MGTOW Lives On In You


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As the MGTOW community continues to grow at an accelerated rate, it is important to create contingency plans for the inevitable backlash from the forces in power within our gynocentric society. It is equally vital to plan for the eventual pollution of the community as its popularity increases. For those who care about the continuity of the knowledge we have shared with each other, we must be vigilant of those who would subvert our quest for peace of mind. I have obtained enough knowledge from the community to sustain me for whatever the future may hold, but the young men of tomorrow will need all the help they can get as the propaganda is taken to a new level as the gynocentrism slowly collapses under its own weight. Every man we save is another opportunity to change the course of human history, be it in a major or minor way, because it only takes one man to build the future of his own dreams.

The Red Pill has seen a sharp drop in quality because its philosophy cannot be simply deduced to a basic premise. I believe MGTOW can endure because its ideas and teachings can be traced to a simple idea: do not get married. By using this thought as an origin on the path to ultimate individualism, a man can come to many of the conclusions so many men in the MGTOW community have shared. If all of the MGTOW videos on YouTube were to be taken down and every forum post purged from the internet, the philosophy would still live on with that single idea of freedom. The MGTOW philosophy creates an endless pool of knowledge to dive in to from one idea that can be easily shared and displayed in the world to teach others.

Should the community be targeted or its name tarnished, MGTOW will endure because each and every one of you can uphold its teachings in your own lives. As men of all ages see you enjoying the many fruits of life as a bachelor, they may begin to question their own choices and experience bouts of introspection. Throughout history, libraries have been burned and centuries of knowledge lost at the hands of the ignorant, but the most important teachings lived on in the people who survived. You are that example, the knowledge you have gathered lives on in how you navigate the world and the situations you find yourself in. Our libraries are everlasting, relevant in any time period, in any society, gynocentric or otherwise.

MGTOW requires no conversion, no missionaries to spread our teachings, and yet it has reached men from every country in the world. It has no manifesto, does not explicitly push for any organized form of change, and yet accomplishes the greatest feat that systems of belief have been striving to foster for millenia: peace. As I look into the future, I see visions of chaos and fear, but I also see a new generation of monks, united from all cultures and countries by their desire for independence. I see men who have overcome their biological instincts, one of the greatest feats of strength a man can achieve. With their newfound freedom, these enlightened men of all races, colors and creeds can create a new Golden Age, a true renaissance.

Through this peace that MGTOW inherently creates, chaos must preface. By putting himself first, a free man won’t work to kill another man in a war that has no meaning to him. Because of this abandonment of traditional and corrupted masculine values, chaos will erupt amongst those who still abide by them. As the world goes into uncharted territory once again, it is best for the enlightened man to remain steadfast in his beliefs and endure. Your life is the incarnation of MGTOW. MGTOW doesn’t require an internet connection, a library, or a seminar, MGTOW requires a man living free.




3 thoughts on “MGTOW Lives On In You

  1. You know, marriage would not be a bad thing if we all lived on farms and material wealth was ;limited to getting by and being independent. But society and women have ruined. so this puts marriage totally out of the picture. women freed from patriarchy are a disaster and the courts and laws are even worse. MGTOW is a necessity. It just so happen is it a life style Ilke, or it might be a lot more difficult. Its not much what we would choose but more of like we are being herded into the only option there is. To bow out and go our own way. I’m fine with it. It fits me like a glove.

    We are a bit like Pavlov’s dogs. We avoid the pain and danger and seek the goodies and reward that we can get. And I like that!

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  2. I’m very happy I stumbled across this site. I am at the beginning of my own journey, at 44. One divorce and other assorted female-related disappointments have led me here. And, given the power, I would not change the way my life has run, because it has made me who I am today.
    I like your stance on MGTOW. It’s more like, “What is the most productive way forward from here?”, rather than blaming and castigating women.
    If feminism has taught me anything, it’s that negative people are not worthwhile. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of that in MGTOW.

    Women are doing what they believe is best for them, as am I. I don’t blame them for that.
    And the best thing for me is trying to leave women behind. Experience has shown me that they do not enrich my life, they only detract from it. My attitude is, “So be it, let’s look down a different path.”

    Your mindset is one of opportunity, not crisis. I’ll be hanging around. Keep up the good work.

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