“God is a Woman”

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The MGTOW community is comprised mostly of atheists. I would consider myself more of an agnostic, but I definitely find pieces of wisdom in the religious texts even though I’m not religious. I think it says a lot about the guys who are so stubborn in their ways that they can’t even open their minds and try to learn from those with different beliefs. The only video where I referenced some religious works is my least viewed video, which is a shame because the MGTOW archetype is represented in every world religion.

Anyways, I recently heard a new song from Ariana Grande called “God is a Woman”, so before I get into that, I’ll set up this discussion with “The Parable of the Madman”.

the madman 2

Even though Christianity is the largest religion in America, I would say that America is an atheist country. The people practicing Christianity don’t take it seriously, or the STD rates, out of wedlock births and single motherhood rates would be far lower. Just because someone wears a cross does not mean they practice what their book says. In fact, it’s now become a good indicator of a girl who is easy because she knows she can go to church on Sunday and get forgiveness.

The enforcement of the norms for religions has fallen drastically, but a gynocentric society does not allow for any standards to be enforced against women because it would go against the purpose of that society: to cater to her every need and to cover up or forgive any mistake.

Religion is restrictive to the individual free man, and I don’t like the intolerance the world religions have for bachelors, but I can also look at its value from the big picture perspective. Most people don’t concern themselves with bigger picture ideas because it doesn’t impact their daily lives. In the absence of a higher purpose, the weak-minded replace it with women and physical things like unhealthy food, drugs and a decadent lifestyle.

Religion existed for more than just the belief in a creator. The social practices held society together, it kept women in check and it guaranteed each man who participated in society a wife. Freeing women from this dynamic and giving them choice ensured that the men maintaining society would be left out, and thus the social order collapses.

Men need something to work towards. Men need a carrot on a stick. If left to their own devices, we have seen what men replace a god with. A woman can give him meaning and purpose, and it is a tangible thing in his reality, not an unseen entity behind the scenes. These men then bestow all of the godly qualities on to women. To the blue pilled cucks, good women are apparently omnipresent, just waiting to be found. These women are also deemed to be omnipotent, able to do anything a man can do and able to be strong and independent. The holy women are also omniscient, and know exactly what they want and how to get it and were simply oppressed by men, unable to reach their full, tattooed and dyed hair potential.

If these men have elevated their women to a godly status, then any criticism against them would naturally be considered heresy. That would make all of MGTOW heretics, ready to be burned at the stake. If people killed one another for a figure in the sky that they couldn’t prove existed, what do you think these vagina worshippers will do to defend a holy figure that does exist and can reward them for their dedication?

#metoo will be known as one of the great moral panics in history because it changed the culture overnight. Legality was thrown out the window as women were taken at their word and companies folded under the weight of social pressure. All it took was for a few men to be burned at the social stake to change the attitudes of every man in a professional environment, and even affected the dating scene as men were given yet another reason to just stay home and go MGTOW.

This manhunt was started at the behest of women, and all the good little simp slaves carried out their master’s wishes, serving their holy women in the hopes of just getting noticed. Women will always be problematic to interact with, but the men white knighting for them will prove to be the bigger challenge in the long run. Hillary Clinton may have lost, but the fact that she was even close shows how far we have fallen. Soon America will join the rest of Europe in electing a female President and the separation of Church and State will be a thing of the past. Criticizing the leadership will be equated to criticizing women, and that sacrilege will not be tolerated.

Those of you who were on the plantation long enough know exactly what kind of servitude to women I mean. You were able to work jobs you hated, or hours that killed you, because it served your woman. Any scraps of affection were cherished and savored as if you were a dog enjoying a treat. Man’s natural instinct to provide has been combined with man’s natural instinct to seek a higher purpose, and now that force of nature has been laid at the feet of women who have no idea what it’s going to do to society in the long term.

If God is dead, something must replace Him. The void of Nihilism and consumerism are but a few of the replacements. Soon the disenfranchisement of men will reach its peak, an unsustainable participation rate that will not be amended because that would require criticism against the New Goddesses, each one concealed under makeup and filters so as to appear divine, deceiving men who are tied to their base instincts.

For any society to work, for any religion to work, the sexuality of women must be controlled. I even had a hardcore feminist teacher admit that, which I found amusing. They know that women’s sexuality can be one of the most productive things for a society or one of the most destructive. The state of gender politics and the controversial statement of declaring that there are only two genders is a testament to the failure of religion in the West and how it won’t be coming back anytime soon.

And that is a tough decision to make in regards to accepting the failure of religion or yearning for its return. In a perfect society, the religion would tolerate the bachelor lifestyle, but religions often sacrifice the freedom of the minority of men for the greater good of society. You can’t have every man guaranteed a wife and then have a minority of men fucking all of the wives. The men who wanted to maintain their sovereignty would either have to join a religious order and abstain from sex or they would have to pick a trade that constantly kept them on the move, like a sailor or a mercenary or a merchant. If he was single and free in a community for too long, he would be pressured to take a wife or eventually forced out by the other men.

One thought on ““God is a Woman”

  1. I wish more MGTOW would pursue this direction that you have, 3H. That direction is Philosophy. We choose to be bachelors because we choose something that requires focus and concentration and a continual awareness and pursuit. Good things to not come or happen over night. Its a long term thing. If you take on too many directions, and its easy to do, you will find it does not work so well. I actually think that children are delightful, but also fascinating. most of us struggle in life because our parents fell far short of their potential and did not try to elevate themselves and the way they respond to kids. I’ll come back to this.

    A man who seeks more from life, either found his own way or had great parents. Most don’t understand that any child too young to talk, must be attended to, immediately. The child has no sense of reason at that stage. The instinct is in full control. To neglect or give little attention to a pre-verbal child is devastating. The child cried for a reason. the instinct is pre-programed and flawless. it is the parents are are flawed. The child needs the quick response, and caring and nurturing in the first 2.5 to 3 years. If attended to, the child feels safe secure and can stand up to near anything that confronts them or opposes them as they grow and progress. We have failed children miserably. There is nothing I would have liked more, than raising a child and putting everything into them. pushing women into the work place was a disaster. But those in power knew exactly what they doing. F the kids, they said in one accord.

    Being a bachelor by choice is being independent, and secure in our convictions. We have a confidence and trust in our selves and our abilities. These are the very things those in power seek to oppose and persecute. Any person becoming successful at influencing others, will soon by the target of power and hate. Power does not like competition in its bid to control all minds. Most MGTOW have not expanded their minds enough, just as religious people have not. or political people, either. Political people followers who just want to fit in and get some of the goodies.
    It is a rare kind of man that seeks ultimate meaning and purpose. There were the goal of the intellectual potential to look past the instinct and realize something more. Women are almost the opposite by comparison. They react almost completely by instinct. Not, all but definitely most. far more so than men. That is why women must be kept under control. They are not what they imagine they are and if men are not smart enough and strong enough to take controls and rule benevolently with a firm hand, they will fail, being completely subverted by a woman’s easily disrupted nature. In a perfect world, one could basically allow women to obey on her own. but we have no perfection on earth right now, So for all of us, a certain amount of force is sadly, required. the bible sought to do this. But most reject that and any form of control and regulation.

    MGTOW men need to evolve more. They are too full of anger and not satisfied enough with themselves and at peace with themselves. We don’t need women to develop these things. So we need to stop blaming them for our own results. They are what they are. We need to be, what we need to be.
    and we all need to be sovereign individuals who are in pursuit of greater reason and purpose and yet stay off the radar of power.

    Good job, 3H


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