An Empty Plantation

Civilization is built on the backs of men, so it makes the current social dynamics all the more confusing. What do women have to gain from disincentivizing men from occupying the workforce? Could they really be so foolish to think they could bear the burden of Atlas, or were they fooled into thinking the burden was not as great as it seemed?

Women have proven that they are able to maintain a country’s production rate when they are forced to, be it during the industrial revolution or a world war. As a labor force or as a fighting force, women are the last resort, only to be used in dire situations. It would seem that time is approaching again, although this time they have a part in bringing this situation to fruition.

Traditionally, a woman was faced with a limited set of options for her life. Take care of herself, enter into social circles, find a man and learn the best techniques for courting and receiving courtship, and prepare for marriage and children. Under this same system, a man was raised to learn a craft and apply all of his efforts to finding a woman and providing for her. Today, women have been liberated from everything they were traditionally expected to do, and yet men still carry the same burden. The social contract has been changed and today’s man did not get the memo.

Fortunately, more and more men are realizing that since the rules have changed for women, they don’t have to play by the old rules themselves. Men are creatures of adaptation, and the best and brightest men are the ones leaving the plantation. These men are free to innovate and pursue whatever fields they excel in, but the side effect for disenfranchisement and eventual freedom is aimlessness. Many young men find themselves in between a rock and a hard place. Either they commit to the broken system and pray for good results, or they forge their own path and find meaning and purpose on their own, which is the greatest journey a man could embark on, something that rightly proves to be an insurmountable challenge for many young men.

If this cultural shift had happened at any other time in history, the effects would have been even more devastating. The male suicide and depression rates are already too high, but for every lost man, there are countless others who find solace in their hobbies. This is the best time in history to be a man going his own way, where you can easily become self sufficient and enjoy the pleasures of technology. It’s easier now for men to find a community of like minded men. Imagine if you had gone your own way in the last 100 years, unable to find someone like Sandman or enjoy the MGTOW community and know that you aren’t crazy for living for yourself.

Traditionalists have to do everything they can to keep men on the plantation, because once a man sees the other side, he will never return. Before, this could be mitigated by isolating the escaped men. In older societies, bachelors were slandered with homophobic slurs and generally distrusted. This social shaming carries little weight now as communities continue to become disjointed, and now one freed man can reach millions of men through the internet.

Leaving the plantation is not the end of a man’s struggles. Let’s look at two countries with terrible gender relations, the United States and Japan. Both countries have a high suicide rate and a dropping male workforce participation rate. America is also facing an opioid crisis for the men who couldn’t find work in the flyover states. Just as hypergamy is integral to a woman’s nature, most men have an instinctive nature to provide, which is reinforced by culture. Overcoming this is incredibly difficult for a man to do on his own, and many men have died trying. The plantation has fatally failed its work force, and it will remain on the downward spiral until it can no longer sustain the parasitical groups that leech off of it.

MGTOW saves lives, and I’m sure some of you can relate to that. Hopefully more men can be reached and told that they don’t have to carry the burden of the world on their shoulders, that there is more to life than suffering through the daily grind for something as fleeting and vapid as women.

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