help a woman’s sexual strategy. It may help her camouflage herself for a respectable man to take care of her, but when that same man loses his job or falls ill or stops working his way up the ladder, honor becomes a hindrance, a ball and chain that restricts her movements.

Because women operate from a position of physical weakness, their social skills are honed early on and wielded as their main tool for survival besides their physical form. Women excel at mind games because men don’t have to play them to make it in the world. Sadly, this leaves men exposed to the many tactics women use. Women’s ability to transfer all of their flaws and insecurities on to the man is actually quite impressive if it wasn’t so destructive. Once you become detached from women and their cheap ploys to trap you, you can observe them as one would observe a monkey in a cage: from a position of studious observation and mild amusement. Being able to convince men that they must change themselves and their ways is what allows women to thrive without lifting a finger. Because it’s so manipulative and cowardly, most men would never consider that their women are speaking from any place except one of goodwill. Once a specific woman, or women in general as it should be, are removed from their pedestal, they can never be placed on it again. Because of this, men fight tooth and nail to keep their woman on the pedestal, or the hope that some woman can be on that pedestal because logical thinking overtakes a man’s biological urges. He may be able to suppress his logic, but once the idea has taken shape, it will always linger in the back of his mind. Men’s dependence on the lie women have created for them allows for unrestricted transfers of wealth and resources and the enslavement of a stronger, smarter organism.

Women’s physical traps are the easiest to overcome, and often the first step to becoming red-pilled. Women age like spoiled milk. Some races age better than others, and some women take better care of themselves than others, but they all hit the wall eventually. Besides society’s efforts to desensitize us to all forms of sexuality, if you can overcome your biological urges without the aid of supplements, you can get a glimpse into that higher form that is beyond the physical boundaries women operate within. All they have is their bodies, but you have so much more. The most important thing to know are your weak points so that you can prepare in advance if you should ever encounter your kryptonite. Maybe it’s red heads, or busty asians, whatever it is, understand this about yourself so you aren’t caught off guard. If men get caught up in this trap, usually that means it will take a lot longer for them to be able to overcome the other traps women use. Falling for a women’s physical form and ignoring everything else demonstrates an inability to think ahead. Everyone ages, and most women’s physical forms transform after marriage and kids. The most conniving women employ this lower level trap with other, more sophisticated traps to lock a man in. The women who only rely on their bodies are often the most dangerous and mentally ill, the ones that make false accusations and engage in animalistic sexual behavior. If a woman has failed to learn how to utilize her other tools of manipulation and only relies on physical attraction, that means she is lower on the mental capacity than her competition, which is already pretty low.

Perhaps the most crushing and destructive traps women utilize, and the one that drives men to suicide, are the spiritual traps. The Buddha believes that women cannot reach enlightenment, and I fully agree. Women can’t engage in the metaphysical. Their entire reality is tied to this physical plane of existence. I’m not saying there is some other plane, I mean that they can’t conceptualize of something more, of a greater purpose beyond an individual life, or a connection to the past and the future of the earth. Instead, all they worry about are the traits that her hypergamy tells her to look for. Where a man seeks a companion for fulfillment and an emotional connection as he goes through his life, she seeks a provider and a genetic cocktail for her progeny. Relying on a woman to give you purpose and meaning in life is the most dangerous trap to fall for. Oftentimes, women don’t even have to lay this trap down, men do it themselves. Men look for metaphysical purpose, and they often place that at the feet of women. All she has to do is let him entrap himself, to sit back and watch as he shapes his reality around her own. It’s the women who actively try to create this narrative that are the most sinister of all. The religious women who take advantage of the men’s longing for purpose and fulfillment often make the worst wives. Take the institution of religion, for example. I’m not religious, but I have read parts of all the world religions. Men engage in the big picture questions like the morality of a creator or the embodiment of a creator in each living thing, and then the women, children and simple minded men are satisfied with the rituals and customs of the culture. It’s the same reason as to why there are no notable female philosophers. Using the mind and engaging in thoughtful meditations doesn’t help further a woman’s goals. How can you expect a simple creature to give a satisfying conclusion to your spiritual search for meaning?

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